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May 22, 2023

Volatile times, Georgia & Federal indictments loom, Putin betrayal & UK Politics - Tarot reading

Here's a fresh reading from Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot concerning multiple topics in the news. Next to last she again reads on the potential for Vladimir Putin to be removed from power with betrayal necessarily involved. Now as you know, Aussie Mary Ann keeps up with US politics and global issues better than most Americans do, even as We the People totter on the brink of a fascist abyss while maga and other Republicans threaten to push.

Atmospherically, there's a highly engineered set of crisis conditions here in the US, not that politics as a practice isn't always rife with stagecraft. An "organized system of hatreds," politics has been called, and preparations for sabotage and sedition have been in motion for years, now accessible on a video screen near you. A clue? The Hm-hm-hm will rise again!

Also for you are 32 entertaining minutes of insights from Down Under as interpreted by a spot-on Mary Ann:


2023: A Summer of Kremlin Intrigue; Empires Do Fall

by Jude Cowell

With continuing potentials for political shifts in Russia, a peek at a SO'W post and horoscope from June 2021 may be instructive concerning Mr. Putin who looks quite a flop for indulging his territorial urges on a global scale. China may be the one to mop up from Russia's recklessly zealous overstep. Did Vlad's military officials lie to him about the country's level of preparedness? Was it all planned that way? Is there a rat in the woodpile? Perhaps an answer is a question: which ancient governmental entity thinks strategically and plans the farthest ahead, fueled primarily by noodles?

Meanwhile, let me know your on-topic insights here, or, as a comment in the Stars Over Washington Reports FB group where this post will be shared - once you check out Horoscopes: Putin Inauguration 2000 w/ Biden-Putin Rendezvous June 2021.

One current factor you'll note in the chart is that transit Jupiter in Taurus since May 16th faces a 10th house line-up of year 2000 planets then in Taurus including Jupiter @17Taurus which spotlights a soon-coming Jupiter Return for the Putin regime. That's mundane Jupiter, the boundary-breaking planet of freedom and expansion in the earthly territorial sign of possession and greed, *Taurus, the preservationist.

In Taurus Jupiter Closes A Cycle for the Putin Regime

An easily reached suspicion is that the Russian regime's Jupiter Return relates directly to Putin's ill-calculated invasion and occupation of Ukraine (since February 2021). Therefore, the world (10th house) will observe how usually beneficial Jupiter, Mr. Moneybags, rewards or greases-the-skids for Mr. Putin and his underlings because with Jupiter's orbit of nearly 12 years' duration, what may be the karmically negative side of things is that a project Putin and his comrades began about 12 years ago must now be either expanded, or must be thrown over, given up on, tossed out into the dark dustbin of history, with the karma of consequences having her natural affect. Or will Putin's irrational out-of-bounds behavior be allowed to continue?

And if this cosmic circumstance represents the Kremlin (Jupiter in his corporate and political roles with a streak of codified orthodox religion donning a robe) - the Kremlin ridding their country of Vlad, the Great Miscalculator, so be it.

After all, Putin's Inauguration Horoscope of 2000 shows that his overlong regime's karmic Saturn also awaits the transit of Jupiter's wand so I expect that someone's burdens in the Putin regime will be lightened if not altogether removed! Later, we'll view the regime's Saturn Return Horoscope and its Jupiter Return Horoscope so stay tuned! jc

*Taurus: Dear reader, take no umbrage! Please note that all astrological comments herein are always on societal and political levels and do not apply to Taurus and/or Jupiter placements in natal horoscopes, nor do they apply to any other natal placements. Consult your horoscope or your personal astrologer for such info. SO'W is for Political Astrology observations only and is categorized as Entertainment - and study on your own is always recommended for drawing your own conclusions! jc

Jan 3, 2021

January 6, 2021 US Congress: Strong Emotions Surface

by Jude Cowell

January 3, 2021: Besides facing the combustible Mars-Uranus Conjunction @6Tau44 on Inauguration Day 2021 and the ongoing sabotage of America by fascist forces and their figurehead Trump, we first must successfully navigate through potential riots, protests, and the seditious behavior threatened in the US Congress on January 6, 2021 by certain congressional Republicans determined to disrupt America's tradition of a peaceful transfer of power, undermine the Biden administration, and, they hope, prevent Trump from tweeting against them and ruining their next election chances. However, on that date the Electoral College Vote is to be certified by the Congress doing its duty.

For an intuitive reading concerning our current circumstances in January 2021 you may wish to check out Revealing Light Tarot (recommended!).

Of course, this purposefully stirred up 'hail Mary' political drama by Trump and comrades is meant to take over the US government entirely and morph it into a fascist enterprise. And it's all being piled atop our ongoing fight against the SARS-Covid pandemic now decimating the American people and straining our hospital system to its core, plus, our dire economic and cyber conditions. Yes, Trump and his ilk are attacking the country while America is weakened by disease and loss. And a misguided 1/3 of the population likes it!

Now naturally these weighty 2020-into-2021 issues and events are described ably by multiple cosmic factors, some of which have been discussed here on Stars Over Washington and available for those who care to search (sidebar Search field, or just Google). But if I had to name one cosmic factor which basically accounts for many of the stirred up feelings - 'the strong emotions over money and relatonships', it has to be the background influences of the 4 South Solar Eclipse in which we now simmer (that is, until the next Solar Eclipse comes along in June 2021).

Occurring on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 (the day the Electoral College voted against Trump - see what I mean?), the 4 South Eclipse contains difficult themes that are now expressing in society and what could be one of the peaks of such difficulties manifests in the US Congress, Capitol Hill, January 6, 2021.

And yet there is one promising potential in particular from the 4 South Eclipse @23Sag08 - it 'eclipsed' the 8th house Saturn in authoritarian Trump's Inauguration 2017 Horoscope!

Besides karmic Saturn's rulership of authority, accountability, control, and separation, for me this describes another of the 4 South influences: a 'sudden desire to end a relationship'. For if We The People ever wanted to end a relationship asap, it has to be the one between the Oval Office and saboteur Trump whose presidential term ends at noon on January 20, 2021 as Joe Biden takes the Oath of Office.

Dec 11, 2019

Dec 12, 2019 UK Elections: Astrology and Tarot agree!

December 11, 2019: This morning while sitting here in Raleigh, North Carolina (a former British colony), I searched the interwebs for prognostications concerning tomorrow's UK Elections in Britain (Conservative Party's Boris Johnson vs Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn) and found two excellent resources: one based on Astrology, the other via Tarot.

And curiously in both readings, horoscope and cards agree!

For Astrology here is a link to a reading by London astrologer Julian Venables and for Tarot here's Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot adding insight into hidden conditions.

For like the Republican Party in the US, Britain's Conservative Party has been in process of consuming itself in recent years, plus, the populace doesn't trust Boris, real change is needed, and the youth vote matters. So if neither party wins bigly in the UK then a coalition government may very well need to be formed by the victor no matter which party he represents (or purports to represent, typed the suspicious American!)

And so today I send out Best Wishes to the good people of Britain and my sincere hope for beneficial improvements in government on behalf of their families! jc


Aug 31, 2019

September 2019: Growing Awareness and Push Back!

On the Critical Month of September 2019

Isn't it helpful when Tarot and Astrology tag-team? Well, many SO'W readers follow Mary Ann's insightful Revealing Light Tarot channel on YouTube and if this is you, you've probably already seen her uplifting reading on World Energies in September: Revelation and Transformation posted August 30, 2019 in which she spotlights the September 2019 Full and New Moons among other factors.

Now to add a few astro-notes for September 2019 here's a SO'W post that actually concerns January 2020, another critical month, for contained within is a list of lunations for the rest of 2019 (leading up to January 2020 and the Big Conjunction of you-know-what). Notable is that the New Moon of September 28, 2019 @5Lib20 conjoins Trump's natal Neptune in his 2nd house of Money and Values. This lunation triggers or activates his inflationary trio of speculation, inflation, and fraud, Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter, posited in his 2nd house of Money and Values. Yet it's a darkened New Moon so perhaps it will take the bright rays of the Full Moon of October 13 @20Ari14 (conjunct US natal Chiron, our national wound and blind spot) to bring further revelations more fully into public awareness and thus trigger more of the transformation, push back, and regaining control that Mary Ann's Tarot reading engagingly suggests, for a process of change and improvement has begun!

Jan 29, 2019

When will the GOP cave on Trump? - Revealing Light Tarot

January 29, 2019: for several weeks now I have been appreciating the informative, intuitive Tarot readings on politics by Mary Ann's Revealing Light Tarot channel either via fire tv or YouTube. Below is a recent reading which blends Mary Ann's previous experience as a reporter who worked for the Murdoch empire (she's Australian, you know) with a level of intuition, then asks and answers questions as one who keeps up with US politics--specifically with the current multitude of Trump dramas and issues.

This reading is entitled but is not limited to, When Will the GOP Cave on Trump?, a pertinent question of the day as I suspect you agree! Here's Mary Ann:

One way to support Mary Ann's insightful Tarot videos if you wish is to visit the Revealing Light Tarot Patreon account.

Blog Note: as many readers know I am currently in the midst of packing for a move--and my desktop with Solar Fire astrology software went belly-up last week so no 'new' horoscopes can be generated or published for now. Yet for as long as I can, a post will occasionally turn up here so thanks go to all readers who can be patient for a few weeks until my flagship SO'W is back in full swing! Jude