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Aug 5, 2019

Unelected Bureaucrats Run the US Government

At last! An American who tells the truth about who's actually running the US government and he's written a book on the subject. Discovered in the C SPAN podcast Q&A list, the video of the July 22, 2019 interview with Professor Benjamin Ginsberg of Johns Hopkins University has been placed in the sidebar of Stars Over Washington and a small amount of scrolling will locate it!

Professor Ginsberg goes into quite a bit of detail concerning the roles of Congress and the Executive Branch and their surrendering of authority in favor of the unelected officials (aka, career civil servants) who are really in charge as they wallow in their wealth and their disdain for the thoughts, opinions, and knowledge level of the American people.

No democracy this! The book was published in 2016, and hopefully, if you've missed it so far, you'll check out Benjamin Ginsberg's enlightening hour-long interview in one format or another. Here's a link to his book:

What Washington Gets Wrong: The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and Their Misconceptions about the American People available on Amazon.

And for the scroll-averse, here's a direct link to the Q&A video (same as the podcast but viewable).

As for Political Astrology on unelected 'career civil servants', this information provides a much stronger emphasis on the 6th house (and its polarity, the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, Karma, and Hidden Enemies) in mundane horoscopes for the 6th is the house of Service which includes 'civil service'.

Note: please pardon the lack of an image with this post. I've made attempts but for some reason Google (Blogger) isn't allowing an upload of any image that relates to the topic. Is it too controversial? If so, I dissent!


handsomemaggie said...

With all due respect, you are talking about the scientist who, until Trump, have followed the instructions provided by legislation and executive orders to run the EPA and clean the air and water. Or those who have put into practice Title IX dealing with women's collegiate athletics, among other things. Or those at the Bureau of Land Management who oversee national parks...until Trump has tried to sell oil drilling rights, mining rights and put up for sale portions of those parks. There are the ATF and FBI, the unelected attornies who, before Trump, worked to enforce the nation's laws without political concerns. Libertarians (like Prof Ginsberg but not necessarily involving his participation) have tried to defund NOAA which, among other areas, watch for hurricanes. Look into some of these agencies to see what they do and then ask "who would do this work otherwise?" Look more deeply at this subject and you'll see that we cannot do without them unless Libertarians and other Conservatives manage to privatize these entities and then watch the costs go out of control because they would have to turn a profit.

Sergey said...

This seems like the same exact argument that Trump and his supporters have been repeatingly yelling about "Deep State". This is what he promised to get rid of when he said he would "drain the swamp".
And it seems like these unelected officials have been trying to help America by attempting to hold him back from his craziest ideas. Plus every time he gets one of them out he replaces them with a different kind of swamp: those personally beholden to him and to business interests of the large corporations.

Jude Cowell said...

Except that these career civil servants are not the ones Trump's replaced. He's replaced the visible ones who are little more than figureheads--like he is and like department heads, directors, etc. jc

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks handsomemaggie! I agree with you and didn't intend to agree with all of Ginsberg's conclusions but only to put his interview and book out for anyone who'd wish to consider his research. It is as you say and my point is that these folks actually run the government (not Trump--he only interferes!) and they are unelected. We think we 'elect' people to run the government when in fact we do not, thus no democracy this. Where we would be without civil servants indeed! So let's not clue in Trump or he'll make a mess of that too--more than he may have already done. btw I went through school when there were still Civics classes being taught and the American people were done a great disservice when Civics classes ended. Purposefully, I believe. jc