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Jan 1, 2020

DC Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2020 Solar Eclipse

January 1, 2020: Manifesting on June 21, 2020 only a few hours after the Sun reaches 00Can00:00 (Summer Solstice June 20th 5:44 pm edt), here is a DC Horoscope of the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse @00Can21 in the 4 North Saros Series; please enlarge the image to read my study notes as you wish:

Horoscope: June 21, 2020 2:41:19 am edt Washington DC; this difficult solar eclipse I'm labeling The Grand Struggle for as you see, the heavy weight trio of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are at Midheaven ('MC') in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, all are retrograde ('R' or 'Rx'), and are aligning for their Great Conjunctions perfecting all through 2020. Also affected by the trio are our US Inaugural MCs (January 20th noon in DC), so obviously the US presidency and its Oath of Office are intimately involved with this chart (not that anyone needs Astrology to inform them of it), and therefore, you-know-who is involved. And penned upon the chart above Midheaven is Cupido ("The Family" of theocrats; "The Syndicate" of global criminals); @28Cap14, Cupido conjoins US natal Pluto.

You'll recall that the Sun (POTUS) in the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope clocked in @00AQ49 ('1AQ' = "An Old Adobe Mission") and here we find transit Saturn Rx @00AQ40 conjunct US POTUS Sun, a testing time for maturity, responsibility, and accountability although Saturn-to-Sun may also increase the need for recognition and reward. Resentment increases even while the need to correct past mistakes (and not repeat them!) is spotlighted. However, it's impossible to correct mistakes when you insist you've never made any so America has that going against her, thanks to an unrepentant Trump. You may wish to see June 2020 Transits to Inauguration 2017 Chart.

So although it's tempting to focus primarily on the heady Capricorn trio at MC and its governmental implications (ex: old order vs new order), first the rising Uranus @9Tau29 takes precedence early on in June since it's the planet closest to a chart Angle--then it's Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn demanding complete control--and more power.

With the Solar Eclipse conjunct 3rd cusp, communications, the lower mind, neighborhoods, and siblings are in the cosmic spotlight for changes of direction, plus, it's an Hour of variety-loving Mercury (Rx and conjunct Sirius in 3rd house of Communications)--Sirius, the Scorcher. Meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus Rx in chatty Gemini suggest that delayed outcomes and stalemate situations will be ongoing and may involve valuables, small amounts of money, alliances, women, idols on pedestals, and/or diplomacy. Plus, with duplicitous Gemini on the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury (and Venu$ Rx in Gemini) we may expect more financial double-dealing, fraudulent schemes, tax return issues, exploitation, shady partnerships, and outright theft (including raids by foreign entities), any of which may be uncovered by the Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse (as eclipses are wont to do in their Uranian 'wild card' role) and lead to scandal. Hopefully, the US power grid isn't indicated by this prominent Uranus but weather damages cannot be ruled out. And with Gemini, sign of Trump's Uranus-NN-Sun trio, gossip, lies, commerce, trade, deals (real and imagined), chaos, and tweets appear on America's Summer 2020 menu as well to be re-hashed, re-viewed, and re-tweeted (Mercury Rx). (Big T is very tiresome, yes?)

So with anarchist Uranus rising we know that upsets, shocks, storms, turbulence, possible zealotry, radical politics, disruption, and unexpected events will most likely occur in some combination yet Uranus conjunct Ascendant also helpfully suggests coping ability and quick responses, whatever happens. And as you know, Uranus in Taurus tends to spur unusual methods of financing, speculation (risky and otherwise), and/or environmental issues. Yet curiously, quirky, erratic Uranus can also play roles such as The Witness and The Awakener. Will someone out of the ordinary (Uranus) testify about money issues (Taurus)? Well, Trump's natal MC conjunct enraged Algol is his first-to-rise in this chart with his 10th house Uranus-NN-Sun trio following behind--here the trio is in the 2nd hou$e of Money--and with Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (2 Old North @9Gemini; 'unfortunate news, separations') and US natal Uranus (8Gem55) conjunct the 2nd cusp along with transit Hopi, asteroid of ambush and/or intolerance.

Now chart-ruler Venus applies only once: trine Saturn (so she also trines US POTUS Sun suggesting an improved personal image, cooperation from others, and social events) so diplomacy, financial matters, governmental concerns, negotiations and formal agreements, contracts, and legal matters are favored unless other factors interfere. (Saturn the 'legal eagle' and authority figures.)

Saturn and Mars Afflict the June 2020 Eclipse

Yet more than Venusian concerns ride on Summer Solstice 2020's Saturn for the planet of The Establishment quincunxes (inconjuncts) the Solar Eclipse. This in part provides a cosmic picture of the legal involvements of Donald Trump and adjustments that are needed. Perhaps his impeachment saga will have ended by June 2020, perhaps not, but as we know, there's also a lawsuit or three with Herr Spanky's real name on them slowly moving forward, as I type. So with Saturn quincunx the Sun, we see someone fearful of the power others have over him (implicating the Trump-Putin love fest) while Big T struggles to achieve personal significance. Yes, superficial Trump the Gemini has always longed to discuss serious matters with important people. Playing the POTUS role his dream came true, but he attempts to keep secret what was discussed lest handcuffs follow.

As for Saturn inconjunct the Moon, We The People (and the rest of the world!) feel and observe through Trump's shady conduct an undercurrent of guilt, aka, consciousness of guilt. Exploitation of others (including women, children, and the public in general: Moon) is also seen here via the Moon-Saturn inconjunct but hopefully Saturn's traditional demand for accountability will take the lead at some point from powerful Pluto, an underworld figure (and/or, The Pope! See the South Node's Sabian Symbol penned on the chart) and Pluto in Capricorn is 'the dictator' (Ebertin), here leading the eclipse planets in a BOWL shape (having a mission to complete) which hints at foreign manipulators like the Kremlin and the Vatican's Opus Dei group of social tinkerers and saboteurs--all intent on forcing a complete change of direction of an America they want to morph into a theocratic authoritarian society. The critical-crisis 29th degree of North and South Nodes, Saturn and the eclipse in the same degree (00Can/00AQ), and the Aries-Libra polarity of relationships intercepted across the 6/12 victim-savior axis--all denote a significant Summer 2020 of karma and an imperative to deal with fated conditions as Trump, and thus America, reap what's been sown.

12th House of The Unconscious

Perhaps such karmic imperatives also relate to the Mars-Neptune conjunction in shady Pisces--in the hidden 12th house along with blindspot and wounded healer Chiron in Aries. As you know, deceptive Neptune rules there and my suspicion is that in the 12th house of Secret Enemies, Politics, Self-Undoing, Karma, Large Institutions such as Congress and Hospitals, Behind-the-Scenes deals and plans will continue to be made which include masked or disguised changes that are intended to break traditional roles and disrupt usual methods. However, it's delusional to think that such bad-faith changes (which are actually sabotage) can or will bring America any actual improvements, only worsening conditions such as bankruptcy. That fiery Mars squares the Solar Eclipse helps not at all but increases our chances for fires, via arson and/or natural causes, plus, other incendiary situations such as riots may erupt along with a potential for contagions. Yet hiding away in a Cancerian shell, typical behavior during a Cancer eclipse season, is not the answer for their are problems that must be directly dealt with even though crabs prefer to scuttle sideways to avoid confrontation!

Then, as if a solar eclipse conjoining a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation weren't significant enough, the Full Moon (culmination/fulfillment phase) after this New Moon will perfect on July 5, 2020 @13Cap38 (another birthday lunation for the US as in 2019)--opposite US natal Sun (@13Can19 July 4, 1776) which, for one thing, spotlights the need to change course if our ship-of-state is heading in the wrong direction and if 2020 goals are not being met. I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide about such eventualities if they're guided by cult leader Trump--but please remember that, as Thom Hartmann always says, Democracy is not a spectator sport so if you value it as a form of government, engage in the struggle to save America from destructive fascist forces.

After all, we've vanquished such vicious saboteurs before and can--must--do so again!!

Eclipse Note: A Cosmic Time Link forms via this 4 North Solar Eclipse @00Can21 and the Summer Solstice Eclipse of June 21, 2001 in the 3 North series which last repeated on July 2, 2019 @10Can37 occurring between America's Sun-Jupiter conjunction (1776) and affecting our POTUS situation through Trump, his corruption, and impeachment; this cosmic condition knits together the years 2001, 2019, and 2020. 3 North themes include 'news that transforms a situation and causes worry and obsession'. 4 North themes include 'restriction, restraint, separation, inhibition, illusion, and a misjudgment of strength or of the situation'. In between came the Christmas 2019 Solar Eclipse in the 3 South series - in force now - with themes that include 'traumatic transformation, and endings of relationships' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). As background influences in society, we've been in a very difficult period when karmic progress can be made but, as we know, those with power to wield may or not not intend to act for best results. Thus removal from office, in November 2020 if not before, must be the solution.

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Jude Cowell said...

February 25, 2020: with the current spread of the corona virus into the US (and probably more infections to come - here and across e globe) , I refer you to this post's section titled, 'The 12th house of the Unconscious' with one of its 12th house realms being *Hospitals*. Also note in the same section that one potential for 'Mars square the Eclipse' suggests contagion. Unfortunately. jc