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Dec 31, 2019

When Will America Fall Like the Roman Empire? (w/ Edward J. Watts) - plus Astrology

From May 2019, here is an informative discussion between Thom Hartmann and Professor Edward J. Watts, author of Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny.

Among their topics are the Fall of the Roman Empire in comparison with the teetering-on-the-edge American Empire (my description), the Powell Memo and the damage it has caused, how easy-to-name mega-donors have corrupted Politics and politicians in our era and the societal conditions this sets up, and more:


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Plus, in another discussion with Thom Hartmann earlier this year, economics Professor Richard Wolff Reveals How Empires End.

And as astrologers well know, US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression in Summer 2006 (@18Libra--conjunct the natal Jupiter of Donald Trump!)--energy turned inward against ourselves--and has been enthusiastically greasing the skids on our downward path. Meanwhile, you'll remember that America extended herself as far as she could naturally go in the world when our July 4, 1776 founding horoscope's Sun (leadership) and Moon (We The People) evolved into a Progressed Full Moon (4Vir10/4Pis10) in December 2008, significantly marked in time by the Crash of 2008.

And to make matters more confusing, corrupt, deceptive, and secretive, transit Neptune in shady Pisces has been veiling and shielding US POTUS Sun in Pisces ever since which for me describes in part the Republican Party's irrational support of the gangster in the White House who pilots our ship of state into every reef and rock he can find.

Looking ahead, the Cosmos has scheduled a Lunar Eclipse in January @20Cancer conjunct starry Castor--see: January 2020 Impeachment Trial and a Lunar Eclipse if you wish.


Unknown said...

Fascinating. I watched the video, as I am a huge Thom Hartmann fan, and I am seeing the parallels between Rome and the U.S., and the decline of the empire.

Could you explain there you mention the U.S. Potus Sun in Pisces? I use a U.S. Sibley chart. Is it something you are seeing in the U.S. chart? If we use an equal house Gemini Rising chart, for example, the MC becomes Pisces. Is that what you are viewing? Our current "POTUS" is a Gemini, so perhaps you are observing the developing square to his Gemini Sun, Uranus, and North Node conjunction from transiting Neptune in Pisces.

Thank you for the intriguing post.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi there! US Sun @13Can19 (July 4, 1776) progressed into Pisces a few years ago using the day-for-a-year method of Secondary Progressions. As you know, America is now 243 yo so by that number of degrees (8 signs plus 3 degrees) 13 Cancer evolves into mid-Pisces and will continue doing so.

Glad to meet another Professor Thom fan! and thanks for commenting, Jude

Unknown said...

Thank you for the explanation. I truly am fascinated by all of this.

Now I have to progress the U.S. chart and view it myself, as it's been awhile since I've seen a U.S. progressed chart. I have to do a current one, and see for myself what is going on, including with the U.S. Mars.


Sherrye Weinstein

Jude Cowell said...

You're very welcomed Sherrye! jc