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Jan 21, 2020

Jan 21, 2020: it's Saturn vs Natal Saturn Day for Trump!

January 21, 2020: As you see from the new colors, Stars Over Washington is in mourning today and until further notice. Not so much for Donald Trump but for America for We The People are mired within a Saturn-opposite-Saturn phase with him. As you know, the Republican-held Senate has a yacht-load of Trump's misconduct to hide from the public on behalf of their compromised mob-boss-in-chief and his Impeachment Trial gets underway today at 1:00 pm ET on Capitol Hill. Whatever the trial's outcome, foreign operatives have, in a sense, already won against our once proud nation with all three branches of the US government infiltrated and in process of being sabotaged.

Now obviously, the Republican Party is under sway of foreign powers, completely 'bought and paid for' and blackmailed with their own crimes and secrets, so all we have to defend and salvage what's left of our democratic Republic is the Democratic Party. Now Saturn, planet of accountability, is strong in its own sign of Capricorn and is attended by powerful Pluto, also a karmic planet. Both planets are challenging the watery Saturn in tribal Cancer of Donald Trump--and the Saturn opposition is exact this very day. Fated undercurrents swirl beneath us and a titanic power struggle is engaged between global and domestic crime syndicates vs the political class of Washington DC, my former city of residence. Will a few GOP senators heed Saturn's message of accountability and leave the dark side for the light?

In the nearly 15 years of writing SO'W, several times I've typed how I don't appreciate what 'they've' done to the place--meaning politicians, their corporate donors and enablers. And my lack of appreciation was never more true than the authoritarian change of direction figurehead Trump has instigated upon our nation since 2017 and will continue to instigate if he sleazes out of his current pickle and manages to finagle the November 2020 Election into handing him four more years--with lots of help from the usual GOP cheating. After all, he can't "win" without lots of funny business. Yet reluctantly I must admit that Election Day planets look 'good' for Trump which to me means bad for our country--for the entire world, in fact.

So yes, yours truly is one of those Vote Blue No Matter Who types, SO'W is in mourning today, and I pray that fairness triumphs during the Senate Trial so that Donald Trump may finally reap what's he's sown as the natural law of karma requires of everyone born upon this Earth. Plus, timekeeper Saturn says the hour has arrived for glass-chinned Trump to step up and take what's coming to him.

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