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Jan 18, 2020

A Fake Impeachment Trial for Donald Trump?

January 18, 2020: Next week's Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump has the partisan, compromised thumb of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell heavily upon it.

As you know, if witnesses and documents can be kept in McConnell's lock box he'll do it--he'll do anything to keep a lid on the public's knowledge of the crimes of Trump and in effect, Mitch will mastermind a cover-up of his crook-in-arms.

What if anything my previous post concerning the Astrology of the Senate Trial does to address these shady circumstances I don't know. It probably doesn't.

But a January 17th article in The Nation penned by Elie Mystal does address such issues concerning the trial and McConnell's role in the proceedings and I highly recommend his article to readers who have yet to encounter it!

And for details on new evidence see The 11th Hour's report of January 17th, Dems Drop New Evidence Tightening Trump's Link to Lev Parnas. Expectably, prevaricator Trump has denied knowing Lev Parnas!

Yes, astrologers know that deceit, corruption, fraud, fear, and paranoia are busy factors in modern society particularly when Neptune is in Pisces (and the Republican Party's natal Neptune from 1854 is in Pisces as well, hence the party's recent Neptune Return(s) and their corruption and criminality which have floated to the surface of public awareness).

Shall We Say Fare Well to America's Enlightenment Ideals?

Meanwhile, the fact that truth--Truth--in the form of evidence will be avoided by Senate Republicans next week is a certainty to the extent that our public outcry is too weak to force McConnell to allow witnesses to testify. However, if a real trial turns out to be the case, previously hidden documents, obstructed from view by Trump, should also see the light of the Senate chamber. This is on us! For crying out we must for the sake of our country--against those who attempt to throttle and sabotage America and transform her traditional principles embedded within our Freedom Documents into a pile of rubbish fit for tyrants and a neutered We the People. Did America's Founding Fathers plan this perverted outcome? I seriously doubt it. That old orders must pass so that new orders can emerge is a natural process but the dystopian Republican 'vision' is devilish, harsh, and way too draconian for me.

Therefore, without robust public demands, Republicans will go merrily on perverting justice and undermining democracy for the sake of a corrupt Donald Trump who considers the US Constitution a mere roadblock on his way to monarchical tyranny. But from here, Trump's 'roadblock' looks more like a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe as he laboriously ascends the stairs to Air Force One.

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