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Feb 22, 2021

Eclipse of the American Revolution Repeats in 2027

A Cosmic Time Link between 1775 and 2027: Will the Old System Fail?

by Jude Cowell

Dear Reader: although I realize that for many people this particular solar connection from the Revolutionary era to our day may seem unfortunate and dangerous, facing reality is always the best course! For dark monsters cannot be vanquished unless and until we turn and face them squarely in the stark, realistic light of day.

February 22, 2021: On SO'W in 2012 the Horoscope of the American Revolution was published timed by the First Shot April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, Massachusetts (via contemporary accounts). Today let's consider a few astro-notes concerning the 11 South Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') which the Revolutionary War for Independence from monarchy fell into and look ahead to the next manifestation of an 11 South solar eclipse which, of course, retains the same difficult eclipse themes as in 1775. Now as you know, all eclipses are 'cosmic blinks' from Above and are considered 'wild cards of the Universe', disruptive in that Uranian way and often inconveniently uncovering secrets, scandals, and triggering changes of direction.

Now the first Solar Eclipse of 1775, the year of our Revolution, perfected on March 1, 1775 @11Pis11 and significantly, was a Total eclipse--the strongest, most revealing kind. Yet as you know, eclipses of all types may influence historical events and this eclipse certainly did for its energies imprinted upon the entire year (being the first) and on the entire fight for freedom from the British monarchy. In fact, America as a nation is rather stuck with its themes running in the background of our lives which makes it highly susceptible to triggering by transit and progression particularly when an 11 South eclipse cycles around again as in 2027.

For comparison with past historical events, 11 South eclipses also occurred in the years 1901, 1919, 1937, 1955, 1973, 1991, and 2009 @29Can26, a critical 29th degree with its rounded-up Sabian Symbol: "A Daughter of the American Revolution"!

The 11 South series contains difficult themes and can herald trying events and turbulent proceedings, as you may agree. 11S themes are: 'sudden reforms are needed; old ideas or methods fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by the eclipse; consequently, new ways of handling issues must be thought of; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology) #ad.

Well, I'd say that 11 South themes were definitely 'running in the background of societal events and influencing social conditions in Spring 1775 and may do no less for us when another 11 South eclipse repeats on August 2, 2027 @9Leo55 - conjunct the natal 12th house Pluto of Mr. Trump who, if he's still kickin' in 2027, will be 81 yo by then (a right ole codger!). The August 2027 eclipse perfects months after the February 20, 2026 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune conjunct the Aries Point of global manifestation (00:45) so signifcant events may be expected, if not here, then there.

The Saturn-Neptune Cycle of Approximately 36 Years' Duration

As I type in 2021, we remain mired within the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began with their three conjunctions of 1989: 1. March 3rd @11Cap55; 2. June 24th @11Cap14; 3. November 13th @10Cap22. Therefore, 3 exact conjunctions divided into 36 years suggests 12-year periods which puts us now within the third period (10Cap22), the horoscope for which can yield important factors for those who care to set up the November 13, 1989 chart. Of course, the degrees' (10-11-12Capricorn) Sabian Symbols are informative as are the opposite degrees/symbols, aka, Illumination Points of unconscious material which, in this case, would be from the Collective Unconscious (10-11-12Cancer - conjunct the US Sun of 1776).

But for today's post, perhaps the Political and Business potentials of the Saturn-Neptune pair should be included here from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad by Michael Munkasey in the form of the Hegelian Dialectic (causing problems and difficult conditions so you can 'solve' them the way you intended to all along; a longterm plan, aka, the 'big picture', for a 'new global order' is suspected: 1776 -- -?-):

"Thesis: Delusions among the real leadershp; long lived programs which have no real purpose; policies which restrict spes; misusing law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders.

Antithesis: Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient business practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practices; reliable equipment failures; a leader capitulates."

Plus, for the combined energies of societal Saturn and Neptune of the masses, Reinhold Ebertin adds potentials for: 'renunciation; ascetism; idealism vs materialism; suffering; chronic illnesses; poverty; deprivation; depression; neuroses; undermining conditions; slow attainment of success through painstaking efforts; methodical execution of plans' (The Combination of Stellar Influences) #ad.

Yours truly would add: social safety net programs, workers' rights, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Capitalism, and other societal, political, and Collective -isms which may or may not be operative by, or in, the year 2027. Yet who knows? Maybe some secret cabal of social meddlers will have invented a new 'system' and label by then with which to categorize populations and use the typical divide and conquer tactic to, the elite class hopes, control the masses.

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