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Aug 10, 2023

Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune at Aries Point!

by Jude Cowell

Two images of DC Horoscopes for your consideration are shown, below.

The first is a bi-wheel of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of June 8, 2010 conjunct the Aries Point of world events surrounded by the upcoming Saturn-Neptune Conjunction of February 20, 2026 which also perfects upon the Aries Point of manifestation.

Societal conditions have changed quite a bit since 2010, as I suspect you can tell just from this brief comparison alone. Of course, following current events and monitoring what's changed in your personal life must agree, with or without the addition of Astrology's As Above, So Below.

Even so, my study notes are squooshed upon the bi-wheel and may be difficult to read so I've added a second view, a dual image of both conjunctions: Jupiter-Uranus 2010 (first of the planetary duo's three conjunctions into 2011 which are listed on the bi-wheel and highlighted in green meanwhile, the 2010 Conjunction in the dual image is shown (lower left) while the Saturn-Neptune Conjunction of 2026 - which will occur only once - is upper right.

Yes, the two conjunctions are 16 years apart, however, both represent major rufflings of the most sensitive of the four Cardinal World Points, the powerful, pioneering Aries Point which is ruled, as you know, by energetic Mars. This cosmic circumstance tends to put us in mind of the annual Aries Ingress (aka, Spring Equinox) when a new yearly cycle of activity begins and hope tends to spring eternal, while all planetary conjunctions signify the beginning of a new cycle:

And if we read the two conjunctions as 2026 transits to the 2010 planets, we have potentials for: limitations or restrictions of expansion and/or freedom, a time for the wealthy class to give back some of its gains, unorthodox ideas or methods are rebuffed or rejected, delays but carefully laid plans can still succeed, idealism becomes fanaticism, get-rich-quick schemes flourish, unrealistic expectations cause conflicts in society, changes and reforms are unpredictable and/or innovative, plans are implemented, and/or confusion and nervousness may undermine progress.

These possibilities and influences are shown via cosmic time links (2026 to 2010) spotlighted by the fact that both conjunctions occur at a prominent point in the Zodiac. Naturally, other planetary influences are involved and must be factored in along with Solar and Lunar Eclipses, plus, a look back at the decade of major events of the 2010s can refresh memories and suggest society's ongoing issues and concerns which must continue to be dealt with for it does no positive good to turn away from our problems.

Now disagree as you wish, dear reader, but there it is.

May 19, 2023

Karmic Saturn in Karmic Pisces until 2026

Image: Saturn in Pisces; paper collage; Jude Cowell 2023; Saturn image via Pixabay

Before the Collective reaches the February 2026 Saturn-Neptune Conjunction at Aries Point, a major energy shift for both planets, we face a few years ahead in which we must deal with Saturn's transit through Pisces, the murky sign of The Two Fishes which I consider to be ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled from a higher plane by Neptune.

For as you know, in the symbolism of Pisces, the 12th sign of the Zodiac, one fish swims up, the other down so obviously, a lot rides on how conditions and circumstances are handled as karmic Saturn hands out his lessons and makes his demands for accountability while The Timekeeper wades through the waters and the mud of confusing, often secretive Pisces. Even so, no one needs Astrology to realize that our society is facing multiple positive vs negative issues, and either-or conditions.

Meanwhile, my hopes for America are focused on the fish swimming upwards, how about yours?

Now a couple of months ago here on SO'W, we discussed how transit Saturn entering Pisces on March 12, 2023 had come upon America's 12 South Solar Eclipse of February 1776 at "1 Pisces," the "Public Market" degree of COMMERCE. And as I type, we're hoping that Congress will resolve the "debt ceiling" crisis before June 1st, and obviously a credit default would be the ruination of the US economy, markets, commerce, household budgets--and would put America's credit rating in jeopardy along with the global economy. It's a major gamble set up by the Republican Party and I, for one, am not amused.

So! Here's an excerpt from that particular Saturn-to-12-South post linked, above, concerning the planet of austerity, karma, and loss taking down names while traversing the secretive sign of the two fishes, a transit that promises to be a reality meets fantasy affair!

Saturn in Pisces indicates a period of time when ambition, consolidation, reserve, restraint, restriction, limits, and legal conditions are prominent, and there are potentials for realism brought to flights of fancy, or, in similar fashion to a Saturn-to-Neptune transit, the grim face of reality is visited upon those who neglect Saturn's demands for concentration and upright behavior. Past mistakes are on the table and corrections must be made.

Additionally, sustained hard work is necessary during this period along with struggles with opponents (2024 campaign, etc) as sober Saturn travels through tipsy Pisces; our social safety net programs continue to be a point of contention along with the debt ceiling limit and possible default by the US government, crisis situations made worse by political trickery (which Saturn will not abide).

Oh, and the negative expression for "1 Pisces" may just apply to the debt limit tug-of-war between Ds and Rs: see what you think:

"Complete insensibility to any over-all welfare" (M. E. Jones).

And Dane Rudhyar adds a hopeful Keynote: "The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community."

The health of a community! Imagine that! Well, pardon me, but one political party is all about such things while the other--well, you know who they are and which social safety net programs they're finagling to destroy. So I'll simply close with, Vote Blue in 2024 as if our democratic Republic depends on it. Because it really does.

Now this Saturn-Neptune infused post can't end without mentioning that transit Saturn in Pisces will oppose US 1776 Neptune (22Vir25), but only once on March 14, 2025 and realistic Saturn will simultaneously square US 1776 Mars. In other words, America's problematic Mars-Neptune square of fogginess will be activated with "misdirected energy" implications. Hidden agendas will continue to paralyze activities wherever possible during this transit, and attempts to uncover facts will remain high on our investigative to-do list; paranoia and fear remain negative conditions for some as what we hope will be a new presidency is just getting starting. Or trying to.

Add to these Neptunian potentials the Saturn square US Mars energies so we may expect delays and cancellations which anger or enrage people along with resentment from, or because of, tiresome malcontents who don't know or have forgotten how to play with others.

Mar 27, 2023

Saturn-Neptune Cycles 1989 and 2026

The Many Meanings Within The Saturn-Neptune Cycle

by Jude Cowell

When in August 2022 a fussy post appeared here concerning the Saturn-Neptune combination's fact vs fiction energies and the duo's association with 'deep state' (Neptune-Saturn) concepts, the upcoming Great Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at the Cardinal World Point of 00Aries, the Aries Point, was not mentioned. Naturally, this happens to be the Spring Equinox point, aka, the Aries Ingress, where years begin in keeping with Mars-ruled Aries as the starting point of many earthly events.

Plus, as you know, the four Cardinal World Points of zero Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are where events tend to manifest on the physical plane, events which possess global consequences. In other words, Aries Point involvement is a big deal, and the heavyweight planets Saturn and Neptune have karmic implications for progress, setbacks, or, more likely, some blending of both. For such is life on Earth.

Meanwhile, the combined energies of the planetary pair reveal a multitude of meanings in Astrology depending on how and where the pair appears and is analyzed. And according to Reinhold Ebertin, the midpoint of Saturn-Neptune in a horoscope forms the 'illness axis' while secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) has often been gleaned from the pair's workings in political realms along with certain -isms such as Socialism, Bolshevikism, Marxism, Communism, etc - all of which are manmade concepts and propagandistic labels most often used to vilify one's opponents and promote social division, aka, the divide-and-conquer strategy so popular in US politics.

Additional potentials for the Saturn-Neptune pairing include false hopes that lead to disillusionment (A. Oken), plus, renunciation, asceticism, issues of poor-sick-or-depressed individuals and our social safety net programs, neuroses, undermining circumstances, distrust, insecurity, dissatisfaction, mood changes, peculiar characters, self-preoccupation, and/or idealism vs materialism concerns (R. Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad).

Then on a side note, it may be worth mentioning that in the November 1989 horoscope, the Moon @24Tau28 conjuncts the natal Midheaven (Goal Point) and demon star Algol of one Donald Trump - and transit Nemesis @22Sag49 conjuncts his natal Moon-South-Node conjunction of emotional alienation. Placing these Trumpian cosmic time links into context, period 3 began in or about 2013 and continues until February 2026. And the amazing thing? Four days prior to conjunction #3, it came to pass that on November 9, 2013, Donald Trump was in Moscow promoting his franchise known as the Miss Universe Pageant, and was, as I put it in a 2019 post, "making puppy eyes at Vladimir Putin." Well, since then we've observed how their love affair proceeded - to the detriment and undermining of our country and the entire world.

So now in 2023, as the Collective approaches the last years of the duo's current cycle, we may wish to cast our thoughts toward 2026, when solid Saturn's demand for realism and authenticity next meet wispy if inspirational Neptune's fraud and deception tendencies for the first time since their three conjunctions in 1989 in the 10-to-12-degree-range of Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Below is a tri-wheel of all three 1989 Conjunctions of Saturn-Neptune, a planetary pair also containing rational vs irrational vibes. Timings are as close to accurate as my Solar Fire v9 software gives me. And note that 36 years divided by 3 = about 12 years, as mentioned above, so we're now in the third phase of their 1989 cycle dated November 13, 1989 until February 20, 2026 with reality 'star' Trump acting as America's orange albatross prancing about on what he hopes will again become the world stage of fame and fortune:

A Union of Neptune's Faith with Saturn's The Establishment?

On February 20, 2026, a new 36-year cycle of their concentrated, combined energies begins so that a DC Horoscope may be set up and studied if one is curious about societal, political, and even religious issues via a horoscope that's 'good for' approximtely 36 years!

You'll note that the above horoscope is set for Washington DC as a symbol of America, and for those who use the July 4, 1776 5:09/10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania horoscope to symbolize our nation, the Saturn-Neptune Conjunction of 2026 lands upon the IC Point of the chart with its Domestic Scene and Foundational implications and a suggestion of 4/10 Security concerns. Additionally, we should admit that a major reform of government seems a likely possibility along with 'new world order' implications (as in, 1776 - 2026?).

And since I marked the above horoscope, I've honed in the time of the exact 2026 conjunction to a more accurate 11:52:48 am est with Ascendant 17Gem45 - still with the chaotic 10th house Uranus of Donald Trump rising - his guiding planet - with its rounded-up Sabian Symbol of "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd" which speaks of alien relationships of which Herr T has enjoyed gracious plenty, while the Symbol of his natal Moon-1989 Nemesis conjunction clocks in with "A Chinese Laundry."

Feb 28, 2023

DC Horoscopes: March 2023 Lunations

Manic Force, Nazis, Aries Point, Spies, and Pluto

by Jude Cowell

As Thom Hartmann always says, despair is not an option! Besides, forewarnings of coming difficulties, cosmic warnings or otherwise, can be successfully heeded for better, if not best, results!

Below you see a marked-up dual chart image of the March 2023 Full and New Moons, aka, lunations, with charts set for Washington DC. Study notes are messily penned on and include interesting planetary factors such as the current Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series (6 South; 'PE' @2Scorpio) through which society and the March 2023 lunations must navigate with its manic, forceful, Nazi-like themes and influences, plus, a few midpoint pictures are listed for a fuller cosmic picture. Not shown are additional midpoint pictures which you may wish to consider.

Gemini Mars: Versatile, Quarrelsome, Ready for Action

Also added is the current US Mars Return, a three-fer with #3 occurring March 6, 2023 prior to the Full Moon, with Sun and Neptune squaring US 1776 Mars listed in the lower left corner. The squares to US Mars suggest a combination of potentials for anger, frustration, challenges, competition, undermined efforts, confusion, misguided actions, head injuries or fever - any, all, or none may apply. And of course, astrological Mars signifies males in general, pioneers, military folk, transport drivers, activists, and those who use weapons such as warriors and vigilantes (aka, 'warriors' in their own minds). You can think of more actors that Mars can represent, I'm certain.

Now for me, the squares' potentials pretty much sum up current events in the US as perpetrated by far-reich MAGAts and other bad actors and the foreign handlers who pay them for their extremist views and actions through which they seek to undermine and collapse our nation. For as noted, activated in the Mars Return chart of March 6, 2023 is America's problematic Mars-Neptune square of clouds, fog, paranoia, and contagion with subverted energies that remain an albatross around our country's neck - except for the times that the aspect's higher inspiration via divine Neptune is followed by positive actors on behalf of the common good:

And as mentioned multiple times in previous SO'W posts, New Moons can affect or disrupt events on Earth in similar Uranian fashion to Solar Eclipses while Full Moons can behave much as Lunar Eclipses that uncover or leak inconvenient facts, secrets, or scandals. Either 'cosmic blink'-style lunation may trigger startling, even shocking, effects, as you know. Significantly, zealous Uranus @16Tau18 in the New Moon Horoscope nears its anarchist conjunction with the Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse (@17Taurus: "swords vs torches", a Nazi reference, as is the 6 South Eclipse). See 2022 Midterms Eclipse a Mars-Pluto Affair for additional details on such topics.

Of course, a major cosmic event every March is the Aries Ingress which times the beginning of each Spring Season. See the Spring Equinox 2023: Secrets, Delusion, Power Horoscope in which the Sun's entry into tropical Aries occurs on March 20th this year when the Sun spotlights the Cardinal Aries Point of World Events and Recognition (5:24:48 pm edt Washington DC).

Then another chart factor worth mentioning in both March 2023 lunation charts, above, is power planet Pluto at a critical 29th degree, poised to enter progressive Aquarius and, on March 7th, leading a ruthless Locomotive pattern of extreme determination and executive ability; then on March 21st Pluto leads a BOWL shape as an advocate for a cause or a mission.

Significantly in 2022, America reached for the first time ever, her Pluto Return (27Cap33). Meanwhile, no matter his sign, astrological Pluto manipulates, even assassinates, from afar while hiding untold amounts of wealth and gold in hidden places - when 'he' isn't busy spying on everyone or hiring entities who will.

Toxic Pluto Coming to Your Town?

Another possibility at the March 2023 Full Moon is that Pluto as the engine of a Locomotive represents on one level, railroad executives responsible for train derailments that result in the toxic ruination of communities and the environmental damage expected to spread to other locations.

Please pardon my scribbles! Study notes are added for the curious reader but no one is required to read or appreciate them; please enlarge or print the image for easier viewing, as you wish. Or not. Your choice. jc

Jul 15, 2022

Ivana Trump natal w/ "found" chart

July 15, 2022

May Ivana Trump R.I. P.

Update: later reports give 12:40 pm edt as the time Ivana was found "dead," not unconscious as had been previously suggested. More work must be done.

Original post begins here:

Confessedly, I wish I could be a practitioner of Forensic Astrology but I'm not. It's late afternoon on Friday so my blogging time is brief, therefore, very few astro-notes will be typed at this hour. However, for anyone who cares to look, below is a bi-wheel set up backwards with the natal horoscope of Ivana Trump surrounding what I'm using as the "found" horoscope set for "just after 12:00 pm local time" (via news report) on her day of death (July 14, 2022, at her Manhattan home: fallen down the stairs, a possible cardiac arrest, last I heard). Interesting that Ivana's natal Neptune Rx in Libra rises, followed by her natal South Node, a point of separation. See lower right and left for Saturn and Pluto effects upon her natal Ascendant and North Node. Jupiter is angular as so often happens with cases involving death.

So as you see, the "found" chart (inner) shows ASC 7Lib45; chart ruler Venus makes no applying aspects but is conjunct her natal Uranus, an extravagant financial combination of planets; "found" MC @8Can58) is set for 12:05 pm edt, Manhattan, New York which places the natal Mercury of ex-husband Trump at Midheaven, the WHY? Point.

Because after all, Mercury is the planet of communications and depositions - which were scheduled to be conducted with the Trumps in New York today, but were understandably canceled due to the sad death of Ivana Trump, mother of Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric.

Now if it seems that Ivana's death looks suspicious to me, you may be correct. After all, Ivana was born into a 4 South Saros Series and you may remember that the Electoral College Vote Eclipse of December 14, 2020 was also a 4 South eclipse of 'strong emotions over relationships and/or money; a sudden desire to end unions; a fated quality to events' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Surely more information will come out soon (via autopsy? investigation?), so murder is only a potential, a convenient-for-Trump potential, but a mere potential all the same. However, if Ivana's death was manipulated, we may never know.

So! See what you can make of the hastily marked and printed bi-wheel, below. A few examples which may apply include: 'death axis' Mars-Saturn at Aries Point; "found" Ascendant = her natal Moon-Pluto: 'a violent reaction to environmental conditions; temperamental or tremendous upsets'; "death Pluto" conjunct US 1776 Pluto opposing her natal Saturn-Uranus - heart block: 'harm through major force; an act of violence; rebellion' (note that cardiac arrests can be manipulated, too). Then there's Ivana's natal MC = Neptune-Pluto duo of Underworld Crime and criminal elements - or, a potential health breakdown:

In closing, my feeling is that the lady knew too much. And we may wish to remember what 'they' always say: That everything Donald Tr*mp touches, dies. And his natal midpoint picture of rage and cruelty has much to do with such brutal tendencies because, Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'murder; intervention of a higher power; death of many people' (R. Ebertin). Plus, as we know, the man is literally fighting for survival - his own survival - which may or may not include the survival of anyone else.

May 24, 2022

Horoscope: Pluto Station Rx conjunct Saturn in mid-Pisces

A Distant View: Positive vs Negative Societal Conditions

by Jude Cowell

If you've been wondering when the next great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will occur while we toil under the harsh, compressive energies of their current conjunction (January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 - karmically conjunct Tr*mp's natal Vertex of fated encounters), check out the following DC Horoscope of the moment of pausing when transit Pluto Stations Retrograde @14Pis30:01 conjunct transit Saturn @14Pis28:28 on June 13, 2053 at 6:57:23 pm 'est' in 3rd house:

Now it's true that there may exist no city of 'Washington DC' by year 2053, yet as you see, an abundance of my study notes and chart factors are notated upon the chart - optimistically assuming that DC's spot upon the Earth may continue to exist. And yes, we who now breathe air must wait a long time before the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in governmental Capricorn runs its course within the planets' 33-year cycle. Personally, I don't expect to be around in 2053 but if you, dear reader, are young enough, perhaps you will be. So you may wish to note the rounded-up Sabian Symbol of Pluto's Station Rx conjunct Saturn: "15 Pisces" ("An Officer Preparing to Drill His Men"). Saturn (teamed with Pluto) leads a Locomotive pattern of the planets suggesting ruthless executives determined to have their way. Well, aren't they always?

Additionally, there are other interesting chart factors such as the Eclipse Series ('PE') in which this conjunction occurs: the 19 South Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2053 conjunct the Cardinal World Point of 00Ari08, the Aries Point. Then as you know, solar eclipses in Mars-ruled Aries indicate potentials for daring, courage, boldness, challenges, and the spirit of competition, yet overly aggressive energies may also be activated and mobilized (R. Lineman).

And yet 19 South themes include: 'joy, and lucky wins or breaks' (paraphrasing B. Brady) which sound positive - unless folk harboring malicious motivations and intent take that ball and run with it because they, too, can experience what they consider to be lucky wins or breaks. Still, as always, we know that life on Earth contains both positive and negative conditions and potentials occurring simultaneously or in an alternating fashion. Such is the dualism of life on Earth, for as you know, it's a light vs dark affair.

Expansive Jupiter in Airy Libra

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter (highlighted in green), the banker, politician, broadcaster, and/or The General, has something to say about matters yet 'he' makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart which would provide us with clues for 'how things will proceed' from Pluto's Station Rx moment. Therefore, we must depend upon Jupiter's sign of Venus-ruled Libra in the 10th house of Career, Public Status, and the World Stage for hints such as dependence on others, doing public work, and/or possessing a sense of justice (my favorite!). Because as a common-gooder sort of American, my hope is always that the Great Benefic's protective function will kick in and provide as many positive influences as possible, no matter how negative the circumstances. And helpfully, Jupiter the Generous is trined by the Sun in Gemini, an aspect that Alan Oken has called "A Cosmic Blessing"!

Meanwhile, there's erratic, disruptive planet Uranus @1Lib00, another Cardinal World Point of activity suggesting 'sudden conflicts, an urge for freedom, and/or separation' (R. Ebertin). Those potentials are when a midpoint picture is considered (Sun-Moon oppo Uranus) at the most visible point of the chart ('MC') - but from the 9th house side of Foreign Lands/Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, and possible Legalities. Plus, with radical zealot Uranus involved, quirky philosophies and bizarre ideologies can be part of the picture (as they are already in 2022).

So to close this looking-wayyy-forward post, I should add that the above horoscope is not an exact Saturn-Pluto Conjunction chart circa 2053 because, thanks to their retrograde tendencies, the two karmic planets may actually conjunct multiple times, possibly all within year 2053.

Instead, the above horoscope shows the significant moment when distant Pluto is poised in process of changing direction (as viewed from Earth) while conjunct Time Keeper Saturn at the same degree - and everyone is aware of the troubles society is having with their current conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Then if you look, lower left, you can see a note that the Moon, an excellent timer and mundane indicator of the masses and of fluctuation, will join the Saturn-Pluto pair @13Pis+ on August 2, 2053 thus reflecting and spotlighting the planetary pair's cosmic correspondences with fanaticism, renunciation, hard work, cruelty, harshness, and/or possible martyrdom.

But are there positive indications of the Saturn-Pluto combo? Perhaps potentials for: tenacity, toughness, endurance, self-discipline, self-denial such as spartanism, adherence to principles (but aka, fanaticism), achievements brought about by large groups of people, and/or the ability to 'make record achievements of the highest order' (R. Ebertin).

And, depending on their deepest motivations, we could even toss in magicians and adepts!

Jan 26, 2022

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of 2024

2024: A Pivotal Year for America

by Jude Cowell

January 26, 2022

For future reference, this is merely a quick posting of the DC Horoscope of the next Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of April 20, 2024 @21Tau 49:48 set for Washington DC. The word picture for "22Taurus" = "A White Dove Over Troubled Waters" which can be either a positive or negative indicator with motive being the deciding factor.

Yet as I type, society is now in the final or third stage of the current Jupiter-Uranus cycle which actually sported an extended three-fer time frame for Jupiter-Uranus issues beginning in June 2010 (conjunct the Cardinal Aries Point), September 2010 @28Pis43, and January 4, 2011 @27Pis02. Obviously, these conjunctions occurred during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Listed on the chart, lower left, are a few of the potentials for the combined energies of expansive Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and progressive if radical Uranus such as: freedom issues, group causes, and/or activities within the realms of Technology, Finance, (Politics), or Astrology, with possible breakthroughs and discoveries in Science, Medicine, or Exploration as typical outcomes. In money sign Taurus, Jupiter reaches for financial security and can be wasteful, while erratic Uranus there suggests unusual methods of gaining money, risky speculation, and/or a potential for disruptive earth changes:

Also, a few notes are penned on the chart concerning this Conjunction's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series ('PE'), the 8 North Eclipse of April 8, 2024 which is the third 'Great American Eclipse' with its Path of Totality dividing America from the Southwest to the Northeast this time (last time in August 2017, from Oregon to South Carolina). 'Flashes of genius', 'good ideas', and 'visions' may occur under 8 North eclipses.

Also listed, upper right, is the PE of the 2024 Presidential Election; its PE @10Lib03 falls within the difficult 8 South Series of 'loss and separation' (B. Brady). As you see in this chart, Jupiter's conjunction with Uranus is the only aspect made by chart-ruler Jupiter which also rules the 4th cusp via the watery sign of Pisces. You'll note a difficult Mars-Saturn conjunction at IC along with fixed star Achernar with its keywords suggesting "crisis at the end of the river" and/or "the risk of rapid endings." Meanwhile, the Sun-Pluto square reveals someone with a "might makes right" attitude along with a deep craving for power.

If curious or simply optimistic, why not look ahead toward what is hopefully the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope.

(Eclipse info from Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.)

Jan 20, 2022

April-May 2022 Cosmic Shifts and Blinks

April-May 2022: As Above, So Below

by Jude Cowell

Thursday January 20, 2022

With springlike April coming soon and flowery May just behind, here's a round-up of SO'W posts, plus, info concerning prominent cosmic events coming in April and May 2022 that promise societal shifts on multiple levels. The emphasis here is on the US but naturally other regions of the world will also be under these cosmic influences:

April 1, 2022: New Moon @12Pis07 culminating with the Full Moon @26Lib46 on April 16, 2022 (no DC Horoscopes of these lunations have been published, not yet anyway).

April 12, 2022: a new cycle begins of the speculator pair of bubbles, inflation, and political conflicts: Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction @23Pis59 opposing US 1776 Neptune in Virgo (Jupiter-Neptune with more Neptune: promotion of strange theories; misplaced altruism).

April 30, 2022: A disruptive, course-changing 6 North Solar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus (@10Tau28--where transit Uranus is as I type). Check out the themes of this 'cosmic blink' eclipse because an authority figure may become unreliable and have to be replaced. Good news is that this is a partial solar eclipse so its energies are not as influential as a Total eclipse would be.

May 16, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse @25Scor18 near the natal Sun and Venus of President Biden (no DC Horoscope published yet). Which inconvenient secrets of a Scorpionic nature will be revealed or leaked? Will this eclipse relate to an authority figure becoming unreliable? (If so, may it be a secessionist.)

May 24, 2022: Transit Jupiter and Mars Reach Aries Point by leaving shady Pisces behind. Mars in his own sign of Aries desires change, while Jupiter in Aries suggests vigorous leadership and honesty but negatively can bring premature action, over-expansion, and/or moodiness.

May 30, 2022: the merry month of May ends with a New Moon @9Gem03 conjunct US 1776 Uranus (@8:55), America's totem planet of revolt and revolution, and a cosmic marker for changes, shifts, reforms, progress, disruption, and/or radical politics.

So this is the list of cosmic events I have for you today, however, there are almost certainly more April and May 2022 posts coming so do stay tuned!

Above image: 'Cosmic Blinks' paper collage by Jude Cowell

Nov 11, 2021

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2022

Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) Horoscopes Are 'Good For' the Entire Year

by Jude Cowell

Thursday November 11, 2021: In answer to a reader's request, this partial post displays the Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope set for Washington DC (as representative of America) which perfects (Sun to 00Ari00:00 = the Aries Point of World Events) on March 20, 2022 at 11:33:20 am edt; as you see, a few chart factors are penned upon the image:

Related Posts: DC Horoscope of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 @23Pis59. And here's the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope under the influence of which I now type.

Feb 22, 2021

Eclipse of the American Revolution Repeats in 2027

A Cosmic Time Link between 1775 and 2027: Will the Old System Fail?

by Jude Cowell

Dear Reader: although I realize that for many people this particular solar connection from the Revolutionary era to our day may seem unfortunate and dangerous, facing reality is always the best course! For dark monsters cannot be vanquished unless and until we turn and face them squarely in the stark, realistic light of day.

February 22, 2021: On SO'W in 2012 the Horoscope of the American Revolution was published timed by the First Shot April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, Massachusetts (via contemporary accounts). Today let's consider a few astro-notes concerning the 11 South Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') which the Revolutionary War for Independence from monarchy fell into and look ahead to the next manifestation of an 11 South solar eclipse which, of course, retains the same difficult eclipse themes as in 1775. Now as you know, all eclipses are 'cosmic blinks' from Above and are considered 'wild cards of the Universe', disruptive in that Uranian way and often inconveniently uncovering secrets, scandals, and triggering changes of direction.

Now the first Solar Eclipse of 1775, the year of our Revolution, perfected on March 1, 1775 @11Pis11 and significantly, was a Total eclipse--the strongest, most revealing kind. Yet as you know, eclipses of all types may influence historical events and this eclipse certainly did for its energies imprinted upon the entire year (being the first) and on the entire fight for freedom from the British monarchy. In fact, America as a nation is rather stuck with its themes running in the background of our lives which makes it highly susceptible to triggering by transit and progression particularly when an 11 South eclipse cycles around again as in 2027.

For comparison with past historical events, 11 South eclipses also occurred in the years 1901, 1919, 1937, 1955, 1973, 1991, and 2009 @29Can26, a critical 29th degree with its rounded-up Sabian Symbol: "A Daughter of the American Revolution"!

The 11 South series contains difficult themes and can herald trying events and turbulent proceedings, as you may agree. 11S themes are: 'sudden reforms are needed; old ideas or methods fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by the eclipse; consequently, new ways of handling issues must be thought of; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology) #ad.

Well, I'd say that 11 South themes were definitely 'running in the background of societal events and influencing social conditions in Spring 1775 and may do no less for us when another 11 South eclipse repeats on August 2, 2027 @9Leo55 - conjunct the natal 12th house Pluto of Mr. Trump who, if he's still kickin' in 2027, will be 81 yo by then (a right ole codger!). The August 2027 eclipse perfects months after the February 20, 2026 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune conjunct the Aries Point of global manifestation (00:45) so signifcant events may be expected, if not here, then there.

The Saturn-Neptune Cycle of Approximately 36 Years' Duration

As I type in 2021, we remain mired within the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began with their three conjunctions of 1989: 1. March 3rd @11Cap55; 2. June 24th @11Cap14; 3. November 13th @10Cap22. Therefore, 3 exact conjunctions divided into 36 years suggests 12-year periods which puts us now within the third period (10Cap22), the horoscope for which can yield important factors for those who care to set up the November 13, 1989 chart. Of course, the degrees' (10-11-12Capricorn) Sabian Symbols are informative as are the opposite degrees/symbols, aka, Illumination Points of unconscious material which, in this case, would be from the Collective Unconscious (10-11-12Cancer - conjunct the US Sun of 1776).

But for today's post, perhaps the Political and Business potentials of the Saturn-Neptune pair should be included here from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad by Michael Munkasey in the form of the Hegelian Dialectic (causing problems and difficult conditions so you can 'solve' them the way you intended to all along; a longterm plan, aka, the 'big picture', for a 'new global order' is suspected: 1776 -- -?-):

"Thesis: Delusions among the real leadershp; long lived programs which have no real purpose; policies which restrict spes; misusing law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders.

Antithesis: Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient business practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practices; reliable equipment failures; a leader capitulates."

Plus, for the combined energies of societal Saturn and Neptune of the masses, Reinhold Ebertin adds potentials for: 'renunciation; ascetism; idealism vs materialism; suffering; chronic illnesses; poverty; deprivation; depression; neuroses; undermining conditions; slow attainment of success through painstaking efforts; methodical execution of plans' (The Combination of Stellar Influences) #ad.

Yours truly would add: social safety net programs, workers' rights, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Capitalism, and other societal, political, and Collective -isms which may or may not be operative by, or in, the year 2027. Yet who knows? Maybe some secret cabal of social meddlers will have invented a new 'system' and label by then with which to categorize populations and use the typical divide and conquer tactic to, the elite class hopes, control the masses.

Feb 13, 2020

Spring Equinox 2020's 2nd House Planetary Pairs

More on Spring Equinox 2020

by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2020: If you've watched Revealing Light Tarot's reading covering the Next 6 Months you've noticed Mary Ann's focus on the month of March which naturally contains Spring Equinox 2020 (March 19 11:49 pm ET), a horoscope that serves for the entire year and marks the moment when the Sun conjuncts the Aries Point of World Events. And if you use the late afternoon US natal chart of July 4, 1776 that I tend most to use, this times the Sun's entrance into America's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland (with its 4/10 Security implications). The following post is my attempt at an additional consideration of Spring Equinox 2020 (the horoscope set for Washington DC) and the emphasis created by the chart's 2nd hou$e planetary pairs opposing the corporate 8th hou$e. Obviously, we must keep in mind other matters of the 8th house which include death, transition, the occult, shared resources, taxes, debt and credit, and/or insurance.

Mars as 2nd-house Trigger conjuncts Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn

In the Spring Equinox 2020 Horoscope (chart shown) we find a full 2nd house (National Treasury; Values; Earning Ability) suggesting a heavy focus on financial matters, if not economic, budgetary, and/or currency concerns. So let's consider the planetary pairs therein for more information in the Realms of Politics and Business as provided by Michael Munkasey and the Hegelian model (creating problems then 'solving' them the way that was already intended).

First, a few basics:

2nd cusp 25Sag19 makes money bags Jupiter the 2nd-house ruler; Jupiter also rules 4th house with its cusp @6Pis46 along with the 'help' of deceptive loss-leader Neptune, planet of fraud and mergers. Transit Jupiter first conjoins Pluto (1A54) suggesting The Fed, then Saturn (7A040) pointing toward a new social, political, and economic order (see the Jupiter-Saturn link, below). Placements in 2nd house include the drain of the Moon's South Node, the tail of the dragon, suggesting a neurotic reliance on past tactics that are no longer effective, and most folks agree that Trump has certainly plopped our National Treasury resources into the red, in large part due to his Tax Cuts for the wealthy (Corporate Socialism for the 1%!). That the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is intercepted across the 2/8 axis in the Spring Equinox 2020 chart denotes karmic conditions which must be addressed via its Moon-Saturn influences of ambition, strategy, and direction. Saturn-ruled Capricorn's involvement implies investments and Wall Street trading with depressive Moon-Saturn vibes. However, taking direct action to solve problems can always mitigate this.

Meanwhile, with 24Scorpio46 rising, 2nd-house Mars is chart-ruler (and activating trigger), plus, the warrior planet also rules the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking (5th cusp 8Ari17). And with Mars @22Cap35, the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 is thereby activated suggesting potentials for: ruthlessness, violence, and/or 'the necessity to fight for existence' (Ebertin). Munkasey adds 'the need to use whatever means or power available to continue working' and as we know, royalist Trump keeps claiming for himself expansive powers that break the parameters placed in the US Constitution = unconstitutional behavior of the Executive Branch morphing the US government into an imperial monarchy.

Plus, a nod should be made toward the 6th house of Work and Service (Civil, Military, Police, etc), and Health which contains disruptive Uranus @4Tau32 (in Taurus = seeking unusual sources of funding; environmental concerns) and money planet Venus @15Tau56 (conservative in Taurus yet luxury-loving). Together the Venus-Uranus pair relates to money matters such as extravagant spending, waste, eventual bankruptcy, plus, estrangement and relationship break-ups.

So here are some of the potentials of the planetary pairs posited in the 2nd-house with a few comments and a steel industry link included by yours truly:

Mars-Jupiter Thesis: action taken in response to legal judgments (Barr shortening Roger Stone's sentence?); advice which angers or inflames others (ditto); too much legal activity or opinions; religious activities. Anti-thesis: judgment of enemies or those who seek to do battles; misuse of forces; an expansion of military hardware (and funding); legal opinions or judicial cases which affect the military or metal industries.

Mars-Pluto Thesis: security forces allied with the military; conducting clandestine operations; using police or military against criminal elements (oh could we?); attacks using powerful forces and weaponry. Anti-thesis: A police state with rigid military controls; use of suppression and torture as a means of enforcing policy (Trump's dream?); exporting upheaval and political theory to others as an objective; wars, rape, mayhem, chaos.

Mars-Saturn (with Saturn strong in Capricorn at a critical-crisis 29th degree) Thesis: curtailing force or military power by authorities; enforcement of honor through the use of strife or struggle; wars which persist (yep); frustration imposed upon or by criminal elements (Alert: mob boss in the White House!); demands to halt armaments. Anti-thesis: military actions which continue under political or other restrictions; an obligation to use force (NATO?) when restraint is required; the ambitious taking of what belongs to another; an older enterprise becomes angered.

And if we add health to the planetary pictures in consideration of our concerns over Trump's obese medical condition, bad diet, and what looks to be his continual drug use (sniff sniff!), we find that Mars-Jupiter = hip or liver surgery or a major operation, Mars-Pluto = tumors and/or toxic diseases of the sexual organs (late-stage syphilis?), and Mars-Saturn = high blood pressure, blockages (how could a fatty grub not have these?), weak or withered muscles, and/or hyper followed by hypo (Munkasey).

Biologically, to Mars-Jupiter Ebertin adds 'heart muscle' and 'activity of the organs'; to Mars-Pluto: replacement by 'artificial organs and functions' (including dentures); to Mars-Saturn: 'joints, muscles, bones, tendons, sinews, bone or bone marrow inflammation; atrophy of an organ, and/or muscle paralysis, particularly of the breathing mechanism (includes suffocation)'.

(An additional astro-note: today, February 13, 2020, marks the first of three exact oppositions from transit Pluto to Trump's natal Saturn in clannish Cancer and these challenging energies imprint upon the whole of 2020 for him, and thus for our nation (exact again on July 12th and December 20th). Aptly, Trump's abuse of power issues are front and center in the news this very day via his Roger Stone sentencing interference, as you know, along with rigid demands concerning his authority, accountability, and unreliability, demands which are always required by cosmic taskmaster Saturn - his, spotlighted all through 2020 by oppositions from powerful Pluto, planet of manipulation, control, secrets, criminality, and hidden wealth.)

Well, this post is my second pass at the Spring Equinox 2020 Horoscope (aka, Aries Ingress) using a different lens than before. And as always your on-topic comments are welcome (moderated to cull out the ads and trolls!) and my Thanks for any and all Shares which encourage more such SO'W posts! jc

Related 2020 posts include: DC Horoscopes: Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020 (tri-wheel charts shown), and the order-shifting Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction which ends 2020 on December 21st @00AQ29 - here are the conjunction's Midpoint Pictures and its DC Horoscope.

Sources: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey, and The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

Above image: 'Abandoned Garden with Peonies', a pencil drawing by yours truly.

Oct 26, 2019

When Will Transit Neptune Reach the Aries Point?

Whenever there's an activation of the Aries Point (and/or the three other Cardinal Points--00 degrees Libra-Cancer-Capricorn) by transiting planet or progression, a major cycle begins and significant global or large events are apt to occur. As it turns out, the world will experience such vernal activation by transpersonal planet Neptune leaving its own sign of Pisces and reaching the Aries Point for the first time in our modern era on March 30, 2025. This is the first Neptune-Aries-Point conjunction since the 19th century and was in effect during America's Civil War.

Now as you know, astrological Neptune rules multiple realms and possibilities, all of which are easily accessible in astrology books and online so I'll not attempt to list them here (having done so in previous posts). Yet obviously, the Collective Unconscious is one such important realm via Neptune's association with the 12th house in horoscopes of all types with Neptune's 'magic wand' influence being either positive or negative, or some combination of both. Plus, in Astrology the planet's urge to merge and Divine Source implications are basic features of its nature along with natural disasters involving water or other liquids, and/or contagions and poisons. Of course, when it comes to monarchy as a form of government, the word deluge comes easily to mind.

So when may we look forward into the distant mist of time and spy transit Neptune's next entry into Mars-ruled Aries at Aries Point and what cosmic weather may be expected from the Zodiacal shift of this gaseous, karmic planet that wears many masks and disguises? After all, the 12th is the Unconscious house of karma where Neptune co-rules with traditional ruler Jupiter (also known for his boundary breaking or neglecting ability).

According to my Solar Fire Gold v9 software, transit Neptune next catalyzes Aries Point on March 30, 2025, as noted above. Due to retrogradation, other conjunctions to, or within 2 degrees of, the AP occur including in late January 2026 and beyond.

As for the energy shift, Neptune in Pisces has been a period when peace and harmony were possible though not necessarily achieved, as you know, and interest in psychism, mysticism, and the occult has been on the rise along with inspired creativity. Negatively, this is a period of contagions and epidemics, losses, deceit, illusions and delusions, scandals, fraudulent schemes, bubbles about to pop, propaganda, pathological tendencies, fear and paranoia. Everyone's credibility and authenticity are now questioned, even challenged, and none more so than in the realms of Politics, Law, and Business via shady characters pretending to be honest, aboveboard, and worthy of the positions they hold (in spite of rigged elections!). Certainly Neptune's handmaidens the masses and the media are major parts of the elusive bargain of confusion, illusion, and lies in advertising, networks (social and otherwise), and in politics.

Once Neptune floats into Aries, will society be any better off?

This placement denotes a period when comes the realization that spiritual regeneration is imperative and may be accessed by the masses. Neptune was last in Aries in 1861/62--1874/75 when the spiritist or spiritualist movement was in high bloom across the US and parts of Europe. In America, the movement had received a huge boost on March 31, 1848 when the two Fox sisters of Hydesville, New York, began "communicating" bwo "knocking sounds" with the "spirit" of a murdered peddler allegedly buried in the cellar of the little girls' house. Then in 1888, one of the sisters admitted that they had faked the entire thing although she later recanted. Now I should probably mention here that I personally do not believe in disembodied 'spirits' knocking or otherwise so my hope is that such a deluded craze will never again sweep across this or any other land--no matter ectoplasmic Neptune's sign.

So for the negative potentials of Neptune in Aries this time around in its 164-year cycle, let's stick to reality as much as possible--a reality which unfortunately may include dealing with issues such as spiritual pride, insane ideas, and an annoying abundance of egotism!

Above image: Neptune Ascends, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell.

For more Neptune stuff why not visit my Hollywood Horoscope blog Neptune's Silver Screen where you might discover astro-notes concerning a favorite classic film star--and no politics!

Oct 25, 2019

America, Saturn-Neptune, Eclipses, and Donald Trump

In a January 2019 SO'W post concerning the December Solar Eclipse that ends 2019 with Jupiter and Pluto issues, multiple mentions were made including the Saturn-Neptune pair of energies, Donald Trump, and Republican operative Bill Barr who was just coming into the DOJ picture with his senate confirmation hearing occurring as I typed. (And note that Jupiter-Pluto is the 'wheeler dealer' and plutocrat duo.)

Now one reason mention was made of Saturn-Neptune in the post is that their midpoint rises in Trump's natal chart as it does in the December 26, 2019 Eclipse's DC Horoscope (chart shown in the above post) with vibes of depression and limitation of freedom (Ebertin). Another reason to keep our collective eye on the Saturn-Neptune duo (the "illness axis," Reinhold Ebertin calls it--conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant, his nibs himself born into an 'oppressive family environment') during these harrowing days is that it relates to such realms as the social welfare programs constantly under attack by the Republican Party (most of whose members I tend to think of as misfits of the human race). Apparently the party's past "compassionate conservative" slogan no longer applies if indeed it ever did.

So below is a hodge podge of dates and associations for the Saturn-Neptune pair so famously representing hidden or secret (Neptune) government or control (Saturn)--and of course imaginary + real, lie vs fact, and idealism vs materialism also apply, plus the -isms such as Communism, Bolshevikism, Marxism, Capitalism, Socialism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Nativism, Zionism, conservatism, 'Trumpism'--labels invented by hidden manipulators to divide, conquer, exploit, and weaken populations who might think to rise up against the 'ruling class'. Fact is, We have the numbers, they have the desperation to hold on to power and control.

Now as you know the Saturn-Neptune cycle lasts approximately 36 years and their last conjunction was actually a three-fer due to retrogradation yet all during 1989: 1. March 3, 1989 @11Cap55; 2. June 24, 1989 @11Cap14; and 3. November 13, 1989 @10Cap22. See Events of 1989, an extremely busy year, domestically and abroad. The next Saturn-Neptune conjunction occurs only once on February 20, 2026 @00Ari45, the Aries Point where global events tend to manifest. Note that this conjunction in 2026 will conjoin the IC of the natal chart of America that I tend to use most often (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA).

Obviously, we are now mired within the third period (3 x 12 years = 36) which began on November 13, 1989 @10Cap22, a degree stimulated by the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @10Can37 in the 3 North Saros Series--between America's Jupiter and Sun; this is the eclipse series we're in as I type.

Now here are Saturn-Neptune's Hegelian potentials within the realms of Politics and Business, some of which may sound appropriate for our times:

Thesis: Delusions among the real leadership; long lived programs which have no real purpose; policies which restrict spies; misusing law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders.

Antithesis: Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient business practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practices; reliable equipment failures; a leader capitulates. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.)

Looking ahead: the first eclipse of 2020 is a Lunar Eclipse. Here's a view of its DC Horoscope.

And in case you missed it: Saturn-Pluto and Our Social Safety Net Chickens.

Apr 21, 2018

The Prison You Live In And How You Hold The Key to Escape It - Max Igan

This week's Surviving the Matrix episode #331 opens with a quote from Ann Rice and includes discussion by Max Igan of various topics such as the "scaffolding of lies", the weakening of American global leadership, the recent bombing of Syria, Trump's alleged efforts against the Deep (Neptune) State (Saturn), and the quixotic notion that Mr. Trump may be playing a game of '12D chess' with a goal to "bring the troops home":

Dare to share if you care! And support the independent media of The Crowhouse's Max Igan by visiting his patreon account.

Now here's another informative presentation from Max: 5G: The Elephant in Your Living Room.


Brief Notes concerning Saturn-Neptune

One of the more foreboding cosmic factors lying ahead of us is the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune which perfects upon the Cardinal World Point of manifestation, the Aries Point on February 20, 2026. Personally I don't expect to be around to 'see' this conjunction, the beginning of a new cycle of their combined planetary energies (deluded and deceptive leadership, questionable practices, detrimental restriction and renunciation, harmful policies) but, depending on your current age, dear reader, you could be. Of future interest is Reinhold Ebertin's side note in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences where he states, "Saturn/Neptune = first point of Aries: hysteria." Not a pretty picture, agreed, but considering the authoritarian direction Mr. Trump and company are attempting to force upon our nation, Ebertin's midpoint picture deserves a spotlight. Thing is, Donald Trump's 'challenge' to the 'Deep State' (as in, "drain the swamp") is no more than cynical Political Theater and, like Max Igan, I fervently hope that We The People and the peoples of the world wake up to the massive charade mounted by wealthy warmongering financiers and the compromised politicians they own and manipulate.

For as Max has said, we're not just spectators for each of us is a part of history and every person possesses more power than most of us currently imagine!

Jan 25, 2018

Stars Over Washington Tops 2 Million Page Views!

January 25, 2018: during the wee hours of this morning Stars Over Washington reached and topped 2 million page views. Of course, it only took 12 years to do so but I'm chuffed and sending out Warm Thanks to every reader who ever wandered in for a spell but especially to regular readers, followers, and FB friends!

And although it's an oldie but moldy, here's a link to SO'W's All Time Most Viewed Post for you:

Horoscope: March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse in Pisces--Sneaks, Leaks, and Veils concerning the Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse @29Pis27 in the 17 South Saros Series which conjoined the Aries Point and activated the difficult star of misfortune, Scheat. This was, of course, the Prenatal Eclipse of Mr. Trump's 2015 presidential bid announcement timed that morning with a New Moon @25Gemini...

'25Gemini' = "A Man Trimming Palms" which sounds like the rented audience members Trump paid $50 a head to so that someone would show up for his announcement at Trump Tower (you remember the escalator gliding slowly down with Donald and Melania--down from his gilded penthouse).

Rounded up we have '30 Pisces' for which I attempted a pencil illustration a few years back inspired by its Sabian Symbol. Here's the drawing, Temple of the Great Stone Face and, below, an excerpt from the post:

Here I quote from Marc Edmund Jones' version of the Symbols for '30 Pisces' which ends the full cycle/circle of the zodiac and butts against the Aries Point of Prominence (00Aries00):

'The Great Stone Face'...a symbol of human responsibility as an immortality of the soul, and of a way of living which has become a continual manifestation of its ideal and so a constant dramatization of its self-discovery to others as an encouragement to them in their own alignment to eternal reality.

Each individual selects the image within himself to which he would shape himself outwardly, and this he comes to resemble as in Nathaniel Hawthorne's tale. Destiny is character as it most persistently constitutes itself.


positive expression: self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): wholly inarticulate and ineffectual self-realization.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

In addition, here's a curious detail from my notes concerning the Spring EQ 2015 Eclipse 17 South is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of some weighty characters and entities: Iran, the German Empire, Rachel Carson, Newt Gingrich, Princess Diana, Ayn Rand, and Adolf Hitler. And the 2015 prez bid announcement of Donald J. Trump which links to Scheat via activation by the Spring EQ 2015 Solar Eclipse.

Now it's on to 3 million!

Nov 1, 2017

Transits to the Natal Planets of Robert Mueller

Brief Astro-Notes on Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III

Born August 7, 1944 in Manhattan, NYC, New York, a basic biography of Robert Mueller is available at Wikipedia if you're curious. And if you check it out, get ready to read a long list of medals awarded him for his bravery during the Vietnam War!

Image: a speculative natal horoscope for Special Counsel Robert Mueller timed by Moon to Aries Point (AP):

Obviously Mr Mueller was born with Sun in Leo, a proud sign that encompasses lawyers as well as thespians, teachers, and 'natural leaders'. His natal Moon on that date ranges from 21Pis29 (secretive, compassionate Pisces) to 6Ari18 (Mars-ruled Aries, sign of the pioneer, fighter, and activist) for we do not know his birth time. Naturally, the Cardinal World Point of 00Aries00, the Aries Point, is within natal Luna's range and denotes public recognition, fame, fortune, publicity, and/or activity on the World Stage--thus, the speculative horoscope you see here.

Now on SO'W we have already discussed Robert Mueller's Prenatal Solar Eclipse so let's now consider a few major upcoming transits to Mr. Muller's natal planets:

Currently, transit Neptune in Pisces opposes natal Mercury (12Virgo) bringing misunderstandings, confusion, and a potential for error and deceit (or, can indicate his work with people of deceit). It's a period of difficulty for making sense of facts and figures, fanaticism and paranoia may be evident, goals are elusive, and people may disappear (Paul Manafort a flight risk?)

November 2017 also brings a square from transit Jupiter to natal Pluto, a 'goals thwarted' transit that has been afflicting the natal Pluto (10Leo02) of Donald Trump as well. However, Mueller's Jupiter-square-Pluto transit is only one 'hit' on November 18th while Trump's has continued.

In December 2017, transit Jupiter squares Mueller's natal Sun in mid-Leo denoting a phase of 'going over the top' when chasing goals due in part to ego expansion; this is the first of three squares with December 21st the first target date.

January 2018 brings Mr. Mueller a Saturn-square-natal-Neptune (2Lib15) transit of confusion, lethargy, and possible depression; this is a 'once only' transit when withdrawal from the battle field is possible--will his 'Russia Gate' investigation be wrapped up by or around then? Transit North Node (public contact; future direction) conjoins natal Sun on or about January 18, 2018--a public announcement of some kind?

February 12, 2018 brings transit Saturn opposing natal Saturn (5Cancer--conjunct US natal Jupiter), a time when there may be regret over past actions and a demand to correct their consequences; any rewards result in more responsibility, and one reaps what's been sown (karma).

Then, beginning in June 2018, there are 5 'hits' that extend into 2020 from transit Neptune in Pisces (edit: opposing!) natal Mars (16Virgo--Mars conjunct natal Chiron, denoting the 'sacred warrior' archetype of the more bullheaded among us.) This is a difficult transit of unreasonable or misguided ideals and actions and he may be vulnerable to issues of mistrust, deception, and/or scandal. Legal and business transactions are not favored and relationships with males may suffer; energy depletion is a potential. Another possibility is loss of job, position, or status as an authority (April 2019 edit: Mr. Mueller submitted his report to AG Barr March 22, 2019). If Mr. Mueller can hang on to his reputation during this time period he'll be doing well under this difficult transit. The Neptune-opposing-natal-Mars dates (based on a speculative natal chart so the dates may be off by a day or so--this is a general guide) are:

1. June 13, 2018; 2. June 24, 2018; 3. March 15, 2019; 4. October 12, 2019; 5. January 10, 2020.

Please note that this particular transit list is only partial and does not include the more positive contacts from transiting planets to natal planets.

Dec 28, 2015

How Is This Not National News? Methane Leak - David Pakman reports (and Neptune)

Natural gas mining can be deadly to the environment and to people due to methane leaks. Hey national media! ere's one now:


You know, we've discussed gas and oil leaks here before under the 'Neptune now floating through its own sign of Pisces' label with all the dangerous Neptunian leaks, fumes, toxins, poisons, mysteries, contamination, and scandals that cosmic circumstance entails. Sadly, Neptune is only reaching past 8 Pisces now with 22 degrees to go and will be in and out of Pisces for years. This involves remaining upon a critical 29th degree (of Pisces--conjunct George Washington's natal Venus and the prominent Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse of 2015), then crossing the Aries Point of World Events (more than once due to retrogradation) and finally remaining in Mars-ruled Aries once the Gaseous One turns direct in December 2026 @1Ari36. That's a mighty meandering swim, isn't it?

From May 2015, a related video report from Thom Hartmann: US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry.


For lighter fare, may I suggest my brand new blog born this Christmas Day just past? You're cordially invited to attend Neptune's Silver Screen which is a more jolly use of watery elusive Neptunian energies than gas leaks or Politics for it's populated with natal horoscopes, film clips, and bios of Famous Film Stars such as Cary Grant and John Barrymore. While there be sure to check out two rare silent films clips from 1914--Neptune's Daughter and Venus of the South Seas!

Dec 30, 2014

The American Character Seen Through the American Revolution

"Character Is What You Are When You Are in the Dark" (a quote from the film, *Buckaroo Bonzai)

Set for 5:00 am LMT on April 19, 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts, a view of the natal horoscope of the American Revolution shows a rising Sun at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Mars-ruled Aries and an 8th house Moon @13Sag50. Interesting that this degree and sign of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rises in the 'Sibly' version of America's natal horoscope for July 4, 1776 5:10 LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (or any hour around that time on that date such as the Dane Rudhyar version; Independence Day celebrations did occur on that date and both Jefferson and Adams apparently wished July 4th to be used--you know the tale of how both men took their last breaths on that date in 1826).

Of course, the Founding Fathers are long gone but astoundingly America so far remains so is there anything to be gleaned concerning the American personality and character which began with revolution, fighting, and separation from our Mother Country by reviewing our national Sun-Moon blend in the horoscope of the American Revolution? After all, the US 5:10 pm natal chart does show our IC (Foundation, but also Ending) at Aries Point, the primary of the four Cardinal Points of world prominence--and suitably Mars-ruled for revolution and sadly for the wars the US government can't seem to stop itself from waging against all common sense.

Aries is known for starting big and seldom completing what it begins and we must notice the mysterious endings of wars we engage in...desultory sometimes which hints at our confused, deceptive, misguided Mars-Neptune square.

Okay, I'll hush on Martian topics and consider now America's natal Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies with Sun the male/conscious principles and Moon the female/unconscious principles that in Mundane Astrology represents the masses, the three words: We the People.

Aries-Sag is a passionate double Fire combination full of volatility, creativity, and drama--a 'pure Fire' temperament. A biographer of Winston Churchill, a double Fire type, described a problem of double Fire blend as he described Churchill, "The seven league boot tempo of his imagination hastens him on to the sunny uplands of the future, but he is apt to forget that the slow steps of humanity must travel every inch of the weary road that leads there."

Ever heard America and Americans criticized as 'arrogant' or 'brash'? Well, there we are! Thing is, the above description of our double Fire blend reminds me as well of our frequent wars and conflicts with enemies, some of whom Washington had to search for and create so that our national Mars and Uranus in duplicitous Gemini, sign of the Twins, would have opponents to fight. And of course, US natal Uranus (8Gem55) has been active when America goes to war on a cyclic basis particularly during periods when Uranus--discovered in 1781 between the American and French Revolutions--returns to its US natal position. As you know, sudden, upsetting events like bolts of lightening that tend to cause separations and social upheaval art the sort of results independence-loving Uranus prefers.

Is our nation and our national character still of this fiery mindset? Well, double Fire is compelled to engage in an 'enthusiastic fight toward glory' so perhaps you'll agree that this is certainly the propaganda we've all been fed with our pablum since the Revolution but especially in the last several decades. As for still being fired up, many people say the American people are way too apathetic (lazy) to take needed actions because we won't risk our (alleged) security for freedom.

This is partially described by America's double Fire blend for when reality catches up with our ideals, we tend toward a 'compensating pessimism' in order to deal with 'coming down to earth' whether it's financial and budgetary decisions and lacks, or being otherwise restricted in how we wish to expand. This trait supports our childish 'let's ignore the bad stuff and it will go away' tendency.

Our entrepreneurial Sun Aries-Moon Sag in particular is a visionary, impatient, talkative, exuberant, outspoken, ideology-bound, and confident explorer (Manifest Destiny, you say?) We love to have fun but are prone to exaggeration. Highly-strung, we convince ourselves of an intense moral certainty as we arrogantly instruct other nations on how to conduct themselves yet we consider our nation to be above the laws that we expect others to follow--torture and invasion of sovereign nations (pre-emptive war--supposedly against American principles) come quickly and tragically to mind.

As things now stand, it seems the US Constitution is merely a suggestion and not meant to be an actual guide of our national conduct, as modeled in recent years by the US government, and in Washington DC our traditional constitutional principles have been dispensed with as soon as was possible--by hook or crook by a villainous faction of operatives and infiltrators.

Putting aside our nation's usual 'grandiose philosophizing' and insensitivity to the feelings of others, perhaps the word picture of the fiery Sun Aries-Moon Sag blend's Image for Integration will add a further detail that some Americans may resonate with in our deeply-held idealistic way:

"A child shoots an arrow toward the enchanted castle in the distance as he follows the road less travelled."

Well, I don't know about you, dear reader, but the image opens up several cans of ideological worms for this **Child of the Revolution--for one thing, the blend is also found in the natal horoscope of Thomas Jefferson!


*For popular quotes from Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension try this blog and I promise to never ever call you 'monkey boy'. :) What about politicians? No promises! jc

**30 Cancer' = "A Child of the Revolution" in Sabian Symbols and is linked to this dissenting American's natal Mars and to a few of my ancestors' military service and the losses such participation always entails. jc

Feb 15, 2013

Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2013

Spring Equinox 2013 (Aries Ingress) Shows Moon Rising with Betelgeuse

by Jude Cowell

Below is an image of the Spring EQ 2013 horoscope set for the White House, Washington DC. Sun enters Mars-ruled Aries 00:00:00 at 7:02 am edt on March 20, 2013 during a Venus Hour and in 1st house; oriental Venus (rising before the Sun) shows that 'valuable things' are to be dealt with but with the abundant Piscean energy in the chart (Venus, Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune) there may be spiritual and moral matters on Washington's Spring agenda, plus, war, deception, confusion, and obfuscation in the mix:

Above: Sun = Aries Point, a World Point of Manifestation, Prominence, Recognition, and Fame.

The last lunation, aka the Syzygy Moon, @21 Pis24 has just arisen so conditions at the New Moon of March 11 (3:51 pm edt--and the Moon became VOC) are in play relating to a new cycle beginning 9 days prior to Spring EQ 2013.

ASC 24Pis18 makes Jupiter chart-ruler (and Spring 2013 ruler!) along with sub-ruler Neptune and of course you know that the Jupiter-Neptune pair relates to spiritual matters but also to speculation, fraud, waste, and grand schemes. Perhaps a few of the conditions now in review (Iraq War, financial fraud) will be on Washington DC's menu due to the people's insistence (Moon conjunct Mirzam: 'to have one's say'--click chart to enlarge for more astro-notes and US natal planets scribbled around the outside of the horoscope.)

As chart-ruler it is important to note Jupiter's applying inconjuncts to Saturn and Pluto for this trio forms a YOD (special task, crisis, turning point, spiritual opportunity) which we saw in the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope and which has re-constellated with Direct Jupiter in 2013.

However, there is a very positive aspect between societal planet Saturn and Neptune (the masses, the media)--a trine indicating compulsion to make positive changes and reforms to negative social conditions. This trine is applying due to Saturn's Rx condition and is part of a Kite pattern with the Moon as the tail. As you know, Kites add an extra planet (or more) to a closed circuit of energy, a Grand Trine, and since this is a Water trine, the protective, creative, and spiritual qualities of a trine are indicated. The Lunar tail gives the closed circuit of Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury-Chiron an outlet for the expression of these energies.

The hotheaded, intense combo of Mars and Uranus are rising as well with Mars ruling 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporations, Death, etc (8th cusp 6Sco28), though Mars' sign Aries is frustratingly intercepted in 1st house. As far as issues such as explosions, war, rebellion, and such the upcoming Pisces energies must be dealt with first but this is no comfort since the US government is in the very bad habit of lying us into war and conflict--and lies relate to sneaky Pisces. With Venus denoting 'valuable things' and evaluations, money matters continue to be below-board and not quite as they appear.

And with austerity-lover Saturn Rx in 8th house of Big Money, win-by-stealth obstructionist lawmakers remain a problem for America's progress, legislatively and otherwise. However, this Equinox Moon is happy in her own sign of Cancer in her own 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate though whether Luna will bring positive or negative fluctuations will depend on many factors. Moon opposing 10th house Pluto 11Cap26 denotes promises to end waste and/or war and a potential for misuse of available resources in business. Rage may be indicated as well along with propagandistic manipulation and major PR campaigns.

Well, apparently there are many secret deals being made behind the scenes (Mercury conjunct Neptune in 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions) which relate, of course, to Piscean things such as war, oil, gas, water, alcohol and other drugs, oceans, undersea exploration, and such so keep your eye on the Spring Equinox 2013 horoscope as planets transit EQ planets and chart angles, events unfold, and secrets are revealed--or leaked.


Betelgeuse, as notated on the chart, signifies 'success which is not blocked' and is one of the stars of Orion, the Hunter. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

Jul 1, 2012

Election 2012 Mercury: Nov 6 and Nov 26 Horoscopes

Election Day Nov 6, 2012's Mercury Rx Station with the Mercury Direct Station of November 26, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Below you see an image of Election Day 2012's Mercury Station Retrograde of Nov 6 at 6:03:47 pm est (@4Sag18, lower left) and a second horoscope for the moment on November 26, 2012 when voting Mercury turns Direct at 5:47:32 pm est (@18Sco10) with both horoscopes set for the White House, the main prize for the victor.

Mercury is chart-ruler of both horoscopes and thus the determinant of both events which relate to the November 6, 2012 Presidential and Congressional Election/s. All astrologers are predicting trouble due to Mercury turning Rx on Election Day 2012 so let's consider the condition of the planet of voting, announcements, and--when Rx--disputed outcomes.

As you see, out-of-bounds Mars 22Sag23 is unaspected (who knows what Mr. Fussy the Activist is up to?) in 7th house of Legal Affairs and Open Enemies is at '23Sag', the "Immmigrants entering a New Country" degree and for this reason, and bedcause of the obvious issues with Mercury's Rx Station on Voting Day, plus, Mercury's aspects to other planets (actors), I read the charts as having immigrant/voter purge implications--a tiresome Republicn tactic--along with computer voting machine 'glitches' and possibly outright tampering or fraud.

Naturally with Mercury re-trograde, the word re-count is in the political air especially given the cantankerous nature of the 2012 Campaign and Election for much is at stake for each party. However, this common-gooder would be remiss if I didn't add that the American people have, as usual, the most to lose, and even though I believe that whoever inhabits the White House come January 21, 2013 will continue to follow a larger global agenda with few options to do otherwise, there is hopefully a difference in how the agenda is implemented, or at least that is my deep desire for the We the People.

That a One-Percenter like Mitt Romney, the watery Sun-Mercury-Mars Pisces and equal-opportunity bully, should take the helm after what Bush and Cheney perpetrated upon this nation for 8 years (culminating in Financial Heist 2008) would be an outrage! Haven't we learned anything???

Okay, I'll hush my fussing and give you a chance to appreciate both charts:

The following is meant to throw a spotlight upon what I consider to be prominent features in both charts yet I'm certain you can see many other factors of importance. As always, feel free to leave a comment if you wish!

Nov 6, 2012 6:03:47 pm est White House: Mercury's first moment Rx in 6th house of Health, Work, and Military and Police Service after just dipping below the horizon. This is a Cadent position and a natural house of Mercury (Virgo) yet Mercury is debilitated in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius; a mentally inspired Geminian Jupiter Rx (Republicans weakened due to several factors including a battle with an incumbent president) is rising in 1st house; ASC 5Gem39 is the WHAT? Point of the matter and in this case, the WHAT? is Mercury's Rx Station. It's an Hour of Saturn (restriction, control, authority) so it may be expected that the Jupiterian GOP will have managed tamperings of the voting process by and on November 6. We cannot discount that Politics is a win-at-any-cost game with powerful consequences and Jupiter is relating from a weakened position opposite his natural sign of Sagittarius and Rx as well.

Chart-ruler Mercury applies to a square with Chiron (0A42), and a trine with technology-lover Uranus (0A52) with disruptive rebel Uranus 5Ari09 Rx in 11th H of Groups and Associations, and the sub-ruler of the 10th H of Career and Public Status (MC 13AQ00.) At Midheaven you see the midpoint of the combustable pair of Mars and Uranus which gives a midpoint picture of potentials for extraordinary achievements, and/or taking drastic measures such as 'putting a gun to someone's head' (Ebertin.)

Whether a threat of gun use is actually necessary to manipulate Election 2012 we'll probably never know. But this picture may simply be a reference to the NRA gun lobby of fanatics who really really want Mr. Romney in the White House, or so I've heard.

Now where in the Election Day chart are We the People? Moon 14Leo12 conjoins IC, (Home and Domestic Scene) and the HOW? Point of any horoscope.

Now don't stay home, m'peops, for We are the How! Yes, certain undermining forces are making it more and more difficult to vote but let's not give in to them. Especially with the high-flying Kite pattern you see in the November 6 horoscope with the people's Moon as spearhead--conjoining President Obama's natal Sun in Leo!--and sextiles to the Moon from Jupiter Rx and a 5th H Venus 11Lib28. Now I agree that it's speculation and popularity (5th H) plus our innate intuition (US natal Moon in Aquarius) which must tell us that Mr. Obama is our best bet going forward given all the conflicting campaign rhetoric and distortions but the president's argument that a Romney presidency would take us backward is easy enough for a majority to agree upon unless you're of the One Percent or on their payroll.

Disagreements, quarrels, recounts, disputed outcomes, voting machine brou-ha-has, voting roll purges, and more issues may be in the news from November 6 until...November 26? Well, probably. Yet Mercury won't reach its Shadow Degree of 4Sag18 (where it retrograded) until December 14, 2012 and quickly moves beyond it so we may have another December to be anxious over--centering on or just after December 14. Hopefully the SCOTUS Justices won't underwhelm the people's middling-to-poor opinion of them as they did with Bush v Gore in December 2000 and we'll appreciate an early if legality-decorated Christmas gift to settle Election 2012, if we must.

Chart 2, upper right, shows November 26 at 5:47:32 pm est (Hour of Venus--jealousy and revenge? or attraction?) when speedy Mercury takes a stand and performs a Direct Station @18Sco10 ('19Sco' = "A Parrot Listening Then Talking"--whose script will he read?) As you see, US natal Moon is at MC, and Mercury is again in the same preparatory Cadent house in DC. Forceful Mars and Pluto are about to converge in Capricorn with Jupiter still Rx and hiding in the 12th H of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Deals.

Wishy washy Neptune 00Pis25, ruler of Mr. Romney's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars, is strong in its own sign and at MC (the 'hiding in plain sight' position); US natal Sun conjoins the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury, and the Pluto/ASC midpoint @00:05 is prominent at Aries Point (10th H) showing that the tendency toward the use and abuse of power and persuasion are of utmost importance for determined US politicians who wish to rule the day and don't mind being ruthless in their attempts to have their way. Foreign control and plutonian global meddling may also be shown by Pluto/ASC = AP, a World Point of Manifestation.

Now I know that most if not all astrologers have predicted victory for President Barack Obama in 2012 and I wish to whole-heartedly concur. Yes, this is probably the case--and yet there seems to me to be quite a few circumstances where the Romney camp can manipulate the outcome of Election 2012 as well as provide GOP interference to affect congressional races. And why should we think otherwise when they've made themselves perfectly clear by obstructionism and bald-faced statements and lies against Pres. Obama, for in their pride and arrogance they imagine themselves to be the only suitable residents of the White House! How tiresomely they brag.

Yet you know what they say: sometimes you just want to be wrong!

So with Election Day 2012 Mercury turning Rx on the exact day of the elections, the eventual results are certain to be in dispute or clouded by murky conditions (exs: computer 'glitches' or tamperings, robo-calls meant to confuse voters, etc) on into December, and may never be as clear as the American people would prefer and deserve them to be. It seems that our best chance to renounce neocon hawks is a grand turn-out for the President which will make election outcomes as perfectly clear as they can possibly spite of all the jackassian political tricks Washington underminers have to offer!