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May 29, 2020

The Far Right Wants To Turn Minnesota Into A War Zone - Thom Hartmann

May 29, 2020: Here's a segment from today's Thom Hartmann program concerning current protests and violence in Minneapolis, Minnesota:


Founding data for the city of Minneapolis: July 10, 1847 10:41 am CST (collector: Marc Penfield); Sun 17Cancer; Moon 26Gemini; Ascendant 28Virgo; MC 28Gemini; Jupiter 3Cancer. There's a heavyweight trio in 7th house of Mars 15Aries, Uranus 18Aries, and Pluto 26 Aries, a very Martian (testosterone!) affair. As a midpoint picture there are negative potentials--Mars-Pluto = Uranus: 'sudden disasters of great consequence; brutality; cruelty; violence' (Ebertin). What planet/s set off the trio if anything I don't know and it's too late to look right now. Maybe tomorrow.

But naturally you, dear reader, are encouraged to set up the horoscope if you wish. Leave a comment with this post if you do for I would be interested to learn what you find. Meanwhile, my prayers are with the families of a city under siege by paid provocateurs causing mayhem and let down by certain police officers who are not the protectors of the citizenry they're meant to be. jc

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