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Sep 24, 2020

The September 29, 2020 Biden-Trump Debate

A Brief Astro-Peek at the 2020 Biden-Trump Debate with Taurus Rising
by Jude Cowell
Today is September 23, 2020 and as it stands so far, the 2020 Debate Schedule is more or less set but may be subject to change due to any number of factors. Meanwhile, the first Biden-Trump Debate of 2020 will apparently occur; the following horoscope and details concern the cosmic weather of the evening, the hour, in that particular location:
Horoscope: Biden vs Trump Tuesday September 29, 2020 9:00 pm edt Cleveland, Ohio; note that the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Trump rises at exactly 9:07:16 pm edt followed by his natal 10th house Uranus @17Gemini; meanwhile, Biden's first planet to rise is his natal 7th house Uranus Rx @2Gemini; Trump, whose natal Apollo is @29Leo conjunct his natal Ascendant and royal Regulus, is in process of enjoying an Apollo Return. Will he shine?

Likely debate topics are available via NBC News.

Now besides the first natal planets to rise let's consider chart-ruler Venus, ruler of the Taurus Ascendant. Since Venus @26Leo43 conjuncts the debate's 5th cusp of Creativity and Risk-Taking and is on the verge of entering 4th house of Domestic Scene, her lack of applying aspects emphasizes sign and house position. However, a waning Venus-Mars trine suggests that cooperative work in partnerships has recently occurred (perhaps debate prep). But perhaps more importantly, this Venus conjuncts the natal Mars (rising) of Donald Trump which describes his extreme motivation for remaining in the White House where hand cuffs can't reach his wrists.
For Mr. Biden, this Venus traverses his natal 9th house and squares his natal Sun in Scorpio, plus, transit Venus will soon square Biden's natal Venus indicating discord or disagreement over principles and judgment; then comes the possibility of bad timing and/or delayed schedules with Venus square Venus.
Obviously, the US presidency is the goal of both candidates with US Inaugural Sun (00AQ+) conjunct debate Midheaven (00AQ+; 9:00 pm) for all to see. And by debate's end (10:30 pm as advertized) Mercury becomes chart ruler with 18Gem05 rising along with Trump's natal Gemini trio of Uranus, North Node, and Sun. Meanwhile, Mercury makes only one applying aspect at 10:30 pm, an ongoing opposition to erratic Uranus (@9Tau53 in the 12th house of Politics and Karma) so the willful expression of views, conflicts, quarrels, and turmoil will likely describe this debate's aura and its afterglow. Yet the opposition also suggests that the public's attention - especially that of young people - is distracted and many may not watch the entire proceedings. In that case, catching up by watching highlight videos of the debate may be their best or preferred bet.


Anonymous said...

seriously NBC news????

Jude Cowell said...

seriously Anonymous?

Jude Cowell said...

As for the public (audience) I neglected to add that the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces suggests mass publicity of course but can also indicate that strange influences may be on display including delusions about popular support for policies, some mention of scandals, a sense of bewilderment or vagueness may be shown, and/or the neglect of the protection or care of others turns up. Or all of the above.

Alternately, sentimentality could appear or be used to create an impression of compassion or sympathy although lack of empathy is closer to the truth. Well, this IS politics after all - so if a veneer of dreaminess (lack of reality) is evident the public will end up feeling very disappointed since we have real issues that need dealing with. jc

Heartfelt said...

The Chandra symbol for the debate Sun of 8 Libra is quite eye-opening: "LIBRA 8
A vast junkyard.
So many things have come to nothing. Such youthful promise gone awry. All because essentials were not heeded, the basics were denied. This gross neglect opens two doors, both of which beckon. The near door is a chute downward into ever more of the same. It somehow has an alluring feeling at the entrance. The far door is almost lost among the rubble and hardly looks like much. But those who walk through there begin slowly to turn everything around, to learn the most invaluable lessons from losing center, and even to regenerate into much better than new. From the vantage point of the Gods, those with the courage to go far wrong are the likeliest candidates for the greatest turnarounds. For when you have been to the discard pile, you can feel throughout your whole being the miracle of tapping the lost chord and awakening in the midst of the madness. "

Jude Cowell said...

TY Heartfelt! jc

zeebling said...

so that moon conjunct Neptune will be square trumps sun & moon ? Its a murkey moon & that Neptune will attract the devoted but are there really people sitting on the fence about who to vote for ? ..either way i think the moon Neptune also reflects everyones information bubbles ,like when you refer to people catching highlights ... fox highlights compared to CNN

Jude Cowell said...

Good points zeebling! Herr Spanky thinks he can con his way through tonight's debate, and continue pulling the wool over the eyes of the gullible. His Vagueness will certainly try. jc

K8 said...

Whelp, the vast junkyard as noted by Heartfelt surely came to fruition.