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Dec 23, 2020

Two Horoscopes: Another Starving Time for America?

December 23, 2020: Jamestown Colony Conditions vs America 2020/2021

Since millions more Americans have 'slid' into poverty this year through no fault of their own, I wonder if you've run across the 28-minute video Starved: Our Food Insecurity Crisis, a necessarily disturbing report by WQED Pittsbugh. And maybe you've noticed that America is in the midst of a three-fer Ceres Return with asteroid Ceres in Mundane Astrology representing food supplies, grains, corn, milk, infant formula, care and protection, families and mothers, and other nurturing concerns. (Plus, Ceres on SO'W also signifies democracy for obvious reasons).

And note that on July 4, 1776, Ceres @8Pis41 was joined by the plutocratic midpoint of exploitation, Pluto-Chiron. (See US Ceres Return Horoscope #3 of 3 which perfected on December 20, 2020.) Plutocrats in control! Which to me means that food and production shortages and supply chain interruptions are under their control as well along with the toxic additives lacing our foods and ruining the health of the American people for years: shown in part by 1776 Neptune in the health-related sign of Virgo. And as you see in the charts, below, 2020 Neptune Rx in contagious Pisces is lining up in opposition to 1609 Neptune and Mercury suggesting potentials for racial and religious persecution; fanaticism, deception, error, loss - conditions already in effect.

Now it's beyond the scope of this post, but the 1930s era of the Great Depression can be included on a list of 'starving times' in the US (soup kitchens then, food banks now) as well as other periods you may know of. Why, some folk might say America has never Not had times of starvation in our country with children going to bed hungry on many a tragic night through the generations. Sadly I must agree with that opinion. And I'm looking toward Pluto-Chiron plutocrats.

And so the following Autumn Equinox horoscopes are for examining the Starving Time in Jamestown Colony (Winter 1609 - 1610) and for our current crisis conditions at Autumn Equinox 2020 - and with a possible worsening on the way (see the chart's YOD pattern of crisis, turning points, special tasks, and karmic opportunity). So this post of a chart comparison is kind of a 'Starvation in America then and now' affair.

Even so, you may or may not see very many contacts between 1609 and 2020 planets although I'm curious to know what you do discover if you wish to leave an on-topic comment. A few of my study notes are penned on the charts such as: 1609 Saturn Rx @5AQ49 conjuncts what came to be America's natal South Node, a double Saturnian indication of loss and separation, and as you see, a karmic Saturn Return approaches the 1609 position on February 1, 2021 and this will repeat or reiterate the Saturn-SN potentials - if the 1609 horoscope holds any sway over current conditions at all. But there's yet another indicator: 1609 Saturn conjuncts Autumn SQ 2020's IC in Washington DC, and IC = the Basis of the Matter. Significant? You decide! Certainly astrological Saturn, planet of karma, Time, and old age is closely associated with restriction, loss, endings, separation, isolation, lack, concentration, and consolidation.

And so as you see, there's more 2020/2021 planetary action approaching 1609 Saturn from transit Jupiter (easing of burdens - for Trump?) and transit Pluto (the past becomes important to current events, seeking more political power, intolerance and fanaticism possible). Astrological Jupiter increases and expands while Pluto deepens and transforms. Your thoughts?

Wonder how the Horoscopes for the 1609 and 2020 Winter Solstices compare or contrast? For more of such information, one of us will want to set up the charts.

Now here's a forward-looking Horoscope of what will hopefully be better times: DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2021, a chart that's 'good-for' an entire year!

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