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Mar 26, 2021

Dear Republicans: What Did You Expect? Questions from Thom Hartmann

March 26, 2021: Policies and Political Ideologies Have Real World Consequences

Here are some pithy questions aimed at Republican voters from progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann.

And I'd also be interested to know, my Republican leaning friends: what did you expect?


zeebling said...

Even though i agree with everything he says , as astrologers & especially since surviving the trump era if we still think humans run on logic & care about policy then we haven't been paying attention ... I think the Moon is often running the show ..maybe its Neptune but logical Mercury seems void with many republicans & as anyone who has ever tried to argue with a trumpian realises , logic means nothing ... facts mean nothing to a trumpain otherwise they could never follow trump ... i know from experience every thing he mentioned there will mean nothing to a trump voter ... somehow we need to get beyond logic & win these lost souls back to the real world ..although i admit at present i'm not sure how .

Jude Cowell said...

zeebling TY! I must agree with you on Moon and Neptune running things from the realms of the collective unconscious, a human condition. And Thom's logic makes sense to those who have logical reasoning powers which is Not those whose emotions are being manipulated by bad faith actors such as the former guy. This is a tragic situation affecting a certain percentage of Americans that so far it seems no preparation by the Founders has been a match for. Not that the battle is over!

On SO'W there's a previous post - two, I think - concerning left brain/right brain perception which relates to the two-sided Great Seal of the US. (Propaganda that skips the thinking function goes directly to the emotional.) Tr*mp propaganda and mesmerizing tricks have worsened the tendency of some to pretend that only one side of the brain is necessary when both logic (mentality) and intuition (emotion) are needed for best results, for balanced results. Of course, Rs don't want balanced results, they want to rule it all Their Way. Add to this the fact that Ds have done an inefficient job through the years combatting the lies and absurd arguments of the right and far right.

And here we are. :( Jude