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Mar 12, 2021

Normal Celebrations by Independence Day 2021?

"America's Coming Back," says Joe Biden

March 12, 2021: Last evening, after President Biden gave his Covid Anniversary Address in which he offered "July 4, 2021" as the potential date and holiday by which Americans have a "good chance" of celebrating Independence Day in normal, safe fashion with the Covid pandemic under control, it seemed that a rewrite of my US Solar Return 2021 post might be informative in light of new events. Then I reread the post, considered the horoscope as notated, and realized that the SR 2021 chart's two YODs, both patterns containing potentials for karmic progress, and one suggesting "triumph," might not require a rewrite after all! And as you know, YODs often relate to health matters as these must surely do, plus, timing is involved for the apex planet, one of which is the Solar Return Sun (the leader).

Of course, We The People's cooperation by receiving vaccinations when available, continuing our mask wearing, handwashing, and social distancing must be kept up for such a stellar achievement as a safe Happy 4th of July celebration of freedom. And if such normalcy is accomplished, it will lend new meaning to our annual celebration, plus, sales of fireworks will sky rocket!

Of interest is the Ascendant in Washington DC last evening (8:00 pm est) as the President's address began: 14Lib24 bringing up America's natal Saturn, exalted in Libra (14:48). Rounding up to "15Libra" = "Circular Paths" which seems appropriate for a first annniversary coming round. As he spoke, President Biden's first natal planet to rise last evening in Washington DC? His Mars in Scorpio, sign of regeneration. Meanwhile, an entire breakdown and regeneration of American society is underway as transit Pluto returns to his 1776 degree, thus performing America's first-ever Pluto Return, exact three times in 2022.

So! Given that I'm side-effecting from a second Covid vaccination this week and not feeling my best, I will merely recommend the previous horoscopic effort to you, dear reader, for review if you wish but keeping a return to normalcy in mind and, as usual, inviting your on-topic observations via comment. jc

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