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Apr 6, 2021

US Mars Return: early April 2021

April 6, 2021: No matter which of multiple US Horoscopes I check, our US Mars Return (19 - 23 Gemini) occurs this very week. And with each Mars Return to natal degree perfecting within a day or two of one another, the same applying aspects in each horoscope are formed by Mars: square Neptune in Pisces, then trine Jupiter in Aquarius.

Of course, the first aspect echoes America's 1776 Mars-Neptune square which emphasizes its potentials and suggests our current pandemic conditions, among other things. According to Alan Oken, the energies within a Mars-Neptune square are "quite difficult to handle" and are often "self-destructive" as well as "cruel." Apparently "strange" impulses may be entertained and need controlling, and of course, if you've read SO'W before you may remember that I often give this square "misdirected or confused motivations" and "fog of war" labels.

Additionally, missed targets are suggested as well as a welcomed potential for inspired actions. Yet naturally when Neptune is involved so is the Collective Unconscious (the primary reason the square's energies are 'difficult to handle'); meanwhile, Oken gives the Mars-Neptune square the title, The Obessive Impulse." Plus, we know that US Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini can be restless, quarrelsome, ready for action, versatile, duplicitous, witty, sharply critical, and have a tendency to scatter its energies - and Mars is the planet of energy as our Mars Return begins a new two-year cycle of activity. So for the next two years (approximately), US natal Mars will carry the energies of the square to Neptune in Pisces (as opposed to our 1776 square to Neptune in Virgo, a Neptune-opposing-Neptune transit - a time of racial and religious persecution, and a generational clash of ideals vs ideals. Then to these difficulties we must add the Mars-Neptune tendency toward contagion and infection for we deal with them every day. Double Neptune influences with our national Mars suggests a deep need for prayer and/or meditation concerning our actions and motivations on a personal level as well as in government.

Then on a brighter note, we have the Mars-Jupiter trine suggesting a parallel period of improvement when risk-taking is likely to pay off and many areas of life receive favorable outcomes including the political, legal, and social realms. Even civil government can prosper under a Mars-Jupiter trine and most Americans are more than ready for major improvements as fortunate decisions are made by capable organizers. Yet propaganda remains a problem under Mars-Jupiter vibes even as successful solutions are found. Current sore-loser activities of a violent nature along with the tendency to blame the wrong culprits may be ascribed to Mars-Neptune blockages and frustrations of the square.

Therefore, this brand new US Mars Return period will contain a typical blend of positive and negative conditions and events and although it's necessary to add other planetary factors for a fuller view of the period, I hope this partial picture of Life in America over the next two years may be of some use to you, dear reader, as you plan ahead.

Above Image: a View of Mars from Hubble; NASA

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