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Jul 16, 2021

Horoscopes: July 27 First 1/6 Hearing with Mob Attack

by Jude Cowell

Below is a bi-wheel with the January 6, 2021 'Trump Mob Attack' Horoscope (set for 1:00 pm est) in center (ASC 15Tau54) surrounded by the 9:30 am edt Horoscope of what apparently is scheduled as the First Hearing of the Select Committee to investigate the 1/6 Mob Attack upon the US Congress and Capitol Building in a coup attempt to "stop the steal," as Tr*mp has called what became his fondest dream. As you know, the orange instigator really enjoyed watching the mayhem on TV in real time, as Leonigg and Rucker are reporting in their new book, I Alone Can Fix It. #ad

Meanwhile, at the top of the horoscopes below are listed two of the primary ongoing planetary influences that undergird current events: transit Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo with its 'persecution' implications (racial and religious), and the touchy, even violent Saturn-Uranus square timing a period when established laws are challenged and authority is resisted by the more rebellious types among the population.

Now as you see, a decided Mercury-Pluto (surveillance; intense communications) influence was in effect near the 1/6 Goal Point ('MC') along with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in January. But since then, Jupiter has moved into Pisces, turned Rx, and with his great financial, political, and religious bulk, is opposing off and on the natal Mars of Herr Tr*mp, a total of three times all through 2021 with exact oppositions on April 20th, August 23rd, and December 10th. And with planet Mars (his @26Leo46 conjunct natal Ascendant and royal star Regulus) being the planet of energy, action, and motivation, having expansive Jupiter, planet of good fortune, opposing 'Mr. Testosterone' denotes a frustrating period of potentials for others to block his objectives, for legal actions to prevent or interfere with his plans, for his perspective to be way overblown (as usual!), for his success to be threatened and for him to threaten others, and for his current dreams and plans to collapse under their own weight.

As for the July 27th First Hearing Horoscope, testifying Mercury is chart-ruler (ASC 14Vir37: highlighted in green, 5th house of Risk-Taking) and also rules the Midheaven ('MC': The Goal) @12Gem24 conjunct transit Midas (in 1st house - is this Tr*mp?). However, Mercury makes no applying apsects in the Hearing chart so I'm not expecting much of an outcome but of course, this is only the first hearing to give police officers a chance to testify on what they experienced that shame-filled day.

Also affecting direction is the Nodal Axis which conjuncts Aldebaran ('success through integrity') with warring Antares at the separative South Node. As you see, the North Node in January pointed toward the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse (@19Gem47) in the 5 North Saros Series with its themes of 'visions, prophetic dreams, hunches, and insights from the Unconscious' (B. Brady). As I mentioned, Tr*mp's fondest dream - is to grasp the reins of power and control once again.

Well, we know that the former guy is certainly prone to visions and lives in a fantasy world (with the support of his Mercury-Neptune square) so my guess is that 5 North themes have only added fuel to his tendency for not dealing with the reality of losing the 2020 Election.

Now as usual, a bunch of my notes are squished onto the chart/s so hopefully, those who wish to can enlarge the image and read them. And as always, your on-topic observations will be much appreciated (with your name attached) so I'll leave the bi-wheel with you for now, dear reader, and perhaps more notes on this topic will be added over the weekend or next week before the House's 1/6 Select Committee meets on Tuesday July 27th. Or even afterwards. jc

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