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Jul 14, 2021

July 23, 2021 brings the Biden Presidency's first un-birthday!

July 14, 2021: On May 31, 2021 a post with dual DC Horoscopes was published here as DC Horoscopes: July 2021 Lunations showing the just-past New Moon of July 9th (18Can01) and the upcoming Full Moon of Friday July 23rd @00Leo26 which perfects at 10:36:45 pm edt.

Well! As the Cosmos would have it, July 23rd at 7:54:45 am edt happens to be the precise "un-birthday" moment of President Biden's Inauguration, aka, his Oath of Office taken on January 20, 2021. We all have them 6 months after our birthdays and if we apply its symbolic meaning to the Biden presidency we find that it times a brief period, perhaps only for a day, when one's course for the year should be reassessed and changes of direction made if necessary. Obviously, this 6-month period lasts until approximately January 20, 2022 - or actually until the exact moment of his presidency's Solar Return 2022.

So it may be interesting to see if around July 23rd and perhaps until the rest of July, any hint of such resconsideration or review is mentioned publicly by the President or by anyone in his administration such as Jen Psaki. Of course, they could prefer to keep such deliberations secret!

So astrologers may wish, if they haven't, to set up the July 23, 2021 un-birthday chart to use as a transit chart for commparison with the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope. If so, please feel free to let me know what you find by leaving an on-topic comment with this post. Thanks! jc

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