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Jul 20, 2021

Republican McCarthy Announces his Select Committee Picks

Tuesday July 20, 2021: Yesterday House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's picks for the Select Committee hearing detailed as Republicans Jim Banks (IN), Jim "You f-- did this" Jordan (OH), former local sheriff Troy Nehls (TX), Kelly Armstrong (ND), and Rodney Davis (IL). Of these, only Reps Armstrong and Davis voted to certify the Electoral College votes on January 6th as was their duty. (Which doesn't necessarily mean that they weren't all onboard or complicit with the former guy's 1/6 coup attempt.)

As previously noted here on Stars Over Washington, the first hearing of the Select Committee (one of those 'Jim Jordan clown shows'? Banks hopes to deflect as much blame as possible onto the Democrats!) is scheduled for Tuesday July 27th 9:30 am edt. Here's a bi-wheel of the 9:30 am edt hearing for those readers with cosmic concerns. The July 27th chart is snugged around a horoscope of the 1/6 'Trump Mob Attack'.

And with the hearing's Pisces Moon conjunct 1/6's Neptune (a planetary combo I've noticed turning up in various charts relating to the Republican Party in recent years), the hearing may spotlight the difficulty in 'separating fiction from reality' which is a common theme today, as you know, that's often exploited by bad faith politicians and their enablers. 'Delusions about the level of popular support for policies' is another potential of Moon-Neptune and although I personally would ascribe this tendency to the fascist-leaning Republicans and their learless feader, a Moon-Neptune influence is more general than specific and lends an unconscious quality of illusion and delusion to the proceedings, so perhaps some information will rise up from The Collective Unconscious. Yet the duo also can indicate "leadership which heeds the opinions and emotional climate of its constituents" (M. Munkasey) so it will be interesting to see if its dreamy influence shows up on July 27th to vanquish or at least muddy every spotlight on fact and truth that may be cast upon regressive Republican radicals and secessionsists.

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