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Oct 13, 2021

American Revolution's Progressed New Moon July 2022

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday October 13, 2021: Now you've probably seen the Horoscope of the American Revolution of 1775 previously but here it is with a few modern-day cosmic happenings notated:

First, the 1775 Horoscope will symbolically progress ('SP' = Secondary Progressions) or evolve to an SP New Moon @00Cap41, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation and Global Events, on July 8, 2022 (7:24:56 am Lexington, MA: SP Ascendant 27Sco29; SP MC 12Vir53). Simultaneously, the 1775 Mars-Pluto inconjunct (see lower right corner) will have progressed to a closely applying conjunction in the SP New Moon Horoscope - a Mars-Pluto conjunction in the governmental sign of Capricorn which happens to conjunct 1775 Pluto @26Cap41 (10th house in 1775). So upper right, you see penned some of the indications of 'Mars-Pluto with more Pluto' = "obsessed with vengeance against those who impede you; debased standards of living" (M. Munkasey)."

Now warrior planet Mars (@26Leo13 the 5th house of risk-taking) is chart-ruler (ASC 21Ari49) (the applying aspects of Mars are listed, lower left corner = 'how things proceed'), and in 1st house the Sun @29Ari06 rises (conjunct Demeter!). Then if you look on the left side of the chart you see highlighted in red, a note that the 1775 Sun will be eclipsed on April 20, 2023 by a 7 North Solar Eclipse @29Ari50 - and 7 North is the same Saros Series that the Fascism Rising Eclipse of 1933 fell into so 7 North themes of 'lust and deep passion long-hidden' (B. Brady) will again run in the background of society. Of course, other planetary positions differ between 1933 and 2023 but the cosmic influence is there. And perhaps we should note the Prenatal eclipse of the American Revolution, the Total 11 South Eclipse @11Pis11 (notated in 12th house, highlighted in red). To paraphrase 11 South Themes (which will repeat in 2027 @10Leo!): 'old methods or ideas fail, new systems and sudden reforms are needed to deal with events and handle issues; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.'

Curiously, the Sabian Symbol of the rounded-up degree of the American Revolution Sun and of the 2023 7 North Eclipse Sun" "30Aries": "A Duck Pond and Its Brood." And significantly, the Mob Attack's Mars on January 6th (2021) conjoined this very degree. So it's no wonder the 1/6 mob attack is being called an "armed insurrection". Or at least, by realists it is - including those of us who watched the events unfold in real time on our TV screens - right before our eyes.

Meanwhile, you may notice that the positions of 1775 Mars and royal star Regulus conjunct the Mars-Regulus conjunction of a certain orange-faced demagogue who shall remain nameless in this post. Perhaps you agree that the less typed and said about the instigator, the better.

So in closing, I won't bore you, dear reader, with more chart details and cosmic links yet perhaps you'll discover them for yourself if curious. And I realize that my multiple warnings concerning the 7 North Eclipse repeating in 2023 are tiresome for regular readers but for those of us who wish to keep America around a few years longer, this is serious business worth repeating. So feel free to pass along this post if you know anyone who might be interested in seeing in black-and-white a reflection of cosmic events affecting soon-to-come earthly political and social shifts before it's too late to avert disaster. Please. jc

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