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Nov 18, 2022

Deja-Vu: Trump's Prez Bid for 2024

Transit Mars in Gemini Spurs Another Prez Bid (ad nauseum) for Tr*mp

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've read The Daily Beast's article, The Devious Reason Donald Trump Announced His 2024 Run Now. As Astrology makes plain, timing is everything and Herr T is attempting to be strategic as he often does, spurred by a constant quest for wealth, and with a desperate desire not to die in prison.

So my primary points with this morning's post are:

1. transit Mars Rx, hot and perigee in Mercury-ruled Gemini is aggravating the orange albatross' 10th house trio (Uranus-NN-Sun) while opposing his natal Sagittarian Moon conjunct South Node (enraged and motivated by a desire to exact vengeance on his enemies = most of humanity) so unforced mistakes will be made. One such is that his support is not as bolstering as he thinks it is.

2. His prez bid announcement for 2024 on the evening of November 15, 2022 (a diversion from the Mike Pence book launch earlier that day) shows Mars almost exactly conjunct the testy planet's position in the 2015 New Moon prez bid announcement horoscope when the dictator-wanne-be made his escalator descent to speak before a paid audience and tout his racist intentions. Basically, his 2024 bid is a Mars Return which he hopes will kickstart America into another descent into the death cult fantasy world of a very sick man looking for life-saving escape hatches.

But for today, let's look ahead, not behind, for a view of the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024 @9Sco35. This lunar synchronicity should function as a heads-up for pro-democracy voters because, even if Tr*mp himself isn't running in the 2024 race, the Election 2024 Scorpio Moon amounts to a Moon Return (his voters) to the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope - and that's the deja-vu that Herr T so desperately wants to replay in order to further his quest for gold, renown, and vengeance.

So have a look: for as always, your on-topic comments and insights are much appreciated!

Also see Mars to Trump's Prez Bid New Moon, a post from October 17th showing horoscopes.

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