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Nov 18, 2022

Deja-Vu: Trump's Prez Bid for 2024

Transit Mars in Gemini Spurs Another Prez Bid (ad nauseum) for Tr*mp

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've read The Daily Beast's article, The Devious Reason Donald Trump Announced His 2024 Run Now. As Astrology makes plain, timing is everything and Herr T is attempting to be strategic as he often does, spurred by a constant quest for wealth, and with a desperate desire not to die in prison.

So my primary points with this morning's post are:

1. transit Mars Rx, hot and perigee in Mercury-ruled Gemini is aggravating the orange albatross' 10th house trio (Uranus-NN-Sun) while opposing his natal Sagittarian Moon conjunct South Node (enraged and motivated by a desire to exact vengeance on his enemies = most of humanity) so unforced mistakes will be made. One such is that his support is not as bolstering as he thinks it is.

2. His prez bid announcement for 2024 on the evening of November 15, 2022 (a diversion from the Mike Pence book launch earlier that day) shows Mars almost exactly conjunct the testy planet's position in the 2015 New Moon prez bid announcement horoscope when the dictator-wanne-be made his escalator descent to speak before a paid audience and tout his racist intentions. Basically, his 2024 bid is a Mars Return which he hopes will kickstart America into another descent into the death cult fantasy world of a very sick man looking for life-saving escape hatches.

But for today, let's look ahead, not behind, for a view of the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024 @9Sco35. This lunar synchronicity should function as a heads-up for pro-democracy voters because, even if Tr*mp himself isn't running in the 2024 race, the Election 2024 Scorpio Moon amounts to a Moon Return (his voters) to the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope - and that's the deja-vu that Herr T so desperately wants to replay in order to further his quest for gold, renown, and vengeance.

So have a look: for as always, your on-topic comments and insights are much appreciated!

Also see Mars to Trump's Prez Bid New Moon, a post from October 17th showing horoscopes.

Sep 25, 2020

Trump Regime identified by Mars-Uranus since 2017

September 25, 2020: From the first Solar Eclipse of the Trump "administration" which occurred at 8Pisces12 on February 26, 2017 in the 19 South Saros Series, Trump and his comrades have identified and been identified with the violent, explosive, reactionary energies of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction which perfected @22Aries00 on that very day. The Solar Eclipse manifested at 9:58:19 am est on February 26, 2017, as you see in the eclipse horoscope shown below, and the Mars-Uranus Conjunction became exact at 7:19:20 pm that evening with 25Gem15 at Midheaven (the Goal Point) which is the degree of Trump's 2015 "Prez Bid" New Moon. Now you know that many political pundits have said that Trump was 'surprised' he won in 2016. Me? I'm no pundit but I'm not so certain considering all the help his nibs received from foreign saboteurs (see 9th house Pluto @18Capricorn and the wealthy manipulator's conjunction with 1993's Uranus-Neptune Conjunction degree = "the big picture must be followed--," lower left.)

The timing so soon after Inauguration 2017 imprints 19 South eclipse energies upon the "presidency" of Donald Trump through 19 South's primary theme of "a lucky win" or "break", plus, "a joyous event" (Brady). And along with these cosmic factors comes the Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries. This post is inspired by the fact that another Mars-Uranus Conjunction occurs on Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 and it rises into the 12th house of Politics and Karma at noon, the hour that Trump's first term officially ends, as you know.

So perhaps we can agree that it would be suitable that freeloader Trump's White House residency began with Mars-Uranus in Aries and could end with Mars-Uranus in Taurus!

As for planetary conjunctions, you know that they begin a new cycle of the planetary energies involved and share 'new moon' status in the form of the seeding of new plans. Here, the reactionary plans for action and turmoil of Trump and comrades are identified since the early days of his regime and we may expect that an increase or peak of such violent energies will occur at or around the time of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction of January 20, 2021. Synchronistically, the 2021 conjunction perfects near the public's Inaugural Moon (00Tau55) which happens to be the position of the natal Moon of Joe Biden (00Tau59). Can this trio portend Mars-Uranus style violence toward (or by!) Mr. Biden? On some level, perhaps, and yet Mars-Uranus = Moon also shows high ambition and a 'desire to achieve something very big' (Ebertin).

Sounds good to me! Because the fighting spirit of the US military (Mars-Uranus) may join Mr. Biden and a majority of the American people by ejecting certain miscreants and saboteurs from the White House - whether the saboteurs like it or not.

So see what you think of the Trump regime's first Solar Eclipse in shady Pisces with deceptive Neptune nearby. As always, your on-topic comments and insights are welcome and appreciated but please note my new rule for SO'W: like unsolicited advertisements, No Comments by "Anonymous" readers will ever again be published.

And yes, I agree that too many study notes are squished upon the chart but I hope that those who wish to can and will read them!

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 @8Pis12 in the 19 South Saros Series:

Two Related Posts: Historical Horoscope of the Confederate Constitution of 1861, created as a reaction to the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln; post contains a link to the relic's text as provided by the Avalon Project, and The First Lunation of 2021: a Capricorn New Moon.

Aug 13, 2020

Trump's 'Prez Bid' Solar Eclipse 17 South conj Scheat

August 13, 2020: Below is another look at the Horoscope of the 17 South Summer Solstice 2015 Solar Eclipse which was Trump's 'Prez Bid' Prenatal Eclipse ('PE'). To me it remains informative in light of Trumpian actions since January 20, 2017 when, in his inaugural address, he forecasted "American Carnage" as we now see via events described by cosmic factors such as the difficult fixed star activated by the 17 South eclipse on that day: Scheat.

Considering the Scheat-ish conditions and catastrophes we're experiencing during Trump's first term playing POTUS (as if the presidency is merely a reality show - in a sense it is but he's not the 'great' thespian he pretends to be!), major warnings would have been possible had we only known on the morning that he and Melania descended upon the Trump Tower escalator in NYC to the paid audience of acting extras below. Some astrologers warned about him as did NY residents who knew him and his crooked ways all to well but monied powers were determined to shove him into the White House to 'lead' the sabotage of America.

So in the 2015 eclipse horoscope, below, you see the position of his 'Prez Bid' New Moon (25Gem07) in the 4th house highlighted in an appropriate shade of orange and conjunct the discovery degree of erratic planet of chaos, Uranus (March 13, 1781 NS), and near enough to Trump's natal 10th house Gemini trio of Sun-North-Node-Uranus for him to grasp and use as his 'new cycle of activity/seeding plans' timer:

Now as you know, fixed stars work through eclipses and their potentials can be activated by eclipses. Of course, other planetary factors affect outcomes as well but considering the course of things since Trump coup'd the White House, we've seen him gleefully set about hollowing out the US government, mismanaging a major health crisis, and causing mayhem as he followed the script set for him (along with acting on his rash Uranian notions), deceiving, and insulting and undermining anyone who disagrees with him. Therefore, I must assert that star of misfortune Scheat was been activated at Summer Solstice 2015 and is still holding sway in America, if not across the entire globe.

(Beta Pegasus) Scheat @29Pis34, a critical-crisis 29th degree (conjunct the Aries Point of global events): "unlucky; murder; suicide; drowning; being condemned to death or imprisonment; malevolence of sublime scope; suffering; extreme misfortune" (A. Louis).

Other sources: "if you can successfully navigate the mortal accident that awaits you, Scheat offers a great flow of mental creativity; love of intellect, independent thinking, the challenge of logic" (Brady); "turbulence, unpredictable nature, losing and gaining friends rapidly, and being inclined to fantasize" (Rigor).

Plus, let's add three sympatico natal factors to this tragically malevolent cosmic picture starting with Trump's natal midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto (in his natal 12th house; Mars-Saturn is the 'death axis') which we've discussed in multiple SO'W posts: "brutality, the rage or fury of destruction. Intervening of a higher power, bodily injury or harm (murder, death of many people)" (Ebertin).

Meanwhile, here's one rather simple factor: Trump's natal Mars rising opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius - We The People. So although he often uses the tactic of projection and engages in childish name-calling, he is the one who is the enemy of the people. And yes, Mars vs Moon is yet another indication of his rage, fury, aggression, and combativeness - targeting the American people.

And another indication? How about Trump's natal Midheaven @24Tau18 with 'nasty' star Algol twinkling upon the Goal Point ('MC') of his chart? As you know, destructive Algol of Medusa fame screams with rage and so does tyrant Trump! And apparently Algol and Medusa inspire his multiple uses of the word "nasty" to describe any woman (Medusa!) who questions him too closely or gives him a difficult time in any way. His fragile ego hates being what he perceives as emasculated so do you think perhaps his mother once played the Medusa role in his life? Well, he does have deep problems with 'blood streaming from feminine eyes'!

Now in closing, let's add a disturbing yet appropriate cosmic factor that I've mentioned in previous posts: that in Chinese Astrology, Algol's most tragic potential is 'piled up corpses', a current condition that many Americans may now correctly attribute to the actions and the malign neglect of the malevolent Donald Trump and his hand maidens in the Republican Party.

Aug 4, 2020

What Damage Will Trump Unleash Before November? - Thom Hartmann

August 4, 2020: Here's a segment from the August 3rd Thom Hartmann broadcast asking a very disturbing question that spotlights how un-American, outrageous, and psychotically divorced from reality the entire Trump regime really is and how desperate to avoid losing his position:

May 20, 2017

May 25, 2017 Gemini New Moon: Trump on a Pilgrimage

Horoscope: Thursday May 25, 2017 New Moon @4Gem46 3:44:24 pm edt Washington DC; Hour of Mars (out-of-bounds); chart-ruler Venus @19Ari14, the diplomat, in 7th house of Alliances and Open Enemies applies twice: 1. trine Saturn Rx in 3rd house = long-lasting alliances may be formed based on mutual commitments and goals; someone's accomplishments are favored or rewarded; 2. conjunct Uranus @26Ari42 in 7th house = unorthodox or non-traditional alliances are formed, group organizations are favored unless negative factors interfere.

Please enlarge the chart for details that are not discussed in this text.

While the Cat's Away

As you know, Mr. Trump left the US on Friday May 19, 2017 for a 9-day tour overseas, or as this New Moon's 'YOD' pattern suggests he left "on a pilgrimage" via apex Jupiter Rx in Libra (his natal Jupiter @17Lib27 at Direct Station and the third conjunction in his three-fer Jupiter Return 2016/2017 due on August 4th) --see lower left for my notes; Jupiter apex in a YOD pattern (special task; crossroads; turning point; crisis if mishandled--the New Moon Jupiter as the handle of a Bucket describes an important direction of interest and links the two hemispheres of the chart). Since he's visiting Saudi Arabia (Islam) and dares to make a speech on their religion (God help us), checks out Israel in his superficial way, and, as US presidents do, bows to the Pope in the Vatican, a religious 'pilgrimage' seems a totally appropriate way to describe this perspective-broadening voyage.

Gemini is the sign of travel (especially air travel) and boundary-ignoring Jupiter does love to travel and expand his influence--here, in Airy Libra, sign of Diplomacy.

Plus, on another level, astrological Jupiter may also represent priests and gurus, so there's that. A bunch of bigwig Jupiterians face to face with shared goals in mind--what could possibly go wrong? Maybe Mr. Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square might cause trouble for his square is echoed at the base of this YOD by a Mercury-Neptune sextile of opportunity. But for him (and thus for America) the beneficial influence of the sextile with its curiosity and communication skill can be hampered by Trump's square with its misconceptions, fantasies, and his personal version of the truth.

Actually, we've previously discussed the May 25th New Moon which perfects as the unpredictable Mr. Trump, political and diplomatic amateur, makes an appearance at the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium where he will expect to be the most famous person in the room.

Also see As Italy Prepares for the G7 Summit, It's Trump vs the Volcano and What to Expect from Trump's First Overseas Trip.

What a tour for his nibs! Full of so many chances for the bristling Mr. Trump's exhausting Uranian quirkiness and misspeaks that can so easily complicate an already complicated and sensitive world.

Astro-Note: The New Moon of May 25, 2017 perfects at 9:44 pm CEDT in Brussels, Belgium; ASC 6Sag58; MC 4Lib22; New Moon in 6th house; Saturn Rx rising in 1st house, and Bucket handle Jupiter Rx in the 10th house of Public Status and as chart-ruler, Jupiter has no application but stands alone; the difficult Mars-Saturn opposition lies across the 1/7 axis of Partnerships and Alliances in Brussels suggesting unstable stop-go, off-again-on-again level of energy.


For putting Donald Trump's political rise and parade of scandals in a broader context neither of us can do better than Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease by Chris Hedges.

Apr 20, 2017

Seeding at NATO Summit May 2017: Trump to Attend

Earlier during his White House tenure it was announced that Donald Trump would attend this year's NATO summit on May 25th in Brussels, Belgium. The summit is scheduled for May 24th to 25th so let's check the cosmic atmosphere of the 2017 summit via Moon and Sun, shall we?

The method I prefer when there are multiple dates to consider is to begin at 12:00 am Local Time for the date and location, then use an end time of 11:59 pm on the final date and location. This covers any possible after-event schmoozing by various attendees or perhaps late-night behind the scenes deals. In the case of NATO summit 2017, the Sun is in Mercury-ruled Gemini, good for communications, agreements, negotiations, compacts, news, and other messages, and the Moon is in Taurus on May 24th, then shifts into Gemini, forming a New Moon @4Gem46 as she floats. This denotes a time when seeds are planted for future harvest. In Brussels, the New Moon perfects at 9:44:24 pm CEDT and the political duo of Mercury and Mars will also be in Gemini.

New Moon May 2017: "5 Gemini" = "A Radical Magazine Displays a Sensational Front Page."

So we know that this year's summit will be held during a Dark of the Moon period (3 days prior to a New Moon) when shady dealings are done and are (they hope) kept hidden in shadows from public view, at least until plans can be implemented. Of course, in Mundane Astrology, the Moon signifies publicity, public relations, and the public itself. However, a Gemini Moon tends to be chatty and suggests ups and downs (moodiness that may include despondency) so we'll see how close to the vest the meetings' details are kept or leaked. After all, radical magazines must have sensational front pages! No word on whether attendees should bring along their consciences over the results of actions taken. As with all 'global elite' meetings, my feeling is that they are advised to leave consciences at home, if they possess any.

And since Mr. Trump is a Sun Gemini with North Node and Uranus in Gemini he should feel quite within his Mercurial element with the Gemini New Moon and the darkened secretiveness of the proceedings particularly now that he has repudiated his own previous critique of NATO as being "obsolete" and not paying their fair share (his Stationary Direct Jupiter in Libra in natal 2nd house of Money and Values talking: "that's not fair!"). And perhaps you remember that Mr. Trump announced his presidential campaign in June 2015 under the influence of a Mercurial Gemini New Moon!

For general details on the May 25, 2017 New Moon (chart set for Washington DC) here's a previous post on the topic of May 2017 Lunations which includes mention of our US Mars Return (22Gemini) on May 22, 2017--made more significant since the Trump administration is triggering a new War on (of) Terror, a new Cold War, a new phase of the War of Drugs, more bombing in the Middle East, and other Martian activities of the warrior planet in duplicitous Gemini. ('Can America fight two wars at once?' US Mars in Gemini, says, Yes! Even though a debilitated US Mars turned retrograde by progression in 2006.)

Cosmic Atmosphere for May 24 and 25, 2017

May 24, 2017 Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus, an Air-Earth blend of the rational, objective, and practical idealist. This combination of energies suggests an entrepreneurial spirit (such as that possessed by you-know-who) and a desire to pursue bright ideas. Turning ideas into reality is its specialty and factual evaluations are a must. However, a certain midpoint picture in effect during the summit gives pause on that score: Mercury-Pluto = Neptune (which now veils US Progressed Sun in Pisces = POTUS) which hints at such potentials as inefficient research, falsified data or documents, the use of deception, and/or the concealment of information in that 'knowledge is power' kind of way.

Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus is the natal blend of spy and author Ian Fleming and of railway tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt whose revealing quote informs us that, "What do I care about the law? Hain't I got the power?" Such an attitude some might apply to Mr. Trump as well and, born with an indiscreet, fact-distorting Mercury-Neptune square of misguided perceptions, he may turn out to be one source of leaks from the 2017 summit!

May 25, 2017 Sun Gemini-Moon Gemini, a double Air combination of a childlike yet natural communicator full of ideas and political schemes. Archetypes of this blend include the juggler, actor, thinker, planner, circus trapeze artist, and mimic. Mercurial to its toes and often charming, emotions are not its strong suit nor is looking under surfaces where darker motives reside. Still, this blend loves to meet new people who can be thrilled at its performances. We can expect that the Gemini Mr. Trump (if he actually does attend on May 25th) will be cheery and charming at the summit as long as he's the most famous person in the room. If he isn't most famous, he and his traveling Sagittarian Moon will not attend.

Sun Gemini-Moon Gemini is the natal blend of Britain's Queen Victoria and of actor John Barrymore who brings insight concerning this blend with, "One of my chief regrets during my years in the theater is that I couldn't sit in the audience and watch me."

Can we assume that the narcissistic Mr. Trump, as he plays the role of US president, could well profess the same self-awareness?

Related: NATO and the Stationary Jupiter of Mr. Trump (includes link to NATO's foundation chart of 1949).

Apr 17, 2017

DC Horoscopes: May 2017 Lunations (US Mars Return)

Here are the horoscopes for the 'Flower' Full Moon of May 10, 2017 @20Sco24 and New Moon of May 25, 2017 @4Gem46 set for Washington DC; if you wish, please enlarge for better reading of my scribbled study notes:

As you see, Venus rules both charts via Libra rising. At the May 10th Full Moon (lower left on the dual chart), Venus applies only once: an opposition to Jupiter Rx denoting a period of extravagance, overindulgence, empty posturing, and gaudiness, plus, diplomatic gestures that are likely to fail. Jupiter again is the lead of a Locomotive shape in his many guises as the General, the CEO, the guru or priest, the broadcaster (or tweeter?), the thespian, the banker or financier...the list is varied with expansive Jupiter (which turns Direct on June 9th @13Lib12).

Venus @7Ari11 in 6th house of Military, Police, Civil Service, Work, Health, and Daily Rounds) also rules the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Shared Resources, the Occult, and Transformation (including Death) so all, any, or none of these areas may be affected including the 2nd house of the National Treasury with the Full Moon @20Sco24 posited there and denoting fluctuations and changes in resources and valuations. Of course, the Taurus-Scorpio axis includes financial issues all on its own and a Full Moon relates to a culmination or fulfillment of some kind--certainly an awareness or the typical uncovering that the spotlight of a Full Moon can bring. For as you know, lunations may act like eclipses and planet Uranus--revealing secrets and hidden matters no matter how inconvenient. In addition, this Full Moon chart shows the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition on the MC-IC axis which suggests our usual surveillance concerns, spying, leaks, hacks, revelations, and other events.

Tulipa May Time Under Full Moon, a drawing by Jude Cowell (c) 2017+

New Moon @4Gemini46 May 25, 2017

Then three days after America's 2017 Mars Return (21Gem22; May 22nd) on May 25th comes a New Moon with the three days leading up to the lunation the 'dark of the Moon' phase when things tend to go bump in the night, or at least, in the shadows. In DC this New Moon falls at the end of the 8th house suggesting a new cycle of activity in 8th house matters (listed, above). The New Moon's Sabian Symbol is penned upon the chart (upper right) and its word picture ("A Radical Magazine...") seems to hint at certain publications such as Breitbart with sensationalism in the lunar mix (Moon = publicity, the public, public relations) especially since Moon-ruled Cancer is on the MC and rules the 10th house of Public Reputation in both charts), or perhaps pulp publications such as The Enquirer are spotlighted. The question is: what will be the 'radical' topic?

Now in the New Moon horoscope, chart ruler Venus applies in major aspect twice: 1. trine status quo Saturn Rx (@25Sag58 in 3rd house of Communications, Short Journeys, and Primary Education); and 2. conjunct Uranus, America's planet of war, and of Utopian visions, chaos, and disruption. Note that quirky Uranus is also the predictably unpredictable Mr. Trump's oriental planet.

1. Venus trine Saturn denotes a period of success in such realms as legal matters, diplomacy, and alliances; promotions that provide greater authority may be the reward along with improvement in relationships with those who are more mature and responsible. 2. Venus conjunct Uranus indicates the forming of unusual or non-traditional partnerships via unique methods that are employed for the achievement of common goals--though separations may also occur. Plus, with Venus-Uranus contacts, wasteful or eccentric spending habits cannot be ruled out which supports the extravagance shown by Venus in the May 10th Full Moon horoscope. One can't help but think of Melania Trump, her husband, or both.

Yes, money planet Venus in adventurous Aries loves change and variety but hopefully the extravagant Mr. Trump's expensive vacation habits, Melania's and Donald's out-of-DC security expenses, and the Trump administration's bombing excursions won't plunk America and our National Treasury into the alms house of debtor nations before we can 'get a grip'. And yet it isn't as if the American people can depend upon our dysfunctional and highly partisan Congress to reign in excessive spending by a Republican president, now can we?

Unless 2017's US Mars Return on May 22nd, which indicates limits to activities and adventurism via transit Saturn's off-and-on opposition to our nation's warring Mars, denotes the traditional mission of congressional fiscal oversight!

Apr 10, 2016

The 7 Keys to Donald Trump's Success - video, plus, Mercury

Thom Hartmann and Richard Greene discuss 2016 candidate Donald Trump's 'secret of success' (communication) which seems very appropriate since the morning of Trump's presidential bid announcement (June 16, 2015) was a day of a New Moon in communicating Gemini and a new cycle of activity began for him. Plus, with his natal Sun (ego; purpose) and North Node (public contact) in Gemini, often a sign of superficiality, duplicity, and dualism, Mr. Trump has described himself as a messenger, as is fleet-footed Mercury, ruler of Gemini:


For more news, interviews, and broadcasts visit Thom Hartmann's website.

Previous posts concerning Donald Trump: Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump which does not answer the question: did she know she was marrying a Drumpf? Here is the natal horoscope of Donald Trump and a few notes on the Gemini New Moon which is imprinted upon his candidacy. Perhaps the Trump campaign will end in July at RNC 2016 under the light of the Capricorn Full Moon conjoining US natal Pluto--end as nominee or not, in one way or another.

Jan 5, 2016

Donald Trump's 2016 Campaign New Moon June 16, 2015

Brief Astro-Notes on the 2016 Candidacy of Donald Trump

by Jude Cowell

2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump announced his bid for nomination from Trump Towers, New York City on the morning of June 16, 2015 under the auspices and influence of a New Moon in Gemini (25:07), the communicative sign of announcements, messages, voting, voters, and fluctuations. Perfecting in conjunction with Mars in Gemini, a New Moon phase is as always indicative of a new cycle of activity. Having warrior planet Mars nearby, Mr. Trump's rising planet in his natal chart, seems appropriate as we look back over his candidacy so far with his 'hit back if provoked' stance. And yet that is what his natal chart cautions against with royal Regulus rising along with his Mars in proud, egoistic Leo: success if revenge is avoided. His candidacy has shaken up the Republican establishment, as you know--quarreling Mars the activist stirring things up!

Of course, avoiding vengeance against opponents is a tall order with testy Mars in the royal mix! And it isn't that success won't occur (he's proven that many times over in real estate and on TV) but if revenge is resorted to, one will ultimately lose all that has been gained. Wonder why I have the feeling that the horse of vengeance left Mr. Trump's barn of success long long ago?

Related: a horoscope of the July 2016 RNC Full Moon in Capricorn which conjoins US natal Pluto and hints at a brokered convention, which would be another disruptive Mars occurrence for the Republican hierarchy.