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Mar 8, 2023

Saturn in Pisces hits US 12 South Eclipse

An abundance of astro-notes are penned upon the following bi-wheel of America's Prenatal Solar Eclipse @00Pis33 which manifested on February 19, 1776 within the 12 South Saros Series (inner), and the moment that transit Saturn @00Pis33 (outer) 'hits' the 1776 Eclipse degree, both Saturn and Sun-Moon with the rounded-up degree's Sabian Symbol of "A Public Market":

"1 Pisces": "A Public Market"; "Keyword = COMMERCE; positive expression: an exceptional capacity for organizing the converging and conflicting interests of many people in practical arrangements of mutual benefit; negative" (shadow side; unconscious - jc) "expression: complete insensibility to any over-all welfare."

Illumination Point (opposite, also unconscious) "1 Virgo": "A Man's Head" = CHARACTER; positive expression: an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life; negative expression: inordinate vanity and a consistent overestimation of individual capacities." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones #ad).

The 1 Virgo/Pisces Symbols suggest issues of maturity, reliability, responsibility, ambition, accountability, and personal plus group integrity, in the realms of commerce, trade, marketing, and legal situations. Saturn in Pisces indicates a period of time when ambition, consolidation, reserve, restraint, restriction, limits, and legal conditions are prominent, and there are potentials for realism brought to flights of fancy, or, in a similar fashion to a Saturn-to-Neptune transit, the grim face of reality is visited upon those who neglect Saturn's demands for hard work and upright behavior. Past mistakes are on the table and corrections must be made.

Additionally, sustained hard work is necessary during this period along with struggles with opponents (2024 campaign, etc) as sober Saturn travels through tipsy Pisces; our social safety net programs continue to be a point of contention along with the debt ceiling limit and possible default by the US government, crisis situations made worse by political trickery (which Saturn will not abide).

So timekeeper Saturn has entered watery Pisces of the Collective for his trek toward the end of the Zodiac, heading eventually toward a new societal cycle with Neptune (February 20, 2026 @00Ari45: idealism vs materialism writ large on the world stage), but for now, our long-standing concerns must be dealt with by taking responsibility and maturity seriously. Naturally, inequality is just one of those long-standing concerns, and accountability awaits miscreants.

In closing, please see the themes of 12 South (highlighted in orange) for details of the eclipse which Saturnian folk in charge have the experience and discipline to deal with succesfully for best results!

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