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Mar 31, 2023

Trump Agenda's Neptune to meet Saturn

Earlier today we looked at a Manhattan NY horoscope of yesterday's Trump Indictment with fact-based Virgo rising and Gemini at Midheaven, both signs ruled by communicating Mercury. Note that the chart should be set for 5:29 pm edt (CNN timestamp) but '5:32 pm' was the data I had at the time. Despite this, nothing written in yesterday's post would differ with a three-minute change.

So here is a quick posting of a transit that will hit Trump's 2017 Inauguration Horoscope (inner chart) shown in bi-wheel form: transit Saturn, planet of realism, accountability, and law, conjunct the 2017 Trump Agenda's ideological Neptune @10Pis16 in the inaugural 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Groups. The Sabian Symbol for "11 Pisces" is highlighted in orange in the center of the chart:

Now this particular Saturnian transit may have little or no effect whatsoever on this or future Trump indictments. But the reason I admire its energy is because it's known as "the grim face of reality" transit. And for a major pathological fantasist like Donald Trump, who entered the White House with a mission to fulfill (see 2017 Jupiter leading a BOWL pattern and a cause, conjoined by the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 with its Mars-Pluto vibes of power and anger- add expansive Jupiter to the eclipse and you get immorality issues), it could be significant in other areas of Trump's life besides legal affairs. Religion and Politics come to mind.

Now today it's being reported that in Manhattan Trump will show up at court on Tuesday April 4, 2023 and that the Indictment will be unsealed at 2:15 pm edt. If Tuesday is the day, events will transpire under the auspsices of a Moon-Neptune opposition suggesting dreamy and/or deceptive influences but my suspicion is that the opposition is a cosmic picture of Trumpers who remain ensnared within the forces of a mass delusion surrounding the cult leader of their dreams and which adversely affects the entire country.

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