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May 22, 2023

Volatile times, Georgia & Federal indictments loom, Putin betrayal & UK Politics - Tarot reading

Here's a fresh reading from Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot concerning multiple topics in the news. Next to last she again reads on the potential for Vladimir Putin to be removed from power with betrayal necessarily involved. Now as you know, Aussie Mary Ann keeps up with US politics and global issues better than most Americans do, even as We the People totter on the brink of a fascist abyss while maga and other Republicans threaten to push.

Atmospherically, there's a highly engineered set of crisis conditions here in the US, not that politics as a practice isn't always rife with stagecraft. An "organized system of hatreds," politics has been called, and preparations for sabotage and sedition have been in motion for years, now accessible on a video screen near you. A clue? The Hm-hm-hm will rise again!

Also for you are 32 entertaining minutes of insights from Down Under as interpreted by a spot-on Mary Ann:


2023: A Summer of Kremlin Intrigue; Empires Do Fall

by Jude Cowell

With continuing potentials for political shifts in Russia, a peek at a SO'W post and horoscope from June 2021 may be instructive concerning Mr. Putin who looks quite a flop for indulging his territorial urges on a global scale. China may be the one to mop up from Russia's recklessly zealous overstep. Did Vlad's military officials lie to him about the country's level of preparedness? Was it all planned that way? Is there a rat in the woodpile? Perhaps an answer is a question: which ancient governmental entity thinks strategically and plans the farthest ahead, fueled primarily by noodles?

Meanwhile, let me know your on-topic insights here, or, as a comment in the Stars Over Washington Reports FB group where this post will be shared - once you check out Horoscopes: Putin Inauguration 2000 w/ Biden-Putin Rendezvous June 2021.

One current factor you'll note in the chart is that transit Jupiter in Taurus since May 16th faces a 10th house line-up of year 2000 planets then in Taurus including Jupiter @17Taurus which spotlights a soon-coming Jupiter Return for the Putin regime. That's mundane Jupiter, the boundary-breaking planet of freedom and expansion in the earthly territorial sign of possession and greed, *Taurus, the preservationist.

In Taurus Jupiter Closes A Cycle for the Putin Regime

An easily reached suspicion is that the Russian regime's Jupiter Return relates directly to Putin's ill-calculated invasion and occupation of Ukraine (since February 2021). Therefore, the world (10th house) will observe how usually beneficial Jupiter, Mr. Moneybags, rewards or greases-the-skids for Mr. Putin and his underlings because with Jupiter's orbit of nearly 12 years' duration, what may be the karmically negative side of things is that a project Putin and his comrades began about 12 years ago must now be either expanded, or must be thrown over, given up on, tossed out into the dark dustbin of history, with the karma of consequences having her natural affect. Or will Putin's irrational out-of-bounds behavior be allowed to continue?

And if this cosmic circumstance represents the Kremlin (Jupiter in his corporate and political roles with a streak of codified orthodox religion donning a robe) - the Kremlin ridding their country of Vlad, the Great Miscalculator, so be it.

After all, Putin's Inauguration Horoscope of 2000 shows that his overlong regime's karmic Saturn also awaits the transit of Jupiter's wand so I expect that someone's burdens in the Putin regime will be lightened if not altogether removed! Later, we'll view the regime's Saturn Return Horoscope and its Jupiter Return Horoscope so stay tuned! jc

*Taurus: Dear reader, take no umbrage! Please note that all astrological comments herein are always on societal and political levels and do not apply to Taurus and/or Jupiter placements in natal horoscopes, nor do they apply to any other natal placements. Consult your horoscope or your personal astrologer for such info. SO'W is for Political Astrology observations only and is categorized as Entertainment - and study on your own is always recommended for drawing your own conclusions! jc

Apr 3, 2023

April 2023: Hisses from a Cornered Snake

UPDATE April 4, 2023 3:10 pm edt: Arraignment Day for Felon Donald Trump

Mr. Trump has now been arraigned on 34 felony counts in a lower Manhattan courtroom with a "stone face" as his primary expression for photos (in his role as the 'Mango Mussolini', as usual). Adam Reiss of NBC News was in the courtroom where it happened and says that Trump himself spoke the "Not guilty" plea when asked. Since this morning, the day has been under the sway of a Moon-Neptune opposition suggesting the mass media coverage beaming to the people across the US and the globe, for all to see. Felon Trump will fly back to Mar-a-Lago as soon as he can and plans to deliver a speech this evening in prime time. If you stream, the NBC News NOW app will air it for you although other sources may as well.

Original post begins here:

A cornered snake, fighting for survival, will hiss any threat that may enable his escape

by Jude Cowell

With a fearful Donald Trump now indicted and expected to show up tomorrow at the courthouse in Manahattan for his mugshot and fingerprinting, his multiple threats against prosecutors (Salon) and anyone else he considers to be standing in his megalomaniacal way have been, to say the least, ill-advised, apparently due to the emotionally heated reptilian brain of his nibs himself. And tragically for America, his voters and backers knew he was a snake before they took him in, as he informed them in multiple speeches. Among other traits, snakes signify betrayal so in this particular instance, Herr T and I can heartily agree about his faithless, traitorous nature.

So since narcissist Trump's Geminian self is convinced that he's a legal expert above all others, no one has ever convinced the sinister orange demagogue that, He who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client. And this may turn out to be a factor in the fulfillment of the inscription over the door of the DOJ building "Lege Atque Ordine Omnis Fiunt" (by law and order all is accomplished). Let's us hope so since, as we know, if the DOJ aims at 'the king', they'd better not miss.

Therefore, below is another view of the esoteric carving on the DOJ building, Washington DC. As you see, the human figure on the right holds a spear with which he has pinioned the snake in the corner and this symbolizes the ultimate victory of triumph over man's lower nature, and bringing order (the man) out of chaos and lawlessness of the rogue snake (you-know-who):

Well, if Donald Trump and his scofflaw mobster behavior hasn't brought America's lower nature to the surface of Collective awareness to be better and correctly dealt with, no one ever has! This is a longstanding problem in US society, as you know, which in part can be dated from the late 1890s when the 'criminal Underworld' duo of Neptune-Pluto conjoined by transit - and unfortunately landed upon the 1776 Uranus of America (8Gem55). Thus,a midpoint picture formed of US Uranus = Neptune-Pluto, a cosmic time link to the Robber Baron class whose biological and ideological spawn now spend mega-bucks to attack and undermine democracy and usurp American citizens from their own country.

For more details concerning these topics and the DOJ see Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice whch reveals the use of sunlight upon the carving depicted, above.

Another related post with Pluto undertones: DOJ 1934 Horoscope with the DOJ Progressed Full Moon, a symbolic yet revealing moment for the agency when DOJ SP Full Moon @28Can39 perfected on August 20, 2020 with SP Sun conjunct US 1776 Pluto (abuse of power and control issues), and with a word picture related to the Enlightenment/New World Order duo, Uranus-Neptune which conjuncts DOJ's SP Ascendant and denotes anxiety around society's legal and political issues.

Mar 31, 2023

Trump Agenda's Neptune to meet Saturn

Earlier today we looked at a Manhattan NY horoscope of yesterday's Trump Indictment with fact-based Virgo rising and Gemini at Midheaven, both signs ruled by communicating Mercury. Note that the chart should be set for 5:29 pm edt (CNN timestamp) but '5:32 pm' was the data I had at the time. Despite this, nothing written in yesterday's post would differ with a three-minute change.

So here is a quick posting of a transit that will hit Trump's 2017 Inauguration Horoscope (inner chart) shown in bi-wheel form: transit Saturn, planet of realism, accountability, and law, conjunct the 2017 Trump Agenda's ideological Neptune @10Pis16 in the inaugural 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Groups. The Sabian Symbol for "11 Pisces" is highlighted in orange in the center of the chart:

Now this particular Saturnian transit may have little or no effect whatsoever on this or future Trump indictments. But the reason I admire its energy is because it's known as "the grim face of reality" transit. And for a major pathological fantasist like Donald Trump, who entered the White House with a mission to fulfill (see 2017 Jupiter leading a BOWL pattern and a cause, conjoined by the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 with its Mars-Pluto vibes of power and anger- add expansive Jupiter to the eclipse and you get immorality issues), it could be significant in other areas of Trump's life besides legal affairs. Religion and Politics come to mind.

Now today it's being reported that in Manhattan Trump will show up at court on Tuesday April 4, 2023 and that the Indictment will be unsealed at 2:15 pm edt. If Tuesday is the day, events will transpire under the auspsices of a Moon-Neptune opposition suggesting dreamy and/or deceptive influences but my suspicion is that the opposition is a cosmic picture of Trumpers who remain ensnared within the forces of a mass delusion surrounding the cult leader of their dreams and which adversely affects the entire country.

Horoscope: Trump Indicted in Manhattan

A Signal That the Trump Crime Wave Will Finally End?

by Jude Cowell

Meanwhile, today it's being reported that the Trump indictment won't go as folks think it will go and this is born out in the horoscope shown, below, set for March 30, 2023 5:32 pm edt Manhattan, NY, the time that CNN announced that an indictment had been voted by the NY Grand Jury against Donald J. Trump whose natal 10th house Uranus-NN-Sun trio of chaos and ego is atop the chart.

But why? Because the chart's Ascendant and Midheaven ruler, Mercury the Messenger, makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets in the indictment horoscope. Therefore, the sign, house, degree, and other conditions of Mercury, planet of votes, deliberation, and announcements, become the focus, and can act in similar fashion as a void of course Moon: that no one can interfere with the proceedings now underway, and/or that results will not be as expected. In Aries, Mercury emphasizes the pioneering of a first-ever indictment of a former US president. In 8th house of Shared Resources, Corporatism, Debts, and Death, we may discover more about this once the indictment is unsealed and the charges are revealed.

So please enlarge and/or print the horoscope to read my study notes, if you wish. Pollen allergies have me under the weather this week, so typing all my notes in this post is not feasible. However, do note that Indictment Jupiter @18Aries directly opposes Trump's natal Jupiter at Station which contains a groovy Sabian Symbol, I've always thought: "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" - a reference to Michael Cohen who 'took the fall' for Trump's pay-off to Stormy Daniels?

Now with Jupiter opposing his Jupiter, the orange blighter would be wise not to push too hard since few people are the least bit impressed with him! He says he'll surrender in New York 'next week', which remains to be seen for I'm uncertain that flight can be ruled out, not yet. One thing is certain: we're sure to hear his Libran Jupiter's favorite complaint, "It's not fair!"

Because of his indictment, how predictable that war and violence have been threatened by Trump and his supporters, and yes, such factors can be found in the above chart. I highlight two in particular:

1. That this event is occurring under the influence of the current Solar Eclipse in the 6 South Saros Series (see notes in center of the chart) with its 'being forceful, taking power; huge effort in group activities' themes - B. Brady) occurring on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and here opposed by the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint @2Taurus, the 'death axis' duo according to Reinhold Ebertin. In August 1932, a 6 South Eclipse manifested as the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse @8Vir09, discussed previously in multiple SO'W posts. So if ending the rise of Nazis and fascists in America has now begun, you know that I'm all for it. In fact, my uncles who fought Nazis in WWII would be proud of what may be the first of many indictments!

Yet we must face the fact that the rounded-up degree of the North Node (5Taurus) = "A Widow at an Open Grave." A negative word picture, of course, yet Dane Ruhyar adds that people are ready to, Discard the Past rather than using a violent connotation. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering if Ivana Trump's gravesite at Bedminster Golf Course shouldn't be inspected for buried evidence.

2. A dynamic T-Square is present, as you see, with the Moon-Pluto opposition at its base pointing toward the North Node ('NN") of destiny and denoting the removal or elimination of toxins from the system, plus, upsets and upheavals within the community. Additionally, the Moon-Pluto combination indicates criminal elements, and those are the elements and people I fervently hope will be removed from our societal and political systems no matter how many years it may take.

And if we need a further identity check from the horocope: Moon @30Cancer = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which might describe such malcontent magas as Boebert and Greene with their seditious dreams of revolution and civil war in the streets, but it definitely describes yours truly who insists on retaining American democracy and supporting the continuance of America's Perpetual Union.

Mar 18, 2023

Trump Indictment coming? Sun to Aries Point

by Jude Cowell

UPDATE March 20, 2023: Looks as if "Tuesday March 21st" for his indictment was one of Trump's pipe dreams or more likely something he touted last week for promotional purposes and for fundraising. Still, the following horoscope remains just what it is: Sun to Aries Point!

Original post begins here:

From a previous SO'Wpost in 2018, here's the natal horoscope of porn star and director Stormy Daniels with asteroid and sexy archetype Sappho rising, and her natal Sun @26Pis05 which transit Neptune now glamorizes with wispy veils.

This weekend many folks in the US are positively giddy over the idea that an indictment for Donald Trump is on the Manhattan DA's calendar, perhaps set for Tuesday March 21, 2023, and the cuffs may finally appear.

Now as you, dear reader, may know, I don't like spending a bunch of time on horoscopes for events that may or may not happen so this post isn't that. But it seems only fair to post an unmarked 'Trump Indictment?" horoscope set for Tuesday March 21, 2013 9:00 am edt Manhattan, NY - just for kicks. Do with it as you will or will not, for it's up to you; aspect grid is shown:

Obviously because of the date, we know that the Sun is conjunct Aries Point of fame, recognition, and fortune, so let's assume the Sun symbolizes the guy who always has to be the most famous person in any room, the center of attention. Plus, there's a New Moon @00Ari50 at 1:23 pm edt on Tuesday which perfects within Trump's natal 8th house of Shared Resources and Debt.

A prominent aspect in the chart for a fellow who embodies the aggression of warrior planet Mars (his Leo Mars rising at birth conjunct royal star Regulus: 'success if revenge is avoided') is an inconjunct (adjustment needed) between Mars and power planet Pluto, shown here at Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of any horoscope.

Pluto @29Capricorn conjuncts US Secondary Progressed Pluto at a critical-crisis 29th degree, so from where I type, our nation's first-ever Pluto Return seems to be never-ending. And we know that Pluto-at-MC is a major power position on the world stage involving Career and Public Status so for now let's take this as powerful people affecting Mars in mutable, often dupicitous Gemini (in the 2nd house of Money, Possessions, and Values) with their inconjunct indicating one who can never back down, even when he's wrong. And boy is he wrong - so often that it's impossible to keep count.

Well, perhaps the Manhattan DA has been keeping count after all.

Now a significant don't-miss feature in this particular chart is radical Uranus rising at its "swords vs torches" degree, activated at the Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse. Uranus rising can denote the ability to cope with issues so we'll see how well proceedings go and whether unpredictable Uranus helps or hinders. In addition, Trump is a Uranian figure with his 10th house Uranus @17Gemini as his guiding planet of chaos and disruption - here in 2nd house and first of his natal planets to rise. Something uexpected may occur.

Notably, Stormy's first natal planet to rise at 9:00 am edt in NY is her Jupiter Rx @29Cancer - opposing the chart's Pluto at Midheaven and suggesting a power play.

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus, strong her own sign of Taurus, makes no applying aspects so nothing may change much if Tuesday (morning at least - who knows?) turns out to be the day that Trump is finally indicted. She's leaving her recent conjunction with North Node but retains some potential for favorable contacts with the public, and financial largesse may be indicated for the lady.

Then as you see, legal eagle planet Saturn has recently entered secretive Pisces (March 7th) and here, in 11th house of Groups and Associations, the law must play a part by attempting to hold the orange blighter accountable, albatross that he is. And in Pisces, Saturn tends toward struggles with opponents which describes what America is facing as Donald Trump stands before a judge (it is hoped!). But here's the thing: Mars trines Saturn (3A29; cooperative work) but Mars is separating from a square with deceptive Neptune (admitting the truth about his actions coming into the light?).

Of course, Mars and the Moon are also squared (@28/28 degrees) so flashes of anger may add excitement to the proceedings with this planetary aspect of selfishness and jealousy, if they occur on Tuesday morning at all. It's even possible that accusatory words like "shrew" or "harpie" may be heard in the courtroom with Stormy the intended target.

So let's pretend that Tuesday is the day and have a glance at the moody, romantic Sun Aries-Moom Pisces combination of energies with its 'Image for Integration' (a la The Harveys): "A world-champion boxer and an artist in Greenwich Village meet, fall in love, marry and struggle happily ever after."

Well, the personalities sound right but a "marriage" between these two could only have been a struggle.