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May 19, 2023

May 2023 Taurus New Moon pings Cleopatra's chart!

Uranus-Pluto Conjunction = Elevated Consciousness

by Jude Cowell

Today's New Moon @28Tau25 (11:53 am edt) pings Cleopatra's Horoscope, and now in my 18th year writing posts and publishing horoscopes on Stars Over Washington, it occurs to me that I've seldom mentioned the Solar Arc method of progressing charts even though I use them to reveal external contacts along with Secondary Progressions and return charts.

Then in February 2023, the natal chart of Queen Cleopatra (now starring in "Queen Cleopatra" on Netflix) appeared with her May 2023 Progressions in the spotlight. Of course, the long-passed Pharoah of Egypt cannot know or feel the current cosmic shifts of and to her natal planets, Solar Arc or otherwise, but presently her reputation is being affected and her life is still of interest to many folks. Last I heard, Cleopatra's final resting place is yet to be discovered.

For details on the "black actress" controversy see the LA Times article, After backlash to Netflix's Black "Queen Cleopatra," Egypt plans counterprogramming by creating a well-researched documentary. This I'll want to view!

Now of astrological interest is the fact that today's New Moon @28Tau25 points toward ("pings"!) Cleopatra's natal Uranus (Rx @28Tau05) and her nearby Pluto Rx (29Tau51) with Uranus-Pluto conjunctions tending toward revolutionary activities. As you know, these are outer, generational planets so her era and queenly position in society are circled around with current events whether we consider her personally or not. Yet one example of a cosmic spotlight cast upon her Uranus, planet of technology and novelty, is the controversial Netflix series. And of course, planet Pluto links to plutocracy, plutocrats, and publishing.

Of note is that other transiting planets now contact her chart as you can see from the bi-wheel of her natal horoscope (inner; rectified by Noel Tyl) and today's New Moon @28Tau25 (outer).

Astro-Notes are penned on the image for those who care to read them and they include today's Mars @29Can26 conjunct her Moon in Cancer, and today's Pluto Rx @00AQ17 conjunct her Saturn; see the penned-on notes for details such as the potentials formed by today's New Moon positions of Mars and Pluto:

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