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May 19, 2023

May 2023 Taurus New Moon pings Cleopatra's chart!

Uranus-Pluto Conjunction = Elevated Consciousness

by Jude Cowell

Today's New Moon @28Tau25 (11:53 am edt) pings Cleopatra's Horoscope, and now in my 18th year writing posts and publishing horoscopes on Stars Over Washington, it occurs to me that I've seldom mentioned the Solar Arc method of progressing charts even though I use them to reveal external contacts along with Secondary Progressions and return charts.

Then in February 2023, the natal chart of Queen Cleopatra (now starring in "Queen Cleopatra" on Netflix) appeared with her May 2023 Progressions in the spotlight. Of course, the long-passed Pharoah of Egypt cannot know or feel the current cosmic shifts of and to her natal planets, Solar Arc or otherwise, but presently her reputation is being affected and her life is still of interest to many folks. Last I heard, Cleopatra's final resting place is yet to be discovered.

For details on the "black actress" controversy see the LA Times article, After backlash to Netflix's Black "Queen Cleopatra," Egypt plans counterprogramming by creating a well-researched documentary. This I'll want to view!

Now of astrological interest is the fact that today's New Moon @28Tau25 points toward ("pings"!) Cleopatra's natal Uranus (Rx @28Tau05) and her nearby Pluto Rx (29Tau51) with Uranus-Pluto conjunctions tending toward revolutionary activities. As you know, these are outer, generational planets so her era and queenly position in society are circled around with current events whether we consider her personally or not. Yet one example of a cosmic spotlight cast upon her Uranus, planet of technology and novelty, is the controversial Netflix series. And of course, planet Pluto links to plutocracy, plutocrats, and publishing.

Of note is that other transiting planets now contact her chart as you can see from the bi-wheel of her natal horoscope (inner; rectified by Noel Tyl) and today's New Moon @28Tau25 (outer).

Astro-Notes are penned on the image for those who care to read them and they include today's Mars @29Can26 conjunct her Moon in Cancer, and today's Pluto Rx @00AQ17 conjunct her Saturn; see the penned-on notes for details such as the potentials formed by today's New Moon positions of Mars and Pluto:

As always, your on-topic comments are invited and please share if you care! jc

Jul 21, 2015

The Horoscope of Donald Trump Part 2

Part 2: The Indiscreet, Blustering Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Yesterday we discussed the natal horoscope and planets of 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump who is refusing to drop out of the race as top Republicans request. He says he will run as an Independent if he doesn't get the Republican nomination and after looking at his natal chart, and progressions including his Solar Arcs for Election Day 2016, I can see how he might have an impression of victory. After all, his huge! Jupiterian personality and links to royal star Regulus make all things seem possible, even taking over the highest office in the land and the Commander-in-Chief status that goes with it. And given his interest in the occult, perhaps Mr. Trump practices Astrology or has astrological insights to guide his decisions.

public domain image

Today in Part 2, let's consider Mr. Trump's Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius personality blend with a word or two concerning his Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series themes and timings. But first...

Here is NOT (video was removed) Donald Trump responding to the McCain controversy (that he created) on This Week ABC--what the GOP can finally react to in full-throated condemnation in an attempt to squelch the inconvenient comments, candidacy, and public popularity of Mr. T:

~~~~~~~this is where the ABC video clip was embedded~~~~~~~

With Air-Fire combinations a 'live wire' quality is emphasized along with zealous communications that impress or intimidate all within earshot. Living at a fast pace, Mr. Trump gets carried away with his own rhetoric and is impressed by his own eloquence. Clever, witty, and charismatic, he reveals a contagious joie de vivre while coming across as a hot air balloon (or, a windbag) to many, a result of his communication style as a mentally active visionary under the influence of an irrational Mercury-Neptune square (see yesterday's post, linked above). Mr. Trump is an impatient and restless fellow who tends toward Utopian idealism (as do most US politicians, if truth be told.)

An extrovert who 'knows exactly what is good for' America, Mr. Trump prefers broad horizons yet tends to be emotionally immature and seemingly superficial. Sun Gem-Moon Sag adds certain tendencies as well such as flamboyance, outspokenness, independence, and spontaneity. An inquisitive 'eternal student' and "positive thinking" promoter, Trump insists on being true to himself. Not mentioned in yesterday's post is his natal Moon-Saturn inconjunct (150 degrees) showing that deep insecurity and feelings of inferiority lurk behind his bravado, probably instilled in him is childhood. In adulthood, social service is often used to mitigate this particular inconjunct which also contains feelings of guilt. More positively, its energies allow him to specialize--in his case, in financial deal-making and self-promotion. A desire to 'be where the action is' partially accounts for his presidential aspirations.

Having a talent for inspiring others, the vivid Mr. Trump possesses the nature of a used car salesman which some have called carnival barker, snake oil salesman, huckster, or something similar. Yet, even for Mr. Trump, motive matters and his interest in performing a social service may be more genuine than his inconvenient candidacy and ill-considered remarks will allow. He wants to discuss weighty matters with intellectuals yet his aggressive (Mars in egoistic Leo rising) communication style may be what keeps him within the superficial category in the opinion of most people.

Yet, as pundits say, he has 'tapped into something' that the public wants to hear--ye olde speaking truth to power comes readily to my Flower Power Generation mind. But as potential Trump voters may notice, cooperation and successful teamwork become more difficult to sustain as time goes by when it comes to working with Donald Trump and his extreme judgmental attitude allows no second chances for the hapless 'losers' he dislikes. If Trump fans want an autocratic dictator in the White House, one who likes to fire people but more flamboyantly than a Romney, they have such a choice with Donald Trump.

As for his fact vs fiction issues (underpinned by a Mercury-Neptune square of distortion), the highly sensitive (Moon-Saturn inconjunct) Mr. Trump will not or cannot take responsibility for his effect on others no matter how negative they may be. He's never asked God for forgiveness, he says, and apparently has yet to feel the need to do so. In his expansive private world where Communion involves mere crackers, no one can be surprised at his lack of humility before his Maker. And that's a major negative for evangelical voters!

Yet Donald Trump has not always slept upon a bed of roses. For one thing, there are cyclic issues to deal with via the 18.6-year occurrence of his Pre-Natal (PE) Solar Eclipse which is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth--he's an 'eclipse baby' which is often the case with notable public figures who lead eventful lives.)

His PE degree @8Gem48 conjoins America's natal Uranus (8:55), our totem planet of revolution, rebellion, freedom, independence, war, and sudden or shocking events. This hints at a lack of adaptability on Trump's part to the basic principles that our nation was founded upon and denotes quirkiness and unexpected events pending if he should enter the presidency--and perhaps a disruption of such Uranus-Neptune (*Enlightenment) principles. Falling within the 2 Old North Saros Series, his PE themes include difficult potentials such as unfortunate news concerning relationships and alliances, separations, and broken unions and partnerships. But no matter how glum things seem, taking fast action can bring positive results (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) This is Prince William's PE for he was born as another 'eclipse baby' at manifestation in 1982.

Update 2.21.16: the following paragraph contains minor edits. jc

The last occurrence of 2 Old North was on July 1, 2000 @10Cancer (among US planets in Cancer on July 4, 1776) and 2OldN's Uranian energies imprint upon the entire New Millennium; the next will be on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer. 2 Old North's initial eclipse occurred on July 24, 792 (OS) @5Can49 which either of you may recognize as the position of America's natal Jupiter on July 4, 1776 if that matters to America's future destiny that some voters and backers see as the presidency of New Yorker Donald Trump, real estate wheeler-dealer.


*Enlightenment planets recently enjoyed their own Uranus-trine-Neptune frequencies with the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 @11Scorpio. Type 'eclipses' in the sidebar Search Box for a list of these 'wild cards' of the Universe.

For more Sun-Moon blend info, see the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign

Aug 17, 2007

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008

An hour before the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke made his well-timed move to lower the discount interest rate that banks use when loaning each other monies and he extended the lending time from the traditional overnight to 30 days.

The DOW moved up by closing bell to 13,079 but was down 1.2% for the week.

Owning a 1972 copy of Sybil Leek's The Astrological Guide to Financial Success, I give here her 2 cents' worth on the illusion of credit and the daftness (my word) of living beyond one's means.

The unstable illusions begin with nebulous Neptune's entry into Scorpio, sign of Big Business, which occurred approximately March 1956 until 1970 while making some reconnaisance back into Libra (appr Oct '56--June '57.)

Here is Ms. Leek in her own words from 1972:

If any planet has an affinity toward inflation it is Neptune, and those who associate it with dreamlike qualities may wake up to find they have had nightmares.

Neptune in Scorpio is concerned with the mass of people being encouraged to live beyond their means. (Neptune) is a most insidious planet, tempting and then mocking those who fall for its whimsical ways. I regard it as a symbol of a false economic situation which has rapidly become a way of life for many Americans since it began to transit the dark, turgid starfield of Scorpio.

Inflation (has had) its heyday during the transitting of Neptune in Scorpio since 1956. This plus heavy governmental deficits point to the possibility of a serious financial panic between now and 1973 unless some ingenious brains begin to plan toward establishing a balance between wages and buying power (she must be rolling over in her grave during Bush's unending, drunken-sailor term in office.) #

Guess this means that the ingenious brain of Bernanke and his compadres are planning to establish a balance yet today it proved to be between banks and their use of their customers' money. We'll see if it amounts to anything of value to anyone but the elite private bankers of the world--or just another example of who-do-that-voo-doo? you do.

So I searched the natal and progressed charts with transits today of the NYSE (May 17, 1792; 7:52 am LMT; NYC) and the most 'action' I found was:

*Solar Arc Directions (SA)...Mars to natal Moon 18Ari39 in 10th house: strong drive to fulfill needs, to "let it fly"; disruption; hyperactivity.

SA Jupiter to natal Mercury 23Tau50: legal issues; travel; intellect.

SA Neptune to n Sun (actually in effect for almost one year now): hypersensitivity; deception; illegality; inspiration; possible spiritual rationalizations.

SA Mc to n Jupiter/Neptune (in conj natally, 4th house): a visionary; a fortune hunter; a speculator, philanthropist, spendthrift, or a squanderer; harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

SA Pluto to n Ic/Mc: professional developments are life-significant; dramatic changes of perspective are practically assured; separations; a life-milestone.

The midpoint of natal Mars (18Vir43--which the Sept 11, 2007 Eclipse will trigger) and natal NN = SA Pluto...

Mars/NN = Pluto: others must "get on the train" or be left behind; the performance of joint record achievements; an enforced separation in a partnership or union. This picture will be exact in about 2--3 years.

Then there's the loss, cruelty, and hardship of natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint which is being stimulated by transiting, disruptive, tech-savvy Uranus.

Sat/Pluto = Uranus: ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult circumstances; sudden acts of violence; an attack regardless of potential losses; brutal efforts to start a new order.

Is the market's recent volatility and subsequent liquidity infusions--plus today's bank reacharound--part of the globalist NWO plans? Or are their financial systems being hacked to death by tech-savvy robbers? How about some of all of the above?

(UPDATE 2.2.08: think France!)

On August 1, 2008 the Solar Eclipse Series in which the NYSE was 'born' manifests once again at 9Leo32...we find that degree in at least three places, the natal charts of: George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and the Republican Party.

Here are some interpretations of the degrees of 8, 9, and 10 Leo from Adriano Carelli.

NYSE's Prenatal Eclipse (PE) is in the 10South (10S) Series which Brady's Predictive Astrology gives as: breaking out of a very negative situation in which no options or hope can be seen; a worry that has been plaguing may suddenly clear and the solution must be taken up without too much delay.

Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse says that a Leo
Solar Eclipse indicates a need for vigorous resolve in tackling problems--halfway measures will not succeed. Vainglory, pomposity, and other negative Leonine traits are stumbling blocks to correction of karmic issues.

I might add that the Prodigal Son which is associated with the sign Leo may have some connection with the issues in this Series which will be surfacing in 2008. This Eclipse will fall in NYSE's natal 2nd house of money, values, and earning of the 'money houses'...and last occurred on July 22, 1990.

The Initial Eclipse of any Series is telling...this one: March 10, 1179 (Old Style) at 26Pis01. Some flavors from that Eclipse are angry quarrelling; a demanding nature; outbursts; quick mood changes; valid instincts; and/or: any alternative seems inappropriate; thoughts don't know where to go; separating from the issues.

Sounds like a mixed bag, doesn't it? Such is life.

So with NYSE's natal Pluto 23AQ31 having been recently opposed by tr Saturn (control and restriction) there's been an air of embattlement in which past control is threatened by future--or current--takeovers...authority challenges power.

Hmmm...perhaps I should take a closer look at Rupert Murdoch's natal chart.

Okay, here is my chance to close with a favorite quote from financier and robber baron extraordinaire, J.P. Morgan:

Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do.

Oh yeah? Then they've seen the crap coming for a long long time.

*Solar Arc Directory, Noel Tyl; other midpoint pictures, Ebertin.