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Sep 6, 2023

Astrology of the McKinley Assassination

Today, September 6, 2023, in commemoration of the 122nd anniversary of the Assassination of President William McKinley, may he R.I.P., you'll find, below, his 1897 Inauguration Horoscope with planetary contacts from the 'Shot' Horoscope of September 6, 1901 in bi-wheel form and in dual chart form.

{Crime scene: Temple of Music; Pan American Expo 1901; Arnold}

As an organist played a Bach sonata, on September 6, 1901 the Assassination of President William McKinley was perpetrated in Buffalo, New York at the Pan American Exposition's Temple of Music and resulted in the Secret Service (created by President Lincoln), being tasked by 1902 with protecting the president, a primary task of the agency today.

Born in Niles, Ohio on January 29, 1843, William McKinley, Jr (R-OH) was a pious Methodist, our 25th POTUS, and our 3rd assassinated president after Lincoln and Garfield, a very dubious 'honor' to be sure. Mr. McKinley was inaugurated on March 4, 1897 (horoscope shown, below).

Warning against "foreign interventions" in his lengthy Inaugural Address, McKinley had just led the US through the Spanish-American War and was the most popular POTUS the America people had had in decades when he was shot and subsequently died in Buffalo, NY at the 1901 World's Fair.

And yes, I believe that we were 'lied into war' (explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor - probably from a boiler explosion, not sabotage by Spain) but a gullible public didn't realize it back in the day. Predictably, US imperialism was served and no doubt territorial expansion under President McKinley allowed war profiteers to make themselves bundles of cash and plunder. It's the same old American story. Can we see it now?

Bi-Wheel: McKinley Inauguration March 4, 1897 Washington DC (inner) and McKinley Shot September 6, 1901 4:07 pm est (historical record) in Buffalo, NY (outer):

And here are the same two horoscopes in dual chart form, unmarked; yet penned on are the details of President McKinley's death on September 14, 1901 at 2:15 am est Buffalo, NY as his natal Saturn arose, and death Saturn strong at Rx Station was aggravating his natal 7 North Eclipse with its passionate 'blood' lust theme carried out by 1901 Saturn RxS @9Cap47 symbolizing the one who had, or who took on, the Saturnian responsibility to carry out the eclipse's 'blood lust' theme:

Brief Notes on The Assassination of William McKinley 122 Years Ago

First, here is a view of my 4:07 pm version of "McKinley Shot" September 6, 1901 Buffalo, NY, with my usual messy notes penned on- as you see, a dynamic T-Square full of danger points toward the Sun (leadership) in Virgo, sign of the abdomen:

(Rated: A from news reports) Alternately, you can check out the McKinley Assassination Horoscope which is set for "shortly after 4:00 pm LMT" although, as noted, my sources give the moment of the shooting as 4:07 pm; I use this timing for the horoscope you see, above, because rising at 4:07 pm is McKinley's natal Saturn @19Cap24; at 4:00 pm rising is 17Cap30 which is okay, too). Note that William McKinley's natal planets are highlighted in blue and I hope you can read them. A few details on his assassin are located lower left corner including his natal T-Square with his Mars @5Scorpio at apex. Therefore, the position of 1901 Mars (4Sco01) was nearly a Mars Return for the assassin, and transit Mars 'triggered' the anarchist's T-Square into taking action.

As shown in the depiction, above, President McKinley as shot twice by anarchist-steel worker Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901 4:07 pm at the Pan American Exposition (World's Fair) in the Temple of Music ('crime scene' photo, above), President McKinley was rushed to an on-site hospital and operated on by the only doctor they could find - a gynocologist. But as you know, his wounds became infected, turned gangrenous, and he died at 2:15 am on Saturday September 14, 1901.

Now in closing, here's a 4-minute video, How the Assassination of McKinley Gave Birth to the Secret Service; and for more details concerning his presidency including US imperialism and territorial expansionism (which not all Americans were in favor of) see McKinley Foreign Affairs.

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