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Sep 6, 2023

Astrology of the McKinley Assassination

Today, September 6, 2023, in commemoration of the 122nd anniversary of the Assassination of President William McKinley, may he R.I.P., you'll find, below, his 1897 Inauguration Horoscope with planetary contacts from the 'Shot' Horoscope of September 6, 1901 in bi-wheel form and in dual chart form.

{Crime scene: Temple of Music; Pan American Expo 1901; Arnold}

As an organist played a Bach sonata, on September 6, 1901 the Assassination of President William McKinley was perpetrated in Buffalo, New York at the Pan American Exposition's Temple of Music and resulted in the Secret Service (created by President Lincoln), being tasked by 1902 with protecting the president, a primary task of the agency today.

Born in Niles, Ohio on January 29, 1843, William McKinley, Jr (R-OH) was a pious Methodist, our 25th POTUS, and our 3rd assassinated president after Lincoln and Garfield, a very dubious 'honor' to be sure. Mr. McKinley was inaugurated on March 4, 1897 (horoscope shown, below).

Warning against "foreign interventions" in his lengthy Inaugural Address, McKinley had just led the US through the Spanish-American War and was the most popular POTUS the America people had had in decades when he was shot and subsequently died in Buffalo, NY at the 1901 World's Fair.

And yes, I believe that we were 'lied into war' (explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor - probably from a boiler explosion, not sabotage by Spain) but a gullible public didn't realize it back in the day. Predictably, US imperialism was served and no doubt territorial expansion under President McKinley allowed war profiteers to make themselves bundles of cash and plunder. It's the same old American story. Can we see it now?

Bi-Wheel: McKinley Inauguration March 4, 1897 Washington DC (inner) and McKinley Shot September 6, 1901 4:07 pm est (historical record) in Buffalo, NY (outer):

And here are the same two horoscopes in dual chart form, unmarked; yet penned on are the details of President McKinley's death on September 14, 1901 at 2:15 am est Buffalo, NY as his natal Saturn arose, and death Saturn strong at Rx Station was aggravating his natal 7 North Eclipse with its passionate 'blood' lust theme carried out by 1901 Saturn RxS @9Cap47 symbolizing the one who had, or who took on, the Saturnian responsibility to carry out the eclipse's 'blood lust' theme:

Brief Notes on The Assassination of William McKinley 122 Years Ago

First, here is a view of my 4:07 pm version of "McKinley Shot" September 6, 1901 Buffalo, NY, with my usual messy notes penned on- as you see, a dynamic T-Square full of danger points toward the Sun (leadership) in Virgo, sign of the abdomen:

(Rated: A from news reports) Alternately, you can check out the McKinley Assassination Horoscope which is set for "shortly after 4:00 pm LMT" although, as noted, my sources give the moment of the shooting as 4:07 pm; I use this timing for the horoscope you see, above, because rising at 4:07 pm is McKinley's natal Saturn @19Cap24; at 4:00 pm rising is 17Cap30 which is okay, too). Note that William McKinley's natal planets are highlighted in blue and I hope you can read them. A few details on his assassin are located lower left corner including his natal T-Square with his Mars @5Scorpio at apex. Therefore, the position of 1901 Mars (4Sco01) was nearly a Mars Return for the assassin, and transit Mars 'triggered' the anarchist's T-Square into taking action.

As shown in the depiction, above, President McKinley as shot twice by anarchist-steel worker Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901 4:07 pm at the Pan American Exposition (World's Fair) in the Temple of Music ('crime scene' photo, above), President McKinley was rushed to an on-site hospital and operated on by the only doctor they could find - a gynocologist. But as you know, his wounds became infected, turned gangrenous, and he died at 2:15 am on Saturday September 14, 1901.

Now in closing, here's a 4-minute video, How the Assassination of McKinley Gave Birth to the Secret Service; and for more details concerning his presidency including US imperialism and territorial expansionism (which not all Americans were in favor of) see McKinley Foreign Affairs.

Jun 3, 2016

Hoover Inauguration 1929 and "the idealism of America"

Jupiterian America: Idealism, Vision, Prosperity, Progress--and Expansion

by Jude Cowell

Here's a bit of cherry-picking from the Inauguration Address of Herbert Hoover on March 4, 1929, president number 31, with brief astro-notes to follow. "No desire for territorial expansion"? The "extinction of force"? Any hypocrisy and propaganda are left intact and in his full address (linked, below) the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) makes a cameo appearance:

"The United States fully accepts the profound truth that our own progress, prosperity, and peace are interlocked with the progress, prosperity, and peace of all humanity. The whole world is at peace. The dangers to a continuation of this peace to-day are largely the fear and suspicion which still haunt the world. No suspicion or fear can be rightly directed toward our country.

Those who have a true understanding of America know that we have no desire for territorial expansion, for economic or other domination of other peoples. Such purposes are repugnant to our ideals of human freedom. Our form of government is ill adapted to the responsibilities which inevitably follow permanent limitation of the independence of other peoples. Superficial observers seem to find no destiny for our abounding increase in population, in wealth and power except that of imperialism. They fail to see that the American people are engrossed in the building for themselves of a new economic system, a new social system, a new political system all of which are characterized by aspirations of freedom of opportunity and thereby are the negation of imperialism. They fail to realize that because of our abounding prosperity our youth are pressing more and more into our institutions of learning; that our people are seeking a larger vision through art, literature, science, and travel; that they are moving toward stronger moral and spiritual life—that from these things our sympathies are broadening beyond the bounds of our Nation and race toward their true expression in a real brotherhood of man. They fail to see that the idealism of America will lead it to no narrow or selfish channel, but inspire it to do its full share as a nation toward the advancement of civilization. It will do that not by mere declaration but by taking a practical part in supporting all useful international undertakings. We not only desire peace with the world, but to see peace maintained throughout the world. We wish to advance the reign of justice and reason toward the extinction of force."

(My italics, above.) Here's a link to more details and Mr. Hoover's Full Address.

Update 7.12.17: to me, Herbert Hoover's above remarks read like cynical persuasion using certain code words for the savvy. But unlike Trump, Hoover's communication with the public is here and elsewhere formed into complete sentences. Mr. Trump eschews such a formality and he employs constant diversionary tactics while preferring to work, as I've heard, from within states of chaos which puts most other people at a disadvantage and gives Donald Trump an 'edge' in any game, or so he imagines. His behavior patterns may be wide but are trackable and there's that large amount of unconscious material constantly seeping---nay, leaking--up from within the recesses of his Sneaky Mind (Mercury square Neptune, Alan Oken).#

It was with Franklin Roosevelt's second inauguration that the inaugural date was switched from early March (1933) to January 20, 1937 which turned our presidential Sun from 13Pisces to 00Aquarius and Inauguration Ascendant (the Oath of Office) from early Cancer to 13/14Taurus. But those weren't the only astrological changes in our presidential horoscopes, of course, and a closer study of the two charts (the 'as if' March 4, 1937 vs the actual January 20, 1937) yields interesting differences. Add FDR's first Inauguration Horoscope set for March 4, 1933 for additional comparison. Allegedly, early March weather in Washington DC was a motive for the rescheduling of this important date but having resided a few Januarys in our capital city I've never felt wintry January is much better than springlike March, temperature-wise at least.

As for newbie President Herbert Hoover, coming into office after a period of prosperity during the Roaring Twenties, a rainy March 4th must have seemed fine enough with number 30, Calvin Coolidge, by his side to welcome him into the presidential fold, soaked as he was by ceremony's end. Hoover took the Oath of Office on a family Bible turned to Proverbs 29:18...Where there is no vision the people perish... yet America's drive for imperialism lurked behind his words of peace.

Related: Roaring Twenties' Solar Eclipse and Why It Still Matters.

As it turned out, 1929 was a year of fanatical changes, disruptive events, and criminality under the influence of a violent Uranus-Pluto square yet Hoover's inauguration took place under the auspices of a 2 South Solar Eclipse (his presidency's Pre-Natal Eclipse Nov 12, 1928 @19Scorpio46, a difficult degree in the sign of investment--and within 6 days of the 1928 Election ; 2S next occurs @15Cap in 2019). The theme of 2 South: involvement in unusual groups and a feeling that a great deal may be gained through them (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Years of social upheaval awaited populations across the globe, and in America transiting Neptune slowly floated toward its US natal degree (July 4, 1776, 22Virgo) where it dissolved (Neptune) employment opportunities (Virgo) for the masses (Neptune), a negative social condition dealt with in the 1930s by number 33, Franklin Roosevelt, and his 'New Deal' programs.

Later, Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn and harshly squared Uranus which describes austere economical cutbacks and reversals as past ties were broken. Transformer Pluto continued its creep through Cancer, sign of home, family, traditional values, patriotism/nationalism, and of shrewd business activity. Fantasy-loving Neptune on the last (critical 29th) degree of dramatic Leo in the horoscope, below, shows the dregs at the bottom of Jazz Age gin and whiskey bottles while entertainers such as Josephine Baker continued dazzling French audiences.

Well, that's all I'll type for now yet curiously enough, years ago I posted Hoover's Inauguration 1929 chart with brief notes (sans edits) on my Jude's Threshold site if you'd care to take a look. Enlarge the above chart for more details on the Inauguration and subsequent presidency of Herbert Hoover with the degree of BANKRUPTCY rising in tandem with warrior Mars and a depressive if ambitious pairing of Moon and Saturn as the Kite's tail which hints at success for ruling class but disadvantages and loss (Saturn) for We the People (Moon).

Perhaps the bankruptcy of our nation and people was the success the central banking cartel was aiming for.

May 1, 2013

April 30, 1803: Louisiana Purchase a done deal w Jupiter Rx in Virgo

Empiric Sorrows Developing Since 1803

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday April 30, 2013 marked the 210th anniversary of the signing of America's Louisiana Purchase, a Treaty signed in Paris, France, which doubled the size of the US and made us in 1803 the largest country in the world. Setting a bad precedent for future empire builders, President Thomas Jefferson put aside his doubts about the constitutionality of such an expansion (it wasn't and still isn't), aka, a land grab, in order to take advantage of what remains so far the greatest real estate bargain in history!

Subsequently, America's Jupiterian expansionist tendency was made irresistible by none other than Mr. Jefferson and became known as Manifest Destiny and has presented our nation with many difficulties through the years. Perhaps the ultimate problem we've encountered is Washington's unfortunate, over-reaching habit of playing the role of global cop, our domestic economy be dratted (though we're still expected to do our part and pay taxes to the IRS, our war-fund collector.)

As for the often-praised Louisiana Purchase, American Originals has the scoop, images, and a link to the Treaty's text if you wish to check out more details.

And because the whole endeavor is such a Jupiterian one, and since Jupiter left his shadow (of his Rx Station degree 16Gem22, of Oct 5, 2012) on April 25, 2013, you know I had to peek to discover where expansionist Jupiter was located on April 30, 1803--@26Vir46 and Rx, using the noon hour, Paris, FR.

Virgo is Jefferson's natal Jupiter sign though earlier by degree--still, it's a placement denoting a scientist, which he was. Being in the last decanate of Virgo, 1803 Jupiter had recently moved beyond US natal Neptune 22Vir25 but in Rx condition was headed back that way, so we may naturally consider the transit since the combination of Jupiter-Neptune is the speculator-spendthrift-wastrel-grand-schemer duo of energies, and this massive land deal of 828,000 square acres for $15 million falls neatly into such a category. Oui?

Transit Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune indicates a time of unprecedented development yet losing touch with reality is a possibility; actions may be grandly inspired or inspirational, and that it has been, but it can also lead to illusions, delusions, and fanaticism (which I also think it has.) Additionally, our representatives' journey across the ocean to France is also described by adventurous Jupiter conjoining urge-to-merge Neptune, ruler of The Seas.

And the subsequent problems created in 1803 by our imperial expansion? Why, there's a problematic YOD pattern of crisis, turning points, special tasks, and/or crossroads between the Sun (9Tau08, an Earth sign that can be rather greedy for more--in this case, land) and powerful hidden hand Pluto @8Pis04, the natal position on July 4, 1776 of US natal Ceres ("amber waves of grain") and of our natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint of take-what-you-want Plutocracy.

In Closing, a Powerful Midpoint Picture

Now the Sun-Pluto sextile at the base of the YOD points its two quincunxes (150 degrees) toward catalyst Uranus Rx @8Lib11 (in 3rd house at noon of April 30, 1803, Paris) so we have potential expressions of the trio's midpoint picture--any, all, or none may apply. Plus, 'Sun-Pluto' = 'striving for power; craving rulership; power of attainment; establishing and consolidating one's position as a leader'--Ebertin.) With this Purchase, I'm thinking of President Jefferson's opportunistic disregard for the US Constitution as I type, a bad habit, now ingrained, which Washington politicians can't seem to get enough of these days in their Quest:

Sun-Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (Ebertin); sudden changes; rebellion; new individual perspectives (Tyl.)

Jul 22, 2011

Rep. Dennis Kucinich tells what War is used for

Once upon a time there was a popular song that asserted, "War! Huh!...What is it good for? Absolutely nuthin'! Say it again..." (insert blaring horns; I totally dislike blaring horns. And war.)

Nowadays people realize that war is 'good for' many things such as plundering other people's resources and establishing imperialist power bases on behalf of a 'new world order' of global domination, aka, a one world government. We now know that it's 'good for' a select few, but really really bad for anyone who gets in the elitist Vulcans' way and their 'vision' of The Great Plan of universal power.

Wonder how much oil and gas it would save the US to stop bombing other countries and bring our soldiers home from Middle Eastern sands?

Here's Rep. Dennis Kucinich telling of another 'use' for war, and he's right:

How War Is Used To Redistribute Wealth

By Dennis Kucinich

"War Takes Money From The American People & Gives It To War Profiteers!"

Jun 24, 2011

Kucinich: US actions in Libya "surreal" 6.24.11 (video)

Here's the video I mentioned earlier today of Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaking on the House floor this morning and calling the US misadventure in Libya "surreal," among other things.

Well, you know Mr. Kucinich is correct, don't you? And he doesn't mind calling a situation 'Orwellian' that really is Orwellian.

Wonder what happened to Mr. Kucinich's plan in 2008 to investigate those mysteriously executed and very lucrative "put options" which suggested insider trading involved in the attacks of 9/11?

House votes No to US military action in Libya 6.24.11

Have congress members found their backbones or are they worried about their fund-raising for the next election? Well, on C-SPAN I watched much of this morning's 'debate' on the House floor over action in Libya so this news nugget is of little surprise.

I hope the US drops this ill-timed, unaffordable, and immoral mission and that you too caught Dennis Kucinich's impassioned speeches this morning - his remarks are definitely worth finding if you can, and I shall search for a video of him for posting here asap:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Rejects Measure To Continue U.S Role In Libya

The House has voted down a measure giving President Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya. More at NPR.

More on this and other topics is being broadcast as I type by the excellent Thom Hartmann. And the transiting South Node (SN) is nearing US natal Mars (military; god of war) closer and closer as you read these words - and we have a US Mars Return coming soon...

Mar 7, 2011

Prison Planet News & Discussion March 2011 (videos)

It's Video Monday here at Stars Over Washington.

First, the Sunday Edition (3.6.11) of the Alex Jones Show with PrisonPlanet editor, webmaster, and journalist Paul Joseph Watson sitting in for Alex with discussion of the latest breaking news.

And here's a video I missed from February 26, 2011 where "humanitarian cover" for invading Libya is outed as "threadbare" fear confirmed of another imperialist US war?

Oct 16, 2010

CIA, KKK, and an astro-peek at the CIA natal chart

Here are some disturbing excerpts from an email alert just received with the full story's link provided at end:

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 05:33 PM PDT

(GlobalResearch) – By assigning covert action roles to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it is as if the White House and Congress had legitimized the Ku Klux Klan to operate globally. That’s because the CIA today resembles nothing so much as the “Invisible Empire” of the KKK that once spread terror across the South and Midwest. Fiery crosses aside, this is what the CIA is doing globally.


Allowing it to operate in secret literally gives the CIA the mythical Ring of Gyges. In Plato’s Republic, the owner of the ring had the power to become invisible at will. As Wikipedia puts it, Plato “discusses whether a typical person would be moral if he did not have to fear the consequences of his actions.” The ancient Greeks made the argument, Wikipedia says, that “No man would keep his hands off what was not his own when he could safely take what he liked out of the market, go into houses and lie with any one at his pleasure, kill or release from prison whom he would, and in all respects be like a god among men.” The CIA, like Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s NKVD before it, has provided modern man the answer to this question. Its actions illuminate why all criminal entities, from rapists and bank robbers, to Ponzi scheme swindlers and murderers, cloak themselves in secrecy.

There are innumerable examples of how American presidents have authorized criminal acts without public discussion that the preponderant majority of Americans would find reprehensible. Example: it was President Lyndon Johnson who ordered the CIA to meddle in Chile’s election to help Eduardo Frei become president. If they had known, U.S. taxpayers might have objected to such a use of their hard-earned money to influence the outcome of another country’s elections. But the public is rarely let in on such illegal foreign policy decisions.


As I write, today, October 11th, 2010, Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina called on President Obama to revise U.S. (imperialist) policies toward Latin America. He questioned why the U.S. continues to plant its military bases across the region.

That’s an excellent question. If the U.S. is a peace-loving nation, why does it need 800 bases the world over in addition to 1,000 on its own soil? Americans might recoil in disgust if they knew of the CIA’s numerous assassinations of the elected officials of other nations. Is it any wonder Americans so often ask the question, “Why do they hate us?” As historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in 1961, “America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defence of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for. Rome consistently supported the rich against the poor in all foreign communities that fell under her sway; and, since the poor, so far, have always and everywhere been more numerous than the rich, Rome’s policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number.”


CIA spies have conducted their criminal operations masquerading as officials of U.S. aid programs, business executives, or journalists. Example: The San Diego-based Copley News Service’s staff of foreign correspondents allegedly was created to provide cover to CIA spies, compromising legitimate American journalists trying to do their jobs. While the murders committed by the KKK likely ran into the many thousands, the CIA has killed on a far grander scale and managed to keep its role largely secret.


...historian (Arnold) Toynbee noted: “America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defence of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for.” ##

Now there's yet another apt comparison between the in-peril American Empire and the fallen Roman Empire (which is alive and thriving inside the Vatican's Jesuit Illuminati network.)

You'll find more CIA info within the article, so if you wish to read the rest - here's a link to Sherwood Ross' The CIA, the KKK and the USA.

And here are the official FAQs and answers about the CIA directly from the horse's severed head as we might be forgiven for saying. Note that the CIA works for the president according to "applicable law"!! Given all the heads of state the agency has installed, deposed, and/or assassinated through the decades and the people 'renditioned' into torture chambers, the US must have many laws allowing such actions which its citizens know nothing about (Patriot Act notwithstanding.)

Plus, you may note within the article a mention of Barack Obama as being a former CIA operative. Hmmm...his parents, too?


The US Central Intelligence Agency's Wiki bio gives its original founding as: President Harry Truman's signing of the National Security Act on July 26, 1947 aboard what was the first presidential aircraft, the Sacred Cow. Does this make the CIA and our armed forces America's Sacred Cows? Their out-of-bounds secret budgets would seem to indicate so as they 'run the show' and set the tenor for our terror-exporting imperial plutocracy.

Now I don't know just where Truman's Sacred Cow was parked during the signing ceremony so I'm using 'Washington DC' as a location for a speculative horoscope of the birth of the CIA since I assume that Langley, VA was set up as its headquarters at some later point in time and that the signing did not occur there.

Chart shown: July 26, 1947 12:00 pm edt, with the Pentagon's natal ASC at Mc, the Why? Point of any chart; Hour Venus 22Can10; Sun 2Leo49; Moon 22Sco34; NN 00Gem40 conjoins difficult Fixed Star Alcyone (exile; suffering; something to cry about); CIA's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series = 3 North @ 28Tau42 = 'traumatic transformations; worrying news that transforms a situation; obsession with large plans but don't get carried away' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) How very interesting that 3N is the same PE as the attacks of 9/11.

Click chart to enlarge and hopefully you can read my scribbles; the formation of the CIA occurred under the cruel auspices of a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, and both are planets of control and were opposing one another upon the US natal ASC/DESC axis on 9/11/01. Highlighted in blue upon the chart you see Michael Munkasey's analysis of the Saturn/Pluto combo: use of secret police (and military agencies); upsets in existing checks and balances.

That sums up The Agency rather well, I think. As listed top right, US natal Neptune 22Vir25 (veils and deceptions) had three midpoints upon it on July 26, 1947: Saturn/Chiron ('letting go the rule of the father' - make that 'founding fathers'), Moon/Venus ('minority groups and how a country helps preserve their heritage and culture' - or not), and the oppressive, disenfranchising duo of plutocracy, Pluto/Chiron.

The explosive pair of revolution, Uranus and Pluto, are both out-of-bounds and working on their own outside the realm of the other planetary functions. South Node = '1Sag': "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in the Sabian Symbols; the Mars/Uranus midpoint 21Gem03 conjoins US natal Mars (god of war); US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is rising at noon and secretive, deceptive, fraudulent Neptune 8Lib23 has just arisen as well.

This gives a Saturn/Neptune vibe to the noon ASC so here we see the 'secret' or 'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn)' indication mentioned in the article linked above.

CIA's Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (which is not dependent on an exact birth time) sits atop the US natal chart (Sibly; Mc 00Lib43)...Jupiter/Pluto = 'growth of security or spy agencies; self-destructive forces which stem from official corruption; greater powers for religious leaders; extreme depletion of resources; criminal elements with great social influence; destruction of legal documents; pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons' (Munkasey) - all of which seem to me to apply to the CIA's operations.

1947 Jupiter/Pluto = US n MC: ambition and industriousness; advancement and promotion; great luck; the desire to succeed as manager; rising above petty ideas and inclinations; respect from others for great accomplishments in society. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

There is also a 'hidden square' (256 degrees) between Uranus and Neptune, the Illumination/Illuminati planets which relates to the all-seeing eye that has turned out to be all about complete surveillance of the American people and everyone else, too. (I think I feel a surveillance satellite passing over my head as I type.)

So here's what I wrote about the 'hidden square' in the US natal chart in a post concerning the use of a Scorpio Ascendant for America as a 'spy agency' or 'spying activities' natal chart. Yes, the Uranus/Neptune 'hidden square' applies to America's 1776 horoscope no matter which ASC (birth time) is used for July 4, 1776.

And as you know, among other things, the sign of Scorpio is about spying, secrets, manipulation, and betrayal, with strong-arming, clandestine, cloaks of invisibility, extreme force, and weaponry Mars/Pluto vibes. So let's close with the difficult Mars/Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoints at Mc (The Goal) of (this version of) the CIA's natal chart...for even if noon was not the actual hour of Truman's signing of the bill, these midpoints did cross the Midheaven that day all the same...

Mars/Saturn = Mc: the power of resistance; endurance; the necessity to overcome many difficulties; silent pride; mourning and bereavement.

Mars/Pluto = Mc: dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver; confidence and ambition; danger through the intervention of a higher power; operations ('ops'); unusual capabilities for advancement in life; learning how to gain control of and use powerful or extreme measures for increasing your standing or stature; principles that propel you to success; fulfilling certain ambitions by attaining influence.

(Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Jul 26, 2010

A link to WikiLeaks' "Afghan War Logs"

With a spirit of full disclosure concerning what the US government purports to be doing in my name, I'm posting the WikiLeaks Afghan War Diary 2004 - 2010 link which I had to switch to Firefox as my browser to obtain.

By the time you click to read what the Pentagon has been up to in this privatized-for-profit war in distant Holy Lands - the link may be broken, or links within the page may not be Live. The site may be taken down or otherwise sabotaged.

Therefore, you may wish to try The Guardian.

This will be primarily because the White House and the Pentagon are understandably upset that this massive information dump has occurred and as one of the Vietnam-era Flower Power Generation, perhaps I may be forgiven for remembering fondly Dr. Daniel Ellsberg and his leaking of The Pentagon Papers which helped mightily to change the debate on the Vietnam War, eventually ending US aggression.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has compared the leaking of The Pentagon Papers with the documents he has recently released on his site and - weeks ago - made available to 3 newspapers including The Guardian and Der Spiel.

Yet it seems that so far, the White House isn't 'challenging the veracity' of some of the reports such as the info on Pakistan's ISI spy service working and planning with the Taliban while the Pakistani government facetiously takes billions of dollars of 'aid' from American coffers to allegedly 'fight' the Taliban.

It is said that the newspapers' publishing of the 'Afghan War Logs' have been coordinated with WikiLeaks. This may be considered an 'attack' on the White House and Pentagon - on the nation, actually. The 'national security' card is already being played and will win out, I suppose.

Well! It seems that Sunday evening's Full Moon @ 3AQ00 has brought to light many transgressions which are unavoidable in war. These Bush-Cheney wars were, however, completely avoidable in both cases as they were neocon warhawk wars of choice.

President Obama has so far stuck with the set course toward imperialism and plunder.

My previous post mentions that the Full Moon of July 25, 2010 is/was a Buck Moon, and I wondered where the 'buck stops'...turns out, the buck stops with America and is driven by our government's unquenchable thirst for more power, more resources, more territory, and more wealth.

Even if these things belong to someone else.


It's win-at-any-cost and might-makes-right as the tattered, threadbare cap knit together by strands of 'spreading democracy and freedom' is rent now in two and the freedom bells ring hollow in the United States of America this morning.

Surely there can be no going back. Is this An Awakening, perhaps? Out of the slumber of war?

For me there is no patriotic flag large enough to cover the hypocrisy and the out and out criminality of what the American government has perpetrated in Afghanistan and Iraq - in my name.

And my horror includes the idea that it may be my own government whose finger-on-The-Button is most worrisome in this dangerous world where Niobe's Plea too often goes ignored by cynical idealogues who plot against little children while remaining so very far above the fray.

Niobe's Plea is imported from Cosmic Persona Designs (for 17+ only, for Chiffonery Art is involved.)

The Niobe archetype in Myth and Astrology: the grieving mother; this includes Ecology and Eco-Awareness of our living, breathing Mother Earth.

Mar 9, 2010

American Empire we hardly knew ya

History can be a tiresomely accurate predictor of the future. Therefore, given the tendency of empires to collapse under their own unwieldy weights, it's quite possible that the Collapse of the American Empire may occur even sooner than we expect.

Has the big fat rump of imperialism spread about as far as it can go?

Dec 1, 2009

Bush deliberately let bin Laden escape to justify war - video

Just as I always thought, as did many other Americans in Dec 2001 and since: Bush-Cheney deliberately allowed Osama bin Laden to escape in order to justify the neocons' illegal invasion of Iraq and accomplish their long-desired overthrow of Saddam Hussein and his statue in Baghdad.

You know the lack of Bush's respect for US soldiers has been demonstrated through the years by many things: lying to take the US into illegal wars, lack of equipment to keep them safer while in battle, shabby medical care once they return home (if they return at all), re-deploying soldiers who deserve a break, 'privatizing' the war, leaving rank and file to answer for Abu Ghraib abuses, Blackwater gangsters - the list is endless.

Now someone speaks out to say that our soldiers were pulled back from capturing the very reason - bin Laden - the Pentagon invaded Afghanistan in the first place so more of our troops could risk and give their lives for a sham cause that makes the rich richer.

And this treason came from not one but two draft dodgers, Bush and Cheney!

Notice I didn't include the attacks of 9/11 as false flag ops. Which is why I just did.

But Tora Bora was Dec 2001 - now it's December 1, 2009

Then tonight at 8:00 pm est, President Obama will make Bush's misdirected course of action even worse by announcing a ramping up of America's imperialist mistakes, missteps, and bullheaded hubris which adds prayer to my menu for tonight and 'going forward' about you?

See my previous post for the natal chart of Afghanistan with transits for Dec 1, 2009. You'll find tonight's presidential announcement post with the 8:00 pm West Point, NY chart linked therein.

Afghanistan's natal chart w/ Dec 1, 2009 transits

Natal chart shown: Afghanistan July 17, 1973 12:00 am AFST Kabul, with Dec 1, 2009 transits around outside of chart (highlighted in green.)

Afghanistan as we know it was founded during a Sun Hour with Venus 19Leo59 in 4th house as chart-ruler. The only applying aspect made by Venus is a trine to Chiron 20Ari53 in 12th house, conjunct warrior Mars 16Ari10. There are two separating (waning) aspects to Venus: sextile Uranus 19Lib07 in 6th house (0S52), and a trine to Mars (3S49) so Venus trined Mars then took her considerable influence into a trine with Chiron.

ASC 8Tau45; Mc 24Cap17 (Aspirations and Goals) which will be dearly affected by the Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series: 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come suddenly; new commitments as a result of others being unable to carry on; events are difficult but outcomes for self-esteem and harmony are good' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

"Harmony"? In Afghanistan? That would be a first in a long line of contentiousness and squabbling yet would be most welcome by me personally. (Perhaps I should here pre-apologize to the wonderful people of Afghanistan for the war escalation about to occur...see end of this post.)

Tonight, Dec 1, 2009, as President Obama announces to the world the US escalation of war by sending 30,000+ more US troops into the long-contested country, Afghanistan is like the rest of us: under the difficult rays of the current Solar Eclipse of July 21/22, 2009 @ 29Can27, the 11 South Series (11S) which happens to be Afghanistan's own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series. The July Eclipse is conjoined with the country's natal Mercury 29Can42 Rx, all at critical 29th degrees; US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx opposes.

View the chart-with-details of tonight's presidential announcement with 29 Cancer rising which brings up the July 2009 Eclipse at 8 pm est, West Point, NY, when Pres. Obama will attempt to persuade us that massive troop escalation is a good plan with a chance for 'success' - yet "this is not nation-building," says spokesman Robert Gibbs. No? At the least it's invasion and occupation.

As you see, I've notated the country's PE 8Can32 in n 3rd house with n Nemesis conjunct South Node 7Can40 which indicates that unbeatable foes (Nemesis) from the past (SN) were lurking in the bargain in 1973 when the present form of Afghani government was set up, even though Afghanis gained independence from Britain on Aug 19, 1919.

The horoscope for 1919 resonates with Dec 1, 2009's transits as well, but that's a post of a different length and won't be covered here -- except for a few things: the PE of Aug 19, 1919 (Ecl of May 23, 1919 @ 7Gem06) conjuncts the presidential announcement's Moon and transiting MIDAS - and conjs Afghanistan's n 2nd cusp 8Gem32 which has creator/destroyer Siva upon it @ 7Gem41 - and the 1919 Solar Eclipse is also in Afghanistan's natal 11S Series!

So the fluctuating Moon conjs n Siva conjs n 2nd cusp of Values and Money, and all on the 'nuclear degrees' axis of Gem/Sag - and conj Fixed Star Aldebaran (success through integrity); announcment's Sun 9Sag59 conjs Antares in Afghanistan's n 8th house of Transformations, Shared Resources - and Death. Keyphrase for Antares: obsessed with success.

As you know, the 11S Series indicates 'systems breaking down; new methods, ideas, and reforms are needed; any blocks may be violently and tragically removed' (Brady) so will the US war escalation in Afghanistan qualify as a 'regime change' for the country in order to set up a new order?

Well, there are many more factors to consider in Afghanistan's natal chart even without tonight's presidential announcement and I'd be typing for 3 days trying to mention it all.

You see, for instance, that n Sun (leadership) is conj n Ic, an Ending Point which gives great difficulty in achieving full self-expression, for many material obstacles must be worked through in order to manifest the will in the outer world (Mc.)

Add to that the Grand Cross pattern (highlighted in pink) which provides an outlet of the energies of Sun, Uranus, Mars/Chiron (sacred warrior), at Mc. This gives a sign coloration for the Mc where the outlet is (because it's a point, not a planet) - in this case, Capricorn which is known for being difficult, if not impossible, to mold into someone else's pattern.

Having 4 planets in Cap myself, I can assure you from personal experience that no one 'changes' or molds a Cap into anything it doesn't want to be. So with the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse at n Mc (and considering its flavor as given above), it may take another leader than Karzai to 'live up to' what the West sees as Afghanistan's ultimate character, direction, and detiny in the world.

Yet please click to enlarge the chart, for you'll see listd the details of the aspects from the tension-filled Grand Cross which to me indicates that an open-ended commitment - whether truthfully admitted tonight or not - is the only chaotic tactic that will satisfy the New World Order's requirements for this pivotal country. Meanwhile, the American people's dire needs (decent health care, etc) will continue to be casualties of war escalation in Afghanistan.

(Congress is gearing up within their ongoing political mummeries to disappoint us now on health insurance reform, for Congress willingly spends massive amounts of fiat monies for waging wars, but not for the American people's needs which "cost too much.")

Now please don't take my prediction to the bank or anything, but if the war in Afghanistan drags on for many years, just remember you read it here as typed by this reluctant astrologer who admittedly and maternally can never see any war as beneficial for the common good. If the war doesn't drag on, I'll love to be wrong. Yet the total of US forces won't be in place until late 2010, reports NPR today, so get ready for a long haul, imho.

The aspects from the Grand Cross explain in part why I think it's a waste of our manpower and financial resources to escalate, yet the power elite will make mega-bucks from Afghani gas by protecting pipelines, etc. Therefore they should be the ones to pay for more war. Set up a military draft for the children of warmongering senators and congressmen and that should tamp down their gung-ho jingoism, if not derail it altogether.

And so my conscience adds:

Dear Afghanis, if you can, please forgive the American people for our tragically misguided leadership headed by neocon Zionists who have hijacked our nation, for the whole world suffers under their ruthless and overbearing hubris of imperialism being fed by visions of world domination.

So once again, Afghanistan plays the role of a domino in their "Great Game" of power.

Nov 25, 2009

Obama escalates war ~ horoscope 12.1.09

Chart shown: Dec 1, 2009 @ 8:00 pm est, West Point, New York. President Obama will give a TV address from West Point to announce his decision on sending thousands more US soldiers to Afghanistan; Hour of Mars @ 8 pm, switching to a Sun Hour by 8:05 pm. Click chart to enlarge.

Moon and Sun apply to opposition as mentioned below, a Full Moon 10Gem15; Sun then applies to a trine with Mars (7A39) and conjunction to Venus (9A49.) Trines are usually considered a positive help or talent, but can set one up for a ride on a slippery slope.

At 8 pm there's a Fire Grand Trine highlighted as you see and indicating an adventuresome, daring, and courageous nature. (Ideally for a planetary pattern, the Mc point should have a planet there. There is, however, a midpoint at Mc...Moon/Jupiter = Mc: recognition for ideas and work in expanding knowledge in foreign affairs.)

Plus, the Moon/Jup pairing of energies has an 'uncertainty, doubt, and vacillation team with expansion, advice and opinions' flavor. Moon symbolizes defensiveness and Jupiter increases that tendency; expounding on goals and ethics is indicated as well. (Munkasey.)

As you see, the current July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse (11 South Series) is rising (ASC 29Can00, a crisis degree) with its flavor of 'systems fail; new ideas and methods are needed to deal with events brought by the eclipse; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Now I know the president probably won't begin speaking at precisely 8:00 pm so chart-ruler Moon (the public; Cancer ASC) will soon morph into chart-ruler Sun (the leader) at 8:05 pm est, ASC 00Leo00. Either way, the president's first natal planet to rise is Mercury, planet of announcements, messages, oration, and thought processes.

The president's thinking and planning - nine meetings these last several weeks concerning war escalation, reports NPR - are described here and his n Mercury 2Leo20/Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx opposition (n Jupiter and Saturn 25Cap20 Rx in the karmic n 12th house of Self-Undoing) means that n Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, sets in the TV address chart.

I have neglected to highlight Mr. Obama's n Jupiter/Saturn on the chart although his other natal positions are marked in turquoise. Some US n planets/points are marked in pink and US Inaugural Moon 2009 (29Sco45) is added because it conjoins Mr. Obama's n Mc along with transiting Venus 00Sag09 in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling. Venus and tr asteroid Cupido (corporatism; The Family) are conjunct here @ '1 Sag' = the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" Sabian Symbol.

Privatized war for profit, a favorite past time of the tiresomely imperialistic 'industrial military complex', is indicated by this corporate significator at this particular degree along with Venus, planet of values, relationships, and revenge when she's scorned. "A Grand Army" indeed - but misdirected energy ill-used, imho.

Messenger Mercury is in 5th house as well @ 24Sag32, a degree traversed by powerful Pluto in late 2004 and all through 2005 which ropes Obama firmly into the Bush-Cheney war pursuits. This is significant in Dec 2009 because the president is having to come up with new ideas and methods in an attempt to finish the objectives of the US Afghanistan adventure, or misadventure, depending on your viewpoint.

Considering that the Big Money 8th house of this announcement has Jupiter 21AQ04, Chiron 21:45, and oily, gaseous Neptune 23:54 posited within, I'd say that the control of the region's natural resources is still on the agenda of the US government - and the speculator pair, Jupiter/Neptune, are leading our expansion of grand schemes and risk-taking. As you know, the two big 'uns will conjunct for the third and final time this go-round (13-year cycle) on Dec 21, 2009 conjunct US natal Moon(the people) which continues to ensnare us and our children's futures within their power play games toward a dominant world government.

And speaking of 8th house, you see that the 8th cusp conjuncts the president's natal Ascendant 18AQ03 (his natal birth data is given below) which personalizes Jupiter/Neptune in his natal 1st house of Self. So contentious god of war Mars 17Leo37 is conj his n DESC of Partnerships and is rising in the announcement chart, as you see.

Now this chart has ~Sun 176 degr 22 mins Moon~ which is a Gibbous phase just prior to a Full Moon @ 10Gem15:05 which perfects @ 2:30:24 am est on December 2. '10Gem' = "An Airplane Falling" or if you prefer to round up, '11Gem' = "A New Path of Realism in Experience."

Since any prior degree indicates karmic conditions for the next degree (such as the above-mentioned change of ASC degree for the Solar Eclipse), both symbols are pertinent in the wheel of life. And by 'karmic' this Saturnian astrologer means past behaviors and inherited conditions, not 'past lives' or reincarnation. Wars and an economically disabled country were passed down to Mr. Obama from you-know-who.

The "Airplane Falling" degree has CRISIS as its keyword. Positive expression: highly advantageous reorientation of selfhood through every issue; neg/unconscious/shadow side: defeat through disinclination to lift even a finger in decent self-interest.

'11 Gem' = IDENTIFICATION; positive expression: effective mobilization of the self's practical resources for the role it must play in daily living. Neg/unconscious/shadow side: self-delusion through sheer fantasy. (Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Well, with the transiting Saturn/NN midpoint (serious meetings) now upon President Obama's natal Midheaven (the goal) we may wish to consider the picture thus formed...

Sat/NN = n Mc: maturing through the help of others; able assistance through groups or meetings (9 meetings, as noted - jc); using assistance of others to mature and find one's destiny. (Michael Munkasey.)

Noel Tyl gives this mdpt picture as: standing alone in life; little joy from accomplishments; mourning for others.

For the human race, war is mourning, isnt' it?

The first transiting midpoint to rise is Moon/Saturn (4Leo42, just passed Mr. Obama's n Mercury = prudence; maturity; the wise thought; sadness, esp among women - Tyl) indicates an astute awareness of ambition, strategy, and direction. A depressed (Saturn) populace (Moon) is indicated, too.

Since Dec 1 is the day of rebellious Uranus' Direct Station (as seen in this chart @ 22Pis42 in 9th house of Foreign Lands, @ 3:28 pm est West Point, NY), its disruptive and shocking effects are too much indicated for my comfort - the 'shock doctrines' theory of Naomi Klein comes readily to mind.

Uranus' Direct Station is precisely opposing Mr. Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 and US natal Neptune 22Vir25. We may not want to look at the mdpt picture thus formed for with our national Neptune conj BHO's n Mars, it's not as if his actions (Mars) are clearly seen (Neptune) by the public, so let's have a peek on this momentous occasion, for cloudiness is a bad idea for the future of this war.

Mars/Neptune = Uranus: unusual stamina to speed up the outcome of activities; an unconventional approach to forcing (Mars) idealism (Nep) and socialism (Nep) on others; a noisy rebellion against aggravating dreams or visions forced by others. (Munkasey.)

Tyl adds: energetically following one's personal dream; reaching for 'pie-in-the-sky' which is exactly most of what's bothering me about the whole war escalation.

Plus, tr Uranus opposing the president's natal Mars is a time when the physical urge to act is compelling, yet outcomes are unpredictable. It's been reported today that President Obama and his power elite backers realize that this prescription for war escalation won't be accepted by the American people unless an exit date or plan is touted as well.

Uranus opposite n Mars also indicates stress, strain, head injuries, fevers, and/or headaches - and hostile confrontations will not favor the president, and as our representative, the American people will negatively impacted by the escalation of this war. "Not 8 or 9 years more" in Afghanistan doesn't necessarily mean a short extension of our occupation.

But as you see in 6th house, tr Pluto/Chiron (plutocrats, oppression, racism, corporatism, fascism, class warfare, etc) = Venus/Uranus (erratic with money; broken relationships) = Jupiter/Pluto (big bankers; criminal elements with great influence; self-destructive forces stemming from offical corruption; pacts with foreigners; growth of spying agencies; greater powers for religious leaders; a society which wields much influence; extreme depletion of resources - Munkasey), an equation that sums up much of what we're experiencing with these midpoints conjoining US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx.

In the chart shown above is another powerful equation of interest involving the transiting Uranus/NN midpoint...

Uran/NN = Jupiter/Neptune = Pluto/Mc.

(Uran/NN and Jup/Nep are given above.)

Munkasey gives the political and business implications of Pluto/Mc as: pursuit of large social or research projects; studies involving the concept of earth, the solar system, etc, as a living organism; practices concerning the disposal of toxins or waste products (ex: nuclear wastes); inadequate preparation, supplies for emergencies, or similar large disasters; overloaded waste disposal systems ('systems fail' eclipse?); destructive self-centered terrorist actions; focusing on weapons systems for great destruction.

Interestingly, a few minutes after 8 pm, veiling Neptune will be focal planet between the Pluto/Mc midpoint which seems to tell the larger tale...

Plu/Mc = Neptune: Inwardly seeing the need for changes on a larger scale; temporary setbacks due to illusions about how to effect some progress; thinking of using dubious practices to increase reputation or power.

And nebulous Neptune's foggy tendencies? The Fog of War.


Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii ASC 18AQ03; Mc 28Sco54; Sun 12Leo33, 6th house; Moon 3Gem21; 4th house; 1st house Chiron 5Pis19 Rx opposing Pluto 6Vir59; NN 27Leo18 conj Uranus 25Leo16, 7th house. Uranus/NN = 'radical political reformers': Uranus/Pluto = NN: drawn to others with similar ideas about how to change the world through new approaches. (Munkasey.)

Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, by Michael Munkasey.

Oct 1, 2009

America's 'Fall of Rome' in the news again

US debt will lead to a "Fall of Rome" scenario, as reported in Bloomberg News. This concept is also covered ably in Chalmers Johnson's revelatory book, The Sorrows of Empire, which I've mentioned here before. Mr. Chalmers states that "the final sorrow of empire (is) financial ruin" - and I say that this is what our 'leaders' have done for us in the last decades - through fraud, Ponzi schemes, greed for wealth and world domination, and the 'military industrial complex' that is now squeezing President Obama for more troops, more billions, and endless war. And we-the-people's intuitions, desires, and needs fall unheeded by US imperialism's wayside. So thanks, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. America wasn't knocked down from without but from within. Our founders would call that treason.

Jul 3, 2009

Chalmers Johnson: US military bases expand

The Secret Sorrows of Empire by Chalmers Johnson is one of my go-to books for inside info on the roots of US imperialism, and July 3, 2009 has brought a report from Mr. Johnson on the escalating costs of new US military bases the number of which is being increased, not decreased, by this Democratic president.

To settle up, state governments in the US are sending out IOUs, many July 4th fireworks displays are cancelled, and the nation is hurting in a thousand ways, but the eagle-soaring imperialists continue to march America on toward perpetual war while charging US taxpayers for war expenses while the power elites pocket the filthy profits.

"All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it."

Alexis de Tocqueville

Don't look now, Monsieur de Tocqueville, but a political faction in league with the international banking system figured this out decades ago. Or else they've been following your notes and intend to keep the masses enslaved by the chains of perpetual debt.


Paul Craig Roberts has something to say about Mr. Obama's continuance of Bush's wars, too.