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Sep 15, 2023

Jim Jones and Trump's Tisiphone

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

Tisiphone, one of the demons in Greek Mythology

Now feeling cornered (my interpretation of scofflaw Trump's current behavior), the you-knew-I-was-a-snake con man Donald Trump, who's facing an astonishing amount of legal charges and indictments intended to hold him accountable under the law for his crimes, the potential exists for megalomaniac Trump to experience narcissist collapse. Yet for now, Herr T continues fighting opponents, for his combative Mars rising in proud Leo doesn't know how to give up - and he's always been a cutthroat competitor.

These conditions, plus, planetary contacts between two narcissistic death-cult leaders, Trump and Jim Jones, resonate within the abusive conditions, personalities, events, and twisted motives behind the Jonestown Massacre of November 18, 1978. Add to this the possibility that Trump may experience a similarly tragic collapse wrapped up with the retribution he threatens vengefully to mete out if he manages to grab the helm of the Oval Office in 2024/2025. Or even if he doesn't regain control of the White House again, one assumes.

Because retribution is the orange grudge-holder's dearest dream with asteroid Tisiphone as its archetypal symbol in a chart. So when Herr T says he's his followers' "retribution," he really means it: Trump's natal Tisiphone @22Sag54 Rx falls upon his natal Sun-NN/Moon SN axis, conjunct his Moon - and natal Moon reveals the reigning need!

Notable in the Lindaland forum, I found further descriptions of Tisphone as "the killer's conscience personified," and, being one of the Furies, Tisiphone represents "vigilante homocide," as Trump's 'maga' coup attempt of thuggery showed on January 6, 2021. In a word, murder, which resonates with Trump's 12th house midpoint picture: Pluto = Mars-Saturn: 'fury, destruction, the deaths of many people' (R. Ebertin).

As for the tragic Jonestown Massacre, Congressman Leo Ryan (D-CA; May 5, 1925--Nov 18, 1978) paid a visit to Jonestown with some journalists, then as they were boarding a plane home from Port Kaituma, Jim Jones ordered their assassinations. Evangelical preacher-turned-megalomaniac Jim Jones was a malignant narcissist who led what turned out to be, not just a cult, but a death cult, and its failure - his failure and subsequent death - is an example of a narcissistic collapse. Unable to accept failure and retain the fantasy, Jones' psychological collapse resulted in 918 deaths including Rep. Leo Ryan, may he R.I.P.

Then if you're like me, the tragic example of Jim Jones reminds you of egomaniac Trump's 12th house Pluto @10Leo conjunct his Mars-Saturn midpoint which is the "death axis," in a horoscope, as noted above. This provides a midpoint picture of negative potentials for brutality, the rage of destruction; intervening of a higher power, bodily injury or harm; murder, death of many people (The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad). My hope is that the intervention by a higher power is the US Justice System holding the lifelong criminal and seditionist accountable.

Are there Mars-Saturn signatures of fatality in the natal horoscope of Jim Jones?

Jonestown Massacre November 18, 1978 Georgetown, Guyana

Now a while back, expert astrologer Eric Francis published an excellent analysis of Jones and Jonestown. In fact, a view of the Jonestown Massacre Horoscope is available but I'm not certain where his timing comes from: 5:20:00 pm BZT3. With 24Tau06 rising, this places the nasty, enraged star Algol on the horizon in that location, on that date, so this is the chart I've added to my files.

So by now, you've perhaps read Thom Hartmann's 2022 article, Is something called 'narcissist collapse' coming to America?" If so, this would be compliments of America's current malignant narcissist, Donald Trump. For as presidents go, so goes America. And Donald is not even president anymore if indeed he ever was! Now you may disagree, but I've always maintained that the Mango Mussolini only played the role of POTUS on TV (badly), and he's a serial fantasist, as we know, with his Mercury-Neptune square of misperception, deception, and a tendency to create his own version of reality, aka, a fantasy world. Notably, this aspect of faulty thinking is described by Alan Oken as The Sneaky Mind.

For more details concerning the mental condition try Psychology Today's When the Narcissist Fails.

And for astrologers and the astro-curious, there's also an Apple podcast by Dark Alignment (Brittney and Eruca Rose) available, The Astrology of Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre (S4E2) with Natal and Transit charts.

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