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Apr 23, 2024

Trump Trial Horoscope April 25, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

On Thursday April 25, 2024 another go-round of the Trump Trial for Election Inteference (2016), aka, his Hush Money Trial, is scheduled for 9:30 am edt in Judge Juan Marchan's Manhattan courtroom. Here is the 9:30 am Horoscope of the legal proceedings:

My messy study notes are penned on and include: chart-ruler Moon applies twice: 1. trine Mars (making the best of things); and 2. trine Neptune (receptive/perceptive people which describes people in the environment and the public).

Planet of testimony, communication, and negotiation, Mercury @15Ari58 turns Direct at 8:54 am edt and, as you see, conjuncts the karmic Nodal Degree (15Ari34) in 11th house of Groups and Wishes. The Mercury-NN conjunction is apex of the midpoint between Sun and Mars. Potentials are notated in the center of the horoscope, and Sabian Symbols around the chart are interesting for those who have a chance to look them up.

Meanwhile, the Sun @5Tau49 applies to nothing (feeling isolated? overwhelmed?) and the Sun's ego-bruising square from powerful Pluto wanes yet one imagines that the sting remains.

As you see, the lucky break pair of Jupiter-Uranus @22Taurus conjuncts asteroid Pandora of unintended consequences (or little hope left?) but is not quite conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven (25Taurus), yet the pair may add a spark to his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine which has lifted him out of many jams through the years. We'll soon see if the trine remains operative for the old fella as legal proceedings grind on.

Then if David Pecker continues his testimony on Thursday, his first natal planet to rise at 9:30 am is his Uranus @13Can41 conjunct both Sirius the Scorcher (the mundane becomes sacred) and Canopus, the star of old age. So with radical Uranus rising, perhaps the unpredictable, or even shocking, may be expected, however, the ability to cope could also be on Mr. Pecker's menu.

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