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May 26, 2024

Trump Trial May 28, 2024

The Criminal Trump Trial for Election Interference: Rebellion

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Horoscope: Tuesday May 28, 2024 9:30 am edt Manhattan, NY; Judge Merchan presiding:

As you see in the above chart, 1Leo04 rises which brings up Trump's natal 12th house cusp of incarceration; behind-the-scenes (as in, house arrest?). Or am I only dreaming that this lifelong criminal and sexual predator will finally be taken off the streets, if only for a short while? But of course, this also brings up his lethal midpoint picture: Pluto = Mars-Saturn.

Well, no matter how legalities proceed, according to the planetary configurations shown above, we can potentially expect "rebellion, upheaval, and challenges leading to a fight" via warrior planet Mars (his appeal of the case? and/or physical unrest?). Then the Moon-Pluto conjunction suggests zeal and upheaval by intense people. This pairing could also relate to the people feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the verdict when it comes, and the rage that is certain to follow a conviction.

Meanwhile, check out the Moon's and Sun's Sabian Symbols which are penned on the chart. And notably, chart-ruler Sun makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects so its sign, degree, and house are emphasized.

Apr 23, 2024

Trump Trial Horoscope April 25, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

On Thursday April 25, 2024 another go-round of the Trump Trial for Election Inteference (2016), aka, his Hush Money Trial, is scheduled for 9:30 am edt in Judge Juan Marchan's Manhattan courtroom. Here is the 9:30 am Horoscope of the legal proceedings:

My messy study notes are penned on and include: chart-ruler Moon applies twice: 1. trine Mars (making the best of things); and 2. trine Neptune (receptive/perceptive people which describes people in the environment and the public).

Planet of testimony, communication, and negotiation, Mercury @15Ari58 turns Direct at 8:54 am edt and, as you see, conjuncts the karmic Nodal Degree (15Ari34) in 11th house of Groups and Wishes. The Mercury-NN conjunction is apex of the midpoint between Sun and Mars. Potentials are notated in the center of the horoscope, and Sabian Symbols around the chart are interesting for those who have a chance to look them up.

Meanwhile, the Sun @5Tau49 applies to nothing (feeling isolated? overwhelmed?) and the Sun's ego-bruising square from powerful Pluto wanes yet one imagines that the sting remains.

As you see, the lucky break pair of Jupiter-Uranus @22Taurus conjuncts asteroid Pandora of unintended consequences (or little hope left?) but is not quite conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven (25Taurus), yet the pair may add a spark to his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine which has lifted him out of many jams through the years. We'll soon see if the trine remains operative for the old fella as legal proceedings grind on.

Then if David Pecker continues his testimony on Thursday, his first natal planet to rise at 9:30 am is his Uranus @13Can41 conjunct both Sirius the Scorcher (the mundane becomes sacred) and Canopus, the star of old age. So with radical Uranus rising, perhaps the unpredictable, or even shocking, may be expected, however, the ability to cope could also be on Mr. Pecker's menu.

Previously on SO'W: Trump Election Interference Trial Opens April 22, 2024 (horoscope shown).

Apr 20, 2024

Trump Trial Opening Statements 4.22.24

April 22, 2024 Horoscope: Trump Election Interference Trial Opens, Manhattan, NYC 9:30 am edt; Judge Juan Marchan Presiding; aka, The Trump Hush Money Trial:

Monday April 22, 2024 9:30 am ET Manhattan, NYC

First up we may expect a few minutes of "judicial housekeeping" by Judge Marchan, then opening statements will begin. The first witness is expected to be The National Enquirer's David Pecker, previously in cahoots with pal Trump to squash negative stories about the promiscuous New York playboy who remains an all around cad and bounder.

Trump's first natal planet to rise will be his 11th house Saturn in watery Cancer which conjuncts his Venus (dissatisfaction in relationships) and inconjuncts his natal Moon-South-Node. This natal inconjunct adds great emotional and physical pressure to the Libra Moon inconjunct Saturn in Pisces of the trial, as noted:

In the chart there are two stand-out aspects of adjustment: Moon inconjunct Saturn - with Moon conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter, an aspect of legal and/or religious conflict, and Pluto @2AQ04 (8th house) inconjunct the Ascendant (@1Can25, close enough to a Cardinal World Point of Recognition to gain the world's attention).

The Moon-Saturn aspect indicates his emotional immaturity, his obvious discomfort, and a need to take responsibility, combined with Saturn inconjunct his Jupiter (forever whining, "It's not fair!" when in Libra, sign of The Scales of Justice) which identifies his fear of humiliation, a highly judgmental tendency toward others, excessively strong feelings difficult to hide, and his sense of being betrayed and abandoned. Chart-ruler Moon opposing Venus describes the uncomfortable social situation he's forced to endure, made worse by input from the negative aspect from legal eagle Saturn.

Add the Sun-Pluto square for ego breakdown, physical suffering, and promoting a sense of martyrdom as a sop for his bruised ego (and as a campaign strategy he's already demonstrated for his gullible base's consumption).

Along Comes Heavyweight Pluto

Pluto inconjunct the Ascendant (the trial itself) shows his unwillingness to cooperate in this power struggle as his usual sense of control and the ability to manipulate conditions and people are lacking. It also suggests the defendant's grudge-holding nature, his need to know what questions will be asked if he testifies, old issues being dredged up, and his habit of repeating himself ad nauseum which will not be tolerated by Judge Marchan. No rambling on--stick to the matters at hand!

Yet Trump's tendencies to exaggerate and to make mountains out of molehills when it suits him will be expressed if given a chance; however, testifying planet Mercury opposing his natal proportion-challenged Jupiter denotes a highly unfavorable time for disagreements with authority figures.

And with the trial's Mercury-Moon opposition, the day's energies tend toward wordiness, an altering the facts atmosphere, and the potential that someone's change of heart about participating will bring things to a halt, especially since Mercury Rx won't turn Direct until the evening of Thursday April 25th. Obviously, possible losses of jurors and/or witnesses come to mind due to nervousness over the raptor's sinister gaze and his mob-like intentions.

So despite his strong emotions and deep need to take over the limelight, Mr. Trump will do somewhat better for himself if he keeps his mouth shut and keeps his wide girth off the witness stand.

For more info see the horoscope, Stormy Legalities: 1st Trump Trial of Monday April 15, 2024 which shows a first-house Moon @23Cancer--conjunct Defendant Trump's natal Saturn, with the Moon-Saturn duo emphasizing depression but the pair can also provide ambition, strategy, and direction.

Mar 27, 2024

Horoscope: Hush Money Trial Apr 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Update: Going after Judge Marchan's daughter again may be what stalls the trial date as per Mercury Rx while an appeal is heard. Original post begins here:

Below you see two images of what is scheduled to be the Trump Hush Money Trial, aka, Election Interference Trial, Manhattan, NY, set by Judge Juan Marchan for Monday April 15, 2024. I'm using a start time for jury selection of 9:30 am edt which may or may not need adjusting. The first chart has my scribbled study notes messily penned on, the second horoscope is sans scribbles.

A few factors worth mentioning include:

In 11th house, chart-ruler Mercury is retrograde ('Rx') which suggests delays (yet Judge Marchan is against delays hence the April 15th trial date), and conjuncts the trial's Prenatal Solar Eclipse, the April 8th 8 North @19Ari24 of dreams and visions which falls within Trump's natal 8th house opposite his natal Jupiter stationary. This opposition identifies ethical lapses and immorality. Additionally, legal eagle planet Saturn @15Pis10 in 10th house conjuncts crisis star Achernar (risk of rapid endings) along with testy Mars and confused Neptune in late Pisces. Check Saturn as apex planet of a midpoint picture, highlighted in blue.

Then Mercury's Rx condition suggests review, revision, and testimonies perhaps previously heard; plus, in Aries Mercury may bring exaggeration and criticism into the courtroom.

How Things Will Proceed via Chart-ruler Mercury

Chart-and-Trial-Ruler Mercury applies to conjunction with Venus at a critical degree of Aries (will Stormy Daniels testify?); Mercury also conjoins Chiron, a good placement for business negotiations, and for disseminating information in general; obviously, news and reporting are suggested although Chiron may include a blindspot condition.

Then on or about April 25th, Mercury will station conjunct the Hush Money Trial's North Node of public contact so perhaps a decision and/or an announcement will occur soon after. If the April 15th date holds steady, that is. Given Trump's serial habit of delaying justice, we'll see if changes are made.

Meanwhile, the 25 Gemini Ascendant ruled by Mercury brings up Trump's "Prez Bid New Moon" of June 16, 2015 which is penned on the chart, while Pluto @2AQ02 in 7th house leads a BOWL shape of planets indicating advocacy of a cause or a mission. Then as you see, Astraea, asteroid of Justice, @15Can23 conjuncts the 2nd cusp of Money, Possessions, and Values, while Tisiphone, asteroid of retaliation, rises at 9:30 am edt:

T-Square: Moon-Pluto = Sun: "far-reaching plans" (N. Tyl)

Significantly, powerful Pluto afflicts the Sun-Moon square, opposing Moon and squaring Sun. Potentials are for pursuit of unreasonable desires, retribution is sought, the domestic scene and family members are under threat or feeling threatened, strong emotions are expressed, someone is dealing with a loss of power and influence through an unstable power structure, and/or there are setbacks in ambitions through overblown ego problems (R. Ebertin). Now I wonder whose ego is the most overblown of all?

Chart #2: April 15, 2024 Horoscope unmarked:

In closing, here are a few details on the April 15th Hush Money Trial's steamy fire-water Sun Aries-Moon Cancer blend of conscious and unconscious energies: a volatile, self-centered, impulsive, clannish combination. Quickly sizing up situations is a talent as is smooth-talking, but handling personal criticism is very difficult. In fact, one of the blend's Images for Integration provided by the Harveys may manage to take the hush money trial by storm:

"A child in a fit of petulent fury runs away from home."

Now Trump does tend to storm out of courtrooms, this we know, but hopefully, this isn't a cosmic picture of a flight risk from justice!

Mar 2, 2024

Judge Chutkan Must Hold the Line!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Perhaps you've noticed that Politico has published a summary of Judge Tanya Chutkan's difficult position concerning the scheduling of the Trump trial in DC possibly bumping up against Election Day 2024 (Nov 5th). Meanwhile, a majority of Americans want him tried before Election 2024. The pressure on Judge Chutkan is tremendous and more threats against her person are expected, since these days in the US, organized crime figures are trying to run the show and help agent orange complete his mission as successfully as possible.

Now the last time I checked, no accurate birth time is available online for Judge Chutkan but in 2023 we did discuss a bi-wheel of her 'noon' natal horoscope surrounding the timed chart of D. Trump, if you'd care for a look at the planetary contacts between them. Unsurprising that a Mars-Uranus link is shown with its combustible energies. And her Saturn Rx-South Node in Aquarius opposes Herr Trump's natal 12th house Pluto (conjunct his Mars-Saturn = destruction; intervention of a higher power - R. Ebertin) in Leo.

There are other significant contacts between them, as you can see. So here again is the image of their bi-wheel of natal planets, and here are my previously published astro-notes:

May Judge Chutkan receive all the protection she needs! jc