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Apr 3, 2024

Year 1934 Eclipses Repeat in 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

For clues about how past events may rhyme once again in our day, the Eclipses of 1934 repeat in 2024 with similar implications, influences, and potential events. These are Solar Eclipses in the 8 North and 8 South Saros Series. Below is a list of all Eclipses in 1934 and 2024 with Solar Eclipse themes included; note that the 8 North Eclipse of 1934 is the Eclipse that influenced Herr Adolf's horrific blood purge (see below), while the 8 South Eclipse of 2024 will influence the US General Election of November 5, 2024:

Apparently, mass murder in order to cement his power was Herr Adolf's "good idea," "new-found inspiration," and "vivid dream" that he picked up from the Total 8 North Eclipse themes of February 14, 1934 @24AQ38:41. This makes a measure of sense if we consider that the bizarre fellow was psychotic, bigoted, and wanted to rule the world.

Then with transit Uranus conjunct his natal Sun in 1934, Herr Adolf forever changed the course of Germany by committing a series of extrajudicial executions known as The Night of the Long Knives (June 30--July 2, 1934; aka, the blood purge) which spotlights the year 1934. Significantly, the Solar Eclipses of that year are repeating in 2024.

So yes, this is another in my series of Forewarned Is Forearmed SO'W posts. And you'll remember Trump's recent remarks about a "bloodbath," "poisoning the blood," plus, his Inaugural Address of 2017 in which he conjured an image of what he called, "American carnage". These, plus the deaths and injuries during his J6 attack on Congress, are unsavory topics, yes, but Herr T and his comrades-in-arms have returned barbarism to the front burner of our society with destruction, retaliation, and "retribution" firmly on their dystopian agenda, as revealed by the Project 2025 purging plan. The threat is real, and how hapless would you and I be not to pass this on?

For details concerning Herr Adolf's 3-day blood purge that opened the door wide to future N*zi horrors, there's a free documentary about the purge that boosted Hitler's Rise to Power Part One of Two. The Austrian megalomaniac had already finagled the chancellorship but the purge rid him of some of his oldest companions and advanced his N*zi dictatorship. Civil liberties, freedom of the press, and other restrictions had already been forced upon the good if deluded people of Germany due to Herr Adolf's blood lust, craving for power, and desire to settle old scores (a model for Herr Donald: the ravenous spirit walks the Earth again).

So this post is meant to answer the question: where are we in 2024 when it comes to cosmic time links that reflect the N*zi era? As you see listed, above, we're 90 years on and two solar/two lunar eclipses repeating, that's where.

And besides this, the blood lust 7 North Eclipse of February 1933 has already repeated in April 2023 as Herr Adolf's "birthday eclipse."

Now in closing: you know that sometimes New Moons affect earthly events in similar Uranian fashion as a Solar Eclipse, and disturbingly I must ascribe such influence to the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024, primarily because the November 1, 2024 New Moon conjuncts the Inauguration 2017 Scorpio Moon which is basically a Lunar Return to Inauguration 2017. Personally, I do not care for this, dear reader, but there it is.

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