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Nov 27, 2020

DC Horoscope: New Moon Prior to Election 2024

November 27, 2020: Although it's too soon to write a bunch about the following New Moon Prior Horoscope, predictive of Election 2024, I'm posting the chart here for your consideration if or when you can get around to it. Chart-ruler and co-ruler with Scorpio rising? Beware the Mars-Pluto opposition at critical 29th degrees! Conflict ahead:

Image: November 1, 2024 8:46:54 am edt Washington DC; ASC 22Sco45; MC 4Vir06; New Moon @9Sco35 in 12th house of Large Institutions (ex: US Congress); PE (Prenatal Eclipse) @10Lib03, 11th house, in the 8 South Saros Series (loss; a sad completion; overstrain; possible injury - B. Brady); last 8S: September 2006 @29Virgo. Only applying aspect of chart-ruler Mars is an opposition to Scorpio's co-ruler Pluto - their Sabian Symbols: "A Daughter of the American Revolution" (Mars) vs "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference." (Pluto). It's 'win at any cost' with a New Moon that could very well influence events much as a disruptive, 'wild card' Solar Eclipse can do.

Note: Election Day 2024 is scheduled for November 5th.

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