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Apr 28, 2024

Re: The Project 2025 Transcript

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

From Media Matters, comes a Guide to the Heritage Foundation's extreme right-wing Project 2025 agenda that they hope will be implemented by the next Republican administration, whether it's Herr Trump or another.

And results of their psychosis? A total collapse of America and of our social safety net are the objectives of this fascist plot for brutality, revenge, lawlessness, misery of he mases, and even more income inequality that favors the wealthy class. If implemented, agent orange's mentor Putin and our country's other enemies, foreign and domestic, would be extremely pleased, their wishes for global domination fulfilled - a continuation of Herr Adolf's dream.

My plan? To Vote Blue in November 2024 as part of a Blue Tsunami for democracy!

Now here's a DC Horoscope of the Predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024; see what you think:

Then with the Summer 2024 political conventions expected soon, this related post might be of interest: Let's Moon-Track RNC 2024.

Apr 3, 2024

Year 1934 Eclipses Repeat in 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

For clues about how past events may rhyme once again in our day, the Eclipses of 1934 repeat in 2024 with similar implications, influences, and potential events. These are Solar Eclipses in the 8 North and 8 South Saros Series. Below is a list of all Eclipses in 1934 and 2024 with Solar Eclipse themes included; note that the 8 North Eclipse of 1934 is the Eclipse that influenced Herr Adolf's horrific blood purge (see below), while the 8 South Eclipse of 2024 will influence the US General Election of November 5, 2024:

Apparently, mass murder in order to cement his power was Herr Adolf's "good idea," "new-found inspiration," and "vivid dream" that he picked up from the Total 8 North Eclipse themes of February 14, 1934 @24AQ38:41. This makes a measure of sense if we consider that the bizarre fellow was psychotic, bigoted, and wanted to rule the world.

Then with transit Uranus conjunct his natal Sun in 1934, Herr Adolf forever changed the course of Germany by committing a series of extrajudicial executions known as The Night of the Long Knives (June 30--July 2, 1934; aka, the blood purge) which spotlights the year 1934. Significantly, the Solar Eclipses of that year are repeating in 2024.

So yes, this is another in my series of Forewarned Is Forearmed SO'W posts. And you'll remember Trump's recent remarks about a "bloodbath," "poisoning the blood," plus, his Inaugural Address of 2017 in which he conjured an image of what he called, "American carnage". These, plus the deaths and injuries during his J6 attack on Congress, are unsavory topics, yes, but Herr T and his comrades-in-arms have returned barbarism to the front burner of our society with destruction, retaliation, and "retribution" firmly on their dystopian agenda, as revealed by the Project 2025 purging plan. The threat is real, and how hapless would you and I be not to pass this on?

For details concerning Herr Adolf's 3-day blood purge that opened the door wide to future N*zi horrors, there's a free documentary about the purge that boosted Hitler's Rise to Power Part One of Two. The Austrian megalomaniac had already finagled the chancellorship but the purge rid him of some of his oldest companions and advanced his N*zi dictatorship. Civil liberties, freedom of the press, and other restrictions had already been forced upon the good if deluded people of Germany due to Herr Adolf's blood lust, craving for power, and desire to settle old scores (a model for Herr Donald: the ravenous spirit walks the Earth again).

So this post is meant to answer the question: where are we in 2024 when it comes to cosmic time links that reflect the N*zi era? As you see listed, above, we're 90 years on and two solar/two lunar eclipses repeating, that's where.

And besides this, the blood lust 7 North Eclipse of February 1933 has already repeated in April 2023 as Herr Adolf's "birthday eclipse."

Now in closing: you know that sometimes New Moons affect earthly events in similar Uranian fashion as a Solar Eclipse, and disturbingly I must ascribe such influence to the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024, primarily because the November 1, 2024 New Moon conjuncts the Inauguration 2017 Scorpio Moon which is basically a Lunar Return to Inauguration 2017. Personally, I do not care for this, dear reader, but there it is.

Feb 29, 2024

Senator Chuck Grassley and A Virgo Sun

Astro-Notes Concerning Senator Chuck Grassley

by Jude Cowell

You see before you the official 2007 portrait of Senator Chuck Grassley. A US senator on Capitol Hill since 1981, here are a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of this long-serving 90-year-old Republican politician born in New Hartford, Iowa on September 17, 1933, a man who currently carries the water of fascist 2024 candidate, D. Trump. Seemingly, Senator Grassley is a fan of the dystopian Project 2025 agenda of brutality. Is he giddy with expectation of the suffering its implementation would cause?

Now it's notable that the current Solar Eclipse in the 7 South Saros Series happens to be the series into which Baby Grassley was born with its themes of 'crisis' or 'a huge obstacle suddenly clears' (B. Brady). His 7 South manifested on August 21, 1933 @27Leo42 during Herr Adolf's glory days. The repetition of Grassley's Prenatal Eclipse this year means that 7 South themes are currently personalized for the senator from Iowa, although its effects may or may not be in public view.

Two Possible Personality Blends for Chuck

Because the Moon changed signs on September 17, 1933, Mr. Grassley's natal Moon is either in Sun-ruled Leo or in Mercury-ruled Virgo with Luna ranging from 23Leo30 to 6Vir19, and the Moon at noon clocking in @29Leo52 conjunct royal Regulus.

Earth-Fire Sun Virgo-Moon Leo suggests the personality of a hardworking elitist snob who, on his worst days, becomes a finicky know-it-all and fault-finder with a superiority complex. This is the servant vs monarch combination of conscious-unconscious energies which can be timid but with a fiery inner nature; self-pitying vanity can be self-defeating with this blend. Sun Virgo-Moon Leo is shared natally by actor Stephen Fry who said, "I'm always cast as someone in authority...I enjoy it's an expiation of that part of myself that wants to be grand."

Double Earth Sun Virgo-Moon Virgo suggests a Mercurial perfectionist and workaholic blend with a preference for systems and schedules. An excellent analyst of detailed data, practical use is made of available resources, and dedication to work and service is strong; yet a tendency to become "old-maidish" may be noticed. A worrywort, this personality blend identifies an industrious, efficient individual who shares this Sun-Moon combination of energies with President Lyndon B. Johnson who said, "I strive for the best and do the possible."

Well, there are Chuck's possible personality blends. Which do you think sounds more like the long-serving Senator from Iowa?

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey. #ad

Feb 10, 2024

SCOTUS Throws America Under the Bus

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Lately I'm in a snit of miffdom and feeling fussy regarding our country's form of government under threat, in large part due to the recent anti-constitutional side-eyes from Supreme Court justices. Perhaps you're feeling fussy, too.

Now last year on SO'W we considered SCOTUS Decisions: Law and Domination, a post containing several links concerning today's topic.

This year, on February 8, 2024, Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments of great interest to our nation's future and which could be heard via C-SPAN, so listen I did. If you need it, the full audio is available here.

As you know, the questions from the justices, three liberals included, raised issues that lean on the side of Trumpian Fascism and its opportunity to take power again as the court threw the US Constitution's 14th Amendment Article 3 provision 'under the bus' along with its clear intention to disqualify insurrectionists (such as Jefferson Davis and his Confederate bros) from ever holding government office again.

But is Trump an "officer?," the justices plaintively opined. Well, he took the Oath of Office, didn't he? And then created chaos and division from within the Venusian Oval Office for four long years. Duh.

Disturbingly, the logic and necessity of adding such an Amendment to the Constitution in the years after the Civil War - until President Grant signed the Amnesty Act of 1872, eluded The Bench's braintrust, as they quibbled over semantics and failed to focus on the genuine issues at hand, so they were able to ignore the more pertinent considerations of the mess we're in. And so, SC justices punted which means that Trump seems likely to stay on the ballot in Colorado and elsewhere.

And this travesty, no matter how another term of Trump in the White House would tear our country apart while he finishes the job of destroying democracy.

In case you missed it, you may wish to see 'Appalling!' Historians torch Supreme Court's handling of Trump ballot (The Last Word, MSNBC). And Aggressive Supreme Court discovers new humility in facing Trump ballot case: Lithwick (MSNBC). Humility?! They ran from the issues!

Now one of the more disengenuous concerns was voiced by Justice Elena Kagan: that a single state shouldn't elect the president--which is exactly what Florida did in the 2000 Election when then-Chief-Justice Rhenquist tossed the presidency to George W. Bush by stopping the state's recount. Candidate Al Gore had millions more votes, but Dubya got the plum. And you know what misguided plans that led to.

February 8, 2024: notable midpoint picture potentials:

Sun = Saturn-Pluto: sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; (Sun conjunct Cupido = spotlight on Corporatism, The Syndicate; The Family: intimidation? jc)

Saturn = Sun-Neptune: bad blood; emotional affliction; inhibitions via physical disability (or threats of it? - jc).

Pluto = Mercury-Mars: fanatic critics; sharp analysts; overzealous orators; suffering heavy assaults from others (if they don't tow the fascist line? - jc).

North Node = Jupiter-Neptune: swindlers and speculators; placing false hopes upon associations. (R. Ebertin). Nah! They all were probably swayed hard-right way before now. The "conservative" justices certainly were, as we know. No ethics to worry about there!

Then incidentally, legal eagle Saturn @7Pis19 on February 8th conjoined one of the Dark Moons (w'mat2) suggesting melancholy for some, secret agendas for others, Chiron in Aries sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune which echoes the natal 2nd house trio of Herr Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter at RxS). But wait a minute: the Lunar Eclipse of March 25, 2024 @5Lib07 will land directly upon, and reveal secrets and deceptions concerning, the wanna-be dictator's natal Neptune in his 2nd house of possessions, earning ability, and values. This could be good.

So now, here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning Neptune's transit to the SCOTUS Saturn, karmic planet of law, legal systems, judges, and government:

"Other possibilities with Neptune-to-Saturn include contagion (Neptune) affecting judges or other court officials (Saturn) to a hobbling degree, there may be loss although it's impossible to say from what cause (it may be mysterious!), and/or there may be some combination of inspired ideals and misguided notions being argued during proceedings. Naturally, other court circuits may be affected as well (Saturn) with substandard judges attempting to adjudicate in positions they should not have taken due to inexperience, ill-preparedness, lack of education, and/or odd or strange ideas. Notably, conspiracy theories may crash against brick walls during this period." (Edit 2/10/24: sounds like Judge Aileen Cannon adjudicating, delaying, Trump's Mar-a-Lago stolen documents case, aka, espionage.) Here's the complete post, Undermining SCOTUS? Who Else But Neptune!

Looking ahead, there's a helpful glow appearing in the Spring Equinox 2024 Horoscope so focusing on this would not go amiss!

Then speaking of the dreary potentials of a second Trump term a la 2025, see: The Eclipse of the GOP's 'Project 2025'. How any voter in 2024 could possibly consider the draconian plan of the GOP worth voting for in November is beyond me. It must be because of their vain assumption that the suffering will be brought upon their fellow Americans, the ones that they themselves hate, while Trump and comrades will protect their loved ones - which means Trump voters will be balancing upon the very pentacle of gullibility with many harsh lessons to learn.

Jan 5, 2024

Are Judges Scared Trump Mob Will Come After Them? - Thom Hartmann clip

Here's Thom with a question that the Mainstream Media should be discussing but seldom if ever does:

Of course judges and SCOTUS justices are wary if not scared of the Trump Mob! Wouldn't you be if agent orange used his rhetoric to send thugs against you and your family?

Astrologically, challenging planetary transits are in force right now in relation to the SCOTUS Horoscope of 1790 (1st session) and the Judiciary Act of 1789 Horoscope. If you check out the charts, note Nemesis in both charts, the positions of brilliant Minerva, asteroid of accomplishment, plus, the fact that the 1789 Act was signed during a 7 South Saros Series time period - the one we're in right now with its forceful Mars-Pluto-square energies - and that the 1st session of the Court in 1790 was held under the auspices of an 8 North Eclipse. And as you know, an 8 North Eclipse repeats on April 8, 2024 @19Ari54 (conjunct Chiron @19Ari54) as the third of three total Great American Eclipses with vibes of "visions and prophetic dreams" (B. Brady).

Previously appearing on SO'W: The Very First Great American Eclipse in 1878, a year of President Rutherford B. Hayes, yellow fever outbreaks, the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, the Posse Comitatus Act signed into law to protect the American people from the military, the final Salem Witch Trial held in America, and other events of significance. Obviously, a related current event issuing from the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 is wanna-be dictator Trump's sinister urge to use the US military to go after his opponents. See The Eclipse of PROJECT 2025.

So! it's 1. Great American Eclipse 1878: Rutherford B. Hayes and his controversial election;

2. Great American Eclipse 2017: Donald Trump with his controversial election and the help he received from abroad and from wealthy anti-democracy donors determined to destroy the US Constitution;

3. Great American Eclipse 2024: Joseph R. Biden in the White House, sore loser Trump's Big Lie ongoing to disguise his loss in November 2020 - and with democracy on the line for Election 2024 while enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, work to cheat their fascist way into authoritarian control of our country by use of disputed presidential elections, for one thing.

Vote Blue in November 2024 to Save Democracy and say NO! to a dystopian society of primal violence.

Nov 13, 2023

Mystery Horoscopes: Past Dictator and his Devil's Apprentice

Scorpio Lunations of Scrutiny: 2023 spies 2017

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Today's New Moon @20Scorpio activates a significant Full Moon which perfected on May 10, 2017, the very day that dictator-wanna-be (who has now crossed a line and used the word "vermin" for his opponents like the old dead Austrian used to do) fired FBI Director James Comey. We couldn't realize it then but this can be considered a foreshadowing of the alleged agenda known as Project 2025, said to be planned for implementation on Day One of a second term of dystopia if Herr T can claw his way back into the White House.

Why? Because he purged James Comey for not swearing allegiance to him, and he wants a much larger purge starting in 2025 of all government officials and workers who understand that their allegiance is to the US Constitution and not to an indivdidual. A personality cult is not how it works in America so obviously, T and his comrades are trying to operate in the wrong country.

Then if we add the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New and Full Moons of 2023 and 2017 we get a Derelict Soldier who follows his conscience - which will not be allowed by wanna-be-dictator Herr T (if We the People stupidly allow the felon back into power).

Anyway, below you see a bi-wheel of two "mystery horoscopes". Inner is the natal chart of a past dictator (guess who?); outer chart is that of a dictator-wanne-be with planetary contacts between them circled and penned on.

Added are a few astro-notes and below the bi-wheel image is a list of potentials of past dictator's natal midpoint pictures which happen to conjunct dictator-wanne-be's natal Midheaven, the Goal Point of any horoscope.

And notably in 1990, Ivana said her husband kept a book of past dictator's collected speeches beside their bed. Sooo romannntic!

Now since the two ill-adjusted, bigoted egotists are sympatico in the realms of abuse of power (Pluto-Saturn), group causes (Jupiter-Uranus), plus, their shared character flaws of grievance, revenge, violence, zealotry, and anti-societal moral issues (Mercury-Chiron), a planetary comparison seems appropriate although disagree, if you must. But please see the lower right corner where nestled are the 1917 Eclipse themes which symbolically influence the combination of their natal charts, aka, their relationship horoscope:

Dictator-wanna-be's MC = 1889 Mars-Neptune (weakness, sickness, failure), Venus-Neptune (losing oneself in illusion), Mars-Pluto (ambition; facing overwhelming force; danger through the intervention of a higher power; an operation), and last but not least, Venus-Pluto (a karmic union). Apparently, some loose cannon goomba thinks he's meant to finish a mission to take over the world!

Source: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin #ad

But we mustn't leave out Fascist Number One! So you may wish to check out Benny Mussolini's natal Ascendant @20Scorpio! bwo a previous post concerning The Bundle of Herr Trump. Because Brazen Benito was born with the planetary shape of a Bundle (of a dictator) but Mango Mussolini has had to evolve into it, the poor ole fella.

Edit: If you get a chance, listen to the 'Countdown with Keith Olberman' podcast episode, "The Media Just Figured It Out: Trump Is Hitler" 11.14.23. "We must use the real words."

Oct 15, 2023

"Blood Moon" Eclipse October 28, 2023

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Quite a few study notes are penned upon the DC Horoscope of the "Blood" Moon Eclipse of October 28, 2023 @5Tau09 conjunct 2nd cu$p - perfecting at 4:24:01 pm EDT in time for Halloween 2023. Please enlarge the image for better viewing.

Right away we see that with fraudulent Neptune rising in shady Pisces, our espionage, sabotaging of government, and gaslighting troubles continue, plus, political, ideological, and religious conflicts extend along with financial concerns (Sun @6Scorpio: "A Gold Rush"); relationships may end if not strong enough to survive current strains.

Yes, these are tragic days of separation and mourning (Saturn = Moon-MC; R. Ebertin) afflicting suffering people around the globe, and a fateful struggle is engaged (Pluto = Saturn-MC). Meanwhile, uncertainty, insecurity, and neuroses continue to cause problems, not the least of which is in the US Congress due to "maga" Republicans who are there to sabotage, not govern.

However, Neptunian veils and disguises are due to be exposed and the spotlight of a lunar eclipse creates the perfect timing for it! Plus, we always expect significant leaks of secrets and inconvenient information when a lunar eclipse is in the picture. And for DC, this particular 'wild card of the Universe' shows sneaky Neptune rising!

Now below you see that the Midheaven ('MC"), the Goal Point of any horoscope, sports Cupido atop the chart which suggests that entities such as Corporatism, The Syndicate (crime; mafia; secret organizations), and 'The Family' (religion) remain primary antagonists of a democratic America as foreign and domestic enemies form coalitions, however loose or temporary, intended to collapse our nation. But not so fast: because the Moon's symbol, "A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" hints that a Speaker of the House will be found - perhaps a democrat such as Hakeem Jeffries who can work with "both sides of the aisle." Yet how well 'the people's business' might then proceed is anyone's guess. But we know it's definitely a dud under anti-democracy "maga" Republicans.

"Blood" Lunar Eclipse October 28, 2023 @5Tau09 4:24:01 pm EDT:

As you well know, the world is in crisis (Solar Eclipse in the 7 South Saros Series--here in 7th house @21Lib08) and yet hope for improvement is available via "an obstacle suddenly clears" (7 South, B. Brady). The late October Lunar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus represents the culmination phase of the last New Moon (7S Eclipse) of October 14, 2023. And with a Taurus Moon, we may expect changes in financial matters, eclipse or not. Then of course, both Libra and Taurus are Venus-ruled and relate to money, valuations, and materialism.

Sun Sco-Moon Tau (Water-Earth; Mars-Pluto, Venus)

This blend of conscious-unconscious energies shows determination, intense idealism, and concern for others. However, a tendency toward dogmatism can rear its head especially when pride and self-esteem are under threat. An inherent understanding of financial realities and an inflexible or rigid will may be noticed, along with an occasional blindness toward the motives of others.

Now let's consider one of this blend's "Images for Integration" which seems most appropriate for the times - and the low-charactered people - such as these:

Pluto takes Persephone Into the Underworld (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, The Harveys #ad).

So this is a brief look at the October 2023 'Blood' Moon Eclipse with the chart set for Washington DC as a symbol of the United States of America. Notably, nebulous Neptune in Pisces acts as the final dispositor of the horoscope - and links to the Republican Party as the political party in the US that formed in 1854 with Neptune in mid-Pisces, so I blame their underhanded ways for most if not all of our current troubles. And as far as yours truly is concerned, the GOP can dissolve itself any way it likes as long as it doesn't wash our country down the drain with it. Besides: Republican politicians don't represent even half the US population so why should they run the show with their hateful fasc*st agenda?

Oct 2, 2023

Baseless Impeachment Undermines US Authority, says Saturn

Enemies of America Busier Than Ever

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

When the Impeachment of President William J. Clinton took place on December 19, 1998, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his Republican comrades thought they were destroying the Democratic presidency of the 42nd President of the United States. Two articles of impeachment were entered: lying under oath (about an illicit sexual affair!) and obstruction of justice (aka, standing in the way of his Republican opponents' goal of removing him from the White House).

Yet with 'Bill' a highly popular president, the American people were having none of it so Republican machinations against Mr. Clinton, unsubstantially based to begin with, didn't turn out to be as harmful as they'd intended. Hillary had outed the "vast right-wing conspiracy" but it needed more practice to achieve its anti-societal aims. However, certain results did occur, and of these I fuss today!

Fuss because the Clinton impeachment campaign (and his unsavory behavior - but no "high crimes") undermined the reputation and authority of America and of the US Presidency around the world by the late 1990s and into the New Millennium. With the weakness of the Republican impeachment argument against President Clinton, the GOP went a-searching for justification just as they've attempted in 2023 - and have become laughingstocks.

A Tarnished Political Party - But Which One?

Back then, America's authority and reputation were tarnished by zealous Republican anarchists - just as the GOP-MAGA zealots try to do now against Democratic President Biden via his son, Hunter. And during both periods of time (1995/96 and 2023), GOP efforts to shutdown the government while they stew in tantrum mode occurred (more damage) and are occurring in order to make their Democratic rival for the White House 'look bad' at the 2024 election. Radical reactionary GOP-ers are really quite predictable, aren't they? No good policies from them for the American people, only malicious obstructionism and spiteful schemes of sabotage (exs: J6; government shutdown; Project 2025).

Pouty McPoutfaces then, Pouty McPoutfaces now

President Clinton's second Inauguration occurred January 20, 1997, and 1998 was also a very eventful year as US SP Saturn was getting underway in backward, inwardly turned motion; therefore presidential authority had subtly shifted and was not as 'looked up to' as our exalted Saturn had been. After all, an impeached president isn't a 'good look' for a boastful America, leader of the free world, as we styled ourselves. Of course, symbolically, US Saturn had progressed from Libra into Scorpio some time back but that's beyond the scope of this post. The point here is that by progression, US Saturn stood still in a manner of speaking, on January 4, 1997, changing direction - and that particular point in time is what you see in the horoscope, below, with a real time transit chart underneath showing Saturn conjunct Aries Point +1 degree:

And below are the planets at 9:09 am EST on January 4, 1997 Washington DC ('Trs' = transits), 16 days prior to Bill Clinton's second Inauguration. Wonder if Bill ever thanked the Republicans for re-electing him!

Saturn Rx Energy: Washington a Law Unto Itself?

So given the importance of karmic planet Saturn when it comes to authority, accountability, reputation, authenticity, limitation, consolidation, and other things such as government, law, and business, America's 1776 Saturn, exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, suggests that the US system of justice has also been affected by Saturn retrograde by progression and, symbolically, no longer in Libra. Plus, Saturn represents the safety urge and with its energies turned inward toward isolationism, little if any concern may be shown toward the consequences of America's actions which are often taken independently. On some levels, SP Saturn Rx reminds me of an unaspected Saturn, capable of acting without conscience in a lawless manner, never mind the collateral damage.

Now if any of these Saturnian shifts and conditions suggest to you the feeling that many Americans have noticed in recent years - that our national leadership, and others in authority (CEOs, etc), act as if they're above the law, domestically and in the world, while wearing a mantle of authenticity - then sorrowfully, dear reader, I must say that you and I appear to be on the same page.

And so! In November 2024, let's not further lower the US presidential office and America's standing in the world by allowing a convicted criminal and fraudster to take the helm of the Oval Office, agreed?

Sep 19, 2023

Republican Revolution to fight Trump's "Nemesis"

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

The Worship of Mammon; wikimedia commons; public domain

Dear GOP: The love of money is the root of all evil

An article by Michael Hirsh in today's magazine edition of Politico, Inside the Next Republican Revolution, elucidates the battle between conservatives in league with ex-president Donald Trump and what he considers to be his "nemesis," the "deep state," which in reality is the federal bureaucracy of Washington DC, aka, the federal workers whose efforts make the US government perk along. Note that Trump's natal Nemesis @16Can40 is posited in his natal 11th house as are his Saturn and Venus in Cancer (June 14, 1946).

Now it may be that government bureaucracy has grown too wieldy for our very busy and populated nation, but Trumpers' plan to completely purge and destroy various agencies is the longterm GOP agenda to collapse and destroy the US government so that a dystopian, anti-democratic fascist regime can be more easily implemented (with the GOP in power forever). Obviously, the "Reagan Revolution' of the 1980s is implicated through Neoliberalism's "trickle down" scam now on the skids under President Biden's policies, along with Reagan's other anti-societal policies during the 1980s' Decade of Greed which championed the GOP's highly lucrative Worship Of Mammon.

So the Politico article linked, above, begins with Paul Dans of the Heritage Foundation, an MIT-educated lawyer, now leading a "team of former Trump officials" who are preparing a new "America First" agenda, aka, Project 2025, which at its core, is a fascist agenda.

And admittedly, for years on SO'W I've fussed about a multiplicity of sinister GOP plans through solar eclipses and other cosmic signposts so I'll simply add to this post a list of previous post links for those who care about the future of our country and don't mind using the lens of Astrology for investigative purposes. The following list won't be comprehensive so I urge you to use the SO'W sidebar Search field for other offerings by typing in topics such as "Eclipses," "Fascism," or, "Nazism."

But naturally the most important 'urge' I can shout out to you today - as if you didn't know - is to Vote Blue in 2024 for Democracy. Your family members and future descendants will greatly appreciate your vote.

Related news: Joe Biden's Impeachment Falls Apart (9.19.23, Newsweek).

Links List:

A Reagan Revolution event, Trump's J6 Coup Attempt and Its Solar Return 2023;

And for those who dare, take a A ginger step into Trump's 12th house: a man 'overshadowed by shadows';

Mercury-Neptune and the Presidential Records Act;

Reaganomics Eclipse 1981: a Turning Point for America in the 1 North Saros Series as is The Great American Eclipse of 2017;

Horoscope: 1982 and 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions (a cosmic time link from Reagan to Trump via the cruelty, violence, and fanaticism of the Saturn-Pluto combination of karmic energies, a planetary cycle that times a new 33-year social and political order or regime encompassing the traditional 20-year Jupiter-Saturn 'new societal order');

An Eclipse Heralded the Trump Regime;

The Tower Eclipse @18Leo41 (during the Trump years);

The Eclipse of the GOP's PROJECT 2025;

The 10 tactics of fascism: Jason Stanley.

Election 2024: our Make-or-Break Moment

And to view the historical horoscope that forms the foundation of all our current Western 'new orders' see Roman Empire: Birthday of the New Order.

Sep 1, 2023

October 2024 Eclipse Activates Another!

New Moons Can Affect Events Similar to Solar Eclipses!

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

A while back we discussed the New Moon Prior to Election 2024 and its DC Horoscope. New Moons prior to elections are said to be predictive of conditions and outcomes although naturally other factors are involved as well, factors both 'on the ground' and astrologically, which will support or mitigate conclusions found in the New Moon chart. In other words, stuff can interfere.

What should be added to the previously published details concerning the 'New Moon Prior' which occurs on November 1, 2024 is that it's basically a Lunar Return to the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope. View the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope in a bi-wheel configuration with its Moon @9Sco21 - and it's disturbingly close to 9Sco35, which is the position of the New Moon Prior to Election 2024.

Meanwhile, I'm not overly fond of the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for Luna, rounded-up to "10 Scorpio": "A Fellowship Supper Reawakens Unforgettable Inner Ties" (Jones). Note that "Reawakens" is italized because people like Gov. DeSantis want the American people to remain asleep and unaware. All the better to gaslight and sneak up up on us with whatever the GOP has planned!

Now perhaps you agree that this lunar synchronicity possibly symbolizes a wake-up call to maga-ites who vote and/or to those who would cheat for Trump (or his fascist ilk) to shoe horn his bulk back into the White House. Obviously, this makes a Blue Tsunami necessary on November 5, 2024!

October Eclipses in Libra: 2005 and 2024

And yet the actual point of this post today is to display a bi-wheel of charts showing that the 8 South Solar Eclipse of October 2, 2024 activates by degree the 7 South Eclipse of October 3, 2005. Well, naturally this would be the case since the Sun returns to position annually, day by day. And when it comes to eclipses and to historical and societal events and conditions, it's all about cycles, isn't it?

In addition, we know that the repetition of eclipses offers society further opportunities for dealing with similar issues more correctly, fully, successfully! And of course, learning from past mistakes in order to keep from repeating them is an important thread beneath it all. Yet tragically, there are enemies of America and of democracy who prefer that we continue committing the same old mistakes. Example: Fascism and Nazism have been tried before and found wanting in the humane department; reverting to animalism is not the answer to what ails civilization, in the US or in any other country. Notable is that the 7 South Eclipse of August 21, 1933 is known around SO'W as the "Facism Rising Eclipse" (linked, below).

Themes of 7 South and 8 South are listed on the image:

In the center of the bi-wheel, above, you see the Sabian Symbol for "11 Libra" penned on: "A Professor Peering Over His Glasses," plus, the negative expression of the degree: 'compelling subservience' (Jones).

So with the activation of the themes of one eclipse by another eclipse, we can combine their themes for more insight, using one solar lens to consider the other. This is done when the eclipses mannifest in different signs but in this case, both eclipses are in Venus-ruled Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice and of relationships. Therefore, fair play and cooperation are paramount on a positive level; the negative level suggests those who use the eclipse energies in an insincere, deceitful way; cowardice and overindulgence may also be included via those with an anti-societal determination.

Another method for insight is a review of historical conditions such as US Events of 2005, the year of Dubya Bush's failed nomination of lawyer Harriet Miers, then, on Halloween, Bush nominated Samuel Alito who turned out to be quite a sinister Halloween jester against the women of America.

All these issues, concerns, and more are worth considering by comparing the October Solar Eclipse of 2005 (war in the Middle East, SCOTUS and Alito) with the October 2024 Eclipse (war in Ukraine - and on Capitol Hill; SCOTUS, Clarence Thomas and - Sammy Alito) as they shove the Catholic religion into the heart of American society.

Now in closing, here's a related post for the curious reader: the Fascism Rising Eclipse of 1933. Let us not repeat that brutal mistake again.