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May 22, 2024

May 23, 2024 Full Moon @3Sag

by Jude Cowell

On Thursday morning May 23, 2024 a Full Moon @2Sag55 perfects over Washington DC at 9:53:07 am edt. The Full Moon Horoscope, below, displays the Moon out-of-bounds (OOBs: estranged, alienated) leading a BOWL shape of advocacy for cause. Check the lower right corner for a few astro-notes re: a Sagittarian Moon and note that the Air-Fire Sun Gemini-Moon Sag blend is that of Mr. Trump with its hypnotic "Pied Piper" vibes and an ability to "wiggle out of tight corners like Peter Pan" (The Harveys):

Fact is, a Full Moon is the culminating stage in the monthly lunar process and this one was seeded at the May 7, 2024 New Moon @18Taurus - the Syzygy Moon of the current Trump Trial - and can likely relate to the Trump Trial for Election Interference in Judge Merchan's Manhattan courtroom, a possibility as the criminal trial nears its close. This potential was suggested to me by my friend, master astrologer and author Michelle Young.

A final factor worth noting is that the May 23rd Full Moon @3Sag conjuncts the natal Ascendant of President Biden (peep-eye!) while the opposing Sun conjuncts his natal Uranus (2Gem46 Rx) which spotlights his unique qualities, relates to group organization, and yet some measure of disloyalty may also be under scrutiny.

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