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Jun 14, 2024

America's Albatross meets with Maga Congress! June 13, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

On Thursday June 13, 2024, Donald Trump returned to what folks describe as "the scene of the crime" (his J6 coup attempt) when he met with Republican congress members in order to gage certain things about himself. Yesterday was actually his Zodiacal birthday (78-yo) as you see listed, lower left corner.

Meanwhile, agent orange is now in a stage of figuring out how to make his brutal ideas and plans against America more popular with his intended victims, millions of whom will be voting in the November Election. Sans all the GOP's cheating tactics, the orange marauder, planning a massive purge of US society, might lose the presidency which will make his wealthy backers and foreign handlers extremely angry with him. Then who knows what they'll perpetrate upon him, all that money spent for nothing, and egg on their dumb faces.

Besides, such a planned purge of US society would have to be massive due to the huge number of Americans who despise him and his "policies" - those who "stand in his way" of completing idol Herr Adolf's vision of world domination. And he's being aided by "church people" (aka, ethno-Christian fascists), no less! You'll note Cupido (The Family-The Syndicate-Corporatism) conjunct aggressive Mars @3Tau16 in 9th house: thugs in the House of Congress!

Well, America's albatross, premiere con man, and convicted felon is nothing if not a malicious schemer with his natal Mercury-Neptune square, this we know.

So above is a bi-wheel of yesterday morning's transits on Capitol Hill, a symbolically timed horoscope set for the moment that Trump's natal Mars @26Leo46 rises, and transit Uranus sits upon his natal Midheaven ('MC"), the Aspiration Point of any horoscope - surrounded by the generally accepted Trump natal chart.

Of course, this shows the transit of Uranus-square-natal-Mars for him, an unpredictable period when relationships are troublesome (see his need for feedback and for ideas on how to make his ideas more popular, lower right corner!), work habits are erratic, a change of life direction arrives, and a time when his progress can be impeded by a crowd (of Biden voters?). As you know, the Mars-Uranus duo is known for such activities as radical military involvement (militias on stand-by), viol*nce, and attack.

Other than this, conditions have become riskier and I'd rather refer you to the astro-notes penned on the image rather than typing more such potentials in this text. You understand, I'm sure.

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