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Jun 11, 2024

Rachel Maddow Presents Ultra S2 debuts!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As of yesterday, June 10, 2024, Rachel Maddow's Ultra podcast Season 2 has debuted and will be available "wherever you get your podcasts." Weekly, unless I miss my guess. The first episode is now available and begins with Wyoming Senator Lester C. Hunt, a tragic case of a man who took his own life after his congressional colleagues of the Republican persuasion threatened to expose his son - well, listen to episode one of Ultra S2.

And yes, the bullies were "American" politicians, adherents of Nazism during that era. For as we see now, such enemies of America have no compunction at all about going after people's family members. Just ask President Biden.

So! With astro-notes messily penned on, below is a bi-wheel showing the natal chart of the brilliant Rachel Maddow (inner; RR: AA) surrounded by a "12:00 am" edt horoscope of Ultra Season 2's debut. The hour is speculative, and you can re-set the chart for New York City if you prefer (it's basically the same as DC). As you see, the North Node ('NN") of public contact is poised near Rachel's Midheaven ("MC") of Goals and Aspirations making this a perfect time for a public debut of her work.

Among other planetary contacts, a dynamic T-Square of complexity is listed, lower left, involving a certain Austrian Psychopath's natal Sun @00Taurus which is here conjoined by Ultra's Mars @00Tau43, now transiting Rachel's 10th house of Career. And perhaps we should note that the 00-1Taurus area of the Zodiac is said to be degrees of viol*nce:

Now ordinarily, a Mars-to-Sun transit suggests someone feeling under attack yet since Herr Adolf apparently suicided himself in April 1945, it may be that his current-day fanatical cult members will take umbrage as their extreme sensitivities do so well. And our fight for democracy continues!

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