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Jan 25, 2017

The Perils and Eclipses of 1984 Continue to Haunt

As the Trump Administration Unfolds, Sales of 1984 Rise

The year 1984 brought two solar eclipses which manifested on May 30th at 9 Gemini in the 4 North Saros Series and November 22nd at 1 Sagittarius in the 4 South series. Now, in 2017, if Mr. Trump wants to spotlight comparisons between his new administration and the dystopia of double speak and other horrors found in George Orwell's novel 1984, he could hardly have done better than the obvious falsehoods asserted in recent days by his press secretary Sean Spicer. Add to those Kellyanne Conway's recent remarks on Meet the Press where her phrase 'alternative facts' gained much public and media attention, if not favor. Mr. Trump's stupendously incredulous presidency is now officially on parade for the world to see though the widespread applause he craves is in very short supply.

The Solar Eclipses of 1946 (Trump), 1966 (Conway b. 1967), 1984, 2002 (Bush)...and 2018

One curious fact about the 4 North eclipse of 1984 is that it not only conjoined America's natal Uranus (8Gem55), planet of war, revolution, and violence, but activated a fixed star, one of the royal stars and Watcher of the East, Aldebaran (aka, the bull's eye--details below). Unfortunately for those of us who dissent from the electors of the Electoral College who selected the boasting manbaby Mr. Trump for a chaotic stint in the Oval Office, 9 Gemini is also the degree of Donald Trump's Prenatal Eclipse in the 2 Old North series which occurred May 30, 1946 conjunct US natal Uranus. Of course, all eclipses are considered 'wild cards' of the Universe due to their unpredictable Uranian disruptions and revelations and here we see them as 'time links' between 1946 (Trump), 1966/67 (Conway), 1984 (4 North and Conway's 4 South), 2017 (the year of Trump's rise to power), and to year 2018, when Mr. Trump's difficult 2 Old North series next repeats at 21 Cancer.

4 North themes: restriction, restraint, inhibition, separation, and illusions; events occur that seem to block progress and those affected tend to overestimate or misjudge their strength or the situation; caution against taking action is advised until the eclipse passes. 2 Old North themes: unfortunate news concerning relationships; separation; the ending of a union (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Brady). Note that 4 North and 4 South also repeated in 2002 during the Bush-Cheney first term that brought the anti-constitutional actions of preemptive war, invasion, and occupation of the Middle East.

So the Trump-Pence administration's 'alternate facts' promoter Kellyanne Conway is influenced by her Prenatal Eclipse in the 4 South Saros Series which repeated as the second Solar Eclipse of 1984 when Conway was a teenager. For 4S's difficult themes, please follow the link to read a few astro-notes concerning Kellyanne Conway.

Will 2020 Bring a Final US Presidential S-election?

With heavy significance, 1984's 4 North will repeat at the Summer Solstice of 2020 at 00 Cancer, one of the Cardinal World Points of Manifestation, followed by a 4 South Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 at 23 Sagittarius. Did prescient author George Orwell, the prophet, study eclipses?

Of course, many people would discount Astrology as a lens under which to examine Politics and politicians, and that's their loss. As for those who discount the time linking ability of eclipses (by their 19-year series repetition or by degree), you can simply sit back, watch, and listen as Orwellian double speak and double dealing reach new depths under the alt-right presidency of Donald J. Trump.

And now, this:

"...Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World."

From a letter to George Orwell, dated 21 October 1949; from 'Letters of Aldous Huxley', ed. Grover Smith; Harper & Row, 1969. (My italics. jc)

And here is a copy/paste of one of my 2008 posts, with a few edits for readibility:

Orwell explains mass-media deception

"The process (of mass-media deception) has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt..."

"To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies--all this is indispensably necessary."

--George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four, published in 1949


The journalist and writer whose pen name was George Orwell was born during a Balsamic Moon phase in Motihari, India on June 25, 1903; his birth time is unverified but generally taken to be 11:30 am -5:40 LMT.

Balsamic types tend to be prophets of the future and few would deny him that label. His Sun and Moon in early Cancer conjoin hatal Neptune 3Can23, and it's not unusual for someone with a Sun-Neptune conjunction to change their identities in some way. Pen names are a good example and can give a loose grasp of their 'real' identities at best.

Endings and partings are usual for Balsamic types for they often arrive just in time to take over for someone who's just left. Sun-Moon Cancers tend toward mother complexes as well, plus, Cancer is a sign of patriotism.

The 'Images for Integration' for the perceptive, suspicious, attached-to-the-past, highly creative and sensitive Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer blend are:

"A gosling peeks out of its shell as mother goose chases away the farm cat...A theatrical family performs 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in their own garden." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

That feline must be the 'farm cat' from Orwell's other best-selling novel, Animal Farm!

Note: always a best-seller, George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four sales are zooming up on Amazon thanks to the Trump administration.

Aldebaran (alpha Tauri; the brightest star of the Hyades, the weepers, and malefic due to its opposition to Antares) is "the great cornerstone marking the spring equinox, and in this capacity, Aldebaran was the god Mithras, or Ahura Mazda, the slayer of the cosmic bull. Mithras was a great military god who gave victories to his followers but only if they followed the strictest procedure in his worship. This procedure is also reflected in the writings and worship of the god-prophet Zarathustra, of Persian (Iranian) origin...his name means star worshiper". Failure for his followers meant condemnation to 'an ordeal by fire'; "Mithras was a warrior king who also bore the title 'lord of contracts'."(Fixed Stars, Brady). Restoring earth to its original state of perfection (as political ideologues and other Utopian zealots aim for in the form of dystopian global government--"Make America Great Again!") is part of such pagan teachings. Does the title "lord of contracts" remind you of the new White House deal-maker-in-chief?

In Western Astrology, links to warmonger Aldebaran indicate that success may be taken away if integrity and ethical standards are not upheld. But how one manages this while waging war is a mystery to yours truly. Is it possible that Mr. Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of fact-distortion, misguided perceptions, and indiscretion figures it out?