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Jun 22, 2022

DC Horoscope: J6 Hearing June 23, 2022

Just a quick posting of what may turn out to be only a speculative Horoscope of tomorrow's J6 Public Hearing said to be opening at 2:30 pm edt Washington DC (. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes which include the fact that rising is Tr*mp's natal 2nd house Jupiter (@18Lib27 Stationary which brings along his deceptive Neptune and wounding Chiron - and opposing the natal Jupiter in Aries of Speaker Pelosi), Castor at Midheaven with the fighting Mars-Ascendant midpoint, and an unaspected Mercury, planet of communications such as testimonies, depositions, hearing/s, and investigations - in its own sign of chatty Gemini conjunct Aldebaran; meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus, highlighted in blue, makes no applying major aspects which makes her condition of house, sign, and degree prominent, along with a Venus-Alcyone conjunction:

2:45 pm edt: An UPDATE already! Thom Hartmann just mentioned that tomorrow's hearing is to open at 3:00 pm edt - see how difficult it is to post accurate horoscopes of the J6 hearings? If at 3:00 pm, the Trump-Pelosi Jupiters will already have risen and set (but eternally opposing one another!), and activist Mars @21Aries will have dropped into 6th house instead of being angular. And one of the 'Images for Integration' (The Harvies) of the day's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus blend of energies remains: "A Flourishing Family Business." Wonder whose?

Apr 24, 2022

The Star-Studded Founding of America

Binary star Sirius A and B; artwork; NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

April 24, 2022 Announcement:

For the curious seeker, in-depth information is now published concerning intriguing topics via Occursion Media On the DC Obelisk - Part II. Fixed stars such as Mercurial Procyon (before the dog), royal Aldebaran (The Watcher of the East; a martial star; The Follower), Sirius (the dog star; The Scorcher; the mundane becomes sacred), plus, Freemasonry, the Golden Mean, and various starry alignments of significance are included in the post - no, they are explained in the post.

Readers interested in delving into the origins of America (esoterically, historically, even mathematically) through the utilization of an astrological lens are invited to have a peek and consider cosmic synchronicities and more.

Additionally, we should note that Part III is on the drafting table as well.

Jan 25, 2017

The Perils and Eclipses of 1984 Continue to Haunt

As the Trump Administration Unfolds, Sales of 1984 Rise

The year 1984 brought two solar eclipses which manifested on May 30th at 9 Gemini in the 4 North Saros Series and November 22nd at 1 Sagittarius in the 4 South series. Now, in 2017, if Mr. Trump wants to spotlight comparisons between his new administration and the dystopia of double speak and other horrors found in George Orwell's novel 1984, he could hardly have done better than the obvious falsehoods asserted in recent days by his press secretary Sean Spicer. Add to those Kellyanne Conway's recent remarks on Meet the Press where her phrase 'alternative facts' gained much public and media attention, if not favor. Mr. Trump's stupendously incredulous presidency is now officially on parade for the world to see though the widespread applause he craves is in very short supply.

The Solar Eclipses of 1946 (Trump), 1966 (Conway b. 1967), 1984, 2002 (Bush)...and 2018

One curious fact about the 4 North eclipse of 1984 is that it not only conjoined America's natal Uranus (8Gem55), planet of war, revolution, and violence, but activated a fixed star, one of the royal stars and Watcher of the East, Aldebaran (aka, the bull's eye--details below). Unfortunately for those of us who dissent from the electors of the Electoral College who selected the boasting manbaby Mr. Trump for a chaotic stint in the Oval Office, 9 Gemini is also the degree of Donald Trump's Prenatal Eclipse in the 2 Old North series which occurred May 30, 1946 conjunct US natal Uranus. Of course, all eclipses are considered 'wild cards' of the Universe due to their unpredictable Uranian disruptions and revelations and here we see them as 'time links' between 1946 (Trump), 1966/67 (Conway), 1984 (4 North and Conway's 4 South), 2017 (the year of Trump's rise to power), and to year 2018, when Mr. Trump's difficult 2 Old North series next repeats at 21 Cancer.

4 North themes: restriction, restraint, inhibition, separation, and illusions; events occur that seem to block progress and those affected tend to overestimate or misjudge their strength or the situation; caution against taking action is advised until the eclipse passes. 2 Old North themes: unfortunate news concerning relationships; separation; the ending of a union (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Brady). Note that 4 North and 4 South also repeated in 2002 during the Bush-Cheney first term that brought the anti-constitutional actions of preemptive war, invasion, and occupation of the Middle East.

So the Trump-Pence administration's 'alternate facts' promoter Kellyanne Conway is influenced by her Prenatal Eclipse in the 4 South Saros Series which repeated as the second Solar Eclipse of 1984 when Conway was a teenager. For 4S's difficult themes, please follow the link to read a few astro-notes concerning Kellyanne Conway.

Will 2020 Bring a Final US Presidential S-election?

With heavy significance, 1984's 4 North will repeat at the Summer Solstice of 2020 at 00 Cancer, one of the Cardinal World Points of Manifestation, followed by a 4 South Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 at 23 Sagittarius. Did prescient author George Orwell, the prophet, study eclipses?

Of course, many people would discount Astrology as a lens under which to examine Politics and politicians, and that's their loss. As for those who discount the time linking ability of eclipses (by their 19-year series repetition or by degree), you can simply sit back, watch, and listen as Orwellian double speak and double dealing reach new depths under the alt-right presidency of Donald J. Trump.

And now, this:

"...Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World."

From a letter to George Orwell, dated 21 October 1949; from 'Letters of Aldous Huxley', ed. Grover Smith; Harper & Row, 1969. (My italics. jc)

And here is a copy/paste of one of my 2008 posts, with a few edits for readibility:

Orwell explains mass-media deception

"The process (of mass-media deception) has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt..."

"To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies--all this is indispensably necessary."

--George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four, published in 1949


The journalist and writer whose pen name was George Orwell was born during a Balsamic Moon phase in Motihari, India on June 25, 1903; his birth time is unverified but generally taken to be 11:30 am -5:40 LMT.

Balsamic types tend to be prophets of the future and few would deny him that label. His Sun and Moon in early Cancer conjoin hatal Neptune 3Can23, and it's not unusual for someone with a Sun-Neptune conjunction to change their identities in some way. Pen names are a good example and can give a loose grasp of their 'real' identities at best.

Endings and partings are usual for Balsamic types for they often arrive just in time to take over for someone who's just left. Sun-Moon Cancers tend toward mother complexes as well, plus, Cancer is a sign of patriotism.

The 'Images for Integration' for the perceptive, suspicious, attached-to-the-past, highly creative and sensitive Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer blend are:

"A gosling peeks out of its shell as mother goose chases away the farm cat...A theatrical family performs 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in their own garden." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

That feline must be the 'farm cat' from Orwell's other best-selling novel, Animal Farm!

Note: always a best-seller, George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four sales are zooming up on Amazon thanks to the Trump administration.

Aldebaran (alpha Tauri; the brightest star of the Hyades, the weepers, and malefic due to its opposition to Antares) is "the great cornerstone marking the spring equinox, and in this capacity, Aldebaran was the god Mithras, or Ahura Mazda, the slayer of the cosmic bull. Mithras was a great military god who gave victories to his followers but only if they followed the strictest procedure in his worship. This procedure is also reflected in the writings and worship of the god-prophet Zarathustra, of Persian (Iranian) origin...his name means star worshiper". Failure for his followers meant condemnation to 'an ordeal by fire'; "Mithras was a warrior king who also bore the title 'lord of contracts'."(Fixed Stars, Brady). Restoring earth to its original state of perfection (as political ideologues and other Utopian zealots aim for in the form of dystopian global government--"Make America Great Again!") is part of such pagan teachings. Does the title "lord of contracts" remind you of the new White House deal-maker-in-chief?

In Western Astrology, links to warmonger Aldebaran indicate that success may be taken away if integrity and ethical standards are not upheld. But how one manages this while waging war is a mystery to yours truly. Is it possible that Mr. Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of fact-distortion, misguided perceptions, and indiscretion figures it out?

Oct 1, 2016

Life Themes: the Pre-Natal Eclipses of Clinton and Trump

What Life Themes Will Express via Our Next President?

by Jude Cowell

Although uncertainty has been the case concerning the correct birth time of 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, and the natal data for Donald Trump is assumed to be accurate, one thing can be considered accurately without a known birth hour: a person's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series (PE) and its themes. That is, if their birth dates are correct! And since we don't know the name of our nation's next selected president--Clinton or Trump--let's assume that their birth dates are accurate and check out the life themes via the Solar Eclipse Saros Series into which each of them were born.

Let's begin with Mr. Trump since he was born before Hillary Clinton; a few pertinent details will be added where applicable:

Donald Trump June 14, 1946: PE = 2 Old North manifested @8Gemini48 on May 30, 1946 and is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation before birth--a solar eclipse is, of course, a New Moon). This two-for-one chart factor further emphasizes the importance of his PE, its aspects, house placement, and *degree. In 1946 this eclipse conjoined US natal Uranus, our 'totem' planet of revolution, war, radicalism, and disruption.

2 Old North is considered a difficult series with themes of: separations, endings of unions (ex: divorces), unfortunate news regarding relationships or friendships and conditions look glum but taking fast action can bring positive results.

This degree (8Gemini) in 1946 conjoined fixed star Aldebaran (a Tauri, the Bull's Eye, and Watcher of the East; the Wall Street bull and worshiping the Golden Calf may also apply). Aldebaran's opposition by degree to violent Antares in Sagittarius is significant in Mr. Trump's life--if not previously, then certainly now that he's running to be Commander-in-Chief of the US military, the traditional role of the presidency (if indeed it remains so). Naturally we think of 'Trump the bully' and his relentless insults and attacks on his opponents supported astrologically by his natal Mars in Leo rising with the kingmaker star, royal Regulus. And we might even think of Aldebaran and his youngest son Barron Trump!

And let's note that Adriano Carelli gives 8Gemini two possibilities which may co-exist within one person: a 'dualistic, self-contradictory nature, a rough character' that is 'irascible, reckless, and often (breeds) strife and contention' but is 'well-equipped for prompt action and violent activity'. Alternately, this degree suggests 'commercial aptitude' (his deal-making Mercury is in Cancer, sign of the shrewd businessman) and that he 'loves comfort, desk activities, and administrative jobs' and 'leaves others to do the hard work'. And yet, in spite of a potential for 'domestic strife' (especially with the involvement of disruptive, separative Uranus), a 'love of home and family' is indicated.

The initial eclipse of the 2 Old North series manifested on June 24, 792 (OS) @5Cancer49 which conjoins US natal Jupiter (banking, corporatism, The General, the broadcaster and promoter). This gives Mr. Trump's natal Gemini PE a Cancerian flavor through which it may express and ropes his natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer into the picture. His PE and its initial eclipse (8Gem and 6Cancer) fall into his 11th house of Groups and Associations which resonates with the relationship themes of 2 Old North.

Now if Mr. Trump is selected to play CEO from the "bully pulpit" of the Oval Office, 2 Old North and its themes will soon repeat on July 13, 2018 @20Can41, a critical degree. Disturbingly, transit Pluto, a planet of karma (reaping what was sown) @20Cap00 Rx, also a critical or crisis degree, will oppose the 2018 eclipse and provide more transformative and/or destructive qualities (Pluto) than usual to events brought by the eclipse yet with Pluto we cannot rule out nuclear or plutonium involvement or surveillance though regeneration may eventually be the result. And we may expect that the karma of this particular 'cosmic blink' (2 Old North) will also affect our nation and our populace with plutocratic Pluto in the 5th house of Self Will for it will be a critical time of development, full of new perspectives--some positive, some negative.

Hopefully, a President Trump's PE themes will not result in a total falling away from America of other nations and heads of state due to what are certain to be his disdain for tradition and his disruptive policies and proposals which may mean well but have little concern for unintended consequences.

Hillary Rodham Clinton October 26, 1947: PE = 3 North which occurred @28Tau41 (in the Pleiades constellation) on May 20, 1947; her Syzygy Moon perfected @20Lib03, and on her day of birth, the Taurean North Node arose with Alcyone (one of the Weeping Sisters of the Pleiades). Her PE falls into her natal 8th house of Corporatism and therefore links to the 2nd house of the National Treasury.

3 North is also a difficult series with themes of: obsession, news about young people, or, news that transforms a situation; the information received can cause worry so that large plans are deemed necessary and can have positive results as long as one doesn't get 'carried away'. If these themes sound familiar to you it may be because 3 North is the PE of the WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and we continue to experience the violent consequences of hawkish neocons Bush-Cheney getting 'carried away' with 9/11 as pretext for their previously made plan to invade Iraq with 'misdirected energy'.

For Carelli's symbols, let's consider both 28Taurus and 29Taurus for it seems that both may apply to Hillary Clinton. 28Taurus suggests one who is 'steadfast' yet 'is likely to be tormented by ambitions and dreams of power past realization'. 29Taurus has a word picture: "A woman leading a beast of burden by its halter" which denotes a wife bullying her husband and a 'domineering temper' with 'an outer display of bluster'. (And here I thought Mr. Trump was the more blustery of the two! But that's thespian Politics for the cameras, isn't it?)

The initial solar eclipse of 3 North manifested on October 10, 991 (OS) @22Gemini, the degree of US natal Mars, the warrior planet, and joins in with the square to our nation's natal Neptune, planet of deception, fraud, scams, ruses, and fog. Yes, America's natal Mars-Neptune square continues bringing We the People and the rest of the world a lot of grief and turmoil via the square's misdirected energy, misguided aggression, faulty inspiration, and reluctance to face reality. For we know that "the fog of war" is too often the unfortunate outcome of Washington's meddling in other nation's affairs as shadowy characters direct our secret government (Neptune-Saturn) to strive toward world domination.

Hence, the tragic stand-off in Syria whose government refuses to succumb to the 'new world economic order', aka, the global banking syndicate of crooks and thieves. And we must note Hillary Clinton's considerable connection to war in Syria and across the Middle East during her senatorial and State Department days. And soon we're faced with the Election Day prospect of a hawkish Hillary giving orders from the Oval Office. Is she preferable to disruptive Uranian Donald Trump whose campaign promises may sound like great ideas in a nationalist, protectionist way but may only be ruses intended to rile and corral voters into his self-interested salesman's corner?

What a non-choice we've been finagled into on November 8, 2016 yet the worst reaction any of us can have is to stay home from the voting booth, something the shadowy characters would dearly love since large numbers of stay-at-home voters in November would make their expected victory and the undermining of the US government even more complete.

Update Oct 3, 2016: have just visited Facebook where I watched an ISAR video interview with astrologer Marc Penfield who has revealed the birth time of Hillary Rodham Clinton to be 2:18 am which gives her mid-Virgo rising with Mercury Rx as chart-ruler conjoining the Saturnian South Node in the 3rd house of Communications. These conditions support her famous Scorpio reticence to share information. It also resonates with her serious, policy-wonking Mercury-Saturn square. Happily now I will be updating my chart file on Hillary and perhaps writing the post I declined to write previously (because she's never seemed a Scorpio rising to me) with the 2:18 am time in comparison with the Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017 horoscopes. jc

For more eclipse information Brady's Predictive Astrology is highly recommended.

Jul 30, 2016

August 23, 2016 Horoscope: Mars-Saturn-Antares conjoin

August 2016 Lunations, a Mutable Grand Cross, and a Triple Conjunction

Well, it's an ugly situation but here it is, the horoscope of Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct royal star Antares at a moment no one but the violent have been waiting for. The chart is set for the White House (to represent our nation as well as our capital city) on August 24, 2016 at 7:26:09 am edt Washington DC. It's an Hour of Mercury posited in its own sign of Virgo in the first house and lined up with North Node, Venus, and Jupiter--aggressive Mars @9Sag52 conjoins Saturn and the IC and is out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane. Read on if you dare...(and please pardon my typo in this post's title..if corrected the link won't work!)

First, let's list the August 2016 Lunations:

August 2 New Moon @10Leo57 4:44:30 pm edt White House; New Moon in 8th house trined by a 12th house Saturn Rx (9Sag52); Hour of Venus which is at the end of Leo (26:35, also in 8th house); ASC 17Sag13 makes Jupiter chart-ruler from its own 9th house @22Vir24 conjunct US natal Neptune suggesting inspiration, but negatively hinting at unwise speculation, paranoia, fanaticism, inflation, and scandal. This Jupiter also conjoins the natal Mars of President Obama which can cause overestimation of strength, having a large part to play in proceedings, and/or success if moderation and caution are used. The midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune rise in this chart so the potentials for speculation and lack of realism are increased.

August 18 Full Moon @25AQ51 (conjunct US natal Moon/We the People) 5:26:30 am edt White House; Full Moon in 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies so the 1/7 polarity is emphasized between Self and Others with the Sun rising @25Leo51;ASC 13Leo23 conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Sun, and the Virgo line-up is in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values; Jupiter and Neptune rule the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Shared Resources, Legacies, Transformation, (Death, and the Occult) so there's a money/wealth emphasis across the 2/8 axis--and fraudulent Neptune @10Pis02 Rx is in the 8th house as is Wounded Healer Chiron @24Pis08 Rx (suggesting a mentor or mentors); Neptune and the Saturnian South Node are conjoined (1 degree 41 min orb) in 8th so the implications of loss through fraud or through weather disasters such as floods and storms are increased. Gas, oil, and toxic fumes are also possibilities as are catastrophes related to drugs, poisons, contagion or epidemics, and/or to soil erosion or upheaval (see Antares, below).

As for the horoscope you see here with its Mars-Saturn-Antares flavors at the Ending or HOW? Point of the chart, their conjunction adds to the likelihood of natural disasters, quarrels, suspicion, belligerence, military action, violence, fires, explosions, shipwrecks, tectonic shifts, and/or other natural or man made catastrophes. Not a pretty picture at all, is it? Well, Mars-Saturn is often said to be the 'death axis' in a horoscope and as malevolents, one or both planets tend to be active during times of extremism and violent measures especially when Angular as they are here in Washington DC.

Add Antares (alpha Scorpii; Watcher of the West) to the brew and the negative tendencies of Mars-Saturn with its frustrating stop-go energies can be invigorated toward destruction (including self-destruction), obsessive behavior, and dramatic turns of events. Murder (or worse, mass murder) and executions cannot be ruled out with such a turbulent trio which could very well affect masses of people. Plus, miners and laborers may be in the spotlight since the trio is in the 4th house.

Two Royal Stars in a Mutable Grand Cross

Opposite Antares is royal star Aldebaran (alpha Tauri; Watcher of the West; success through integrity; in Arabian Astrology, 'the one who follows the Pleiades') at the very visible Midheaven would seem to be related to The Goal (the WHY? Point of the chart) so there we have two royal stars completing a Mutable Grand Cross that expresses at the Public angle at MC. Please enlarge the chart for more details such as the actors in the Grand Cross: Mars/Saturn/IC/Antares, Neptune/SN/Descendant, MC/Aldebaran, and the Ascendant/NN conjunction. Also note the Seesaw shape of the planets weighted on the Virgo side which denotes the capability for major achievement while working under contrasting and antagonistic polarities (Jones).

Obviously a few T-Squares are formed via the Grand Cross planets and points and these can be read as midpoint pictures which contain a variety of positive and negative potentials such as: recognition, success, bringing ideas to fruition at all costs, muddled aspirations, corruption, failure, wrong arrangements, peculiar circumstances, disappointment, depression, mayhem, suffering, mourning, a lack of clarity, links to others via unfortunate conditions and...a love of humanity. (I prefer the last potential, don't you?)

Not included in the Grand Cross pattern are an unaspected Sun and Uranus (Rx). Unaspected, each planet tends to work within its own sphere of interests--the Sun in the karmic 12th house of Politics and Back Room Deals, and Uranus, anarchistic in Aries and possibly causing turns of fortune or fate in the 8th house realms already mentioned, above. Other actors (planets) don't moderate or affect the solar and Uranian energies in this chart so that they are expressed without the support or interference of others.

A Moon Exalted in Taurus

Aided by three applying trines, the Moon @22Tau45 is in the 9th house and signifies the populace in a Mundane chart. Practical Earth trines to the Moon coming from the 1st house trio of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Virgo suggest that commodities markets, cyclical ups and downs, and legal matters are involved, and that fluctuations are being planned for. Taurus looks for preservation of values, increased development and growth, comfort, luxury, and possessions and these are the reigning needs of a Taurus Moon. (btw: 22Taurus is just beyond a Lunar Return for former president Bill Clinton whose natal Moon position is @20Taurus+.) Actually, a Taurus Moon in 9th house trined by two money planets (Venus and Jupiter) and the planet of negotiations and trade (Mercury) brings a hint of lawsuits with favorable outcomes to mind.

Also not part of the Mutable Grand Cross is wealthy, powerful manipulative Pluto @15Cap11 Rx which precisely conjoins the 5th cusp, the house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Speculation, and Creative Ventures. However, Pluto is connected to the Mutable Cross since it is disposited by major player Saturn via Capricorn, planet of structure, authority, control, government, law, and business. Of interest is the fixed star that Pluto conjoins, lovely Vega (alpha Lyrae) which provides such potentials as: good fortune in Politics, wealth via dealing with the government, double dealing, fleeting fame, and mother problems (A. Louis). Hmmm. Seems likely to me it might just as often indicate father problems with Saturn-ruled Capricorn involved!

2016 Solar Eclipses Spotlight the Virgo-Pisces Victim-Savior Axis

Now running in the background in August is the current Solar Eclipse (18 South) which manifested on March 9, 2016 @18Pis55 with its themes of endings, separations, and partings (Brady). Sadly, such themes support rather well the more difficult Mars-Saturn-Antares energies of August, don't they? And we've already seen 18 South manifested in both the Republican and the Democratic campaigns as staffers and officials have been let go or stepped down (ex: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz). Yet 18 South includes a ray of hope for positive outcomes may result from the new conditions created under the influence of the eclipse.

However, since August 23rd is within 2 weeks of the next Solar Eclipse (September 1st @9Virgo), its 19 North themes may affect the harsh trio conditions as well. Plus, a conjunction on an Angle such as we see here in DC can act disruptively itself in similar fashion to an eclipse or to the planet Uranus. In other words, these are 'wild card' energies being discussed here and the potentials may or may not express at all, one of the qualities of quirky Uranus which can act as a catalyst early, on time, late...or never! Plus, we can never reliably predict what Uranus is up to, can we? Especially when The Isolationist planet is further detached by being unaspected!

The Saturn-Neptune Square Links 2016 with 1989

And yes, the off-on Saturn-Neptune square applies again (1A00) which links back to their last Great Conjunction/s all through 1989--3 times from 10Cap22 (#3) to 11Cap14 and 11:55 where transit Pluto crept for the last few years leading to deep fears of loss and/or a feeling of being downtrodden--which is more than a feeling thanks to draconian measures taken by governments across the globe and to the degradation of moral standards in society (imho). My feeling is that repressive governments with hidden agendas are the main problem, not the people! For without racketeering governments and their enablers, war would not exist. Meanwhile, profiteering 'leaders' provide mere lip service to the cause of peace!

Now perhaps you remember that for the first time since the late 15th century, the year 1989 saw a triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, thus thickening the planetary plot beyond the scope of this post although we should note that workers' and civil rights and a fair and just society were obvious areas of interest then and are on society's front burner again, often as 'income inequality' issues. You know, lowering the IQ score for entering police academies hasn't improved society at all for it represents degraded standards.

As for hotheaded Mars, the confrontational warrior planet applies to nebulous Neptune (1A00) in murky Pisces, an aspect that echoes America's natal Mars-Neptune square of misguided or misdirected energies, confused motivations, though occasionally inspired actions. However, we may expect this square to blow the fog of war up our apathetic (noses) as usual. Tragically for humanity, perpetual war is a primary goal of the power elite. And corporate planet Jupiter conjunct starry Denebola in 1st house tells the tale: to go against society.

Okay, I'll hush for now and hope that this downer post serves to inspire moderation, a strengthening of our community spirit, and perhaps thoughts for safety precautions during the month of August 2016 into September. After all, we have the September 1st Solar Eclipse of realism and tackling the truth approaching as we each ruminate upon which of two sub-par presidential candidates we'll vote for on November 8th--so please do not stay home!


FYI: the last Mars-Saturn conjunction I remember is the one in late August 2014 @17Sco41; there was a Quarter Moon @24Taurus on August 17th reflecting a cycle of rigid, stubborn Fixed energies. jc

Sep 4, 2014

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dec 2, 1971

In case you need the info, here are the horoscope details for the Persian Gulf's #UAE federation as provided in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes:

The proclamation was made at noon on December 2, 1971 in Dubai, the federation's capital; ASC 27AQ44; MC 7Sag36; 10th house Sun 9Sag29 opposite 4th house Moon 9Gem06; At Midheaven (The Goal), Jupiter-Neptune = Sun which denotes potentials for: speculation, irresponsibility, deceiving others or being deceived, squandering physical strength. Neptune 3Sag03, planet of oil, gas, and mysticism conjoins MC from the 9th house side so another midpoint picture is formed, Sun-Neptune = MC: being sensitive or impressionable, a negative outlook. Some measure of paranoia may apply as well.

Two Fixed Stars ('Watchers') are prominent: natal Sun conjoins Antares, Moon conjoins Aldebaran.

Sun = leadership; Moon = the people

4th house Moon conjunct 3rd house Saturn Rx 2Gem30 snugged around the IC 7:36 (ambition, strategy, depression); 1st house Mars 14Pis43 rises; right now the transiting Saturn-Pluto midpoint hits natal Jupiter 15Sag40 indicating potentials for: religious and social fanaticism, self-sacrifice, simplicity, and/or excessive modesty.

Unless the membership has changed or late, the UAE federation includes Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, Fujaira, and Umm al Quaiwain.

Midpoint pictures: Reinhold Ebertin, 'The Combination of Stellar influences'.

Jul 26, 2014

Transit Event Jan 2015: Uranus 12Ari56 conjunct South Node

An Incidental Astro-Consideration: Uranus/South Node Together at Last

by Jude Cowell

As nearly as I can tell, the transit of disruptive rebel Uranus (a zealot and anarchist when in Mars-ruled Aries, says Ebertin) with transit South Node of the Moon, a Saturn-ruled point of separation and unconscious behaviors yet there are potential talents meeting at 12Ari56 on January 20, 2015 during the wee hours after 2:00 am est--something like 2:26:20 am if I had to guess but check it for yourself, plus any other times the two might have been at same degrees/minutes. SN points toward Saturn and his usurper Uranus (Ouranos) and the antithetical relationship they played out in a father v son myth-y sort of way. Or, perhaps archetypally speaking they're always 'at it' somewhere in the Universe with no resolution in sight and none wanted--a 'restriction v freedom' stalemate, a conflict older than the hills and much more fatiguing for us all. Particularly in Israel-Palestine with the Saturn-Uranus duo signifying the two enemies stewing within their continual conflict in an endless cycle of revenge.

As you know, '12 Aries' is traditionally considered a critical degree as is its opposite degree, '12 Libra.' Take this as you may if you use such factors in your horoscopic considerations. Yet the line must be drawn somewhere and we'll be at this all day if we don't take a stand for simplification and brevity in chart studies and writings. However, even moderation must be moderated, as a wise fool once asserted.

Now what can quirky genius Uranus, the one I call America's 'totem planet', be up to while traveling with the Moon's South Node? Uranus, The Awakener (aka, The Witness) has been activated every time we go to war though it's true that Uranian action may spring upon us early, on time, late--or not at all. And when US natal Uranus has been triggered, we're not talking little skirmishes and hidden coups but World Wars and whatnot.

Guess we should face it ahead of time that Uranus-conjunct-SN carries vibes of disruption via war and revolution, sad to say, though its effects depend on where and how other horoscopes/planets are contacted from the 12-13 Ari/Libra degrees. Also, social changes that upset communities and individuals we see already, plus, technological shifts that throw off our usual balance may appear and our methods must be quickly adjusted to keep up especially since unpredictable catalyst Uranus isn't much interested in pausing for slowpokes!

Then as we might expect given our nation's history with atom-splitting and big-a*s explosions that kill large numbers of people at will, US natal Uranus @8Gem55 possibly qualifies within the first degrees of Gem/Sag, the so-called 'nuclear degrees' (so named due to empirical records meticulously kept.) Plus, 8/9Gem is awfully close to Royal Star Aldebaran which we've discussed more than once before--'The Watcher of the East', 'the Bull's Eye'. And of course this means Aldebaran is positioned in the Zodiac opposite Royal Star Antares, also discussed here in a priorly fashion so I'll not bore either of us unnecessarily tonight.

As noted, in a horoscope the potential results of either of these two stars falling upon a very sensitive 'hair-tigger' axis (00--9 degrees Gem/Sag is how I count it) depend on which planets and points are in paran or aspect with those degrees/stars, a fascinating part of Astrology, Star Lore, and Archetypal Mythology so well championed by expert astrologer Bernadette Brady (see her Predictive Astrology and especially Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. One sensitivity trigger was the Mars-Uranus conjunction @5Gem08 on January 16, 1944, an indication of war, weaponry, and explosions.

Still in effect: transit midpoint picture with Pluto at apex--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties. Well, yes. We hear a lot of denials within the public discourse these days, don't we? And yet his mask slips so that even the downtrodden of humanity now sees Pluto's naked obsession to destroy and reduce to chaos before rebuilding--the Utopian "order out of chaos".

Now who do you suppose is the owner of the 'will' mentioned above--the will that wants to kill large numbers of people simultaneously? A tragic course of action and too drastic to be allowed by decent folk who prefer to live in peace thanks. Whom do we know who acts unconsciously under such destructive influences?

Well, these days horoscopes regularly show his nom de plume, wearing his dark mask...and it's creepy Pluto plodding through harsh Capricorn, sign of structure and status quo--and of gilt-edged stocks and bonds. Seems to me that 'the puppet master' allows his death mask to slip more and more often these days, have you noticed?

US natal Mercury '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (Solar Fire software); natal Mercury Rx opposes natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--manipulator Pluto was out-of-bounds, pulling strings from afar even then.) Why, Surveillance is the US government's middle name out of the gate! Exs: General Washington's spies during the Revolution and Benjamin Franklin's postal and other surreptitious activities imply a deep American obsession (Pluto) with details, news, gossip, facts, votes, orators, reporters, writers, travel and transport, teaching, and other Mercurial stuffs and doings. Working with secret and/or dangerous information is something of a 'talent' or skill around these parts as shown by our natal Mercury-Pluto opposition.

January 20, 2015?

Well, that's about all I shall say for now concerning the upcoming in-tandem transit of Uranus-to-South Node, the 'tail of the dragon' as it's been known since ancient times. Wonder how disruptive the slap of the dragon's tail may be this time around since the presence of South Node here hints that whatever 'it' is, it will likely be intense, electrical, and will echo something that occurred in the past being brought forward for our further consideration?

Jan 15, 2014

March 6, 2014 Jupiter Direct Station and Gridlock in Washington

Washington Gridlock 2014 and the Stations of Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

Well, quarrels and gridlock continue in our nation's capital as 2014 rolls along toward Spring. Astrological Jupiter, the *banking and financial planet of large proportions and (usually) generosity, remains in retrograde until its Direct Station of March 6, 2014 when it seems to pause at 10Cancer26, in the 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking when the horoscope is set for Washington DC.

As you remember, Jupiter's Rx Station occurred on November 7, 2013 @20Can30, a critical degree (in 11th house in the DC chart) with 24Leo09 rising. Curiously, the Jupiter Direct Station chart of March 6th shows 24AQ04 rising, the Jupiter Rx ASC's opposite degree and the Illumination Point. Plus, in the Direct chart, ASC 24AQ04 brings up US natal Moon (We the People)--but also asteroid Hopi (ambush or prejudice but also...hope which springs eternal.)

The IC (Foundation of the Matter) of the March 6th horoscope is conjoined by trickster Pan and gold-hoarding Midas along with Royal Star Aldebaran (potentials: courage; warmongering; military leadership; violence; sickness--A. Louis) which places Antares (potentials: war; legal problems; fires; quarrels; suspicion; violence; honors and riches but sudden loss--A. Louis) at MC, the Goal Point of the chart.

As predicted on this blog that sequester cuts would be nixed for the Pentagon's sake, does anyone believe the now-restored funds in the military budget won't result in America's continuation of waging war and beginning new ones (under the guise of 'intervention' and other such euphemisms) across the globe? Yes, our domestic needs are sacrificed for the sake of war abroad--it's the same old guns vs butter argument which the American people tend to lose.

Politically and financially, there is 'fateful deception' going on between the two horoscopes of Jupiter's Rx and Direct Stations (Sun-Neptune = Pluto) via the use of illusory, spiritual, or psychic forces to persuade. The November 7, 2013 Rx chart shows warrior Mars @13Vir17 rising as contentiousness over foreign and domestic matters has resulted in the ongoing gridlock in Washington, as we've seen on many occasions.

Of course, if you've read this blog a few times, you may know that I consider most of the frustrating Political Theater 'gridlock' and 'stalemates' in government to be part of a script written elsewhere for US politicians and media types to follow as they further ensnare the American people in global government implementation. To me, that means that the two political parties are little more than factions of the ruling class who have been promised large gains via their cooperation (if not controlled by blackmail or threats to family members.)

Cynical me? Oh yes. Washington's perfidies made me that way and yet I love my country. After all, it isn't what they say or promise the public, it's what ends up happening that matters most. And so often these days, a majority of us don't agree with our government's actions or how they spend our tax dollars. It seems the NWO freight train just keeps chugging down the fast track though supra-nationalists must get worried now and then that their plans aren't coming to fruition.

So! May we expect some improvement once Jupiter turns Direct on March 6th? Yes, forward plans may be put into action though improvement may not be felt until the Jolly One moves past his shadow degree of its Rx Station of November 7, 2013 which is 20Can30. (The transiting Moon is at 20Can+ as I type!)

This cosmic event occurs on June 1, 2014 at 1:13:40 pm EDT with the 'success' midpoint of Venus-Jupiter at MC, and Jupiter just fertilized by the Moon @26Can46. Moon-Jupiter contacts generally portend happiness and/or sucess, even if it's only temporary. However, tr Pluto @13Cap03 Rx (secret wealth; sabotage, etc) remains in opposition to US natal Sun (the leader; the president) suggesting that recent and current titanic power struggles and stalemates will continue to bedevil the president's programs pertaining to both foreign and domestic matters for and in the US, along with the tr Uranus-Pluto square (generational conflicts and blockages) as a major part of the rebelling, protesting, striking, rioting, and obstructing gridlock of Washington DC.


*Also pertinent to this post: often The Banker, Jupiter's roles may include The General, hence its connection to war, military expenditures, and conquests of territory, and it conglomerates into Corporations, hence its connection to corporate governance and finances. Plus, Jupiter can also play roles as Politician, Broadcaster, and Religious Leader. Jupiter's importance to our nation cannot be overestimated for if we use it, America's July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT chart with Sagittarius rising is ruled by expansive Jupiter. And if another natal chart timing is used for July 4, 1776 (such as the Scorpio rising chart), we have the Sun-Jupiter conjunction to account for our national Jupiterian characteristics and tendencies.

Apr 12, 2012

Astro-Notes on DNC 2012: Aldebaran Rising

DNC 2012: Aldebaran, Midas, Pan, and US natal Uranus Rising

by Jude Cowell

Some people think that Charlotte NC with its Bank of America headquarters and its "Wall Street of the South" vibe is a tone deaf choice for the location of the Democratic National Convention 2012 given Charlotte's overflowing homeless shelters and lack of unionization on behalf of workers' rights. So you may as well know that this blogger is one of those who think that very thing--especially with President Obama's acceptance speech set for September 6, 2012--to be delivered at the Bank of America Stadium!

Even so, a smattering of cosmic info is in order so that we may consider DNC 2012 from a higher plane than Politics usually deserves if only to keep our Political Astrology flag flying here at Stars Over Washington. Therefore, the following is my attempt to do just that though later updates may be necessary prior to and during the event itself which takes place September 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2012 in Charlotte.

If you're curious about RNC 2012, click An Astro-Peek at RNC 2012 and for the themes of the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which both political conventions fall, you may wish to try this.

Sept 3, 2012 Charlotte NC 12:00 am edt: Aldebaran Rising

Along with US natal Uranus (revolution; freedom), gold-hoarder Midas rises with trickster Pan and the horoscope shows sometimes-trickster Mercury 4Vir01, planet of votes and speeches, in 4th house (Foundation of the Matter) with the Sun (leader) @ 11Vir04 conjunct Fixed Star Zosma (victim or savior.) Presumably, President Obama, who garnered enough delegates (2778+) on April 3 to be the 2012 Democratic nominee, wants to be considered a 'savior' of the nation which echoes the heroic Apollo-Sun god theme of DNC 2008 in Denver, CO as you see in this video--remember the stage set with Greek columns? Only a laurel wreath and toga were missing from his royal Sun-in-Leo frame:

Curiously, at DNC 2008, asteroid Apollo was then @ 9Vir20 conjunct Saturn 11Vir03 which DNC 2012's Sun conjoins. This gives the Obama presidency a Sun/Saturn theme and points to America's natal (July 4, 1776) problematic Sun/Saturn square which I believe highlights the checks (square) and balances (US natal Saturn in Libra, sign of balance) which the US Congress (Saturn = lawmakers, managers) are meant to provide for the shiny yet self-protective, shrewd, and business-oriented US presidency (Sun in Cancer.)

Sun/Saturn squares tend to bolster inner maturity and leans a person toward authority taken seriously and the patient achievement of goals by taking one step at a time.

Aldebaran rising indicates 'success through integrity' for political participants of DNC 2012 though the presence of Midas and Pan rising may temper the indication somewhat considering the fraudulent system We the People are mired in--and the recent JOBS Act has rolled back some of the financial regulations in place from years ago! Perhaps the Democrats will explain how that can be good for the US economy and for the constantly scammed and financially struggling American people.

Speaking of which, the Moon (We the People) begins the enterprise in 11th H of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes and at 11Ari45, has moved beyond excitable, sparkly Uranus 7Ari33 Rx, also in (its own) 11th H. Besides Midas and Pan rising we see a 1st house, protective Jupiter 14Gem48 in the sign of chattiness so we may expect many speeches, some of them l-o-n-g. But they should be quite entertaining though some or all of them may be somewhat duplicitous (Gemini)--well, it is Politics after all, right? Scientific topics may be forthcoming as well.

How Will DNC 2012 Proceed?

To answer this question let's look at the three applying aspects of chart-ruler Mercury which are as follows:

1. sextile Mars (2A48) @ 6Sco49 in 6th H of Military Service, Work, and Health: we'll hear well-informed speeches on these and other topics from people who want our approval--their delivery will sparkle dramatically and draw every one's attention for this is a great aspect for warm and friendly public relations though gruffness may put some listeners off; supporting the underdog is a major theme along with getting others to cooperate on such concerns (already tried, yes, but more of it may be forthcoming especially since the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse conjunct Alcyone--something to cry about--will have made its themes and events known before September. Of course, the next presidency may be what we'll all cry about!)

2. trine Pluto (3A00) 7Cap01 Rx in 8th H of Big Business (plutocrats and bankers on-board and those who are not so on-board the Obama Train this time): intellectual assets will be on display, causes-and-effects of our financial dilemma are sure to be discussed realistically (which the neocon Bushies can't do--how could they?), ethical standards, youth programs, and market speculation topics are on the menu, and organizational talents will be apparent; a weak spot may be environmental issues and what to do about the damage already incurred.

3. opposite Chiron 7Pis09 Rx in 10th H of Public Status and Career (and still in process of completing President Obama's five-fer Chiron Return--his is a mentor-guru kind of 1st H Chiron--may I call you Joe?): alchemy! as minds function at optimum, occultists or an initiate is indicated (Clow) and since it's President Obama's time of Chiron Return and he's the nominee once again, I expect he's The One the powers-behind-the-throne (Bilderbergers, etc) have selected to play US president once again.

The Obama Selection 2012 may be described in part by a midpoint picture in the Sept 3, 2012 horoscope for the sacred warrior archetype of Mars/Chiron = Pluto (of the wealthy plutocratic ruling elite), and we have ourselves an astrological peep-eye, you Knights, you!

Plus, there's one midpoint picture with the Sun (leader) at apex...

Venus/Saturn = Sun: having simple tastes but enjoying extravagant displays; honors received later in life.

Of interest to this picture is what Michael Munkasey writes of Venus/Saturn in his brilliant book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, under Politics and Business and including the Hegelian Dialect's Thesis-Antithesis (leading to Synthesis) implications:

Thesis: restrictions on wealth or income (millionaires paying their fair share in taxes? jc); law enforcement that avoids difficult or cumbersome issues; new social or creative values enforce change on an endeavor; building the value of an enterprise.

Antithesis: restrictions on how society functions (we know--stop it! jc); a law enforcement bureau that derives pleasure from restricting the movement of people.

Also noted in the Sept 3 horoscope is a T-Square configuration which creates two midpoint pictures since the North Node (public contact) @ 29Sco14 in 6th H conjoins Inaugural Moon 2009 and reminds us that our financial and social crisis conditions (after 8 years of Bush-Cheney) continue to hinder America's forward development...any, all, or none may apply:

Mercury/Neptune = 2012 NN: discussing joint plans and ideas; encounters with prescient people or mentalists.

Mercury/Neptune = 2009 Moon: intuitive thoughts bring confusion and questions; a sympathetic understanding of others; receptivity to subconscious stirrings or images (propaganda); a deceived or deceptive woman. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Okay, President Obama's acceptance speech must be detailed later along with other factors so let's close this particular DNC 2012 post with the Image for Integration that relates to the convention's opening and its Sun Virgo/Moon Aries blend, an Earth-Fire combo of energies with a 'bulldozer' flavor describing the do-er who can enthuse others with his strongly held convictions though he may be verbose and scathingly critical at times:

"A jolly rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses and kindly good humour."

(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

To be cont'd with the changing signs of the Moon and the evening event of September 6 particularly noted...

Mar 31, 2012

2012, Maya, and the Milky Way

A May Solar Eclipse, Winter Solstice 2012, and a Royal Star of Persia make 2012 eventful

by Jude Cowell

Probably the best info on Winter Solstice 2012 and the Mayan Long Count 'prediction' that's giving many people the heebie geebies these days may be found at Neptune Cafe along with reading suggestions for those who wish to know more.

Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012 conjunct Alcyone

Also noted, if you're of the 2012 Awareness mindset, is the Mercury-ruled May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21 (amongst the stars of Pleiades and with links to the Middle East) which master astrologer Celeste Teal has entitled, "Property Agreements" in her book Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation.

Disruption of communications or of power grids are some of the possibilities along with strong winds (Gemini, an Air sign), storms, and other natural disasters.

Winter Solstice 2012 Aligns with Galactic Center

Now at some point I shall update my 2008 post concerning Winter Solstice 2012 (horoscope shown is set for Washington DC) but until then you may wish to view the chart which in DC match the cusps of America's Sibly natal chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) Naturally this makes it a breeze to see which US natal houses are affected by which actors (planets) at Winter Solstice 2012 as it aligns with Galactic Center (as the Mayans knew--visit Neptune Cafe for the scoop!)

Plus, the December 21, 2012 horoscope contains a YOD pattern ('Finger of God' which I believe should be credited to Erin Sullivan) with Jupiter in Airy Gemini at apex (details included.) Jupiter is actually transiting US natal Uranus 8Gem55, a time when We the People will have reason to become more aware of freedom and independence issues, group activities may be highlighted, and our personal networks expand (not another new social media site to join? Argghh!)

Other themes or interests during a Jupiter-to-natal-Uranus transit include one of my personal faves--Astrology--plus, fund-raising, finances, investment, technology and computers, and travel-related industries including space.

Growth and discovery (Science; Exploration) are in the spotlight and breakthroughs of all sorts may be experienced on both collective and personal levels. And of course '9 Gemini' fingers one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran (Mars-Mercury-Jupiter) with keywords: warmongering, courage, military leadership, and danger from illness or violence. (Horary Plain & Simple, Anthony Louis.)

As you know, the last conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus occurred from 2010 into 2011 which makes it our current phase in their 14-year cycle:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18 (Aries Point, a World Point & US natal IC 00:53);
2. Sept 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43;
3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02.

You note that the late Pisces degrees have recently been traversed in its retrograde phase by speedy Mercury and will be so again...Jupiter/Uranus = Mercury: abundant thoughts; a fortunate turn (Ebertin.) The 2010/2011 time frame has many political implications which I have no time to detail for you now but a Search Bar is located in SO'W's sidebar if you wish to sleuth. However, my first thought is last week's SCOTUS arguments on 'Obamacare', the Affordable Health Care Act.

There was also a significant Bilderberg Meeting in June 2010 held in Barcelona, Spain and relating to the ongoing 'debt crisis' that's been trumped up by the global banking syndicate in an attempt to set up a world central bank of totalitarian proportions--a lousy idea, imho. During the conference, the Moon reached Aries Point conjoining Jupiter and Uranus, squared by wealthy Pluto 4Cap36 Rx (June 6, 2010 7:49:35 am CEDT Barcelona, Spain, with US natal Jupiter 5Can56 rising...'6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." And de-feathering ours.)

Well, in any case, May through December 2012 will finally 'tell the tale' and our long period of expectancy will soon end, if not the world as we know it. And I'm quite convinced you know of other articles, books, and websites of note concerning the thorny topics of 2012, Mayan prophecies, eclipses, and galactic alignments so feel free to leave them here in a Comment, if you wish!


For more on Jupiter/Uranus dynamics Anne Whitaker's excellent Jupiter Meets Uranus is recommended and includes information on past conjunctions and what they've meant for humankind through the centuries. Ex: if you're a Mary Shelly-Frankenstein fan, heads-up!

Feelin' like an April Fool? Then check out Lynn Hayes' Tarot's Fool: An Airy Aquarius and beware mercurial tricksters tomorrow!

Oct 5, 2008

Obama-McCain townhall debate 10.7.08

Just now I'm looking at a chart of Tuesday night's presidential debate #2 between Barack Obama and John McCain in Nashville, TN, for 9:00 pm cdt, and you know what?

With 9Gem00 rising, asteroid Midas Rx is rising at 8Gem20 with one of the Royal Stars of Persia.

At Midheaven (MC), the Aspiration/Goal Point of the chart is 17AQ51 which 'debateably' brings in the Solar Eclipse of Feb, 2008...the 'Unmasking Eclipse' because '18AQ' is the "A Man Unmasked" degree in the Sabian Symbols.

This indicates that the purpose of this debate is to reveal true motives if you believe politics in a townhall format is able to do this. It would be refreshing, wouldn't it?

That each candidate will seek to unmask the other is a given while keeping their own masks snugly in place.

At MC is North Node (NN) 16AQ44 conj Chiron 16:12 Rx, with Neptune (the masses, plus NN is also 'contact with the public') so we have an important angular midpoint picture at the most public point in the chart...

Neptune/NN = MC: taking a position off the mainstream of life (in, no doubt, a mavericky way); needing the help of others to realize one's objectives; preferring seclusion; emotional suffering.

To address the emotional (and financial) suffering of the American people should be an aspiration of this performance, one expects.

Moon 22Cap55 ('23Cap': "Two Awards for Bravery in War') is in 8th house of debt, credit, and other people's money, along with Jupiter 13Cap56 - still opposing US'(and George Bush's) natal and resources dried up...or more correctly: money in bank vaults not being shared with the people who need it most and whose spending would improve the economy if they could get their mitts on it.

But gold-hoarding Midas is rising along with Fixed Star Aldebaran, the brightest star of Taurus, keywords: success through integrity. Aldebaran is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia and indicates success and glory but only if a particular nemesis can be overcome (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

Opposite is another Royal Star, Antares, in the debate's setting position - keywords: success that can be obsessive. There is a need to avoid obsession with Antares, the star at the Heart of the Scorpion. If Antares affects a chart there is worldly success but one may cause his own undoing; there is usually a cleansing by going through a life-or-death experience (Brady.)

Remiiiind you of anyone?

That two Royal Stars are angular in this contest's chart indicates to me that this is a fated match-up of world proportions for America's helm. You are welcomed to see it differently, if you like.

So Antares is often mentioned in the same breath with the Celtic fable of the scorpion on the frog's back who stung the frog as he was being carried across the stream - his reply as to why he stung the frog when he promised not to - "it's my nature" - a fated answer since character IS fate. The scorpion drowned.

Does this relate to the McCain campaign's tactic of attacking Obama on character? Palin is now saying that Barack Obama is a bad person, not that his poliicies would be bad for the nation. But the politics of demonization may backfire for John McCain, because the American people don't want to hear it, they want real solutions to the problems created primarily by politicians, bankers, and wheeler-dealers who sold our nation and our children's futures down the pike.

Cute winks and wrinkled noses won't solve anything.

Chart-ruler Mercury, planet of oration, is still retrograde at 12Lib35 and trines the ASC, yet makes no applying aspects to any planets from its place in the debate's 5th house of Risk-taking.

Sun 15Lib10 is within one degree of US natal Saturn, and also in 5th house; this Airy Sun is trining the NN/Chiron conjunction at MC.

Scrappy Mars 2Sco38 begins in 6th house of Health, Work, and Service
and is the chart's final dispositor and ruler of the Hour.

All falls back on this strong Scorpionic Mars which I count as the ruler of Scorpio. There's an applying sesquisquare to Uranus, the rebel, 19Pis43 Rx, with Saturn 16Vir05...Saturn begins in 4th house, Uranus in 11th house of Groups and Associations.

Inhibiting Saturn is conjunct McCain's natal Neptune 16Vir07 which is the grim-face-of-reality-and-disillusionment transit previously mentioned in other posts.

When Saturn conjoins n Neptune (as it will soon in America's natal chart in late August-early Sept, 2009) there is a misinterprestation of what one is responsible for (more bankers' debts hoisted onto taxpayers' backs? Or perhaps the just-signed bailout bill showing its true motives and repercussions?), and the reality of situations is difficult to fully comprehend. Past lies and frauds may come to light under this difficult transit.

Monetary matters are particularly affected by Saturn-conj-Neptune, although charity donations may be put to more honest and focused use so that's good.

In his book The Astrology of Relationships Michael R. Meyer says that a sesquisquare (135 degr), member of the octile family, is an aspect of activity which culminates in a dramatic and intense release of dynamic energies.

It is considered a weak square of difficulty - two interlaced squares...135 - 90 = 45...a square and a semisquare all in one.

Testy warrior Mars in waxing sesquisquare to maverick Uranus is a hot combo. In relationships this represents powerful connections that could manifest either in an exciting and constructive way or a conflicting and difficult way.

You don't want to miss this one, Ladies and Gents!

Now for the Sun Lib-Moon Cap blend, an Air-Earth combo of rationality, innovation, and diplomacy...

Images for Integration: "The Statue of Liberty...At the annual company Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationery for everybody." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

So Father Christmas is handing out Midas' gold in Lady Liberty land? This I gotta see!

~:~correction: my Astrology friend Sasha has pointed out that the debate actually begins at 8:00 pm cdt so the rising of Midas and Aldebaran takes place an hour into the debate...thanks, Sasha! It will be interesting to see with my animated chart set up (SolarFire software) what's being said at the moment they arise and Antares sets. jc