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Sep 12, 2009

You have a message from the President (video)

This arrived in my Inbox and it's got your name on it, too.

It's about Health Care/Insurance Reform, as you guessed.

And to answer TC's query as to why Joe Wilson's outburst, "You Lie!" has not been mentioned on Stars Over Washington, it's for two reasons:

1. his rudeness is a distraction from the real issues and I don't like to promote the GOP, the party that lied us into the Iraq invasion, but is against health care for all Americans;

2. Rep. Wilson misspoke, as they love to say in Politics: he should have said, "We Lie!"

Now that would be a very basic truth worth paying close attention to.

Sep 10, 2009

Pay no attention to the Republican critic behind the curtain

Well, last evening's show of self-awareness from the Republicans in the House during the president's address concerning Health Care/Insurance Reform has been dissed from many sides, but one thing their sourpuss display has done for the GOP: lamentably it takes attention away from the legislation at hand and from the dire issues of our health care system.

It also helps fill Republican Party coffers from whatever supporters they have and hope to have by way of Obama-bashing.

The GOP's 'hopeful' de-legitimizing of the presidency of Barack Obama continues and one wonders if the majority of the American people will accept these tactics as legitimate political discourse, or as the crass and desperate underhandedness it is. That people with real concerns about any commander-in-chief are being callously manipulated seems not to occur to the Republican rank and file at all, and I marvel that they were so often missing-in-action during the Bush-Cheney years which have so injured our nation's credibility, economy, and moral standing.

Where were they then with concerns about America and her direction? For as you know, the Sabian Symbol for George Bush's Ascendant degree (ASC = his nibs himself) is "A Bolshevik Propagandist"...hello? Yet Pres. Obama is supposedly 'Hitler' and 'Stalin' rolled into one? Puh! Those two monsters weren't even on the same side!

Assuming that Mr. Obama and/or other high-ranking Democrats are not snagged in an embarrassing scandal or two during his term, I fail to see how many US citizens they hope to grab to support the GOP for its ultimate return to the White House. Of course, their raptor's eye is on the 2010 elections as well, when they hope to make gains at the ballot box; yet invisble Pluto is the real decider of all elections.

So even though the ones who count the votes install the winners, a candidate's ability to sway the masses is apparently taken into consideration...hence Mr. Obama over Hillary Clinton - good as she is, he was better at orating, as we know.

As far as Health Care/Insurance Reform, I hope attention is quickly put back on the issues at hand rather than on lathering up over Republican rudeness. Because that's just what the GOP wants - more diversions from doing the people's business.