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Nov 18, 2011

Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address 11.15.11 (video)

After hearing an excerpt of award winning economist Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address on Democracy Now yesterday, I am glad to find the video code available on Professor Reich's blog.


Oct 6, 2007

DDT and breast cancer links

Were you a young girl between the years of 1945 to 1965?

If you missed today's Living On Earth radio broadcast you can read the transcript or listen to the interview between host Steve Curwood and Dr.Barbara Cohn of the Public Health Institute, Berkeley, CA.

Here's an excerpt for which I personally have a reply:

Q: So how were the girls exposed to DDT?

A: We can't say for sure. We don't have that information.

My I-Was-There Answer: Since I am of that age group I hereby attest that every summer trucks were sent around our neighborhoods two or three times each year (and I always seemed to be playing outdoors--and learned to like the odor!) to spray for mosquitoes...Massive Spraying from which we could not escape.

Dr. Cohn should perhaps consider perusing 1945--1965 local governmental records for mosquito control programs.

Speaking of DDT:

Here's my post from May 2007 on the natal chart of Rachel Carson who sounded the alarm on DDT and on other chemicals with which the chem industry still poisons us today. This post contains a link to Living On Earth 's feature on Rachel Carson, her life and work, in honor of this year's 100th anniversary of her birth (May 27, 1907.)