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Nov 18, 2011

Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address 11.15.11 (video)

After hearing an excerpt of award winning economist Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address on Democracy Now yesterday, I am glad to find the video code available on Professor Reich's blog.


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Singing Sparrow said...

I haven't listened yet to Robert Reich's speech but I will after I talk to you about what I heard tonight on KPFA the mother Pacifca station located right here in Berkeley,CA. The program that runs 5-6 PM Pacific time was focused on how the local police have been turned into small military units armed with all manner of military weapons, talking about how violent the crack down on the OWS's people. I myself have been feeling like someone or something is trying to force us into a civil war consciousness. The idea that mayors and police chiefs from around the country had conference calls and determined together how matters would be dealt with AND the OWS response of "we" don't have a point" or we don't have leaders is weird also. I am feeling almost utterly alienated by everything that is going down. that this is all taking form under Obama's watch has me confused and feeling desperate wondering if there are any good leaders, any truly moral leaders anywhere in the world. I feel afraid and unable to explain just what it is-perhaps this is because Uranus is transiting my 12th house-well aspected sextile to Sun and trine to Saturn and not quite opposing N Neptune but getting there still perhaps any aspect in revolutionary times are bound to stir up the psyche.
I don"t think that this is for publication-you can decide-I just am interested in how I don't trust anyone talking on the TV or national radio although I do trust Dennis from KPFA having listened to him now for years,decades even and he has proven himself to be reliable if often troubling. Just seems to me that there are forces right now that want social unrest the better to use the weapons "they" have paid for. Also the flag waving patriotism is shocking convincing people that their children have died defending our "freedom" and then finding out that those in the private armies are making fortunes while regular US kids are barely making enough to keep things together.
I know I am remabling because I am running down intuitive conclusions but I am feeling like something is going to blow-up and people are not going to know what happened.
Now back to your steady efforts to inform and enlighten us. I don't like some of your angles sometimes I wonder if you are anti-Semite but I love you for what you do and the conclusions you come to and your steadiness always showing up again and again. I really love you and I thank you and I do wonder if you have the same crawly skin that I have these days.