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Mar 1, 2014

Horoscope: Crimea w March 1, 2014 New Moon in Pisces

Image: Natal Horoscope for Crimea: May 5, 1992 16:00 GMT Simferopol, Russia; Hour of the Moon; Moon (the people) out-of-bounds @22Gem53 in 8th house denoting separation between the people and the country's leadership especially in the area of Shared Resources:

Since I'm having tech problems here I'll quickly post this chart and hope you can enlarge to read my notes written thereupon. The Ukrainian Republic of Crimea began moving toward independence on June 28, 1991 when Crimean Tatars in Simferopol declared sovereignty. Previously an autonomous region within the Ukraine and not a state, the Crimean Parliament approved their independence on September 5, 1991 and this act "allowed for a proclamation of independence but was not used, being kept in reserve for future use. The only indication of time points to around 5:00 pm BST..." (Campion's Book of World Horoscopes.)

I have italicized 'being kept in reserve' because I think it partially describes the out-of-bounds (OOBs) condition of the people's Gemini Moon which implies separation or isolation since the Moon is the only OOBs planet in the natal chart. You will also note that the current position of transformative, destructuring Pluto @13Cap04 in Crimea's natal 3rd house is triggering Crimea's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series, the 12 North with its themes of 'more responsibilities' and 'making greater commitments' (Brady.)

Related: Russia may annex Crimea.

You will also note that the current news from the region being touted in the US is that Ukraine is divided between Russian influence and that of the European Union. Perhaps the Ukrainian people feel divided on such issues with natal Moon in dualistic Gemini. However, it does seem that there's a lot more than meets the eye in the Ukraine-Crimea-Russia-EU-US situation than this.

Astrologically, Pluto in bossy Capricorn also represents the wealth and power of the World Bank and the IMF, organizations which stand to make huge profits from a Western-based outcome to this tense quarrel which some believe has been instigated by the US government and others.

Personally, my suspicion is that President Putin and the other presidents involved are reading from the typical new world order/global government script--and there in the chart/s above is anarchist, disruptor, and revolutionist Uranus at '11Aries', "The President of the Country" degree in the Sabian Symbols.

See: Obama talks Ukraine sovereignty, Putin touts Russian security.

New Moon: a New Phase of Activity Begins as Global Chess Pieces Move

Well, many sneaky things ten to occur during a New Moon and the Dark of the Moon in the previous hours to its perfection. How appropriate that the March 1, 2014 New Moon degree of '11Pisces' has this symbol: "Men Seeking Illumination" which is part of what the new world order duo, Uranus and Neptune, stand for, plus tellingly, their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 at or near '18Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER"..."smug or strong-armed paternalism" (Jones) fits the actions now being taken in Crimea, Ukraine, Venezuela, and across the globe.

To the best of our abilities, it is obvious that everyone must prepare for the time when transiting Pluto reaches that degree area of the Zodiac (18-20Cap) for the midpoint picture of Uranus-Neptune = tr Pluto threatens calamities, loss, and abandonment of resistance to what must be Pluto's Great Plan--global government--which in reality is already upon us if we allow Pluto a 5-degree orb from 13Cap to 18Cap.

Dec 10, 2011

12.10.11: One year since Sen. Sanders' filibuster as Middle Class melts away (video)

Senator Sanders, Stray Birds, and Republican Clowns

by Jude Cowell

With certain entities and their agents within our government working hard to collapse America (like a phoenix arising from the ashes of their one-world-government Utopian dream of chaos leading to ultimate control by an unelected few), here is an ice sculpture from a hot June 18, 2011 day in NYC which perfectly illustrates what Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said during his filibuster on Capitol Hill, a place where you'd think the American people could expect their grievances to be addressed on a regular basis and their needs and issues to be served.

But no.

Instead, we get performances from the GOP Theater of The Absurd. And all their time-wasting, special-interest promoting and protecting gambits are played in full costume upon our dime and against the best interests of the majority. Their contempt for we-the-people knows no bounds and neither does their greed for more more more money and power, as the Senator correctly notes.

They want to us admit that the US government is "broken" and can no longer serve us--and the GOP ploy is to refuse to serve us. A use of self-fulfilling prophecy doesn't work for this dissenting America. You?

Presenting the billionaires' war against a Middle Class which should be the foundation underneath our nation's structure...and one of our few hopes on Capitol Hill, Senator Bernie Sanders:

Imho, it is due to political games, higher oaths, and mystical tricks that America is betrayed and may be 'discontinued' if the American people wimp out thus allowing certain forces to have their totalitarian way.

And so I ask again something I asked you months ago, dear reader, which you never answered--and it has a very Taurean ring to it since intolerance is one of the shadow traits of Taurus the often-greedy Bull and it's where moneybags Jupiter now tarries in retrograde, its energy strengthened by Direct Station which occurs on Christmas Day 2011 5:08 pm est @ 00Tau22:

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerable?

Here's an interesting overview of the world's condition: The New "Manichean" Left & the Old Far Right: Tolerating the Intolerable by Nick Cohen.

Additional info: Mani and Manicheaism.


Astro-Brief: 00Tau22 is Adolf Hitler's natal Sun degree (00Tau48) so the 00-1 Tau range of degrees are considered by some to be degrees of violence--Hitler's trigger degree for when his natal Sun @ 00Tau48 was triggered by a planet or planets in transit, he tended to 'get busy' harming people.

Of course, progressions stimulated his egotistical Sun, too. And natal MIDAS conjoined natal Sun--he was a heister extraordinaire and apparently assumed he deserved all the spoils, including controlling the reins of a futuristic Plan that called for a New World Order.

How long was Hitler tolerated and appeased before his crimes--and his psychopathic New World Order intentions--were dealt with? Too long? Well, yes. And it's almost 2012 and we're in precisely a similar predicament again.

'Save America' is only a part of it for the devils have gone global with 'free' trade agreements set up to dissolve borders (and squirrel away large sums of money) in more ways than one.

Two questions: will the World Awaken from the gossamer of false reality in time to be our own rescuers locally, if not nationally? Or, as mentioned in the video: will contemptuous, self-elected global masters of the Earth spitefully pull the plug on civilization in vicious response to the world uprisings which they know must come?

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote so eloquently in Stray Birds:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims."

Doesn't it though?

Now. Since the 99% supposedly does so anyway, let's go Occupy America! or support those citizens who do.

Oh, and the usual if weeded-out line-up of Republican clowns are 'debating' again tonight in Des Moines, Iowa, as you know. Here I think we'll be watching a DVD of The Debt (Helen Mirren) instead and try to catch up with the mercurial Newt & Friends on the Sunday morning political shows tomorrow and by viewing video debate highlights when I can manage to snag a peek.

And if it's not too close to my dinner time.

Nov 18, 2011

Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address 11.15.11 (video)

After hearing an excerpt of award winning economist Robert Reich's Mario Salvio Address on Democracy Now yesterday, I am glad to find the video code available on Professor Reich's blog.


Oct 18, 2011

When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

Perhaps the calendar of when Earth's Moon is out of bounds of the earthly plane (a condition which some assert has astrological significance) is more of a schedule than a calendar. Or even a formula. Either way, I shall herein attempt to decipher old notes penned soon after I began my Astrology apprenticeship (a novice condition which I expect never to move beyond) in 1996, and let me tell ya: my handwriting isn't always perfectly legible when I'm in a hurry.

In fact, the folder I scribbled the notes on is rather dusty but I'll give it my best try just for you.

Now you may feel that the Moon's schedule is a smidgen on the circuitous side though really it isn't so much...well, see what you think (Mercury) and how it makes you feel (Moon); Mercury/Moon = mind/body connection. And please pardon that I neglected to make note of author, researcher, article, and/or book by or in which most of the following information was discovered by yours truly, a reluctant astrologer at your service, if there ever was one. It was years ago and I'd give credit if I knew where it belonged!

But first, some general on-topic considerations:

Luna's Basic Tenor in Astrology

Astrological Moon = feelings, emotions, intuition, the spiritual plane; physical body, sensitivities, presentiments, psychism, Mother and the nurturing function, home and domestic scene, environmentalism, the past, the unconscious mind, The People, the public, the populace, publicity, daily rounds, mood of the people, or, popular mood relating also to fads and trends--you can probably think of a few more...

Wafting Out of Bounds and Totawwy Awone...

To describe a parameter, when the Moon is the only celestial body OOBs in a horoscope, there is faultiness within the nurturing function through an incomplete or disappointing relationship with the mother--feelings of insecurity and inferiority are key themes; loss of the mother (ex: orphaning) is an extreme potential. When other planets in a horoscope are OOBs of the earthly plane as well it can make such emotional difficulties and lacks somewhat easier to manage for there's less of a sense of isolation, of being emotionally 'alone against the world.'

Blah blah blah, so...When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

For a few days every 2 weeks during a period of ten years, Earth's Moon is OOBs. In collective life we may notice a deep sense of insecurity in the air during out of bounds stints which will then show up in natal horoscopes and psyches of those born during a particular OOBs period.

In Mundane Astrology, I've noted a correlation between Moon OOBs and the public being kept 'out of the loop' in some way on some topic or issue/s, or simply being apathetic, disengaged from events, or otherwise 'out there'--even locked out or 'kept in the dark'. Current topics or events may not get the publicity they deserve, or are ignored by the public--and/or much whining may ensue!

For after all, everyone knows that when the people's cat is away, the politicians will play, steal, take bribes, and stir up trouble as some of them so often will.

And then? Then for nine years the Moon is not OOBs which is precisely where we float now.

Ten Years = 2001 -- 2011

Earth's Moon completed the most recent OOBs period of approximately ten years in mid-February 2011 and had begun her wandering far afield in or about September 2001. Yes! That September 2001.

This may describe a paradigm shift of the public mood, emotion, and sentiment which occurs gradually, don't you feel? The multi-nation Arab Spring Movement comes to mind as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka, We Are The 99%-ers, all of which are providing the world with amazing expressions of generational conflicts (Uranus square Pluto = progress v power) by more balanced individuals among us--or by those demanding more balance within societal institutions--who don't feel emotionally threatened by shysters, banksters, fraudsters--in a phrase, by the criminal network surrounding the globe like a NYPD police net meant to capture human sardines who dissent against societal ills--and believe me, they are ills.

The "fed up" quality of the current social movements and campaigns of 2011 have an OOBs-back-in-bounds tinge to them with the sustainability of the Moon's nurturing-feeding function as the motive for demanding improvements between haves v have-nots. Food shortages and starvation have become critical issues for more and more people across the globe as children go to bed hungry with their lives, health, and futures blighted and stunted by risk-taking chaos-creators usually known as the 'power elite'.

Morally deformed as the majority of plutocrats are. (Many are inbred, you know.)

And prisoners being released back into society today, the 'one for one thousand' swap between Palestine and Israel?

Welcome back into the fold for all! For you're back in bounds.

Uranus Square Pluto: Cycles of Revolution

It's very refreshing for this Flower Power genner who attended a Beatles concert beneath the rays of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of the mid-1960s (plus, a Mystic Rectangle of planets like a magic wand!) to observe the steadied emotional natures of most of the Occupy Wall Street (and other streets, cities, and nations now occupied!) participants who are Reflections (Moon) upon humanity's Screen (Neptune) of Awareness (Uranus) spotlighting a better way of envisioning The Future of Mankind than that of a quixotic, totalitarianism brand of neoliberalism (where Corporatism is all), a vicious plan long-desired by a bunch of self-exalted psychopaths of a Rand-esque persuasion who gravitate to Uranian-Neptunian illuminism and purport to use 'reason', a thinly veiled excuse for selfish, hard-hearted cruelty toward all of mankind.

Is this the old survival of the fittest/eugenics crowd of powerful white men intent upon using any means of seizing power and retaining control over the 99%? As you know, Rule by the Few mimics monarchy, hence the Occupy Movement's mention of feudalism being forced upon the 99%. Talk about gray around the muzzle! This is a mighty ancient paradigm the plutocrats are pushing while trying to disguise it as a "new" order. Puh!

It's an old and decrepit system full of shriveled minds and missing hearts.

Yes, throughout human history we have experienced men and women imbued with this devouring spirit--through many cycles, in fact. And we don't have to dog paddle ourselves haplessly into the waters of a deep, murky plutonian cave to find out where the monster lies.

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerant?

People of the Earth are down to a stalemate between those who prefer Life and harmony v those who prefer Death and destruction. It's up to each of us to choose an ultimate direction within the old Piscean paradox: up or down. Plus, there is the question inherent within Gemini's eternal dilemma: light v dark.

As Luna sails within bounds of the earthly plane and connects off and on with the other planetary energies in any chart in a more engaged way, her monthly cycle by sign and aspect relates directly to the collective's personal, earthly, and cosmic environments, and to our feelings about society's present conditions which affect us personally and those we love.

So! Now we've now begun a period of nine years with no OOBs Moon which stretches from February 2011 to some time in 2021.

After that? You tell me.


Speaking of our silvery Moon, did you know there's something called The Moon Society? It's not my cuppa tea but you may wish a sip...


Oct 17, 2011

Why "Tinkering w the corporate state" won't work (OWS)

Even so-called liberals are quaking from the increase in Occupy Wall Street protests here and abroad and Chris Hedges asserts that, "Tinkering with the corporate state will not work."

Allow Mr. Hedges to paint the picture for you more clearly than I ever could as the 'Too Big To Fail' 99% movement of dissent sweeps across the globe, disgruntling Pluto/Chiron types as they hunker down in their oligarchic ivory towers and state-of-the-art bunkers, poor things.

Yes, their disenfranchising and oppresssion of the 99% of us are being called to account at last and in the biggest way possible: peacefully and righteously.

A Movement Too Big To Fail by Chris Hedges.

The tyranny of plutocracy must end as transiting Pluto plows slowly through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, transforming structures, institutions, and governments as it approaches America's natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) for our first-ever Pluto Return/s 3x in year 2022.

You know the applicable equation--it's easy and historically accurate:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

The world didn't approve of fascism and fascists before and we certainly Do Not Like Them Now.

Also see: Plutocracy, the true face of America. Why, if if weren't for the Bill of Rights all we'd have for a "freedom document" in the US is a plutocracy-protecting Constitution.

But that's a blog fuss for a another day.

Oct 14, 2011

Oct 14, 2011: Sun in Libra parallels Rigel!

When I noticed today that the Sun 20Lib+ is in *parallel to Fixed Star Rigel, I wanted to give a shout-out to lovely Rigel, The Educator star in ancient Astrology and one that is linked to an angle in this blogger's natal horoscope.

Hence I'm rather fond of regal Rigel! ((Ree' gul) And since the star is the left foot of Orion, I suspect you've spied it twinkling in the heavens, especially now in Autumn with constellation Orion The Hunter showing prominently in our night skies.

Rigel (Beta Orion) which is tropically positioned in mid-Gemini, has a magnitude of 0.3 and a declination of 08S12'21" (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) and can be used on all four points of charts in all latitudes except the extremes of the poles.

Star lore concepts include being 'under Osiris's protection' for its symbolism of the Pharaoh's pinioned birds (under Orion's feet) representing the subjects of the Pharaoh. The myth goes that gentle Osiris brought education and civilization to all the lands he ruled, and the 'pinioned birds' were not a negative symbol but a positive one of people receiving the wisdom and protection of civilization.

Now some star lore experts such as Robson have identified Rigel with ambition and that is often the case when Rigel is linked to angles or planets in a horoscope. But for me it's the educating side of Rigel--effort made for the gain of others rather than for personal gain--that describes the vibes of Rigel.

Why, the very laws of planetary motion were figured out by the great Johannes Kepler of lasting fame who was born with Rigel culminating (at MC) as wise Jupiter set!

*parallels are used in Astrology for timing purposes and are similar to strong conjunctions. Osiris and Orion issue from the same archetype; the three stars in the Belt of Orion are thought by some to be the direction from which the Christ will return "bringing His reward with Him" and are said to correspond to the Pyramids at Giza on Earth...As Above, So Below.


Well, our wimpy Congress skedaddles from the Capitol Hill scene of their many crimes this afternoon (if you can find one of 'em on The Hill as late as 3 pm, I'll be a monkey's aunt) for another week-long break while millions of Americans--their constituents--remain unemployed and struggling for basic necessities. And this break comes after the toil of selling out US jobs once again by passing a triple "free" trade pact with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia.

Isn't it odd what legislation our theatrical Congress can manage to 'come together' on to pass in a 'bipartisan' fashion?

Guess we can always check in with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to see a model of what democracy actually looks like since its image has become tainted and Swiss-cheesy on our Masonic Capitol Hill.

Oct 12, 2011

Occupy Houston and the Fed's Monopoly Money (video)

Here is controversial TV-radio host and author Alex Jones with a bullhorn at the Occupy Houston rally and a little girl with a placard you may wish to read!


If you've missed it, why not scroll down the sidebar just a bit for a link to Rolling Stone's article, Meet Alex Jones?

Oct 11, 2011

Inauguration 2009 horoscope w Occupy Wall Street (9.17.11)

The horoscope of Inauguration 2009 (January 20 @ noon Capitol Building) is shown here with the transits of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), September 17, 2011, solar (sunrise) chart set for Manhattan, NY; OWS is aka, the 99% Movement.

Click chart to enlarge and you'll see the OWS Moon 19Tau23 and Jupiter 9Tau49 snugged about the Inaugural ASC (President's Oath of Office = the presidency); also on the Inaugural ASC is the transiting midpoint Mars/Neptune which is interesting to me since many posts have been written here concerning the fact Mr. Obama's natal Mars (motivation, energy, action, desire nature) conjoins US natal Neptune 22Vir25--to the degree--with Virgo the sign of Work, Service, and Health (and having a 'police/military service' vibe.)

(Note: the Moon/Jupiter pair will repeat at Inauguration 2013 but in early Gemini, rising in 1st house; chart set for Monday January 21, 2013 noon est Capitol Building--since Jan 20, 2013 falls on a Sunday; ASC = '16Tau' instead of the usual '15Tau'--the last Jan 21st Inauguration was Ronald 'death squad' Reagan's.)

Uranus in Aries: The Awakener!

The Awakening of the American People (transit Uranus to US 4th cusp 00Ari53 = anarchists, radicals, protesters in the Homeland) which the current Occupy protests represent is shown on one level by the dreamy Mars/Neptune link between horoscopes as this Mars/Neptune (deceptive or inspired actions, confused motivations, loss of males, overseas wars, mass police, men who undermine, etc) echoes the problematic Mars/Neptune square found in the US natal chart/s (July 4, 1776, any hour you choose to use. Our national Sun/Saturn square is now highlighted as well showing authoritarianism of leaders.)

Sniffy me!

Since I'm under the weather this week with allergies of the ragweed kind, I have sparse energy with which to discuss these two charts (dual and complex as they are) but I'll do the best I can and will simply mention a couple of factors, then point anyone who hasn't to visit the excellent news coverage by Independent Media (listed below) of the Occupy protests across America--including the vicious, hateful police attack during the OccupyBoston demonstration last night (at 1:30 am Tuesday) on US war veterans whose American flags were wrenched from their hands and thrown to the ground before they were tackled by an over-reactive riot-geared police force--people obviously on the payroll of The Man, not The People.

How description their actions! For 'throwing America to the ground' is the goal of these proto-fascist usurpers of our government. And it took the attacks of 9/11/01 to more firmly establish them in seats of power.

Now we know that no matter who orders such brutality against peacefully assembled Americans expressing their grievances against The Establishment, this police state behavior is happening on President Obama's watch. Yes, the GOP must be secretly cheering this though they certainly have expression problems of their own on the subject (see Herman Cain's coldhearted comment below.)

However, for the sake of the president's political aspirations, he'd do better for 2012 to jump on-board more than he has so far rather than dangling haphazardly off the populist cart with the White House's barely concealed contempt. As The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel said yesterday to Amy Goodman, Mr. Obama is "behind the curve" and has "lost his momentum" with the environmentalists, young people, liberals, Independents, and others who voted for him in 2008.

Deserving Desertion?

Well, if Mr. Obama is or feels deserted, he deserves it for we wouldn't wander if he were what he was promoted to be! Good oration is never enough when real problems exist en masse, Mr. President. You said to push you, so here is Occupy Wall Street on your Oval Office doorstep. Be pushed!

Confronting The Bull of Wall Street

Since We-the-People Bailed Out Wall Street Banks do we own them? Then we may protest their corruption all we like! Besides: what victim, being disenfranchised and ignored, is self-destructive enough not to chant for clarity and justice in American society--and for social improvements when times are tough?! The 'special interests' and their paid-for political reps of Washington DC must be feeling a might insecure about now--good! We The People Rule whether they know it or not. Without our consent they have no power.

Positive v Negative = Yin v Yang = Jupiter v Saturn

Very notable in the OWS chart are the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, forming a transiting midpoint upon revolutionary Mars 29Can00 on Sept 17th, a critical 29th degree picture which describes the Occupy Wall Street Movement about as well as any one factor can do...and the Jupiter/Saturn cycle closely relates to financial markets and conditions!

These days in our global society, Jupiter's expansion principle seeks balance with Saturn's restriction/contraction tendencies and we know who's on the growth side while the 99% languishes on the margins, our futures stunted by Wall Street greed and criminality which are aided by duplicitous politicians. Financial Collapse 2008 was no 'accident', it was long-planned, imho, and astrological indicators show more lacks to come for 2012 and beyond, sorry to say.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn hooked up on May 28, 2000 and their collusion heralded the zeitgeist of the much-touted New '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems"--and that's how America has been--a cash cow--for the criminal upper crust ever since...just one Big Heist. Yes?

Well, here's the major midpoint picture from September 17, 2011 which I'm spotlighting today--see if you think any of its potentials apply to current events:

Jupiter/Saturn = activist Mars: new efforts to effect positive changes; introducing duress as a tactic for forcing social change; discontent; added irritation over delays for new beginnings (like implementation of their feudal, 'Big Brother', totalitarian 'new world order', aka, a Utopian
'one world government' of the Illuminati? jc.)

How patient and mild the protesters--very impressive!

Progressive sites and broadcasts (video available):

Thom Hartmann (Thom!);
Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman);
The Nation blog w Occupy Wall Street updates (Greg Mitchell);
Brave New Films (Robert Greenwald who has a new film on the Koch Brothers, a must-see.)

Plus, there's HuffPo's recent article on how bullying billionaires the Koch Brothers (of Tea Party backing fame) stand to make a mint--in spite of the environmental degradation the US will suffer--from the Keystone XL Pipeline which President Obama could nix with a stroke of his Oval Office pen, if he only would.

Or I should say, If only his financial backers would allow. (See Inauguration 2009 chart with US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint at MC, The Goal point; this places US natal Mercury Rx is at IC which emphasizes America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of surveillance and propaganda.)

Now, for those who wish to become involved, it may be timely to paraphrase Thom Hartmann at the end of all his broadcasts:

"Democracy begins when you show up--tag, you're it!"

Yet there's a caution: Beware agent provocateurs who seek to undermine the 99% Movement by use of violence. And conservative commentators have ramped up their usual violent rhetoric, as expected--seems that some long-nosers have broadcast that the OWS protesters "hate freedom" (!!!), a silliness which attempts to turn the 99% Movement's message of moral clarity upside down.

Oh! And as Thom Hartmann noted in today's broadcast, Republican 2012 nomination candidate *Herman Cain says that "if you don't have a job--blame yourself."


So I guess tonight's Republican "debate" on TV, which is expected to attack Mitt Romney's record as MA governor, should be either interesting or, more of a mangled train wreck showcasing pathetic people parroting corporate talking points. Again. With some quirky personality traits tossed in to 'impress' the public, if at all possible after 8 years of Bush-Cheney policies that have led us to this.

Wonder if the 99% Movement will be mentioned tonight? But which corporate shill among them, if any, shall dare?


UPDATE: *Here's a nifty, brief analysis of Herman's Cain's diabolical counter to the president's jobs plan which is actually Cain's (not Abel's) wealth distribution program for the rich called, 9-9-9 which even an apathetic doltbrain can see is a not-so-subtle reference to the Biblical '666', the mark of the beast. And its title is done in a backhanded way with the digits upside down, a tactic Satan often employs in our dualistic world as a shout-out to his followers.

Other satanic signs/symbols include 'the goat horns' hand jesture, the use of 'one eye' (Gaga's hair over one eye, head bowed showing homage to the Eye of Horus), and popular use of black-white and/or checkered patterns.

Well, if I'd known about that last one years ago, I would not have drawn 'checkered floors' into some of my racier illustrations. Really. What bad form! And their use was never meant as a satanic symbol of any kind, not from me.

Yet in my own defense, I shall say as an artist of some years that checkered floors can make a decent design element in drawings or paintings for their perspectives can be monkeyed with and made to look quite interesting, don't you think?

Blog Note: those who read Astrology charts may wish to study the horoscopes shown above if they haven't, spotlighting the connections between them, and I hope you do. Leave your on-topic comments here, if you wish, for I plan to feel better soon. Thanks! jc

(Midpoint pictures from M. Munkasey and R. Ebertin.)

Sep 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protests: Corralling the Bull (video)

It's been a busy couple of weeks here and since I'm feeling remiss for not blogging about the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on since Saturday September 17 in Zuccotti Park, NYC, here are two video reports on the situation.

It makes me proud to say that several hundred+ Americans are acting on their principles and though it's become quite novel these days for justice to triumph in America, it's way past time that the Bailouts of Big Banks become Jailouts.

Arrests and police brutality accompanied their peaceful demonstrations...and NY police 'corralled the Wall Street Bull'--to protect the statue from peaceful protestors, Americans to whom the sculptor Di Modica dedicated the beastly statue when it was installed in the middle of Broad Street on December 15, 1989!

How tragic that no one in authority has corralled the financial crooks of Wall Street to protect us from their bull.

And how interesting that the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Bull's installation on December 15, 1989 is the 9 New South which repeated @ 19Virgo (not too far from US natal Neptune 22Vir25--Virgo, sign of Work and Employment) on *September 11, 2007 and is one background factor that timed the subprime mess leading to Financial Crash 2008.

9 New South = 'long term worries, paperwork, or communications issues are brought to the surface; a worrying piece of news arrives which may feel fated or karmic; responsibilities with paperwork come home to roost'. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Oh, and another thing: 9 New South is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Fedhead Ben Bernanke and since eclipses are 'wild cards' of the Universe--able to change conditions in a flash--he might have been waiting patiently for that solar card to be laid on Wall Street's table.


*Horoscope shown; post is sans edits. jc

Mar 8, 2011

March 7th Protests Shut Down Bank of America branch! (video)

Being no fan of Bank (Robbers) of America, I am happy to post a video of National Peoples Action protests yesterday which shut down a branch of the so-called Bank of America. Great job, guys!

Let's keep on the banks' sorry cases. In a fit of personal protest, I switched bank accounts from a big bank to a Credit Union bank two years ago (hint hint!)

Meanwhile, you may wish to check out Make Wall Street Pay and let's do just that...even if the US government and the politicians who infest it are - shall we say - shy about doing the right thing.

Oct 26, 2009

ABA Convention protests and the Saturn/Pluto Square

"We're not here to cause trouble - we're here because we are in trouble." So begins this video of the weekend's protests at the American Bankers Association in Chicago, Illinois, the ABA. Or as we have every right to think of them based on their actions: the American Bankrobbers Association.

1,000 protesters were involved and they are expecting over 5,000 people to arrive in Chicago by Tuesday, Oct 27, to join in protesting Wall Street bankers taking our tax money and using it to give themselves massive bonuses and lobby Washington against meaningful financial reform.

Last evening I was studying the *astrology chart of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, signed by George Bush on July 30, 2002 @ 10:28 am edt in Washington, with the Sun 7Leo15 conjunct Bush's natal Ascendant, and Mars 10Leo52 conjunct his natal Mercury/Pluto conj in 1st house of Self.

Mercury/Pluto = tr Mars: indefatigable; an ability to master great tasks; sharp criticism; a desire to attack others; a blackmailer; grasping a situation quickly, rightly or wrongly, and taking confident and persuasive action; attacking an issue without reservation. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(Midpoint pictures may operate in an any-all-or-none fashion - here Bush's natal midpoint is being triggered by transiting Mars. You be the decider if it applies to the issue at hand.)

As I said, I was studying the signing chart last evening and am copying/pasting the post I began then. You can see the mood I was in after feeling an inconvenient compulsion to read about the smokescreen legislation of Sarbanes-Oxley and George Bush. And this, after celebrating a radiant 4-year-old's birthday. What a come-down.

The SOX bill was supposedly going to improve the financial system and take significant steps to penalize fraud, but with deceptive, veiling - fraudulent - Neptune 9AQ39 Rx in 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking - and opposing the Sun-Mars conjunction affecting Bush's natal chart, it's easy to see what a baseless belief that was. 'Smokescreen' is a Neptunian word par excellence and the fraud was baked into the bill itself.

From my post of last evening:

Hold on to your Green Stamps, Myrtle, Bush is signin' somethin' again...or he did, on July 30, 2002 at 10:28 am edt at the usual scene of the crime, the White House.

A kitten's yarnball of complexity, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was eagerly put into play by erstwhile politicians, and yet according to Ron Paul, was unnecessary and costly to US businesses. Plus, Fedheader Alan Greenspan praised it which is enough to cause a gut reaction against it for me, and we can't say that SOX has put on the breaks of fraud's jalopy in US financial markets, can we?

Here you may read Bush's pie-in-the-sky signing statement and one must wonder if the bill was one of those under the table you-follow-the-law-cos-I-won't affairs Bush was so fond of and famous for. He liked to pick and choose which points his chain-yankers agreed with in the bills he signed, you remember.

Financial wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney wasn't on hand for the signing, oddly enough. Perhaps he had big-time insider trading to do and couldn't break away from the game.


That's as far as I got with last night's post until today when I find the video of the weekend protesters doing the right thing on behalf of their fellow American taxpayers across our bankrupted-by-the-power-elite land.

My heart is with them in Chicago yet my body must remain in Georgia! Collectively, Saturn is squaring Pluto, and Bush's boots are kicked back on the front porch of new-world-orderism while giving the occasional speech for mega-bucks. His recent speeches given in Canada have been attracting protesters, too. Good.

When Saturn squares Pluto there is a defensive stance against social responsibility which can be seen in the above video as bankers refuse to listen much less come clean. Under this aspect such responsibility is seen as an obstacle rather than an opportunity.

Extremes are resorted to in order to get out of being held accountable, such as tossing out protesters and writing/backing sorry legislations - which, if they have any teeth at all will only be loop holed by the wealthy - so this square between two planets concerned with control and change is undergirding a lot of what's going on in the collective, including the protests.

Saturn/Pluto squares are times when superiors will not tolerate underlings' attempts to grasp control, and we see the impatience and resentment of a we're-fed-up protest by the people. Status and security are prime motivators for those in control and yes, they are feeling threatened by the opposition to their fulfilment of every wish to dominate others and to gather all resources within their Midas caves of greed.

So perhaps the poster child of the Saturn/Pluto square and its anti-societal effects can here be named: Wall Street wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney, who was born with the aspect in his natal chart. And the aspect kind of summarizes his freakish VP governing style, doesn't it?


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, July 30 @ 10:28 am edt, DC: ASC 28Vir24 (Saturn there in recent days); MC (The Goal) 28Gem11 (Sabian Symbol for '28Vir' - "A Bald-headed Man Who Has Seized Power"; The Goal? '28Gem' - "A Man Declared Bankrupt" - that'd be us and corporations avoiding social responsibilities like pensions, etc.)

Sun as noted above, Moon in 7th house @17Ari14, trining chart-tuler Mercury (signings, contracts, bills) @ 17Leo33 in 11th house. Mercury's only applying aspect is its trine to the Moon which opposes Bush's natal Chiron, Moon, Jupiter conjunction.

And moneybags Jupiter? Just barely into 10th house of Public Status - significantly positioned @ 29Can32, the degree of the Solar Eclipse cycle we're now in since the July 21, 2009 Eclipse - 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The bankers (Jupiter) are part of the crew who want our financial system to fail. But you've noticed that by now, right?

12th house of backdoor deals contains values-oriented Venus 21Vir46 conjunct tr asteroid Cupido linked to corporatism; Venus is conjunct Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: to go against society; against the mainstream.

SOX signing data from the official White House website.

Sep 19, 2009

What's an EGF? And when is the US Saturn Return?

The EU's international police force, EGF can squash public disobedience, so don't get any ideas and don't be milling about or you'll interfere with authoritarian Saturn's status quo.

And in America, I must wonder how Saturn to US Midheaven @ 00Lib53 will be in the government's approach to the expected civil unrest, not to mention our nation's Saturn Return on the astrological menu. In the last several years, it seems to me that the US government has done everything annoying, stupid, and foul that it can to stir up we-the-people.

Their plans to suspend the US Constitution are in place. Are we ready to pay dearly for the majority of the US public's apathy?

Actually, US Saturn in Libra returns to its natal degree 3 times because of Saturn's retrogradation. Charts are set for US natal location of Philadelphia, PA; their Solar Eclipse Series are included:

1. Dec 3, 2010, Mercury Hour w/ Mercury 2Cap41 in 9th house conj NN 2Cap49; Saturn 14Libra48 in 6th house conjunct Desc 18Lib03 (Desc conjs US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx); 7th house Moon 16Sco35 trine 12th house Jupiter 23Pis53 w/Uranus 26Pis40 Rx; ASC 18Ari03; MC 9Cap49 conj Pluto 4Cap20 in 9th house; no planetary patterns; 9th house Mars OOBs @ 26Sag50; PE = 12 South @ '19 Cancer' in Return's 4th house = US natal PE 00Pis33 = successful outcomes to long term worries;

2. March 22, 2011, Moon Hour w/ Moon 16Sco54 in 2nd house/ Sun 1Ari58 in 7th house conj Uranus 00Ari37; 1st house Saturn opposed by Jupiter (1A53) @ 12Ari55 in 7th house; Saturn sesquisquare Neptune @ critical degree 29AQ36 in 5th house; ASC 27Vir02 w/ Nemesis rising 27:30 Rx; MC 26Gem35 conj South Node 27:19; Grand Cross of Sun, Mars, Uranus, NN, MC, and ASC; PE = 13 North = large ambitious group projects and breaking of previous bonds; PE = 13 North = '14 Cap' opposing US natal Sun;

3. Aug 28, 2011, Jupiter Hour; 3rd house Saturn SQ Mars 16Can24 in 11th house (1S35); Moon 24Leo30 rising - Sun 4Vir44; Grand Earth Trine between Mercury 18Leo50/ASC 20Leo02, Jupiter 10Tau21 conj MC 12Tau06, and Pluto 4Cap59 Rx in 5th house; TWO interlaced Fists of God patterns - first Fist with Uranus SQ Pluto (1S19) at its base sesquisquare Mercury/ASC, 2nd Fist has Mars SQ Saturn (1S35) as its base pointing to Neptune 29AQ22 Rx (Chiron nearby @ 2Pis56 Rx); PE = 13 New South '9Can' = constitutional crisis.

My hope is to post more details on these difficult Saturn Return charts in the coming months including their chart images and worrisome midpoint pictures because if I must know about them, you may as well, too. But if you have Astrology software, set them up to view and marvel. Locating them for Washington DC may change house placements, of course, but the planets' degrees remain the same.

And now it's back to my Art projects!