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Aug 17, 2016

George Soros (Pluto conj Castor) Hacked - NWO Plans Exposed!

George Soros Victim of Hack Attack Support for Hillary Revealed

Is it news to anyone that Mr. Soros and the Clintons are One World Government promoters? New World Order aficionados? Connoiseurs of draconian plutotocracy? This is the sort of thing a politician with secrets could set up private servers for! Politicians have been working on The Great Plan for decades if not centuries and it's nice to read their secret emails for a change since they tend to be so interested in ours.

A (possibly dodgy) website has been set up for the files called 'DCLeaks' if you're curious and here's a video: George Soros and Thousands of Open Society Foundations Files Online Now--World Government plans are revealed along with his 'donations' to the Clinton Foundation and in relation to her 2016 Campaign, how Mr. Soros bossed Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

Somehow the GOP accusation against the "pay for play" Clinton Foundation doesn't seem massive enough for what's really going on and let's remember that the Republican Party is also a total participant in the One World Government plan and as anti-nation-state as they come.

Heads-up thanks to Alexandra Bruce at Forbidden Knowledge TV and to WeAreChange.

An Astro-Peek at Plutocrat George Soros

by Jude Cowell

George Soros August 12, 1930 2:35 am CET Budapest, Hungary (online source, unknown); Hour of the Moon; Sun 18Leo37 2nd house; Moon 17Pis05 8th house; ASC 25Cancer29; MC 2Ari51. His is a Fire-Water Sun-Moon personality of steam which can either sterilize or scald. Volatile, moody, courageous, poetic, and a passionate visionary, the Sun Leo-Moon Pisces blend of Mr. Soros has one 'Image for Integration' according to Charles and Suzi Harvey (Sun Sign-Moon Sign):

"The Wizard of Oz gives the Lion a Heart and he becomes the King of Oz." Hmm. Guess the crown is to be passed to son Alex Soros who has now "come out of the shadows."

But let's return to Dad's natal chart. The midpoint picture that stands out in his natal horoscope involves powerful, wealthy Pluto @19Can56 (conjunct Castor the Morning Star and associate of Lucifer; manipulative Pluto rises in the 12th house of Politics, Back Room Deals, Secret Enemies, and Karma): Sun-Mars = Pluto, a picture containing potentials for fanaticism, great achievements via tremendous efforts, war, violence, and/or unscrupulous behavior. Another midpoint picture is formed by a Fist of God, or Thor's Hammer pattern, between Sun-MC (square) pointing toward natal Sun so I wonder if he has had any brain tumor surgeries? (Ebertin). Of course, such an indication would need support in the rest of his chart.

So be that as it may or may not be, Mr. Soros recently turned 86 years old and has lived past his Uranus Return/s, typically a time when childhood memories cease to hold sway over the present. The Returns perfected three times (@15Ari11 Rx):

1. May 24, 2014 (transit Sun trine natal Uranus: participation in group and political activities are favored); 2. September 20, 2014 (tr Jupiter trine natal Uranus: financial and fund-raising success, group activities easy to coordinate); 3. March 14, 2015 (tr Mars conjunct natal Uranus: new techniques and methods, enthusiastic group participation, unusual people encountered, possible danger). He may have stayed home for that last one.

And here's an article by the Magi Society about George Soros, his natal chart, and his Quantum Fund troubles from years back having to do with a double Saturn transit. His natal Saturn is strong in Capricorn (5:54) but retrograde in the Cadent 6th house of Health and Service and when tr Pluto came to call he may have found his past haunting him on some level, plus, his tendency to avoid personal responsibility and to accept limitations were under review and in need of correction in order for progress to be made.

Related: An Updated Horoscope of the New World Order (1993).

Additionally, in four years (2020) Mr. Soros' Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series will repeat (4 North) with its themes of: restriction, restraint, illusion, and separation (Brady). 4N last manifested in 2002 @20Gemini conjunct his natal Mars which happens to conjoin his natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint of plutocracy, oligarchy, exploitation, primal violence, and oppression.

Oct 15, 2015

Caller: Anderson Cooper, Not Such a Great Moderator - video

Do you think CNN moderator ("ringmaster") Anderson Cooper directed the October 13th Democratic debate on behalf of Hillary Clinton? His efforts were somewhat subtle yet noticeable on my TV screen. For the curious, here are a few astro-notes on the natal horoscope of the well-connected Mr. Cooper.