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Oct 9, 2007

Draconid Meteor Shower peaks Oct 9

Space Weather News for Oct. 8, 2007

METEOR WATCH: The annual Draconid meteor shower peaks on Oct. 9th at 0430 UT--in other words, tonight at 9:30 pm PDT or 12:30 am EDT. Don't expect a big display. The source of the shower, comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, is far away and unlikely to produce more than a few slow meteors every hour. It should be noted, however, that unexpected Draconid outbursts have happened as recently as Oct. 2005 resulting in dozens to hundreds of meteors per hour. Could tonight be such a night? If you decide to look, keep an eye on the northern sky (Draco is not far from the north celestial pole) during the hours around the predicted peak.

PERUVIAN METEORITE UPDATE: Astronomers studying the Peruvian meteorite fall of Sept. 15, 2007, have analyzed infrasound records of the fireball's descent through Earth's atmosphere and estimated the impactor's kinetic energy: about 0.03 kton of TNT. So far more than 30 kg of the meteorite have been recovered by Peruvian authorities, but much more remains--indeed, says one researcher, there could be a "multi-ton monster" hiding at the bottom of the meteorite's curiously watery crater.

Check for more information.#

Did you see any meteors last night?

The constellation Draco the Dragon guards the greatest of treasures: the pivot-point of the world. Connected to myths of many cultures through the ages, the Celestial Dragon never slept because it never set. This is the hundred-eyed dragon which the Greeks had guarding the golden apples in the Garden of Hesperides, and is linked to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Thuban (Alpha Draco) is the primary star, keywords:to create or protect a treasure.

There may be a miserly influence with Thuban as seen in the life of Sir Isaac Newton, who jealously protected his intellectual treasures--his theories and ideas. Newton's natal Moon is connected with Thuban on his day of birth and is expressed as a terrific hoarding instinct.

Pablo Picasso's life shows a different flavor with his Sun (identity) connected to Thuban, for he created over 20,000 works of art which were valuable before his death as Thuban allowed his immense treasures to flow into the world and the rewards to flow back to the artist. (Yes, this artist has Thuban connected in her chart--guess that's why I toss out so many images into the world through my online galleries such as Dreamyfish Art--the spiritual rewards do flow back--the material rewards? not so much!)

So if you have a gift or talent, it is your treasure and if Thuban is linked to your natal planets you'll find that issues of giving and sharing are recurring themes in your life. Whether material or spiritual, this gift is unlimited so find joy in sharing it with the world...for perhaps the treasure truly belongs to Draco and you're merely the conduit!

(Brady's Book of Fixed Stars)

Jul 9, 2007

Green Comet and the sunspot

Space Weather News for July 9, 2007:

PHOTOGENIC SUNSPOT: During the weekend new sunspot 963 emerged, and it is putting on a remarkable show for onlookers with solar telescopes. Images featured on today's edition of include must-see footage of a fire-fountain-like eruption plus snapshots of the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the active region. The big double-sunspot is just beginning a two week journey across the face of the sun, promising many more photo-ops in the days ahead.

GREEN COMET: This week, comet Linear VZ13 is gliding through the constellation Draco not far from the North Star. The 8th magnitude comet is too dim for the naked eye, but it is an easy target for binoculars and backyard telescopes. Observers say it has a beautiful green atmosphere and a stubby fan-shaped tail. Closest approach to Earth: July 14th at a distance of 86 million km. Visit for daily sky maps and photos.#

Now the circumpolar constellation Draco, the Dragon, has its brightest star, Thuban, "to make or protect a treasure" mentioned by Ptolemy to be related to Mars and Saturn influences. Not so good, although Thuban may be indicative of immense treasures flowing to the world (Brady, Fixed Stars.)

Thuban culminated with Pablo Picasso's Sun which shows his prolific output of a body of artwork which was valuable while he was still living...treasures indeed.

And Sir Isaac Newton's Moon set as Thuban culminated so he had an emotional attachment to his acquisitions. He guarded his treasures--his ideas and theories--and resisted publishing his invention, calculus, perhaps because he feared theft of his genius and was known as a miser.

Thuban can also be about sacred matters which have degenerated into jealously guarded treasure--or it can bring immense riches.

Then there is Polaris, the North Star, mentioned in the SpaceWeather dispatch above, keywords: "to point the way; and, a protective or nurturing mission."

Polaris is the star at the end of the handle of Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper or Bear...hard to miss.

Older traditions connect Polaris with evil or with illness, but most allow a sense of guidance, pioneering, and path finding. Ptolemy asserts influences of Saturn and Venus for Polaris.

Actually, due to precession, Thuban was once the pole star in 3,000 B.C.E., fancifully making Ursa Minor the wings of Draco the Dragon.

So it's Little Bears, Dragons, and Green Comets!