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Mar 5, 2017

Acrux of the Southern Cross and the Eclipse of Donald Trump

Starry Acrux! The Great American Eclipse Ruffles Mr. Trump and His Warring Mars

by Jude Cowell

Once upon a time the constellation of the Southern Cross was visible in Jerusalem. Was it followed by the Maji as the Star of Bethlehem? Doesn't seem probable to me but then there are several theories as to what that cosmic Star may have been. However, we do know that the three Maji of gold-frankencense-and-myrrh fame were Eastern astrologers and seers who knew what they were looking at and what they were compelled to do: follow its guidance to honor the new king.

The Southern Cross constellation's brightest star is Acrux (Alpha Crux), a triple star that can be used in astrology though my own use of fixed stars tends toward the symbolic side with star positions (sign and degree) aligning in horoscopes with various planets (if they do--conjunctions and the occasional opposition only). Parans between stars and planets (whether rising, culminating, setting, and/or lower-ing together) are often noted by yours truly but are not always mentioned in texts (for then posts would soon become books) and for Acrux this is moot anyway since the star is not visible in most northern hemisphere charts and may not be used at all unless symbolically.

And of course, in Astrology the archetypal symbol of The Cross in essence denotes The Cross of Matter upon which the human body manifests on the earthly plane and when prominent in a horoscope suggests the ability to bring things to fruition, to give them substance (as when Jesus Christ was physically born and died--on The Cross of Matter, the first death). Actualizing one's potential (ex: materialism that leads to financial wealth, success), moving and taking action, and getting things done are keynotes of Acrux.

And we know that, "Fixed stars work through eclipses." (The Book of the Eclipse, Ovason.)

So if we add to a study using fixed stars an intriguing and highly flawed individual like Donald Trump we have a sensational story fit for novelists whom no one would believe if they read them. His natal Uranus in Gemini (he behaves like a Gemini and in fact, is one with natal Sun there) leads all his natal planets from his 10th house of Career. Meanwhile, America's natal 'totem planet' of revolution, Uranus @8Gem55, was activated in 1946 by Mr. Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse when it occurred May 30, 1946 @9Gemini in the 2 Old North Saros Series.

2 Old North's difficult themes include: unfortunate news concerning friendships and/or other relationships, endings of unions, separation issues, and action regarding personal relationships (Predictive Astrology, Brady).

2 Old North last manifested on July 1, 2000 @10Can15 and will repeat on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer during the second year of the presidency of Donald Trump. We may expect 2 Old North themes of separation and endings to express for and through him around that time (whether he still acts as president or not).

Uranian Donald Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse = US Natal Uranus: Sudden Conflicts

It's always instructive to look at the initial eclipse of a series--for Mr. Trump (born June 14, 1946) his 2 Old North series began manifesting @5Can49 (conjunct the future degree of US natal Jupiter!) on June 24, 0792 (OS) giving all subsequent interpretations a lunar cast. 2 Old North ends with a last solar hurrah on July 23, 2036 @29Leo, the same degree as The Great American Eclipse which will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21, 2017 @29Leo (horoscope linked, below).

The August 21, 2017 eclipse is personally significant for Mr. Trump (and thus for America) for it conjoins (or activates or eclipses) his natal Ascendant and is squished between his rising Mars (26Leo) and Ascendant (29Leo), with royal star Regulus in the mix. Curiously, Trump's Secondary Progressed (and Solar Arc) Sun, originally in Gemini, has recently and symbolically left Leo and entered Virgo--and the precessed position of Regulus is now @00Virgo+ which hints that Regulus is his 'essence' and 'objective' at age 70--if we were to use fixed stars in Progressions! Personally, I think timing issues may be seen through them but use of stars in Progressions is your choice and is frowned upon by astrological tradition.

America Affected

Yet how tragic for America if our nation in need of a competent president and civilian Commander-in-Chief partakes too freely of the archetypal theater in Mr. Trump's life at age 70, that of Regulus reflecting upon him the fatal flaw inherent in this most royal of stars: success if revenge is avoided. For coupled with his aggressive warrior Mars (in proud Leo, the lion), Regulus, star of power and success, gives an ability to lead, yes, but if one takes revenge any greatness will suffer an "eclipse" and consequently bring a "fall from grace."

Such is the potential of Mr. Donald J. Trump. If he manages to avoid the negative caution that attaches to Regulus he may be the first yet considering his petty, perverse, retaliatory, tweeting and insinuating nature, it isn't likely that he can avoid the ultimate consequences of failure though it may seem so for a while. After all, while playing the presidential role, there are many people both hidden and otherwise who continually 'prop him up' in spite of what could, should, or by all rights will, bring him down from high office and plunk him into the shadows.

And America with him.


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And with June on the way, here's the Summer Solstice 2017 Horoscope set for Washington DC and showing Mr. Trump's natal planets around the outside. See his first natal planet to rise...

And check this out from writer and astrologer Neil Spencer:

"The most high profile celestial event of 2017 is the total solar eclipse of August 21, whose path cuts across 14 states of the USA, from Oregon to South Carolina; surely a heaven-sent boon to the end-of-the-world brigades (who come in many guises), and the manufacturers of fake news. That almost all the states in the eclipse’s shadow voted for Donald Trump should add to speculation about its meaning; perhaps the Commander in Chief will tweet that he personally arranged it."

Yes, (Uranian-in-Chief) Mr. Trump just may tweet something along those lines if White House staffers fail to keep a phone out of his Geminian hands.

Jul 9, 2007

Green Comet and the sunspot

Space Weather News for July 9, 2007:

PHOTOGENIC SUNSPOT: During the weekend new sunspot 963 emerged, and it is putting on a remarkable show for onlookers with solar telescopes. Images featured on today's edition of include must-see footage of a fire-fountain-like eruption plus snapshots of the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the active region. The big double-sunspot is just beginning a two week journey across the face of the sun, promising many more photo-ops in the days ahead.

GREEN COMET: This week, comet Linear VZ13 is gliding through the constellation Draco not far from the North Star. The 8th magnitude comet is too dim for the naked eye, but it is an easy target for binoculars and backyard telescopes. Observers say it has a beautiful green atmosphere and a stubby fan-shaped tail. Closest approach to Earth: July 14th at a distance of 86 million km. Visit for daily sky maps and photos.#

Now the circumpolar constellation Draco, the Dragon, has its brightest star, Thuban, "to make or protect a treasure" mentioned by Ptolemy to be related to Mars and Saturn influences. Not so good, although Thuban may be indicative of immense treasures flowing to the world (Brady, Fixed Stars.)

Thuban culminated with Pablo Picasso's Sun which shows his prolific output of a body of artwork which was valuable while he was still living...treasures indeed.

And Sir Isaac Newton's Moon set as Thuban culminated so he had an emotional attachment to his acquisitions. He guarded his treasures--his ideas and theories--and resisted publishing his invention, calculus, perhaps because he feared theft of his genius and was known as a miser.

Thuban can also be about sacred matters which have degenerated into jealously guarded treasure--or it can bring immense riches.

Then there is Polaris, the North Star, mentioned in the SpaceWeather dispatch above, keywords: "to point the way; and, a protective or nurturing mission."

Polaris is the star at the end of the handle of Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper or Bear...hard to miss.

Older traditions connect Polaris with evil or with illness, but most allow a sense of guidance, pioneering, and path finding. Ptolemy asserts influences of Saturn and Venus for Polaris.

Actually, due to precession, Thuban was once the pole star in 3,000 B.C.E., fancifully making Ursa Minor the wings of Draco the Dragon.

So it's Little Bears, Dragons, and Green Comets!