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Apr 9, 2017

Pluto Generations: The Evolution of Our Society

Pluto Generations - The Evolution Of Our Society

by Kevin Estes

In generational astrology, the sign Pluto is in represents the role that your age group will play in regards to the evolution of society, as Pluto is the transformer. It also indicates the core reality of your age group (Pluto in Cancer is family oriented and patriotic, Pluto in Leo is creative and individualistic, Pluto in Virgo is very health and service oriented, Pluto in Libra is very relationship and beauty oriented, Pluto in Scorpio has extreme depth and doesn't accept anything but the truth, Pluto in Sagittarius is very reckless and freedom oriented, etc.), so while Pluto's influence may not be as well known as that of the Sun, Moon, and inner planets, it has a very important role nonetheless.

Pluto in Cancer (1912-1939)

This generation's main role was to transform family life. It was this generation that's responsible for the current family structure of an average of two to three kids, also known as the nuclear family. And this generation is responsible for women becoming a large part of the workforce, as WWII forced housewives to enter the workforce and support their families with their husbands being away for war.

Pluto in Leo (1937-1958)

This generation's main role was to transform childhood, as children were to be seen and not heard until this generation came, and a lot of the artists of the 1960s, such as Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and The Who to name a few, were created for this generation. The Vietnam War protests that this group is known for led to the abolition of the draft by Jimmy Carter.

Pluto in Virgo (1956-1972)

This generation has had many accomplishments, most notably the expansion of technology throughout their adulthood. The computer began to replace the typewriter during their years as young adults in the early 90s, and after their Saturn returns is when the internet and cell phones became mainstream. This generation is also a driving force behind the green and vegan movements, most notably the left wing members of this generation. Virgo rules health and the environment.

Pluto in Libra (1971-1984)

This generation has all had their Saturn returns, and with Libra being the sign of fairness, it's no coincidence that this generation, most notably the left wing members of the generation, is a driving force behind issues like minority rights, gay rights, and equal pay, and gay marriage eventually being legalized two years ago. Libra is the sign of harmony, and thus a major portion of this generation is also anti war. It is no coincidence that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dominated when this generation were the young adults.

Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995)

This generation is currently the young adults, and the oldest are already going through their Saturn returns. Scorpio rules the occult, and Neptune, the dissolver, is currently in the sign of secrets, Pisces, and it's no coincidence that the secrets about the world's institutions (Pluto in Capricorn) are slowly coming out. As a card carrying member of this generation, my writings are mainly to expose how political ideology and generational characteristics are shown in your birth chart, as well as the reality of the system altogether (the Illuminati control everything mainstream, and people are "wage slaves" for the elite until they are physically unable to do it anymore).

Note: The Pluto in Libra generation and the vast majority of the Pluto in Scorpio generation have the asteroid Quaoar in Scorpio, which is said to fit the timeline of the Indigo children, whose role is to break down outdated systems that aren't in humanity's best interests, and I'm one of them.

The Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) generation is still in the school system, with the oldest being in college, and the Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) generation is still being born, with the oldest being third graders, so they have yet to make their mark, and thus they're not listed.

The main reason for this article is to show that while all the Pluto generations are different, all have a unique role to play in the evolution of society, and that all are connected. Pluto in Leo rebelled against Pluto in Cancer's rigid family values, Pluto in Virgo cleaned up Pluto in Leo's mess, Pluto in Libra's tactfulness came after Pluto in Virgo's criticism, Pluto in Scorpio are willing to go into the dark side that Pluto in Libra isn't, Pluto in Sagittarius is optimistic whereas Pluto in Scorpio is cynical, Pluto in Capricorn will bring order to Pluto in Sagittarius' recklessness, etc.

The more we understand our generational differences and that each one has a specific role to play, rather than trying to make each generation act like our generation, the better off society will be.

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Thanks, Kevin!

This article published here by author's permission. Visit Left Wing Astrology for more articles by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes.