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Jun 22, 2022

DC Horoscope: J6 Hearing June 23, 2022

Just a quick posting of what may turn out to be only a speculative Horoscope of tomorrow's J6 Public Hearing said to be opening at 2:30 pm edt Washington DC (. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes which include the fact that rising is Tr*mp's natal 2nd house Jupiter (@18Lib27 Stationary which brings along his deceptive Neptune and wounding Chiron - and opposing the natal Jupiter in Aries of Speaker Pelosi), Castor at Midheaven with the fighting Mars-Ascendant midpoint, and an unaspected Mercury, planet of communications such as testimonies, depositions, hearing/s, and investigations - in its own sign of chatty Gemini conjunct Aldebaran; meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus, highlighted in blue, makes no applying major aspects which makes her condition of house, sign, and degree prominent, along with a Venus-Alcyone conjunction:

2:45 pm edt: An UPDATE already! Thom Hartmann just mentioned that tomorrow's hearing is to open at 3:00 pm edt - see how difficult it is to post accurate horoscopes of the J6 hearings? If at 3:00 pm, the Trump-Pelosi Jupiters will already have risen and set (but eternally opposing one another!), and activist Mars @21Aries will have dropped into 6th house instead of being angular. And one of the 'Images for Integration' (The Harvies) of the day's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus blend of energies remains: "A Flourishing Family Business." Wonder whose?