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Jun 4, 2024

Maga Marge is "desperate"

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Marjorie Taylor Greene is reportedly "desperate" to impeach President Biden over the border situation. Perhaps you've noticed her kicking up a storm of contention in the House and her extreme malcontent could hardy be more obvious. She's even assaulted her own political party calling Republicans "feckless" and useless" because they won't go along with her impeachment efforts, and all performed to please her idol, convicted felon Trump. Or are there bigger bosses behind the scenes pressuring her?

Well, we can see that Maga Marge is the restless kind who expects a lot, as shown by her natal chart even with only a "noon" horoscope to study.

And yes, we've considered her planets previously but here they are again. Below the chart I'll list the five dates of her current, first-ever Chiron Return/s the first of which occurs on or about June 19, 2024, and note that she may have been stirred up more than usual by the April 8, 2024 8 North Solar Eclipse ("dreams and visions") @19Ari24 conjunct transit Chiron, also @19Ari24 - even though her natal Chiron clocks in @22Ari56 in her noon chart (she's a sensitive gal, perhaps a bit psychic), as you see here with May 27, 2023 planets penned around the outside; her unrealistic expectations are in focus:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene May 27, 1974 "noon" Milledgeville, Georgia; Chiron @22Ari56; Chiron Return a five-fer on or about these dates:

1. June 19, 2024

2. September 1, 2024

3. April 11, 2025: transit Sun conjunct her Chiron

4. December 6, 2025

5. January 29, 2026

As we see, this is an extended period of lessons from wounded healer and blindspot Chiron who teaches those who listen with the right spirit. Thing is, each Return will emphasize the meanings of her Chiron's natal aspects which include: a conjunction with Venus, possibly a trine with her Moon, definitely an aggressive square from spunky Mars, and an opposition with Uranus, the radical anarchist.

And if we add to these energies her big-dreaming, grand-scheming Jupiter-Neptune square we find Maga Marge having difficulty dealing with the harsh realities of life, prone to misjudgments, and somewhat on the gullible side. Now there's a quality an experienced con man can certainly take advantage of for his own purposes, yes?

For more Chiron info see: Chiron in Houses, Signs, and Aspects, Maritha Pottenger; and Richard Nolle's Chiron, The New Planet in Your Horoscope #ad.