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Oct 1, 2017

The International Net - Max Igan

Be sure to visit The Crowhouse for a variety of presentations, interviews, podcasts, and other media by Maxwell Igan.


Some say the world populace has been organized into schools of fish that can be scooped up.

Aug 11, 2015

No Media Coverage of Bernie Sanders on the Issues! video clip

Well, this is no surprise!

#BernieSanders #ThomHartmann #Campaign2016 #Bernie2016 #Progressives #MSM

Jul 19, 2009

'Orwell Rolls in his Grave': link to the film

Media and propaganda are in bed together rolling around at the people's expense...view the film Orwell Rolls in His Grave for the scoop.

Got Digital TV with High-Def? The better to ruse you with. You'll be very pleased with the so-real picture and sound qualities their scientists' tech prowess has achieved.

Well, you know that the Trilateral Commission and other secretive organizations boast boardrooms and membership lists filled with the names of media moguls, reporters, and news anchors you may think are awfully friendly when they're on the air!