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Jul 25, 2015

Mike Ruppert on video: The Grand Chessboard (or The Plan for WW3 according to Zbigniew BrzeziƄski)

Hmmm...The Grand Chessboard? How about the Sabian Symbol for '3 Sagittarius': "Two Men Playing Chess"? Curiously, that degree has been and will soon be conjoined by transiting Saturn, the old man planet of authority, government, law, business, the past, flaws, and mistakes that catch up with us. Saturn is now retrograde in late Scorpio but he'll turn direct during the first week of August 2015 and visit the chessboard at '3Sag' again, perhaps bringing loss to one or both players. Or, he'll favor with long lasting rewards for long term efforts.

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'3Sag' = ABILITY. Positive expression: high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment or broadened self-discovery; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expression: unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.) This degree relates to such potentials as authority, refinement of skills, discipline of understanding, effective and profitable participation in reality, and a gift for concentration -- on a specific goal, that is.

Note that Saturnian words mentioned are: ability, accomplishment, authority, refinement, skills, discipline, understanding, reality, and concentration!

Updated this very day: a previous post on the Solar Horoscope of Jupiter-Pluto personality Zbigniew Brzezinski (chart shown.) While there, check out his Mars-Neptune opposition!